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Here Comes the Rooster!
Here Comes the Rooster! | Jerry Dunne
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Recommended reading age 9 years +. In the exciting sport of chatter and squeal racing, monkey jockeys, known as chatterers, ride tall, muscular, fleet-footed racing pigs known as squealers. After the sudden death of Blue's (a boy) and the Rooster's (a young chatterer) dads, Blue's Uncle Patrick accepts responsibility for raising the boy. The Rooster, often rude and argumentative, gets worse now his dad is dead. Blue struggles to control the young chatterer, wishing his uncle would help him out here. Blue also worries about the bank loan on their ranch. Without winning races, they'll struggle to pay it back. But despite the Rooster's bad behavior, he and his squealer, Crazy Pig, are showing great promise at the racing. Then the Rooster goes missing. Blue and Uncle Patrick search everywhere but find no sign of him. With no clues to go on, they are terrified that he is either dead or kidnapped.
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The Summer #TOB reading schedule has been posted . . . And I find the choices uninspired. (Both books I was hoping wouldn't make it did. 😒)
So am I the only pooper? What one are you psyched to read?
@BarbaraBB @batsy @BkClubCare @thebluestocking @Megabooks @Rachel_nyc @Zelma @Redwritinghood @Suet624 @saresmoore

Suet624 Well I own the Marlon James and I‘d like to read Daisy Jones. I‘ll try one more bit not sure which one yet. 5mo
BarbaraBB I‘m kind of neutral. I‘m happy Lost Children‘s Archive made it and I‘ll probably not read Marlon James. The other ones I don‘t know but I‘ll probably end up reading them! Thanks for posting! 5mo
batsy Thanks for sharing. Lost Children Archive, Trust Exercise and American Spy are books that I'd like to have read, so that's nice. A bit bummed that Bunny and If, Then didn't make it! I wanted to read the Marlon James when it first came out, but some comments on how violent and rapey it is have made me go hmmm. 5mo
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merelybookish @Suet624 Nice to already own one! 5mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB Yes I am also happy to see the Lost Children's Archive, since I've already read it! 😉 And I think it will make for good discussion! 5mo
merelybookish @batsy I could not get through James's previous book, the one that won the Booker. I could recognize that it was brilliant AND that I found it an absolute slog. So no more James for me! And violent and rapey makes it easy to stick with that! 5mo
BarbaraBB I feel exactly the same about the James though I did finish 5mo
Megabooks I wasn‘t impressed by Daisy Jones. Too many one-dimensional characters. I‘m excited about Trust Exercise. I coincidentally got on the library list for it earlier today. I‘m unsure if I‘m going to do this because so much of what I read depends on library availability. We‘ll see... I like seeing everyone‘s opinions, though. 5mo
mhillis I thought American Spy was interesting 📚 5mo
BkClubCare I keep forgetting to check James‘ audiobook hours but I likely will use an audible credit on it anyway. 5mo
8little_paws Lost children archive and trust exercise were both duds. I loved American spy and so far no verdict on BLRW. Waiting for my daisy Jones hold, probably skipping bowlaway 5mo
saresmoore I agree with @batsy about Bunny and If, Then. I also want to read Sea Monsters because I think it‘ll be refreshingly different. The only one in this list that actually interests me is Trust Exercise. Ain‘t it always the way with this type of list, though? I wonder if some people just voted for titles they recognized. 5mo
merelybookish @saresmoore Yes! One of the best things about the TOB is how they bring unexpected and unsung books into the mix. This is the kind of lackluster list you get when you crowd source. 5mo
merelybookish @8little_paws Haha! I liked Lost Children Archive and have seen such divergent views on Trust Exercise (it Sparks real love/hate) there I am curious about it. 5mo
merelybookish @mhillis That's good to know! One title that I'm not familiar with! 5mo
merelybookish @Megabooks Ive seen so much hype around Daisy that it's made me leery. 5mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB Yes! I'd put it in the same category as The Overstory. A book I don't enjoy but can understand its.merit. (I would also add to that list 5mo
Rachel_nyc I‘m mostly looking forward to Lost Children Archive and American Spy. I‘m dreading Black Leopard because of the violence and am not sure yet if I‘ll even read it. I have heard mostly good things about Daisy but I‘m always skeptical when there is so much hype. 5mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish I know what you mean! And what to think of 5mo
BarbaraBB @Rachel_nyc I‘ve read Daisy. It‘d amusing but forgettable! 5mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish All books I have but keep postponing :-) 5mo
Redwritinghood Nice! I have all of these except American Spy. I‘m reading Lost Children and Trust Exercise right now, though. 5mo
Rachel_nyc @BarbaraBB Good to know. The wait for the ebook is almost 6 months at my library so I was going to buy it when I saw it made the tournament but I‘ll probably just wait. 5mo
Megabooks @merelybookish I loved The Orphan Master‘s Son but I think that is only because I listened to the audiobook. I may not have even stuck with it in print! I keep on going back and forth about reading The Overstory #SortOfOffTopic 😉😉 5mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB OMG I HATED The Finkler Question! So much talk about circumcision. 🙄 Have not tried the Flanagan. And don't have much desire to do so. 5mo
merelybookish @Redwritinghood You're on it! I'll be interested to hear what you think of Trust Exercise! 5mo
merelybookish @Megabooks Not off topic at all! Maybe i would have liked OMS better if I had listened to it. I found it looong! 5mo
thebluestocking I was a tad disappointed by the list too, but I‘m feeling okay now because I like the process and discussion as much if not more than reading the books usually. I liked Daisy Jones fine. I don‘t really want to read the James, but it‘s the only one my library actually has. I‘ll probably try and find others around. 5mo
Zelma Well, one way to look at it is that only one of these titles will go on to the March Tournament. 😁 5mo
merelybookish @Zelma Good point! 😀 5mo
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So have you seen this yet? The announcement of Camp ToB 2019. We have until May 13 to vote for the six Summer reads. The selection is unconventional of course, I‘ve read none except for Daisy Jones! What books are you voting for? #camptob2019


Megabooks Thanks for the tag!! I‘ll have to look! 5mo
Ruthiella OMG so excited! Thanks for the heads up! I‘ve not read any but will definitely vote for Trust Exercise since I have it on hold at the library!!! 5mo
saresmoore This is so fun! I am intrigued by at least six of the selections. 5mo
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merelybookish Yes! This popped up on Facebook. Ive only read one (Lost Children Archive). I mostly avoided voting for some titles: the Marlon James book because I don't want to read it 😬 and Bowlaway because I keep seeing bad reviews. 5mo
BarbaraBB @Ruthiella That one sounds good indeed. One of my six votes! 5mo
BarbaraBB @saresmoore Such weird choices, but intriguing indeed! 5mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish I voted for Lost Childrens Archive because I have a copy. I don‘t want to read the Marlon James neither and Bowalaway sounds too weird to my taste. I am really curious to see where this will go! 5mo
saresmoore @merelybookish @BarbaraBB I agree re: Marlon James and Bowlaway. I‘ll be interested to see what gets chosen! 5mo
Rachel_nyc So fun! I haven‘t read any yet but a few were on my radar. I need to look up the others before voting. 5mo
merelybookish @saresmoore @BarbaraBB Ive also seen mixed review of Trust Exercise but the criticisms intrigue me. Unlike Bowlaway which just sounds weird 5mo
Redwritinghood I haven‘t read any of them, so I just voted for the ones I own and haven‘t yet read. 5mo
Suet624 Thank you for tagging me. I got the email about it but I haven‘t looked yet. I‘m very excited. 5mo
batsy This is so fun! I didn't vote for the James and McCracken and so I'm relieved to see your comments @merelybookish 😆 I want to read the Luiselli and Choi books. 5mo
merelybookish @batsy Im thrilled to see I'm not alone in my opinions! 5mo
BkClubCare Yes! I immediately clicked over and voted super quick. Many look great. I really liked Bowlaway 5mo
BkClubCare And.... seeing now that many are not interested in Bowlaway. I love quirkiness - it was so right up my alley (ha - bowling reference! #sorrynotsorry) 5mo
BarbaraBB @BkClubCare Now I feel tempted to read it just because you like it! 5mo
thebluestocking Yes! I‘m so excited! I really want to read Bowlaway but not the James. But other than that, I will just be excited to see what books make it in. It‘ll be a fun way to spend the summer. 💙 5mo
minkyb Thanks for posting. 5mo
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Okay #tob friends, the tournament starts tomorrow. I'd love to hear your answers! Here are mine:
🐓Milkman (🤞)
🐓The Overstory 😴

@BarbaraBB @mklong @ruthiella @Rachel_nyc @Mindyrecycles @Redheadrambles @BkClubCare @AceOnRoam @thebluestocking @Flaneurette @batsy @reggie

And please tag anyone else who is into #tob!

Reggie I haven‘t read them all but for the sheer fact that I cannot pass a tree after having read Power‘s book without wondering about it‘s life I have to go for the Overstory. I haven‘t read much of the shortlist but that‘s the one I‘m going for. (edited) 7mo
merelybookish @Reggie Wow, that's pretty cool! I wanted to like the Overstory but I just didn't. But I think it has a good chance of winning. (I feel like you should read My Sister the Serial Killer.) 7mo
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Reggie Actually, I have read MSTSK. I liked it but there was just something about all those trees and the importance of their existence that we all take for granted. The world used to have 6 trillion but now we‘re down to 3. Sorry, that book did a number on me. 7mo
AceOnRoam 🐓The House of Broken Angels 🐓The Overstory 🐓Milkman 7mo
merelybookish @Reggie No, I get it! I loved Barkskins by Proulx which also charts the destruction of forests in North America. So I thought I would love Overstory too but...I didn't. 7mo
HardcoverHearts I adore The Tournament!! Thanks for the reminder to check out the contenders. 7mo
merelybookish @AceOnRoam Awesome! Thank you! I didn't read your fave but I've heard it's good! 7mo
AceOnRoam No worries. I never noticed the rooster emoticon before so Thank You lol. 7mo
AceOnRoam I'm still reading The Overstory so hopefully I have put my eggs in the right basket 🤞 7mo
merelybookish @AceOnRoam I think it has a good chance. It's one of the weightier, more ambitious books competing. And they do tend to go far. 7mo
AceOnRoam I think this year is going to be quite upsetting and the commentary will be more exciting than the books. I need to go start refreshing the website, ciao... 7mo
BarbaraBB 💥 The House of Broken Angels 💥 Milkman 💥 The Overstory 7mo
Emilymdxn ✨ The Overstory or There There, ✨ idk maybe Milkman ✨Dictionary of animal languages (edited) 7mo
ClairesReads The Overstory or Milkman- I want to win- I think the Overstory will win. And based on our group, any of those crap ones, I hope they don‘t win! 7mo
batsy Yet another year where I had grand plans to read the shortlist and ... didn't 😂😂😭 7mo
BkClubCare Thanks for the tag! I am cheering for Milkman. It was my favorite of the few I read. My 2nd fave is My Sister the Serial Killer. I liked The Overstory, Golden State, the Parking Lot Attendant, Speak No Evil and So Lucky. I abandoned The Italian Teacher before Pinch grew up and then basically quit reading anything. (Probably the the longest slump I have had!) I have 3 hours to go on Washington Black audio - it's ok. But I AM Excited for today ! 7mo
Graciouswarriorprincess I love this tournament but have been so busy lately. I will look today. 7mo
mklong I want Milkman to win, but I have predicted that House of Broken Angels will actually take the Rooster. 7mo
BkClubCare Oh, I also read Census. I hope that one doesn‘t win. I have no insight nor hunch on what might win. Bring on the commentary! 7mo
Mindyrecycles Love the enthusiasm, thanks for this post! Rooting for Milkman and I think it will win. I am still reading Overstory and I love it so we‘ll see if it surpasses MM in my affections. I hope Call Me Zebra doesn‘t win—blech! 7mo
Ruthiella ❤️ 🐔 I think I liked Call Me Zebra more than others- still it‘s way down on my list! My favorites were Milkman and The Mars Room. So excited the Tournament is actually NOW!😀 7mo
thebluestocking Weirdly, I hardly ever have strong feelings about which books move on in the Tournament. This year I read half of them (There There, Census, My Sister, So Lucky, Mars Room, Warlight, Washington Black, Milkman), and I gave them all four stars except WB which got three. 7mo
Rachel_nyc Ugh I have too many that I love! I think House of Broken Angels is still my top pick but I loved Milkman, There There, The Overstory, My Sister the Serial Killer and have a soft spot for The Italian Teacher though I don‘t expect it to make it past first round. 7mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB We agree on the Overstory! 👍 7mo
merelybookish @Emilymdxn I don't think Dictionary will get very far. 7mo
merelybookish @ClairesReads A lot of the books seem pretty mediocre this year. 7mo
merelybookish @batsy Oh well, you can still follow the TOB. Or not. It's all good. 😄 7mo
merelybookish @BkClubCare Yay another Milkman fan! I didn't even try the Italian Teacher, so you go farther than me. 7mo
merelybookish @mklong House of Broken Angels seems like one of the possible contenders. I feel it's between it, Overstory, and Milkman. 7mo
merelybookish @Mindyrecycles Thanks for playing along! I didn't read Call Me Zebra. Someone warned me away from it awhile ago! 7mo
merelybookish @BkClubCare Agreed. Census is odd. 7mo
merelybookish @Ruthiella Oh, I keep forgetting about The Mars Room. Another possibility for the win. 7mo
merelybookish @thebluestocking I have felt that too, but I usually have one I'm rooting for and one I'm rooting against. This year I don't have one I really dislike. There's no Lincoln on the Bardo. 😂😂 7mo
merelybookish @Rachel_nyc My longshot is There, There. I think it's uneven but would still be happy if it prevailed. And actually same for My Sister, the Serial Killer. 7mo
mklong You are so right that it is more fun when you have one to root against! For me this year‘s Lincoln in the Bardo is 7mo
BkClubCare @merelybookish - I really liked Rachman‘s The Imperfectionists but I had trouble with TIT and then it expired as a library loan. And I didn‘t read anything for two weeks after. 7mo
Rachel_nyc @merelybookish I would be satisfied if either of those one. 7mo
merelybookish @mklong I haven't read that one but have seen lots of mixed reviews! 7mo
batsy I'm loving the ToB judgments and comments section. I haven't read Call Me Zebra but the judge's take on it—"But what is a breathy stab?"—killed me ? 7mo
merelybookish @batsy I know! The commentaries have been great. It's noticeable how they've felt the need to position what it means to read fiction in this political/cultural moment. I also enjoy that they've both criticized/disliked one of the books. I do like some snark. More fun than when they like both books and talk about the challenge of comparing apples to oranges. 7mo
RidgewayGirl I‘m rooting for Milkman and House of Broken Angels. 7mo
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It‘s official! The brackets for The Tournament of Books are out! I‘ve still got a lot of reading to do! #therooster #tob #tob2019

For more info, head here: https://themorningnews.org/p/here-are-your-2019-tournament-of-books-brackets.

Thanks for the heads up, @AceOnRoam

AceOnRoam No worries! I hope you have a great tournament 😊 9mo
AceOnRoam I am most curious about Milkman vs The Italian Teacher. I just finished Milkman but honestly I didn't love it and had some irritation about repetition which could have been easily avoided with some editing... but I think the judge will pick Milkman.. 9mo
Cinfhen Saw the list last night. I‘m a little annoyed that most of the Booker shortlist made this list 🙄☹️ @AceOnRoam I agree, Milkman was a hate it/love it and I think it might be a love with the judges 😬 9mo
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BkClubCare @AceOnRoam - ok, I know this next sentence is based on the few books I‘ve read... I think a head to head of The Milkman vs The Parking Lot Attendant would be fascinating!!! 9mo
AceOnRoam @BkClubCare ...That would be fascinating. I thought they both had weak endings.... Milkman was just a dull ending and Parking Lot just lost the plot!!! 9mo
AceOnRoam @Cinfhen if the Booker books weren't in the shortlist I would have had even MORE BOOKS TO READ lol, so I'm happy with some overlap! 9mo
Cinfhen Ha!!! That‘s true @AceOnRoam 9mo
thebluestocking @AceOnRoam My hold on Milkman just came in. I‘m nervous about that one. I‘ve got The Italian Teacher too but haven‘t read it yet. Milkman appears to be a critic favorite, but I‘ve seen such mixed reactions here on Litsy. 9mo
thebluestocking @Cinfhen I am kind of annoyed about the Booker thing too. I wanted the National Book Award winner, The Friend, to make the short list. 9mo
thebluestocking @BkClubCare You‘ve been making such good progress on the list! 9mo
BkClubCare @thebluestocking - Forward Momentum! 9mo
AceOnRoam @thebluestocking You only need about 20mins with Milkman to know if it's 'for you' or not. I hated the reading experience but the narrator on audiobook is pretty amazing. I would never have finished the print. It sounded ridiculous in my head. 9mo
BkClubCare @AceOnRoam - I have to say the Milkman is almost an out of body experience. I would read something and it would trigger tangent thoughts and I would find blocks of time go by with no reading done! My mind had wandered off without me. Thoughts of Ireland, sentence structure, wonder wander wonder. I had to take a break and read something else. And yet I love this chick who just wants to read and walk and be left alone. 9mo
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So the shortlist has been published of the Tournament of Books! https://themorningnews.org/article/the-2019-tournament-of-books-shortlist-and-ju...

It consists of 18 books, of which I‘ve read 6. Of the remaining 12 I have copies of 2 (that don‘t really appeal to me) and am interested in 5 more. The remaining 5 have very mixed reviews and whether I am going to read them will depend on your thoughts the coming months. Exciting times! #ToB2019

vivastory Some surprises on there! Thanks for posting! 10mo
Cinfhen Saw the list this morning!! I agree, some interesting choices 10mo
Cinfhen Which books are you missing or want?? I own a few 10mo
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UnidragonFrag I managed to find all of them except two at my library. I can't read any 😂 10mo
Kalalalatja I have read 6 on the list, too (all the Man Booker and There, There) but I haven‘t even heard of the rest! I‘ll have to look into them 📚 10mo
AudreyMorris I have read 4 and 1 is waiting for me at the library. There are a couple others I‘m interested in, but I‘m nervous after there summer selections (I read all 6, 2 I hated and 1 was just too weird for me, the other 3 were good). 10mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I am interested in The golden state, My sister the serial killer, The parking lot attendant, So lucky and Speak no evil. Have you read any? 😘 10mo
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja From the Bookers I own Washington Black and Milkman but haven‘t read them yet. Would you recommend them? 10mo
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja I liked Census a lot by the way! And The Italian Teacher was okay for me. 10mo
BarbaraBB @AudreyMorris I agree, the Summer tournament wasn‘t completely my taste too. I loved the longlist but now I am a bit nervous about the shortlist too. The six I read of them were no real favorites of mine. 10mo
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB I enjoyed Washington Black, but it wasn‘t the best book I ever read. And I didn‘t like Milkman 10mo
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja Okay, thanks, I‘ll start with Washington Black then. 10mo
BarbaraBB @UnidragonFrag You can‘t read them?? 10mo
Cathythoughts Must have a look later ♥️👍🏻 10mo
Cinfhen Have not read any of those and I don‘t own any either. I agree, some of the ones u mentioned are most interesting to me, too! If I order any I‘ll let u know 10mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Yes they are interesting indeed! No worries, of course!! I am gonna buy a few and let you know what I think! 10mo
Zelma Ugh, I had read so many on the long list and only 1 on the shortlist. So much reading to do now! 10mo
Redwritinghood I‘m reading The Dictionary of Animal Languages via audiobook right now. It has terrible reviews on Litsy but I‘m finding the writing beautiful. It jumps around a lot, though, so I may try to find it in print instead. 10mo
BarbaraBB @Redwritinghood That is good to know, it‘s one of the books that don‘t appeal to me because of the reviews. I think you‘ve read many shortlisted books already or am I mistaken? 10mo
BkClubCare @Redwritinghood oooo- good to know. I usually like to audio as many as I can but I will go print for this one. Thx 10mo
BkClubCare @Zelma - I haven‘t read any! I admit, I was almost thrown into a panic 10mo
BkClubCare @Kalalalatja isn‘t it interesting how some we know and some not? I am not plugged into any except There There. The rest I don‘t know of 10mo
BkClubCare I ❤️ TOB! 😜 10mo
Redwritinghood @BarbaraBB I‘ve read 10 of them. I have library holds on the rest, so I‘ll read them as they come in. Just bought my own copy of 10mo
Redwritinghood @BkClubCare My library only has it available in audiobook format, so I just ordered my own copy. Some types of books I just find easier to read in print. 10mo
BarbaraBB @Redwritinghood That is so much!! Favorites so far? 10mo
UnidragonFrag @BarbaraBB autocorrect 😑 haven't read any. Though also probably can't either. More than half have an insane waiting list for holds. 10mo
Amiable For the first time since the tournament began, I haven't read any of the final picks! 10mo
BarbaraBB @Amiable Have you been following the ToB since the beginning? How cool! 10mo
Amiable @BarbaraBB I think I started following it around year 2 or 3--so not exactly the very beginning. But close! 10mo
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Got my Tournament of Books t-shirt today!🐔

AceOnRoam I love this years merchandise! 2y
AceOnRoam And welcome to Litsy 📚 2y
Ruthiella This is my first purchase. Love the quality of the tee😀 Thanks for the welcome! @AceOnRoam 2y
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BookaholicNatty This is awesome @ruthiella!!! Wonder if you can still get them! I just found out about the Tournament of books like 2 days before it was over!!! 2y
Ruthiella @BookaholicNatty Not sure if the swag is available year round or not. They are doing side events in May &June so maybe?😀😀😀 2y
BookaholicNatty What are side events @Ruthiella ? 2y
Ruthiella @BookaholicNatty Non-fiction pop up (3 books) in May & a summer Tournament in June(books TBA)🧐 2y
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I saw this link on Goodreads and grabbed the screenshot of off Instagram; totally not my creation.

I am half super excited about the Shortlist and half freaking out because I haven't read any of the books yet. 😱

Books_Wine_Repeat I've read 6 on have #7 (Moonglow) up next. 👍 3y
Zelma @Books_Wine_Repeat nicely done! Half are on my TBR but I just haven't gotten to them yet. I rarely read all of them but am usually familiar with a few before the conversation begins. 3y
Suzze Explain the tournament of books please 3y
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Zelma @Suzze here it is in a nutshell: http://www.themorningnews.org/tob/2016/a-brief-history-of-the-tournament-of-book.... It's a bracket-style book Tournament that was created to poke fun at book awards and has some of the best literary conversation surrounding it. Not about the best books but just some great books. You can read previous years' archives; this is Year 13. It is awesome! 3y
Julsmarshall I've read one, an in the middle of another and own 4 more. I need to get reading! 3y
BookishMarginalia I've read one, started one, and have 9 others in my TBR🤷🏻‍♀️🤓 @Suzze @Books_Wine_Repeat 3y
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Oh, boy, in case my TBR list wasn't long enough, The Morning News announced this today.

Link: http://www.themorningnews.org/article/the-year-in-fiction-2016

RanaElizabeth Cannot wait! I'm the worst bracket-maker but I love the discussions. 3y
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