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Vanity Fair | William Thackeray
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#hashtagbrigade love #pemberlitten post and shout out to @BarkingMadRead for leading us!! I loved this one!!! ♥️📖☕️👀 and Becky too🤣

BarkingMadRead Ahhhhhh that bookmark 🤣🤣🎉 3mo
TheBookHippie @BarkingMadRead it‘s a favorite 🤣 3mo
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My youngest is moving apartments but first he has to come home and get ready for his summer job at a sleep away camp. I told him we should have moved more stuff home earlier this spring 🤦🏻‍♀️ #mothersalwaysknowbest but I got my #sundaybuddyread ing done, my #pemberlitten #hashtagbrigade chapter read and my in person bookclub book more than half read ( after I‘d jenga‘d all his crap into the van)

TheBookHippie Oy. Vey. 6mo
mcctrish @TheBookHippie exactly that and now I have to find places for this stuff that doesn‘t cause me to implode over feelings of maximalism 6mo
TheBookHippie @mcctrish 😅😝 I get that. 6mo
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Tamra 😜 Seems like something mine will do too. 6mo
mcctrish @Tamra I‘m just thankful his one current roommate and soon to be only new Roomate is cool with moving a few furniture pieces and the remaining dishes 6mo
willaful @mctrish “feelings of maximailism“ -- I hear that! I definitely live with a maximalist. 😒 6mo
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Cranford | Elizabeth Gaskell
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My book is all set #pemberlittens #hashtagbrigade

BarkingMadRead Woohoo!! 7mo
KristiAhlers I love that author! 7mo
dabbe Is there a #pemberlitten reading list somewhere that I'm missing? I didn't know this was the next read after AGNES. #help 🤗 7mo
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KadaGul @TheBookHippie So Spring 🌸🌷Like . 7mo
Ruthiella @dabbe Will tag you in Barking Mad‘s post! 7mo
TheBookHippie @KadaGul I keep HOPING for it!!! 🤣😝 7mo
TheBookHippie @dabbe yes ! She posted through November! 7mo
dabbe @Ruthiella Thanks! 💙🤗💚 7mo
dabbe @TheBookHippie Thanks! 💙🤗💚 7mo
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V Is for Voting | Kate Farrell
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Ok #pemberittens it‘s time to vote, although you don‘t have to be a #pemberlitten to join us, so anyone can participate!! Here are the choices, drop a comment below with the one you‘d most like to read with the #hashtagbrigade for those that are new, the hashtags are usually ridiculous and spoilers, so don‘t read the list each day until you‘ve read the chapter! 1️⃣ Tess of the D‘ Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy2️⃣ Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell ⬇️⬇️⬇️

BarkingMadRead 3️⃣ A Glass of Blessings by Barbara Pym 4️⃣ Old Friends New Fancies by Sybil Brinton 5️⃣ A Room With a View by EM Forster 6️⃣ a Passage to India by EM Forster 7️⃣ Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray (edited) 8mo
IndoorDame I‘m voting for Cranford, but I‘m pretty excited about this list so I‘ll join in for most of these titles! 8mo
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jenniferw88 If #6 wins, I might be able to help, as I studied it at AS-Level (although it's 10 years ago now)! 8mo
Bookwormjillk I vote 4 but am in for any 8mo
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 8mo
AnnR Definitely #2, Cranford. A shorter, quasi-comfort read sounds good right now. 8mo
TheAromaofBooks I'm voting for 4 but am down for any of these. 8mo
ravenlee I‘m going to sit this one out and try to catch up on my TBR for a bit, as I‘ve already read several of these really good choices and can‘t easily get the others. Please know I‘ll still be reading the hashtags and laughing along! 8mo
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 8mo
TheBookHippie 2 but I‘ll read any! 8mo
Ruthiella I vote for #7! ✔️ 8mo
mcctrish I have to say 1 and 7 are one my list to read at some point in my life but I am intrigued by #2 ( I will read anything with this crew though ❤️❤️❤️) 8mo
DebinHawaii Voting for # 4, because 1914 JA fan fiction, 😍 but I would join for most. (edited) 8mo
AllDebooks Voting for 2 or 6. Happy to read any apart from A room with a view, read that last month. 8mo
kwmg40 I'd like to vote for 4 and 7, but I'll be happy to read any of the others! 8mo
Vansa 2,3,5 and 6 and I would like to join too!I know it seems like I don't understand I have to vote for just 1, but I would be fine with any of these choices! 8mo
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 8mo
dabbe I haven't read any of these, so I'm good with what the winning choice is. 😊 8mo
willaful I'm with @AnnReads on Cranford. 8mo
Clare-Dragonfly Ooooo… I‘ll vote 5 but I‘d read many of the others! 8mo
Librarybelle I‘ll read any of these, but my vote is for 2! 8mo
BarkingMadRead 😍😍 8mo
Morr_Books I'm voting for 5. I agree with everyone that this is an amazing list! ❤️ 8mo
BarkingMadRead 😍😍 8mo
eeclayton I'm voting for 1, but all of them sound good 😊 8mo
Bklover 7, - I seem to do better with chunksters for some reason. Several others look good too though 8mo
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 8mo
wordslinger42 I'm honestly fine with any of these! 8mo
peanutnine I like any of these but I'll put my vote for 5 8mo
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 8mo
julieclair I vote for 3. I adore Barbara Pym. 8mo
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“If youth is the season of hope, it is often so only in the sense that our elders are hopeful about us; for no age is so apt as youth to think it‘s emotions, partings, and resolves are the last of their kind. Each crisis seems final, simply because it is new. We are told that the eldest inhabitants of Peru do not cease to be agitated by the earthquakes, but they probably see beyond each shock and reflect that there are plenty more to come.”

JamieArc I am determined to finish Middlemarch. Revisiting the #pemberlitten posts and hashtags after finishing each chapter keeps me going. But paragraphs like this are why I can‘t bail on a book. I‘ve reread this paragraph 10 times. 8mo
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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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A #heartstonebuddyread is happening in March hosted by @crowcah This is a fun Pride and Prejudice adaptation- with dragons. This is a #pemberlitten hosted activity but anyone can join in.

CrowCAH Thanks for the share! ☺️📖🐉 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Where are my fellow #PemberLitten puzzlers? This puzzle from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild was super fun - and one I‘ll definitely do again!

wanderinglynn Super fun! 💚🧩 11mo
Ruthiella Love it! 🧩❤️ 11mo
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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I have a baby #pemberlitten 😍 Introduced my youngest daughter, now 15 to Joe Wright's film. She completely rooted for Darcy from the get go. Got to the end scene & her words were 'yes lad, get a ring on it!!!' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

#daymade #soproud #teenspeak

LeahBergen Atta girl! 😆 12mo
Ruthiella 😂😂😂 12mo
batsy Love it 😂 12mo
Meshell1313 🙌 12mo
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Villete | Charlotte Bront
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eeclayton I got behind during the work week and caught up this morning. There are so many coincidences and I wonder if there's anyone to like in this book. I'm not sure I would go on if it wasn't for this buddy read and your hilarious posts @BarkingMadRead 😁 12mo
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BarkingMadRead @eeclayton this is definitely a weird one lol I‘m glad I‘m at least amusing you 🤣 12mo
Bklover My favorite part of this entire book is @BarkingMadRead ! I think I‘d read anything you asked me to! 12mo
BarkingMadRead @Bklover awwwww thanks! Does that mean you‘ll read Middlemarch with us starting in January? It‘s loooooooong 12mo
Bklover Yes!!!! I would love to read Middlemarch with you!! I will go pull it from my shelves right now! 12mo
Daisey What is this Middlemarch read you‘re mentioning? I might be interested! It‘s on my list but I‘ve been unsure about heading into it on my own. 12mo
BarkingMadRead @Daisey it‘s written by George Eliot, it came up in one of the #pemberlitten books, the one about sisterhood that wasn‘t really about sisterhood 🤣 it‘s a #chunkster @Bklover I‘ll add you to the tag list 12mo
Daisey Yes, I read along for the Sisterhood book, but I didn‘t realize there had been discussion of a buddy read. I haven‘t picked a chunkster to start the year, so this might be a great time to try that one. Will you add me to the list as well, please? 12mo
BarkingMadRead @Daisey absolutely! 12mo
IndoorDame Ooh, I‘ve been wanting to tackle Middlemarch! Will you tag me too? 12mo
BarkingMadRead @IndoorDame absolutely! 12mo
eeclayton Please add me to the Middlemarch taglist, too ☺️ 12mo
SarahBookInterrupted @eeclayton me too. I think I may have bailed if it wasn‘t a buddy read. (edited) 12mo
Bookwormjillk Add me to the list of people who would have never made it through without you @BarkingMadRead 12mo
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk awwww thanks! 12mo
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Jane Austen's Letters | Jane Austen, Deirdre Le Faye
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#Pemberlitten reading with snowfall and coffee. I am enjoying these letters very much and I do so wish we had them all! CAN YOU IMAGINE what they said?!?!?!?!?! Also her snark. Is LIFE. unless I am just reading it as snark. Either way, enjoyable.

IndoorDame You‘re definitely not alone in reading it as snark!!! 13mo
batsy Definitely lots of snark! Jane can wield that pen as a weapon 😅 13mo
TheBookHippie @batsy ✍🏼😂😂😂😂😂😂 13mo
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TheBookHippie @IndoorDame ha. Good. Phew. 13mo
AnneCecilie I‘m reading it as snark as well. I know, think of all the snark we‘re missing. 13mo
TheBookHippie @AnneCecilie it‘s a lot of fun! It‘s hard not to think about what was destroyed and… WHY?! 13mo
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