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The Addams Family: An Evilution | Charles Addams, H. Kevin Miserocchi
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I thought this was appropriate today...

1pt for #TeamStoker

tournevis One. 5h
rachelm 3 4h
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Chili Today #3 4h
ljuliel I can go from 1-9 , all in one day. 😱 3h
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'Salem's Lot | Stephen King
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#ChillingPhotoChallenge #scarahlon #TeamStoker #7 Read a book with a vampire in it. The book has a vampire in it and fits the team theme.

TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 1w
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Train To Pakistan | Khuswant Singh
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Book #7 of Indian Origin Author October Series

A story set in 1947 during India-Pakistan partition.

#indianauthors #indianliteraturefest

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Untitled | Unknown
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Scochrane26 I don‘t read scary books, but I remember trying to read Dracula when I was younger (it must have been an abridged or kids version) & not making it through because I got scared. Am going to try doing audio version this month. 3w
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lkurgs Big Little Lies was scary because of the vivid domestic abuse scenes and The Handmaid‘s Tale because of the mere possibility of it happening. But if we are talking about scary among horror books, then Stephen King‘s “ The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.” Not sure how popular it is, but I read it in middle school and I still think about how terrifying it was! 3w
hes7 Because I was house-sitting when I read it 🤦🏼‍♀️ 3w
Scochrane26 I forgot about Poe. Definitely the story of the guy that gets “buried” alive behind the brick wall. 3w
Bookwormjillk I stayed up all night one night in a very flimsy cottage with no locking doors reading Bird Box and it scared me half to death 3w
EadieB I Am Death (Robert Hunter, #7) by Chris Carter
Carter‘s books are gritty but this one was over the top. Sanding a victim‘s face was too gruesome for me. Child abuse is hard to take too. I enjoy reading but just can‘t get enjoyment out of this treatment. Sad to say, his books come from his memory of crimes he worked. Read his books if you have a strong stomach but be forewarned that they are gritty.
(edited) 3w
Stacypatrice My college statistics book. Second was “The Night Stalker” about serial killer Richard Ramirez. 3w
FantasyChick I haven't found too many books that really scared me but I do remember I was pretty freaked out by 3w
Rissa1 The fact that this was based on a true story got to me. 3w
4thhouseontheleft @Stacypatrice 😂😂😂 I felt the same about my statistics textbook. 3w
FantasyChick Fear Street also scared me as a kid but I loved the books so much I wouldn't stop reading them 😂 3w
MartinaLove YOU by Caroline Kepnes. 3w
madamereadsalot1 I don't get easily spooked by books, but Misery by Stephen King stressed me the hell out! Being held captive, tortured, no hope... Scares the bejesus out of me! It's one of my favorite books ever! 3w
TheDrunkenLibrarian A killers mind by Mike Omer 3w
LokiDokey Almost anything Stephen King. I recently read IT and it was pretty scary 3w
deirdrebeecher Judas Child by Carol O'Connell really stuck in my mind. There was something so horrifying about the basement the kids are stuck in. 3w
Sarahreadstoomuch The Shining by King. Hated the movie (I fall asleep every time) but I held my breath through the last few chapters of the book. 3w
Booksnchill Salem‘s Lot when I was in Junior High School scared me silly! 3w
Linsy I read this Mary Higgins Clark in high school and got so freaked out! I still think about it sometimes... ☠️ 3w
Charityann Books don‘t really scare me too much, but the idea of being buried alive from Edgar Allen Poe‘s work is pretty scary... 3w
Clwojick I forgot to post mine! I'd say either You by Caroline Kepnes ( cause Joe is the best kind of creepy) or Now You See Her by James Patterson ( which was just a really good heart-pumping thriller) 3w
chaoticgoodhufflepuff You know, I cannot for the life of me remember the name, but there was a Mary Higgins Clark book I read sometime during college. And I didn‘t sleep for like three days. 😂 I got a lot of studying done during that time though. 3w
Lizpixie The exorcist on audio. It‘s read by the author & he does the voices so well. Especially Reagan‘s. Creepy as f**k (edited) 2w
Clwojick @Lizpixie Audiobooks seem to make the stories SO much creepier. It adds that level of realism. 🖤 2w
Lizpixie @Clwojick whenever someone asks for a scary book, that‘s what I recommend. I don‘t scare easy, but that‘s terrifying!👹 2w
jenniferw88 I really don't do horror but if I had to choose I'd choose this short story by Dickens (currently at 11 pts) 2w
CaroPi I will say that one of the scariest books I have read is 2w
kezzlou85 The shining by Stephen King. 2w
MrT Salem‘s Lot. Still gets me the creeps after all these years. And Pig Island By Mo Hayder. 2w
veritysalter The Case Against Satan by Ray Russell - a demonic possession story that pre-dates The Exorcist and is far more realistic and pervasively terrifying. 2w
MidnightBookGirl Despite being a scaredy cat most of the time (especially horror movies), horror books don't usually scare me too bad. But True Crime scares me, because sometimes monsters are real. So I'm going with The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule. I read about Ted Bundy and his crimes as a tween and the idea that he could appear “normal“ while he was violently murdering young women was and still is, terrifying. 2w
StayCurious I don‘t often read scary books but I did find The Shining by Stephen King pretty creepy. 2w
AWildMandaPanda I think Murder City by Michael Arntfield is the scariest book I‘ve ever read. It‘s based on my hometown and reading it I would recognize the area even if decades have passed. (edited) 2w
maleahrae Some really fantastically creepy stories! 2w
SomedayAlmost The Shining is the scariest novel. Several Joyce Carol Oates & ShirleyJackson stories are tied for scariest short story... 2w
EH2018 So far it would be The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing 2w
SaturnDoo I don't do scary, horror etc. especially in my adulthood and lived alone. Years ago a friend talked me into reading this book and I haven't read any more since 2😂🤣 2w
Clwojick ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ 2w
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#7 doesn‘t really pick up from #5 either but instead gives the backstory for Edward Spellman. The comic series is so different from the TV show if you like the show I‘d definitely check out the comics.
#scarathlon #TeamStoker 2pts

TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 3w
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Audio Cooking! Sad that book #7 A Likely Story is not available in hard copy, ebook, or audio format at my library. 😢While Im very grateful for SCRIBD coming in clutch, I do like reading these cozy mysteries instead of listening. Was tempted to start another cozy mysteries, but had to remind myself there are only 3 more books left! Thankful that my library has a couple other similar series as this one. 💙📚