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Thanks for the tag, @TheSpineView! 😘
1. Matt and I will spend easter at my sister's house. Then, back at home, we'll watch SINGIN' IN THE RAIN and EASTER PARADE. #familytradition
2. Sorry, Nancy Drew, but THE SECRET AT SHADOW RANCH was #meh.
3. Too many! All with fondness and nostalgia. First to mind: IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD by Judy Blume ... it helped me through my parents' divorce. 💚

TheSpineView Anytime! 4w
Kappadeemom ALL the Judy Blume books!!❤️ 4w
dabbe @TheSpineView 💚💙💚 4w
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dabbe @Kappadeemom YES! 🤩🤩🤩 4w
Cupcake12 Thanks for joining in. Have a great Easter 🐣 xx 4w
dabbe @Cupcake12 You, too. 😘 4w
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A Passage to India | E. M. Forster
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Bookwormjillk Nice writing and I guess a nice change from British manor houses, but not my favorite. Thanks @BarkingMadRead and the rest of the #HashtagBrigade you make these books fun. 7mo
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mcctrish I‘m really struggling with finishing this 🤦🏻‍♀️ this week has been awful in teaching land and this has not been the book I can handle at the end of the day 😞 hopefully I knock it off in the car to Toronto this morning. Thank you so much for keeping us on track and focussed with the ##### 7mo
BarkingMadRead @mcctrish safe travels!! 7mo
TheAromaofBooks I feel like this book had some good things to say, but I didn't connect with the story or the characters at all. Instead of coming away feeling like I should give people who “aren't like me“ the benefit of the doubt because they're probably good people, I feel like I shouldn't trust them OR the people who “are like me“ because everyone sucks 😂 7mo
BarkingMadRead @TheAromaofBooks #everybodysucks was basically my takeaway 🤣 7mo
AnnR Beautiful prose but a frustrating story. I agree with prior comments, the ending was meh. I'm glad to have finally read it though. Thank you @BarkingMadRead for leading the discussion. The daily posts and entertaining hashtags definitely helps keep my reading on track. 🙂 (edited) 7mo
Librarybelle Yeah…the ending was a bit lackluster. Thanks, @BarkingMadRead for another great reading month! 7mo
Morr_Books I too agree with what everyone is saying. What was up with all the comments of women being ugly or beautiful? It was so frustrating. I liked A Room with a View and its characters much better. 7mo
Bklover I ended up really loving this book overall. I think mainly because I learned a lot. I knew next to nothing about this place and time in history. The characters all drove me nuts though, and in the end were pretty much unlikeable. @jenniferw88 thank you for all your insights- you were very helpful! 7mo
Bklover Thank you to @BarkingMadRead for again guiding us through another classic. You are probably the only reason I make it through! 7mo
BarkingMadRead It‘s always a pleasure!!! 7mo
Ruthiella Thank you for leading us @BarkingMadRead ! I enjoyed it more than you did, but agree that the end is less than heartwarming. @jenniferw88 I will send you you #Ihateadela card membership soon! 😂 7mo
dabbe I agree with ALL of you! I never would have finished if it wasn't for the always-hilarious #hashtagqueen @BarkingMadRead and the notes from @jenniferw88. I would have BAILED. The word I kept thinking while reading was “awkward.“ Everyone seemed awkward with each other, but I appreciate Forster making both sides have unlikable characters (though colonizing is bad!). Give me ROOM WITH A VIEW over this. Glad I made it through with all of you! 🤗 7mo
willaful I found the book pretty confusing overall, and depressing, but the very end spoke to me. It's sadly still so relevant. 7mo
mcctrish I finished it #yayme please consider this my entreaty to join the #ihateadela club #brosbeforehosforever 7mo
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#poetrymatters (even AI poetry, I guess! 🤩)
#tenon (yes, I had to look it up! 🤣)

This #meh stanza has the word TENON in it. That's about all I can say.

AnnCrystal ❤️🖊️❤️🖊️❤️ 7mo
TheSpineView Well played!🤩👍🌞 7mo
dabbe @AnnCrystal 🧡💜💛 7mo
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dabbe @TheSpineView I'm glad I'm a retired English teacher who doesn't have to deal with students using AI to write their papers! 🤩🤗🤣 7mo
TheSpineView @dabbe I can imagine! 7mo
AnnCrystal In my opinion, A.I. has become too frightening... prefer the good old fashioned 🖊️+🗒️+human✍️. ❤️🖊️❤️🖊️. Weren't we warned about this in all those sci-fi movies ⌨️🤖📕... 😀🧐🤔😳🤨 Just saying...😎😁. (edited) 7mo
dabbe @AnnCrystal I think so, too. Everything is online now in my district. All teachers use Google Classroom as their platform for students' work. All kids were issued a Chromebook so ALL of their work is typed--even in math! Kids aren't even learning cursive anymore. One of my favorite things about snail mail on #LitsyLove is seeing everyone's creative expression through their handwriting. It's a lost art. 😢 7mo
AnnCrystal @dabbe oh my, that's terrible 😳. Handwriting is magical, a true art indeed... although, in my haste, my handwriting can become a bit messy 🙂 LOL 👀.

I've heard rumors that AI has scanned some files at the copyright office, and has crawled the web seeking artist and writers websites to learn how to write and create like humans across the globe. Don't know how true this is, yet it has me weighing a few things...creepy...sounds too unreal...
(edited) 7mo
AnnCrystal I've also heard that one can give a description of desired musical sound and AI can create a track without human songwriters or musicians... SCARY 😢. I've always believed that there is magic in vocals and musical instruments, I will never believe that AI can achieve to “create“ such magical musical notes...just personal opinion...🎶. (edited) 7mo
bthegood I had to look this up too 😅 7mo
SaunteringVaguelyDownwards @AnnCrystal Colin Melody of the Decemberists has my favorite take on ChatGPT's musical ability: https://colinmeloy.substack.com/p/i-had-chatgpt-write-a-decemberists 7mo
SaunteringVaguelyDownwards *Meloy - curse you autocorrect! 7mo
AnnCrystal @bthegood I'm sure you're going to be astound by your research...I can never believe it all true, 🧐🤔🤭.

and @SaunteringVaguelyDownwards


(edited) 7mo
AnnCrystal The funny thing, as crazy as technology is making me, I can't wait until robot companions hit the retail market...like Wonkers, Zoë's mechanical friend from the game “Dream fall, the Longest Journey.“ 🤖🧸...then again, there are all those scary stories about robots that would likely keep me from investing in one LOL 😂. (edited) 7mo
dabbe @bthegood 🤩🤗😍 #greatminds 7mo
AnnCrystal I thought I'd update myself on this topic since I joined this conversation.

You'll all probably run across this article in your own research, just wanted to share just In case.

Winston Cho, SEPTEMBER 12, 2023 4:15PM PDT Authors Sue Meta, OpenAI in Lawsuits Alleging Infringement of Hundreds of Thousands of Novels... http://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/aut...

(edited) 7mo
Kimzey I wonder if any of our state‘s Literary Arts Fellowship applicants will be submitting AI poetry next round? 😬Surely, our reviewers won‘t be duped? 🤞🏼 6mo
dabbe @Kimzey I wonder if I'd catch it. I tried CHATGPT with one of the prompts I used to give my students, and the literary analysis paragraph it produced was WAY better than any student's paragraph I've seen in the past (it was a prompt for freshmen). I would like to think I'd catch it, but I just don't know anymore. 6mo
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Vanity Fair | William Thackeray
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Bookwormjillk Everyone is married so now we need a war I guess. We‘re actually starting to make a dent in this chunkster! 8mo
willaful I hope Miss Schwartz can find someone who isn't a #grossracistfortunehunter 8mo
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BarkingMadRead @mcctrish that last one 🤣 #samegirlsame 8mo
dabbe @BarkingMadRead @mcctrish Will something go right in this place called Vanity Fair? If someone has to die in the war, please don't let it be Dobbin. Crawley and Osborne? #meh 8mo
BarkingMadRead @dabbe I totally agree, let Dobbin come back, I don‘t much care about the other two! 8mo
Bklover Hello all- still catching up! 🩷🩷🩷. Loving the comments and hashtags! 8mo
TheBookHippie Everyone is married now let's go to war is how I read that!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. All is fair ??? in love and war ??? #istilllikebeckyicanthelpmyself 8mo
TheAromaofBooks I love how George managed to phrase his reasons for refusing the heiress and choosing Amelia make me like him less 😂 8mo
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The Nightmare Man | J. H. Markert
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This hurts to write because the book came so highly recommended. I can‘t say anything I want to for risk of spoilers. The book starts painfully slowly, and I nearly bailed 1/3 of the way out of boredom. The threads start to come together, I had a thought which turned out to be true, and that made me mad. I hate figuring out twists early. 😂 Anywho, I didn‘t find this creepy, scary, or original, but it wasn‘t dreadful either. #meh

DGRachel The more I think about it, the issue is one of expectations. The book was good for what it was - a kind of suspense/thriller. What I was promised and expected was a novel so terrifying and creepy that I wouldn‘t be able to walk outside alone at night for a few days. This is not that book. 11mo
vivastory Sorry this didn't work for you. I'm finding that short stories work better for me lately in terms of creepiness. 11mo
DGRachel @vivastory I have an ARC of the new Darcy Coates novel. My fingers are crossed for that one. Ooh, and I have another of hers on my shelf. Maybe I should grab that next… 11mo
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vivastory I haven't read Coates yet but I keep meaning to. I started the new Dilouie today. Really enjoying it. In fact I have only about 100 pages left 11mo
vivastory Lol, looking through the feed for Episode 13 I see you didn't like it 🤷‍♂️ 11mo
Chrys I may give this a try, but with proper expectations 11mo
DGRachel @vivastory 🤣🤣 11mo
DGRachel @Chrys Yes. I think my expectations were just too different from my experience. But also, there are readers who found it terrifying. So, maybe go in with no expectations? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 11mo
bthegood I enjoyed this, at first found it “scary“ then just creepy - it reminded me (a little) like “The Dark Half“ - by King - 🙂 It's hard not to expect a lot when reviews are good - sometimes though it's just a miss 🙂 (edited) 11mo
DGRachel @bthegood Yeah, I know mine is an #unpopularopinion. I don‘t read a lot of King, and I tend to have an unpopular opinion about the scare factor of his work, too. The Shining didn‘t phase me. I also don‘t understand the fear factor around The Exorcist. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But, I was terrified by I‘ll Be Gone in the Dark. I do scare easily, I guess just by different things. 11mo
bthegood @DGRachel The Shining is one of the scariest books I've read 😂- that's why I do not feel bad when my opinion is not popular - we all have differences and that's a good thing - keeps the reading world interesting😃 (edited) 11mo
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Gallows Court | Martin Edwards
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@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks The tagged book's cover is 😍😍😍, The Coffin Trail's is #meh

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#LittensLoveRomance first read of 2023 was “Meh”. Great bones & potential. Characters need development, lots of hard to follow action, and the sex scenes (while spicy) were lacking something. I‘m going to read the next one & see how it is. #Vampires #Witches #SeriesRead2023 #Meh #LitsyLoveReads

TheSpineView Bummer that it was disappointing. Kudos for finishing. 1y
Andrew65 Shame this one wasn‘t better, but well done 🥳 1y
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The First Mistake | Sandie Jones
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Landing in the middle on this one. Parts of it were predictable and the characters made such horrible decisions I rolled my eyes a lot. Lol but it was still entertaining enough to finish #LMPBC

Being a thriller/mystery this gains me 15 points for #TeamSlaughter

sharread 🎃🎃🎃❤❤❤👻 3y
Alfrazier21 That‘s kind of how I felt about it too. #meh 3y
magyklyXdelish @sharread I mailed this out to you today! Sorry for being late!! 3y
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Oof, I really fell for the hype on this one. A grimy Romeo and Juliet retelling. I think pulling this out of YA and make it adult, more grimy, longer history between R&J would have been much better for me.
I was overall pretty bored. However, the narrator was great!

#meh #theseviolentdelights

JazzFeathers I still have to see a pick for this one 😟 Which is a shame, because the premise is so interesting. 3y
Samary @JazzFeathers the concept is good! I just wish they took it out of the YA sector and really pushed it in the horror and emotional departments. 3y
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Duke Will Never Do | Darcy Burke
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It's probably a case of #ItsMeNotYou.

This was rather #Meh. The dialogues felt stilted. The way the two lovebirds found each other was forced.

I might be spoiled from reading other historical romance.

#GhostCat trying her best to keep me from reading.