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Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
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Was this book in any way believable? No. Was it utterly charming and heartwarming? Yes. A #BlameItOnLitsy and an absolute winner for me. #Romantsy

GingerAntics I‘ve been wavering on this one. Romance isn‘t usually my thing, but it does sound cute. Sometimes you just need a light easy read to relax and this does seem perfect. 6h
CarolynM @GingerAntics I confess that I enjoy romance books when they're well written and peopled with likeable characters. This book meets those criteria for me. 6h
GingerAntics Those criteria are always helpful, I agree. I don‘t like sappy stuff that just makes you roll your eyes through the whole thing. Those characters are generally unlikable, though. That could be considered poorly written, too. Well written is always important. (edited) 6h
CarolynM @GingerAntics The Insta love thing is always hard to take, and the separation over stupid stuff or total lack of communication. I also hate the ones that keep telling you how much the characters love each other, belong together, delight in each other's company etc but don't provide any evidence for any of it. 6h
GingerAntics Absolutely. I‘m 100% with you on all of that. That‘s why I generally avoid romances unless they‘re well done. 6h
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This audiobook was fabulous! I have never listened to the My Favorite Murder podcast. I‘m so protective of my listening time I devote it entirely to books and podcasts about books. That‘s going to change! The authors are funny, poignant, honest, feminist and bad ass. They redefine sexy in a not gross, not misogynistic , not victim-blaming way. Read, listen, borrow, buy.

#Audible #MFM #BlameitonLitsy #feminism #memoir #truecrime

candc320 My Favorite Murder is my FAVORITE podcast! 2d
BlameJennyJane I can see why @candc320 ! 😁 2d
Gayan I‘ve been a fan since the beginning. I saw them live in May and it was fantastic. 7h
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The Grief Keeper | Alexandra Villasante
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The new books I‘ve gotten in the last week.

I found the amazing graphic novel edition of Speak at Powell‘s last week. I love the artist since I saw her work in Through the Woods.

I preorder The Grief Keeper as soon as I saw @kamoorephoto review of it. Thanks for sharing!

And Emergency Contact was delivered today! I‘ve seen such great things about it on litsy.

#litsylove #bookhaul #newbooks #blameitonlitsy

hermyknee Ooh I think you‘ll really like Emergency Contact! 2d
kamoorephoto Yay! I hope you love 2d
Lovesbooks87 I LOVED Emergency Contact! 2d
That-Bookish-Hiker @hermyknee @Lovesbooks87 yay! After your endorsements I‘ll read it next. 😍 22h
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Some recently released books I have my 👀 on!
#30JuneBooks #newrelease

BookBelle84 Miracle Creek was fantastic! 3d
Kalalalatja I‘m with you, all of these sound so interesting! 3d
whatshesreadingnow They all sound pretty good! I just stacked the first two 😉 3d
TrishB I‘m looking at the Ocean Vuong one too!! ❤️ 2d
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This has turned out to be very much #blameitonlitsy.... I don‘t think my phone talks about much else other than books! 🤣


My name is my TBR

You killed my phone

Prepare to read books


wanderinglynn 😂😂😂 4d
BarbaraTheBibliophage Nooooo! That‘s perfect! 🤣🤣 4d
TrishB 😂😂 love it! 4d
BarbaraJean Sooooo great!!! 😂😂 4d
Cathythoughts Love it 3d
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Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
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Because I have no patience or self control I decided I couldn't handle the 6 month library hold list and bought myself a kindle copy of this, and I'm SO glad I did! This was a total #blameitonlitsy read for me. When I first saw the galley of this the cover art and brief blurb turned me off and I was convinced I wouldn't be interested, but the more reviews I read the more excited I got about it and you all were right :-) I LOVED this. #pridemonth

BookNAround So glad you liked it. I thought it was totally adorable. 4d
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The Electric State | Simon Stålenhag
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A #blameitonlitsy pick!! Saw this one at the library and remembered seeing it on here.
This book is huge! Can't really tell from the picture but it's like coffee table book sized

I wouldn't say I actually understood the story all that much, but I adored the pictures and the setting- alternate 1990s with ominous technology.
And I see the author has other books I need to check out!!

Gina I loved this. I took it to show what happens to societies who live completely by their obsessions. They stop eating, and caring about the real world to the detriment of all. 5d
readordierachel This looks interesting! 4d
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The Gate to Women's Country | Sheri S. Tepper
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After a long weekend away for my baby bro‘s wedding🎉, I was completely exhausted with no attention span yesterday. I picked this up & was immediately reminded of why I‘ve read it so many times. It‘s not a happy book but it brings me joy every time I read it.

I‘ve been focused on new/new-to-me books the past few years (#blameitonlitsy); looking forward to shifting gears a bit this summer with more rereads! 📚

#naptimesreads #bibliophileproblems

lauren.lerner Related tangent: would anyone be interested in a reread challenge of sorts this summer? I‘m considering creating one for myself and would be willing to share what I come up with if there‘s interest from y‘all. 5d
Leftcoastzen I have this in the stash...need to read ! What‘s great about it ?I want an excuse to move it up the stack. 5d
llwheeler This book has been on my tbr for ages, guess I should bump it a little higher! And I agree with being focused on new (to me) books, there's quite a few books I've been thinking of rereading. I might be interested in a challenge 5d
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Whisper Man | Alex North
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This is my current iPad read. @Suelizbeth made me want to read it. #blameitonlitsy

Suelizbeth My work here is done!! 😹😹 5d
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Park Avenue Summer | Renée Rosen
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@EmilyM Thank you soooooo much for the birthday gifts! They arrived today safe and sound. I love the cocktail beach towel and margarita towel clips! They‘ll come in handy this summer! And I love the books, both of which are #blameitonlitsy picks! Not pictured is the Nancy from Stranger Things Funko POP, as I‘d already put her on my ST shelf! You are an awesome #penpal! 😃

EmilyM So glad you like everything! Happy birthday! 🎈🎉 5d
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