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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Very true!!! 📚🙌🏻 1w
OriginalCyn620 👌🏻📚🎡❤️ 1w
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Who Slays the Wicked | C. S. Harris
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#TBRtemptation post 1! This is installment #14 in the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series. A fiendish nobleman is found murdered, and St. Cyr‘s dear niece, now widow, is in the crosshairs as the alleged culprit, as mounting evidence suggests a woman killer. There are a great many secrets and illegalities surrounding the victim, and extricating fact from fiction as shocking revelations mount is a difficult task. #blameLitsy #blameMrBook 😎

Crazeedi I started that series a couple years ago. Cant remember if I read 2 or 3, now I have to put this back on my radar 2mo
MrBook @Crazeedi 😎🙌🏻 2mo
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Book #14: Oedipus Rex is one of those plays that sticks with you for long after you read it. Even though it has been a very long time since I read it in my humanities class in undergrad I still recall the play vividly and how it made me feel. The story is the ultimate classic, about a man who murders his father and marries his mother. The purpose...



Careless Love: DCI Banks 25 | PETER. ROBINSON
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Starting the most recent book in the Inspector Banks series, one of my favourite detective series. Strange to think this is Book 25 in the series and it is 32 years since the first one was published! 😳

ruskigurl16 😳 I cannot start a new detective series... But so tempting. 😂❤️📚 4mo
Andrew65 @ruskigurl16 It is one of the best! 😂 4mo
Swe_Eva I am so behind! Will start #14 next... 4mo
Andrew65 @Swe_Eva That‘s good in a way, as it means you still have a lot of good books to look forward to. 😊 (edited) 4mo
Swe_Eva @Andrew65 This is true! 👍🏻 4mo
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This was absolutely the best book I‘ve read so far this year (#14!) and I‘m buying at least 2 more copies as gifts. I love love love marine biology and this book gave me hours of amazing information in a funny, not journal of science-y way. It even has a suggested soundtrack (and I made a Sex in the Sea playlist on Spotify if you want to listen). Excellent writing, excellent puns, excellent info on how humans can do better. Absolute must read.

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The New York Time‘s Best Seller, The Day the Crayons Quit (F) is a silly story, perfect for a RA. Duncan, a young boy, wants to color some pictures. However, when he opens his crayon box, he is left to see letters...written by the crayons themselves! They are quitting. Must read! #LAE3414SP19

kelseymccormick https://www.rif.org/literacy-central/book/day-crayons-quit This resource provides high-quality printables and lesson plans. 4mo
kelseymccormick This aligns with ESOL strategy #14 Simplify your speech by making it slower and redundant (RA) and UDL 1.3 Offer alternatives for visual information 4mo
Kcallihan This looks like the cutest book ever, I don‘t know why I‘ve never heard of it before! I will definitely be putting this in my need to read pile. I think you did a good job aligning the strategies and making sure that ESOL students have the opportunity to fully comprehend the lesson. 4mo
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JessicaRosell I can't wait to buy this book! I already have red. I also like that your link gives us a variety of activities to do with this book. And I'm always about read-alouds when they hit that esol 14! 4mo
MGrace15 This is a super cute story as it‘s quite different from anything else! Great choices on the UDL & EL strategies! @kelseymccormick 4mo
karamank This book is adorable! I will definitely be using it in my future classroom! Thanks for sharing! 4mo
C.Austin @kelseymccormick I absolutely loved this book! I would love to have my students complete a debate on which color is truly the color of the sun! 4mo
Zmohammad This is such a cute book that we can use to do many activities with. Dr.Spalding suggested we could have our students write back to the crayons, 🖍 which I thought was wonderful. 4mo
DrSpalding Reading is fundamental is an excellent resource. 4mo
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The Murder Pit | Mick Finlay
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It's been great reading everyone's 20 things about me for #litsylove, so hope you like mine (even if it is a little late to the game) 🧡



tracey38 Same for me on #7! 5mo
UwannaPublishme #14: Love that movie! 🙌🏻 and #11: 😂👍🏻 4mo
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