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I'm having a book cull 🫣 and usually give them to charity, tried selling online & it's not worth the hassle. So, I've been thinking about our wonderful Litten community.
I was thinking of setting up an online event to swap our unwanted* books. Would anyone be interested in this? My idea is to donate the book, with the recipient covering p & p (via Paypal).
This is just a test for response before I get busy planning.
Thoughts? 🤔😊

AllDebooks *Obvs no book is truly unwanted, but sometimes you gotta be ruthless to make way for the new ones 📚🙈📚 #wedonthavetheshelfspace 1mo
Soubhiville 1- what‘s p&p?, 2- I‘d be interested in swapping with US Littens, so shipping would be cheap… 1mo
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AllDebooks @Soubhiville great 😊 p&p = postage & packaging. 1mo
JuniperWilde @Soubhiville yes same here for Cdns 🇨🇦 I‘ve got stacks of gems that would like to be read by another book lover. 1mo
Catsandbooks I'm interested!! 1mo
smalldogs_bigbooks2419 Yes please! 1mo
TheBookHippie Yes! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks I'm definitely interested!! 1mo
Cuilin Interested 1mo
AllDebooks This is great @Soubhiville @JuniperWilde @Catsandbooks @smalldogs_bigbooks2419 @TheBookHippie @Cuilin Thank you for the positivity. I shall start planning. 🤔📚😊 1mo
dabbe Great idea! #interested 1mo
Liz_M What @Soubhiville said. 😊 I may not be a regular swap member, but I do have a half dozen books I would like to send to a good home. 1mo
BookwormAHN I'm interested 😺 1mo
julieclair Yes! Great idea! 1mo
AllDebooks I will be posting my ideas on managing #Book2book next week. 1mo
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