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Beautiful Decay | Sylvia Lewis
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The cover on this one has me hooked!
Gorgeous 😍🍃🍂🌾🍄🥀🌿🌱🍁

This is the last #lmpbc for this around for me to read. It sounds interesting 🤔

Love and Other Words | Christina Lauren
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#LMPBC #GroupJ I hope you folx don't mind that I let other people write in our book, but when I saw that Christina Lauren was going to be in Ohio I couldn't resist going and having our book signed! They were completely charmed by the idea of a postal book club. 🧡

@Johanna414 @Shadowfat @peanutnine

peanutnine 😲 That is so cool!!! 16h
Megabooks Cool!! 🤩🤩 16h
Kdgordon88 Love this! 14h
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Johanna414 That's soooo cool!!! 14h
TheKidUpstairs What wonderful timing! 14h
Kappadeemom That‘s cool! 14h
LiteraryinLawrence That‘s the best dedication ever! 12h
Shadowfat Awesome! 11h
Roary47 That is sooo cool! 11h
Oryx Lovely! 6h
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Lily and the Octopus | Steven Rowley
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Thought this would be an easy breezy read, like his other book The Guncle. If you have an older dog you may want to skip this one. It brought back all the emotions I felt when my dog Rosie grew old & passed away almost 15 years ago. Believe it or not, I carried Rosie‘s ashes with me when I moved from Vermont to California & back again a year later. She‘s still with me. This story is a journey & one that you know the author personally experienced.

Megabooks When this came out my dog, who has since passed, was 16. I skipped it. I‘m not sure I‘ll go back. 17h
Suet624 @Megabooks you were smart to do so. And i‘m not sure you need to read it. It‘s okay but not great. 16h
CBee I have a 14 year old dachshund - don‘t think I could do this one 🥺🙁 15h
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LiteraryinLawrence My #lmpbc was thinking of this for this round, and I vetoed it because my cat had recently been diagnosed with cancer. No stories with vulnerable pets for me right now! 12h
CampbellTaraL I went in completely unaware, just started reading without checking reviews or the cover blurb. Three years ago my dog had to be euthanized because of a rapid growing tumor that was causing seizures and paralysis. Many tears while reading this one. Unfortunately, I definitely understood the protagonist's pain. 12h
Cathythoughts I have a very old dog , Harry ! I think I‘ll pass on this one so. ❤️ 9h
LeahBergen Oh, look at the Lily of the Valley. ❤️ 8h
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Another great week. Mary J. was the perfect book after finishing Say Nothing. 5 🌟s for both. The other two were good but not great. I need to finish Longings next for #LMPBC and read my Obama section for the month.

Say Nothing was my May #Bookspin

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 17h
Cinfhen I have Say Nothing on my shelf….just waiting for the right mood 😜and I agree Mary Jane was so fun! Did you do audio for that one?? It was fabulous on audio 🥰 8h
Cinfhen Your upcoming reads look great!! I enjoyed this one 8h
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This book tries awfully hard to be Six of Crows, and fails miserably.

I‘m definitely not reading the rest of the series, but if you have and want to give me a brief synopsis, I‘d love that… can‘t find one online and I‘m just curious enough to care, but not nearly curious enough to read them. 😂


I made it through, #LMPBC Group L, but it was rough and I‘m afraid I didn‘t mark much.😬

Kimberlone I couldn‘t finish this one. Definitely wannabe Six of Crows. 1d
Kar2b Oh, bummer. This is on my shelf… haven‘t gotten to it yet. Such a pretty cover, too! 2h
sprainedbrain @Kar2b it‘s a gorgeous cover! 2h
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The Bone Spindle | Leslie Vedder
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It‘s so warm outside! Time for some lemonade and my #LMPBC book! 💖

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The Nothing Man | Catherine Ryan Howard
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4⭐️ Enjoyed this #LMPBC pick about a retired serial killer who suddenly finds himself the subject of a book. I found it to be interesting, hard to put down, and just creepy enough to make you double check the locks on the door.

Goodnight Mister Tom | Michelle Magorian
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Whew! I‘ll be done with another semester of teaching after Friday‘s Graduation. After that I‘ll have a week off before summer school. 🤣 Hoping to read all of these and my #LMPBC books in the very near future. @Andrew65 #weekendreading

Andrew65 Congratulations and enjoy your reading. 2d
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Something to Talk About | Meryl Wilsner
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This book was a little slow at times but it was cute. I also like how it showcased strong women. I mailed this out yesterday @peanutnine so you should get it next week! @GondorGirl @Johanna414 #lmpbc group j

peanutnine Awesome, I'll keep an eye out for it 🙂 3d
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💠 Physical book for one of my 3 (THREE) #LMPBC groups this month…

💠 Maybe ⭐️⭐️… struggling to get in to it! 😬

💠 Only #LMPBC books

Thanks for the tag, @Ddzmini @Chili & @Bklover ❤️

Tagging anyone who wants to play, but especially @HOTPock3tt and @Chrissyreadit 😘


CaroPi What is LMPBC? I see that many of you put it but no idea what it means 3d
sprainedbrain @CaroPi Litsy Mark-up Postal Book Club! A new round starts every 5 months… people who are interested sign up in groups of 4 and those 4 people each pick a book, read it and mark it up with their notes/thoughts, and send it to the next person in the group. By the end of the round, you‘ve read all 4 books in your group and get your marked up book back. @suvata can describe it much better than me—she‘s the host. 😃 3d
CaroPi @sprainedbrain that sounds good! 3d
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CaroPi @suvata how can I know more about this? 3d
Ddzmini I really don‘t like when that happens… struggling to get into a book sucks 3d
MoonWitch94 It‘s tough when you struggle through a book. I always feel compelled to finish it, just in case it gets better (which in my experience it rarely does lol 😂) Thanks for playing ☺️📚 2d
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