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Slaughterhouse-Five | Kurt Vonnegut
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Thank you to @SimonSchuster @simonbooks and #S&SBookClubFriends for gifting me this #ReviewersCopy 😌 If you‘re looking for an atmospheric historical mystery with a spunky female character, the Pearler‘s Daughter is the answer. Set in the late 19th century on the unforgiving shores of Western Australia this richly detailed story involves the ugly side of the pearl diving business. Author Lizzie Pook does a wonderful job of setting & locale.

Coleen This cover would suck me in! 😍 2mo
Cinfhen And the back of the book has these beautiful pearls @Coleen 2mo
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Skellig | David Almond
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The Almanac 2022 | LIA. LEENDERTZ
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Hello, friends!! If you are tagged in this post it‘s because you asked to be tagged at least once for #BookSpin in 2021, and the vast majority of you completed at least one of your BookSpin books – excellent work!!! I cannot begin to tell all of you how much I enjoy hosting this challenge. I‘m overwhelmed by how many of you enjoy it and participate every month. Reading your lists, reviews, and thoughts brings me a great deal of happiness ⬇

TheAromaofBooks and I‘m SO honored by how many of you are using my simple challenge as a way to work through your TBRs!! I have a few announcements about the 2021 Giveaway and what will be happening with BookSpin/BookSpinBingo in 2022. Since I‘m so rambly, this will be two posts – this one is about the 2022 updates, and I‘ll be tagging everyone in a second post about the 2021 Giveaway. ⬇ 6mo
TheAromaofBooks So yes, I am going to continue this challenge in 2022!! I honestly can‘t imagine stopping now haha It‘s become an integral part of my Litsy experience!! However, when I started this challenge, I never dreamed that there would be a couple hundred of you participating each month, so my (extremely) old-fashioned method of tagging and tracking everyone has become far too time-consuming for me to justify it 😂 So, starting in 2022 there will be two ⬇ 6mo
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) big changes: (1) In January, I will post a link to a Google Form where each participant can track their own entries throughout 2022. Once you complete (even partially) the form once, you will have to use the email Google will send you to access your form again. This means that you can either choose to edit/update your form throughout the year or complete it all at once at the end of 2022. ⬇ 6mo
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TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) (Note: I will be providing the link every month, but if you click on the new link, you will start a new form, so you‘ll need to save the email from the first time you fill it out in order to edit it throughout the year.) There will be more details about this when the time approaches, but the short(ish) version is that everyone is going to be in charge of tracking their own entries. ⬇ 6mo
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) This will save me a bunch of time – I love being tagged in everyone‘s posts and seeing what they‘re reading, but every time I‘m tagged I have to figure out if this counts as an entry for the giveaway or not, and that‘s become rather arduous! This way I can just enjoy reading everyone‘s posts without worrying about whether or not it counts as a checkmark!!

2) Because of this, I will NOT be creating a new tag list every month as I ⬇
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) Instead, I‘ll just keep the same tag list, &everyone can ask to be removed or added throughout the year as needed. If I don‘t hear from you, I‘ll just assume you want to continue being tagged, so basically the opposite of what I‘ve been doing haha Creating the new tag list each month was also my way of making that month‘s giveaway checklist. Since I won‘t need to do that anymore, hopefully the whole tagging process will be streamlined. ⬇ 6mo
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) And as a side note – a big thank you to all of you who helped me experiment with various forms and gave your opinions on which ones you thought worked better. That was a HUGE help to me and I genuinely appreciate it so much!!

I will be tagging all of you (plus anyone who joins for December) in my initial 2022 post. At that time, you can request to stay on the 2022 tag list, and we will go from there. ⬇
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) Again, thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm and participation. I‘m not gonna lie, I still get a little thrill when I see #BookSpinBingo trending on Litsy‘s tag list!!

Next post will be about the 2021 Giveaway, so stay tuned!!
Chili Thank you for all your work hosting!! You are awesome!! 6mo
AnneCecilie Looking forward to next year. I love this way of reading my tbr 6mo
Roary47 Awesome! Sounds good to me. 😊💛 6mo
vlwelser 🤗😘 6mo
AsYouWish This sounds amazing!!!! 6mo
Laughterhp Thanks Sarah! Sounds good. 😊 6mo
PuddleJumper Sounds good! Anything that helps you. I really enjoy the challenge, thank you for continuing to host it! 6mo
mollyrotondo Thank you for all of your hard work! I can‘t wait to get back to this challenge in the new year! 💜 6mo
candc320 You are amazing!! Thank you so much for all you‘ve done and continue to do with Bookspin Bingo. I have so loved it and really think it‘s helped me read more…I always really want to get those bingos 🤣. Can‘t wait for next year!! 6mo
bookandbedandtea Thank you for doing this! 6mo
wideeyedreader Sounds like this new method will be so much easier for you! 6mo
Librarybelle Yay! Thanks for hosting this! I look forward to 2022! 6mo
BayouGirl85 Thanks for all you have done with book bingo. It has upped my reading game. I understand how it could get overwhelming. Happy to hear you have figure out a solution. 6mo
TheKidUpstairs Amazing, so glad you're continuing and doing so in a way that is easier for you to manage 😁 I dip in and out, and I love seeing everyone's lists each month! 6mo
rmaclean4 Thank you for all your hard work. So glad I have found this opportunity to read down my TBR! 6mo
BarkingMadRun You know I‘m always in! Can‘t wait for 2022! 6mo
TheSpineView Love this challenge! Looking forward to 2022! Thanks for being a wonderful host! 6mo
Tera66 Thank you for all you do, I'm glad this is easier for you.😊 6mo
SeaToSkyes I haven't been participating the past few months but I'll be ready to start back in 2022! Can't wait! 6mo
bekakins Amazing!!! Thanks so much for doing it can‘t believe how many more books I read when I have the incentive of scoring a bingo line 🤣🤣 6mo
mrsmarch This is so exciting! You‘ve done an amazing job with this challenge and I‘m happy you‘re finding ways to keep it going without it getting overwhelming! 6mo
bibliobard Keep me on the list please — love that this is growing and expanding. You are doing great! 6mo
Yuki_Onna You are the best! Thank you for hosting this fun, uplifting challenge and for all the hard work you do!
Even as I couldn't be that active in #bookspin and #bookspinbingo this year because of health reasons (and NO, sadly I don't qualify for the Giveaway this year...), you often brought a smile on my face with your #bookspinbingo posts and announcements.
claudiuo Thank you so much for keeping at this all this time when it's clear it is so much work. Every beginning of month I am looking forward to the numbers but on the other hand I think how much effort it is for you to keep the lists updated. Using a form is a great idea.
Thank you for finding a way to keep the challenge going for all of us! You really are amazing!
Bookwormjillk Yay, so glad you found something that works for you! I love this challenge 👏 6mo
wordslinger42 Thank you so much for all your hard work! It's such a fun challenge and I'm excited to participate again next year 😊 6mo
swynn 👍 Thanks for continuing the challenge, and for finding a way to do it that is sustainable for you. Sounds brilliant! Looking forward to 2022. 6mo
Chrissyreadit Thank you!!! This has been such a fun litsy activity and in my head a full time job! I can‘t imagine how you have kept up! I‘m so glad you are continuing and streamlining for you 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 6mo
OriginalCyn620 You are a rock star, Sarah! Thank you for continuing book spin bingo in 2022. I‘m glad you found a way to make it easier for you. I‘m sure it‘s a lot of work, and we all appreciate what you do! 6mo
coffeewithbooks Thank you for hosting . Excited to be part next year 6mo
IndoorDame Thank you for all the effort you put into this! #bookspin and #bookspinbingo have become an integral part of the Litsy experience for me and so many other Littens. I was so excited to hear you are continuing in 2022! 6mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick So happy you've found an easier way up track things. Think about all that extra reading time you'll get back! 6mo
rsteve388 I support you making this easier on yourself and am.glad to be involved in this awesome Litsy event every month. Thank you so much for all your hard work. 6mo
Johanna414 Can‘t wait for next year! 6mo
Kristin_Reads You and this game helped me clear my TBR shelf this year. I have a new shelf for 2022 and can‘t wait to continue. Thank you so much! 6mo
Lcsmcat Thank you for making the 2nd the best day of the month, and for encouraging us all to shrink our TBR lists! 6mo
Reagan This is great! I really lost steam this year but excited to pick up in January! 6mo
vonnie862 I haven't been doing much reading but the Bingo is encouraging me to read atbleast one book. Thank you so much for all the hard work! I am looking forward to next month and the start of 2022! 6mo
Lucy_Anywhere Thank you so much for organising this every month! It‘s helped me tackle my backlist and crossing off a book on the bingo grid is always very satisfying, even if I‘ve never gotten a bingo in the months I‘ve been doing this 😂 6mo
Monica5 @TheAromaofBooks Thanks for continuing this, with a few tweaks, that will make it easier one you. I love doing it and it has helped me get through some books I have had for awhile. I so appreciate all your hard work this past year. Looking forward to continuing in 2022❤️😊 6mo
Jari-chan Thank you so much for this awesome challenge! 2022 can come! 6mo
i.besteph This is perfect! 6mo
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Woot! Very excited to continue with the bingo!! Glad you‘ve found an easier plan for you. ❤️ 6mo
Pigpen_Reads Thank you!! 6mo
BookwormAHN Sounds good 😺 6mo
jb72 I really look forward to making my list each month. Thank you so very much for hosting and organizing this wonderful challenge! 6mo
Grrlbrarian Thank YOU!! I‘ve gotten many books off my TBR & physical shelves due to #BookspinBingo ❤️I‘m back in for December & excited!!! 6mo
reading_rainbow I‘ve loved participating!! Thank you for all the hard work 🧡🧡🧡 it has really helped me with my TBR 6mo
SpookyMazeOfBooks Can't wait to do this once again in 2022 , and will be looking to see if I want to keep the same list or make a new one 6mo
candority Thank you! The form will be great! 6mo
Bookzombie Thank you so much for all you do to keep this fun challenge running. 💗It sounds like a lot of hard work. I‘m kind of excited about the form. 🤓 6mo
AmyG Thank you so much for allyou have done and will dofor Bookspin. I love this challenge so much and happy to see it will be co ti ued in 2022! 6mo
NikkiM5 Thank you and the new format is an awesome idea! I look forward to this every month! 💕 6mo
ferskner I think this is sooooooooooooooooo smart. Thank you for doing so much work! 6mo
BrittanyReads THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the hard work you've put into this! It's been a load of fun! Looking forward to participating more in '22! 6mo
AUDIOBOOKINGWITHLEAH This sounds great, I've often wondered how much you spend organizing this. A Google form sounds perfect, especially since I already use them for detailed book tracking. I'm looking forward to 2022. 6mo
llwheeler Sounds great, looking forward to it! Thanks for all your work!! 6mo
aa_guer2021 I finally loaded the comments. I like the new plan, especially if it will be easier for you! 2021 has been weird. For the months that I was able to participate, it helped me organize my books, get through more than I would have otherwise and helped me stay positive. Thank you for everything you do! It also gives me a thrill to see #BookSpin trending. ❤️ (edited) 6mo
Kdgordon88 You are the best! So glad you found an easier way to keep track of all of us! Thanks for all you do! 6mo
Gissy Thank you! I definitely will continue. I hope I can understand this new way to track what we are going to read because I‘m not so good understanding things related with systems🤣 6mo
JamieArc This way will actually help me out too 😊 I am sure I‘ve completed several double books pins but don‘t keep track, so this will get me to keep track. Glad you‘ve found a solution that makes it easier for you and allows us to keep participating! 6mo
BennettBookworm Such a great idea! Thanks for all you do! 6mo
ChaoticMissAdventures Love this!! Thank you for all your work and I am so glad you found a way to take some of the busy work off yourself!! 6mo
Skygoddess1 Excited to continue into next year and I‘m glad that you‘ve found a way that will take the heavy load of your shoulders 6mo
Read4life Thank you, Sarah! It has been such fun watching this go from “would you be interested” to dozens to HUNDREDS!! Wow. Excited to keep participating. 💙 6mo
melissajayne I‘m confused as to what is going on; can someone please explain to me in as simple terms as possible what the changes are? (edited) 6mo
Larkken Thanks so much for hosting! This challenge has made me be more mindful about what I am reading each month and I love it 🥰 6mo
melissajayne @JamieArc I don‘t understand what is going on; can u explain it to me? 6mo
Suet624 Thank you so much. I was consumed for awhile by my library books but want to get back to my TBR in 2022. Please keep tagging me each month. I‘ve never been interested in the giveaway so i think I‘m all good with that aspect of things. 6mo
rabbitprincess Woo hoo! Looking forward to more bookspinning in 2022! Glad to have helped with testing the form—anything that makes your life easier for the challenge, happy to help!! 6mo
BkClubCare Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁 6mo
robinb So happy to hear about the changes for next year. To be honest, I had often thought about and worried how much work this must be for you while we had so much fun with it. Glad some of the tedious stuff will be off your shoulders. Thanks for all you do, Sarah! 6mo
rockpools @melissajayne Sarah will send out a form in January, which we can update (if we want to)to keep track of our own bookspin/doublespin titles next year, and mark off when we finish them. It‘ll mean she doesn‘t have to note down every comment and tag that comes through. 6mo
rockpools Yay! Thanks @TheAromaofBooks I honestly don‘t know what a I‘ve read this year, so I don‘t know how you‘ve kept track of 200 of us! 6mo
EadieB Looking forward to 2022! Thanks for all your hard work! 6mo
night_shift This will so streamline things for you - happy you're still going, can't wait until 2022! 6mo
jessjess Love this idea and thank you for all you hard work! 6mo
BookNAround I love this challenge so much and am delighted it‘ll continue next year with tweaks that will be easier on you. 6mo
DogMomIrene Thank you! I‘ve been off Litsy for months and I‘ve really missed it. I always liked seeing all the #BookSpin posts. I think participating in #BookSpinBingo may be one of my 2022 goals. 6mo
MehoLovesReading Thank you so much for all your work and effort. This challenge helped me to keep reading even when I don't have the time or don't want to read. Reading is my hobby, but sometimes I lost passion and you helped me reignite this passion and keep it for the while year. 6mo
Catsandbooks Thank you for continuing this awesome challenge and for all the hard work you've put into it! 💖 6mo
TheAromaofBooks @melissajayne - I'm sorry this was confusing - I get so rambly sometimes that I lose the thread!! @rockpools did a great job summing up, though - I'll be having everyone fill out a form throughout the year (I'll provide the link in January) to track their own BookSpin/DoubleSpin reads. This will help reduce the paperwork on my end!!! 6mo
staci.reads That all sounds great! Thanks so much for continuing to do this! 6mo
marleed This has been my best challenge for addressing the books I own and doing so in a way that I enjoy them along with bright, shiny new library reads. 6mo
Hooked_on_books You‘ve created something amazing here! Your streamlining plans for 2022 sound very smart. I look forward to continuing with the new plan! 6mo
Nessavamusic Thank you for all your work! This has been such a great way to put small dings on my tbr! 6mo
dainarmb Yesss I am all here for 2022! Love BookSpinBingo! 6mo
sprainedbrain Thank you for all you do! ❤️ 6mo
Eggs Thank you Sarah!! Having everyone track their own #s is a great idea 💡 and I hope some of the burden is alleviated for you. You‘re the best❣️ 6mo
Crazeedi So glad you came up with a way to lighten your load a bit. I can't imagine how you do it!! I'm definitely in for 2022 and will certainly keep track of my nooks for the entries. Thank you Sarah for making this challenge so fun and one I actually feel like I can accomplish! Much love, and Happy Thanksgiving!! 6mo
melissajayne @rockpools ok; thanks 6mo
RainyDayReading Wooo! Thank you so much for continuing to do this challenge! 6mo
Q84 Thanks for keeping us motivated! I know it's a lot of work. I plan on creating a new system for my bingos and reading this year so I can't wait to see how it works out. 6mo
Clare-Dragonfly I am continually astonished by and grateful for how much work you put into this utterly delightful challenge. I‘m excited for the 2022 version! 6mo
Jinjer Whatever makes it easier for u works for me! Thanks for continuing the events in 2022! 6mo
Bklover Thanks for being you!!! 6mo
Reviewsbylola Looking forward to a wonderful 2022! 6mo
DieAReader Looking forward to jumping back into it come January! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication @TheAromaofBooks ♥️♥️ 6mo
IamIamIam ❤❤❤ 6mo
Sargar114 A Huge Thank You for all the work you do! Look long forward to continuing on in 2022! 6mo
Bookgoil Yay excited for 2022! 6mo
GinaKButler Thank you so much for hosting! Honestly, participating is truly the prize for me...it‘s my favorite thing about Litsy! Happy Thanksgiving! 6mo
BeckyWithTheGoodBooks This is great! Thank you for continuing this and I‘m looking forward to 2022! 6mo
CaitZ This sounds great. Thank you for all you do. I enjoy playing every month. 6mo
MaleficentBookDragon Thanks for doing this. I look forward to making my lists and seeing everyone else‘s. I appreciate all your hard work in it. 6mo
triplem80 Thanks for all that you do...this is definitely my favorite thing on Litsy! 6mo
megnews I‘m glad you‘re making this easier on yourself. Self care is important! Also glad you‘re continuing. I‘ve enjoyed it since I joined a few months ago and looking forward to another year 6mo
Ash.on.the.line I think this is great! Can‘t wait for 2022! 6mo
ErinSueMreads What a good problem to have though! I have been off the bandwagon for a couple months but I'm jumping back on in 2022! 6mo
kwmg40 The new plan sounds good to me! Thank you for hosting! 6mo
EliNeedsMoreShelves Sounds great! I'm ready to get back on track for 2022! 6mo
VeganCleopatra I love the Google form idea! 6mo
imyril You are amazing - thank you for keeping this going, and I‘ll (ahem as always) try to do better next year - altho hooray for crossing 3 books off my TBR :D 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I'm behind on posting, but here's the results of my September #BookSpinBingo ... I was SO close to getting a bingo. Didn't even read the spin books 🤦‍♀️ I made a list for October, but wasn't able to post it before the #s were drawn. As I'm participating in some spooky season readathons, I'm probably not going to try and do bingo this month, but we'll see!

@TheAromaofBooks #SeptemberWrapUp

TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Still a great month!!! 7mo
night_shift Lol thanks @TheAromaofBooks 🌠 7mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#BookSpin #DoubleSpin

A great mix! Both from my physical stacks, which is also a WIN!

The first was a random #TheBookSaleMadeMeDoIt & the second a beautiful & thoughtful gift from my MIL several years ago, I think, it was after hearing about it on CBC Radio.

DieAReader I actually started my #DoubleSpin earlier this afternoon (before seeing the drawn #s)🤫🤣 13mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 13mo
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Specials | Scott Westerfeld
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Untitled | Unknown
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#BookSpin #DoubleSpin

Some intriguing choices on here🤨 I‘m super psyched to see what #s are drawn😏

Crazeedi Still Alice is sooooo good 1y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 1y
CoverToCoverGirl Impressive lineup! 1y
See All 6 Comments
DieAReader @CoverToCoverGirl Thanks🤓 I wish I could take all the credit🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🙄However, I must admit that Goodreads helped me out this time. Spiced things up a bit & I used way less of my already full & foggy 🧠 I am quite excited to see what I get ‘cause some of these have been on my shelves for...a while🤨😬🙄🤣 1y
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My packages are finally off!!! Let‘s hope they make it. They were hamstrung by political aspirations, but let‘s hope for better days for the USPS!

Readergrrl I will keep an eye on delays, but they are supposed to get to their destinations by February 8th and a tad longer for 🇨🇦. I have their tracking #s too if needed. 1y
Chelleo 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 😂 that pic 1y
Chrissyreadit 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌love your picture. 1y
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