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The Fade Out Vol. 2 | Ed Brubaker
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Yesterday was also #ncbd...on a Thursday. Made it to the comic store a little late. Only thing on my pull list was Wonder Woman but I added the tagged book, my son is eager to see what happens next, Collapser #4 and some staff recommendations—Everything and Ignited. Looking forward to a good reading weekend.

Hallowe'en Party | Agatha Christie
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#ScaryScavengerHunt #scarathlon #TeamStoker #4 Read a book with a pumpkin on the cover. Not one of her best.

TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 2w
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Final Round | William Bernhardt
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#TeamStoker, it is officially GO TIME! The end of Week 2 & points will be calculated at 12a tonight. Right now things are a little too close for comfort!
Both teams will be playing the same game, and each book title will be worth 2pts. Get creative. Each team captain will choose one title they like the most, and award that person an extra 10 points! NOW IS THE TIME TO GO HAM! We are allowing unlimited comments, up to 12a only. Who wants to win?

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Chrys The Vampire Nurse: The Night Shift has Never been More Terrifying 2w
Chrys Tentacles, They‘re Not Just for Anime Anymore (inspired by my recent read lol) 2w
Shakespearience Too Many Shadows 2w
LauraJ Coffee Extinction 🙀 2w
jb72 Monsters R Us 2w
Chrys Ghouls Gone Wild: The Spring Break to End All 2w
jb72 Monster Mash: explaining the birds and bees to little monsters 2w
TheReadingMermaid Trypophobia: It's a Hole New World 2w
jessinikkip I am actually writing a zombie book right now tentatively titled Night Terrors 2w
jb72 Hear Me Roar: A Monster‘s Memoir 2w
TheReadingMermaid @jb72 OMG girl I'm going to pee my pants!!! 🤣🤣🤣 2w
LauraJ @TheReadingMermaid 😹😹😹 2w
Chrys It‘s a Beautiful Night in the Underworld 2w
jb72 50 Shades of Monsters: How to Bondage Dismembered Appendages 2w
Megara A Night to Dismember 2w
Chrys The Vegan Vampire: Alternative Recipes for the Socially Conscious Undead 2w
Jadams1776 Don‘t Look Behind You 2w
jb72 Vampires for Dummies: How to for Newbies with Fangs 2w
TheReadingMermaid @jb72 @Chrys OMG you guys are killing me! 🤣🤣🤣 2w
Megara Eat Your Heart Out 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Megara oooo 😗 good one! 2w
Jadams1776 So You‘ve Been Buried Alive: A Comprehensive Guidebook to Premature Burial 2w
Megara Organs: A Collector‘s Guide 2w
Chrys Zen and The Art of Summoning: How to Remain Calm with a Demon in the Room 2w
TheReadingMermaid Trippin: A 101 Guide to Scream Queens 2w
Chrys What to Expect When You‘re Expecting a Werebaby 2w
Megara Garlic, Stakes, and Other Lies Vampires Tell to Give You a False Sense of Security 2w
Jadams1776 A Demon‘s Guide to Foolish Mortals 2w
TheReadingMermaid Steak the Heart: A Monster's Guide to Fine Dining 2w
Jadams1776 So You No Longer Have a Reflection: The Vampires Guide to Looking Snazzy Without Mirror. Complete with Hair Tutorials! 2w
Jadams1776 Grrrrrr. Argh. Gaarrrrrr. Communication with your Zombie Pals. 2w
Megara Failed Exorcisms: A History 2w
Chrys The Donner Family‘s Guide to Party Planning 2w
Jadams1776 Toil and Trouble: When Your Spell Goes Horribly Wrong 2w
jb72 Vampiritis: How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Bloodsuckers 2w
Chrys When the Walls Bleed: How to Live and Thrive in a Haunted House 2w
Jadams1776 Foolish Mortals: A History of Horrible Decisions By Humans 2w
jb72 Where the Sidewalk Crawls with Zombies: A Book of Poetry and Brains 2w
TheReadingMermaid OMFG!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 2w
Chrys Killer Clowns Can Still be Funny: A Book of Jokes to Make Them Scream 2w
jb72 BOO! A Guide to Finding Your Voice as a Ghost 2w
TheReadingMermaid Talons & Clause: A Monster's Guide to Proper Grammar 2w
Megara A Necromancer‘s Guide to Human Extinction 2w
Jadams1776 The Voice in Your Bedroom: A Guide to Knowing When You Should Get Out of Your Haunted House 2w
Chrys Baba Yaga‘s Cookbook 2w
Jadams1776 How to Train Your Human: A Demon‘s Guide to Possession 2w
Megara The Cat in the Hat Comes Back... From the Dead 2w
jb72 Stakes: A Guide to Avoiding Buffy 2w
jb72 Where the Poison Plants Grow 2w
Chrys The Banshee‘s Guide to Voice Training 2w
Chrys The Life-Changing Magic of Dying: Letting Go of Your Material Body 2w
jb72 Screamin‘ Demon: Finding Your Inner Evil 2w
Jadams1776 So You Summoned a Demon: You $&@ing Moron (edited) 2w
jb72 Wake the F@$& Up: How to Get Your Teenage Vampire Out of Bed at Night 2w
Chrys The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to Crossing the River Styx 2w
jb72 The Five Creeps You Meet in the Devil‘s Creek 2w
jb72 Dating for Monsters: How to Find Your Soul Sucking Mate 2w
jb72 Evil Villains and Their True Stories 2w
Chrys Evisceration and Dismemberment: A Practical Guide 2w
TheReadingMermaid A Date in Sleepy Hollow: Finding Your Own Headless Horseman 2w
Chrys The Art of Warlocks 2w
jb72 Costumes for the Werewolf: A Disguise 2w
Chrys Knitting Shrouds: Patterns for the Modern Ghoul 2w
Jadams1776 Werewolves? A Vacation Guide for A Howling Good Time 2w
Megara Sweeney Todd‘s Family Cookbook (edited) 2w
Chrys A Tale of Two Covens (edited) 2w
TheReadingMermaid Where's My Mummy?: Maternity Tests for Monsters 2w
TheReadingMermaid Hannibal Lecter's The Joy of Cooking 2w
Jadams1776 So You‘ve Been Abducted: What to Expect from the Human that “Rescued” You from Area 51 2w
bookful Baby names for your first spawns 2w
Chrys Bandage Bondage: How a Mummy Can Have a Good Time Without Coming Completely Undone 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Chrys damn that's a good one!!! 2w
Jadams1776 Don‘t Lose Your Head: A New Zombies Guide 2w
bookful Love at first bite 2w
Megara Werewolfgang Amadeus Mozart‘s Autobiography 2w
TheReadingMermaid She's Got Brains: The Zombie Dating Guide 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Melissa‘s Spectral Guide to the Literary Undead 2w
Megara Strega Nona and the Noodle Noose 2w
bookful The scary adventures of a wimpy bat vamp boy 2w
Chrys Cthulhu in Love: The End of the World is a New Beginning 2w
Jadams1776 She Looked Right Through Me: Signs That You May Be Invisible 2w
bookful Monster they wrote 2w
Chrys Release Your Inner Kracken: a Sea-Monsters Guide to Getting Noticed (edited) 2w
Jadams1776 The Day the Books Refused to Be Read 2w
Megara Burning Flesh and Other Perfumes for the Fairest Witch 2w
Jadams1776 How to Train Your Witch: A Familiars Guide to Dealing with Pesky Spellcasters 2w
Jadams1776 A million Ways to Die: A Hypochondriacs Guide to the Many Ways You Might Be Dying (and Don‘t Know) 2w
PlayingBonny We Don‘t Talk About the Pumpkins 2w
Chrys Almond scented Tea and Necromancy: Now They‘ll Never Leave Her 2w
PlayingBonny How to Train Your Polong ( I‘m reading vampire folklore this may show) 2w
Chrys Gorgon‘s Just Want to Have Fun 2w
Megara Unfunk Yourself: A Goblin‘s Guide to Self Care 2w
jb72 Hannibal‘s Cookbook: A Guide to Cooking Flesh 2w
Chrys Nosferatu Never Say Die 2w
TheReadingMermaid Under the Sheets: A Sex Guide for Ghosts 2w
jb72 Sewing for Monsters: How to Keep Your Limbs Securely Attached 2w
jb72 Boo Sheet: A Ghost‘s Guide to Stress 2w
TheReadingMermaid What's Kraken?: Real Talk with a Gorgon. 2w
PlayingBonny The Corpse Door 2w
thereadingunicorn The curse of unknown dead 2w
Megara Things that Go Bump in The Night: A Monster‘s Guide to Sex 2w
jb72 Bigfoot: In Hiding for Centuries 2w
jb72 Freaky Friday: Getting It On With With Your Undead Spouse 2w
thereadingunicorn Sweet monster oh my ! 2w
Chrys Furless Familiars: A Guide for Sorcerers with the Sniffles 2w
TheReadingMermaid The Corpse Lied: Finding the Truth Behind the Myths 2w
jb72 Wash & Tear Clothes: A Guide to Tear Away Clothes for Werewolves 2w
Jadams1776 A Monster Makeover: Frankenstein‘s Guide to Giving Yourself a New Look 2w
Jadams1776 Death Comes Knocking 2w
jb72 Reflection: How One Vampire Found Himself 2w
PlayingBonny The Tikoloshe Terror 2w
Jadams1776 Boo Y‘all: The Southern Ghost‘s Guide to Down Home Haunting 2w
TheReadingMermaid I don't know how many will get this but: Jack Pierce's Guide to Tattooing and Scarring 2w
Chrys Single Lamia Looking for Love 2w
AsYouWish That: The Story of It‘s Twin Brother 2w
Jadams1776 When the Doll Talks Back 2w
PlayingBonny Chupacabra-cadabra: The Magic of Goat Blood 2w
AsYouWish Saturday the 14th: A Survivor‘s Story 2w
Jadams1776 The Empty Library: A Horror Story 2w
Chrys Mothman‘s Guide to Lamp Collecting 2w
Megara Gomez and Morticia on How to Make a Romance Last 2w
Chrys Manticore Mayhem 2w
Jadams1776 Read This Book: It‘s Not Cursed, I Promise 2w
AsYouWish We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes: A Norman Bates Autobiography 2w
Jadams1776 Dream Walking: Freddy‘s Story (edited) 2w
Megara Pawn Scares: From Ouija to Cursed Dolls 2w
Chrys The Cryptid Whisperer 2w
Megara Locked in Azkaban 2w
Chrys Training Your Pet Semetary Rescue 2w
jb72 Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun 2w
TheReadingMermaid The Crypt Keeper: An Inside Look at the Lafayette Cemetery 2w
Jadams1776 Digging Up Bones: A Star Trek Zombie Novel 2w
PlayingBonny (Gonna throw in my NaNoWriMo title): Stoker‘s Eleven 2w
jb72 Monsters in Wonderland 2w
jb72 The Voodoo Queen: Hexing Your Cheating Lover 2w
AsYouWish The Art of Lamp Making by Dr. Oliver Thredson (not sure anyone if anyone will get this one) 2w
TheReadingMermaid Star Wendigos 2w
TheReadingMermaid @AsYouWish I got it!!! 🤣🤣🤣 2w
jb72 The Devil‘s Roundtable: A Guide to Trusted Advisors for Evil 2w
Jadams1776 Hello From the Other Side: Communing with the Dead 2w
TheReadingMermaid Leatherface: The Monster Behind the Men 2w
Jadams1776 Leatherwork with LeatherFace 2w
TheReadingMermaid You're Bootiful!: Pick Up Lines for Ghosts 2w
AsYouWish Just Keep Stabbing: My Memoir by Ghostface 2w
Chrys Goblin‘s Guide to Good Eats 2w
TheReadingMermaid Klatu Verata Nic....: 2w
AsYouWish If I Only Had Some Brains: A Zombie Memoir 2w
Jadams1776 The First Cut is the Deepest: An Autobiography by Sweeney Todd 2w
TheReadingMermaid Hail to the King: A Groovy Guide to Reading the Necronomicon 2w
Chrys In Their Dreams: A Sucubus‘ Memoir 2w
Jadams1776 Hitting the Wall: A Poltergeist‘s Struggle 2w
Shakespearience 28 Days Later: Teaching from Full Moon to Full Moon 2w
PlayingBonny 1% Battery Remaining 2w
TheReadingMermaid The Inverted Cross: A Demon Mythology 2w
Chrys Preserving Produce by Pumpkinhead 2w
PlayingBonny Vampiric Voles from Beyond the Grave! (I sh*t you not this is real folklore). 2w
AsYouWish Carved: The Day the Pumpkins Fought Back 2w
TheReadingMermaid Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah: A Memoir 2w
PlayingBonny The Poltergeist Only Knocks Twice 2w
Megara Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Welcome to My Lab Room 2w
Chrys What a Wendigo Wants 2w
Jadams1776 All My Friends Are Dead: A Zombies Guide to Individuality in the Post-Apocalyptic World 2w
AsYouWish Classroom Management by Dolores Umbridge 2w
Jadams1776 A Stranger Calls: Horror Stories for Introverts 2w
AsYouWish Melted: My Memoir by The Wicked Witch 2w
Jadams1776 Bloodbath: Elizabeth Bathory‘s Guide to Beauty 2w
PlayingBonny Zombees: the Swarming Undead (edited) 2w
Chrys Momo the Monster has the Munchies 2w
Jadams1776 I Will Always Love You: An Immortal‘s Guide to Relationships 2w
Jadams1776 A Clown Called “It”: Pennywise‘s Struggle 2w
Jadams1776 Bedside Manner: Annie Wilkes‘ Guide to Nursing 2w
Chrys If You Give a Chimera a Cookie 2w
Jadams1776 Man Eating Plants: Changes to the Human Diet and Its Effect on Flavor 2w
PlayingBonny The Slenderman Diet 2w
Chrys The Rainbow Fish: A Merperson‘s Guide to Color Under the Sea 2w
PlayingBonny Ouija Like to Know What I Did Last Summer? 2w
jessinikkip Ghost at the End of Time 2w
jessinikkip Grave of the Widow 2w
jessinikkip Grave of the Widow 2w
jessinikkip Whispering Exile 2w
jessinikkip Hangman 2w
Chrys Green Eggs and Hamstrings 2w
jessinikkip Dead Dogs Don't Bite 2w
AsYouWish I Ain‘t No Barbie: My Story by Annabelle 2w
jessinikkip Neighborhood Watchers 2w
jessinikkip For Whom the Bell Tolls 2w
jessinikkip Scratches 2w
Jadams1776 Knocking on Heaven‘s Door: Pranks for Demons 2w
jessinikkip The Other Twin 2w
jessinikkip Scream Queen 2w
jessinikkip Graveyard Reaper 2w
jessinikkip Whispers in the River 2w
AsYouWish A Nice Chianti and Fava Beans: Hannibal‘s Guide to Life (edited) 2w
jessinikkip Visitor with Rotten Skin 2w
PlayingBonny Donner Party Kebab: a Wilderness Cookbook 2w
jessinikkip Freak Show 2w
jessinikkip The Wailing Veil 2w
Megara Meet the Reaper: A Dialogue with the Misunderstood 2w
Chrys Charon‘s Guide to Boating 2w
Jadams1776 A Dance with Death: A Reaper‘s Guide to Dating 2w
jessinikkip Only Witch 2w
PlayingBonny The Unauthorised Biography of Candleja (edited) 2w
Chrys Kappa‘s Book of Cucumber Varieties 2w
Jadams1776 Deadbeat: Dealing with Your Lazy Zombie 2w
jessinikkip Voices of the Dead 2w
jessinikkip Graveyard Shift 2w
jessinikkip Were Wolves Fear to Tread 2w
jb72 Happy Accidents: Chucky and Annabelle‘s Love Child 2w
jb72 All the Chocolate Trees Have Died (The Horror) 2w
jb72 House of Mayhem: Dracula‘s B&B (edited) 2w
Chrys Bread and Toejam for Zelda Zombie 2w
PlayingBonny The Seven Year Witch 2w
jb72 The Sunrise: A Vampire Horror Story 2w
jb72 Only Losers Sparkle 2w
Jadams1776 Here Comes the Sun: Horror Stories for Baby Vampires 2w
PlayingBonny Gentlemen Prefer Wands 2w
Chrys Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep 2w
Jadams1776 The Man in the Mirror: Never Go to the Bathroom in a Horror Film 2w
jessinikkip The Demon's Revenge 2w
jessinikkip Managing Your Monster 2w
jb72 Fangs and Foreplay 2w
jessinikkip The Haunted Attic 2w
Jadams1776 No More Brains: A Zombie‘s Nightmare 2w
jessinikkip A House of Fog and Magic 2w
jessinikkip Dead Men Float 2w
Jadams1776 Bite Me and Other Things Not to Say to a Vampire 2w
jessinikkip The Knock from the Closet 2w
jessinikkip Dead Things Don't Move 2w
PlayingBonny It‘s a wonderful knife 2w
Chrys Lilith‘s Guide to Sensual Female Dominance 2w
jessinikkip No One's Home 2w
jessinikkip Moving Picture 2w
jessinikkip Daughter of Nightmares 2w
AsYouWish Pretty Little Fliers: A Book for Bats 2w
Chrys Massacre on 34th Street 2w
Chrys UnDead and Bloated: Being a Folklore Vampire (edited) 2w
Jadams1776 I Do Not Say Blah-Blah-Blah: Dracula‘s Struggle 2w
Jadams1776 Hexes and O‘s: A Witch‘s Guide to Dating 2w
jessinikkip Home Alone...Or ARE You? 2w
PlayingBonny Customer Service 2w
jessinikkip Which would, of course, be followed by Home Alone 2... Oh, Not Again! 2w
AsYouWish 50 Shades of Black: Morticia Addams‘ Guide to Fashion (edited) 2w
AsYouWish Let‘s Play A Game: Wednesday Addams‘ Guide to Sibling Torture 2w
Chrys Downsizing: How Many Personalities Are Too Many? 2w
Chrys You Can Have Stamina Too: Michael Meyers Guide to Walking 2w
PlayingBonny Zombeanies: Attack of the Collectables (edited) 2w
Jadams1776 Interview with a Hellhound: Cerberus Tells All 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Vampy Vamps: Exposé of Divas and Bloodsuckers in Hollywood‘s Undead Underbelly 2w
Chrys Freddy Kruger‘s Guide to Lucid Dreaming 2w
Chrys Dagon‘s Guide to Sealife 2w
Jadams1776 “The Devil Made Me Do It”: An Exposé By Lucifer Morningstar 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Supernatural Sherlock: Undead Detecting for Crimes Without Reflections 2w
Chrys Love in the Time of the T-Virus 2w
Jadams1776 It‘s All in Your Head 2w
Jadams1776 “It‘s Just the Wind”: A Guide to Fooling Mortals 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa White Wedding: Undead Wedding Planning / Just Because You‘re Undead, Doesn‘t Mean You Don‘t Deserve Your Just Desserts 2w
PlayingBonny Dances with Werewolves 2w
Jadams1776 Therewolves: The Traditions of Werewolves Across the World 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Jaws: The True Untold Story of an Innocent Byswimmer 2w
Melmar Meet me in the forest at midnight, the adventures of the howling moon coven 2w
Jesstifies Huh, That‘s Weird I Have No Signal (#1 in the He‘s Literally Right Behind You series) 2w
Jesstifies Don‘t Worry, I‘m Just Going To Look Around. (#2 in the He‘s Literally Right Behind You series)
Jesstifies We Should Probably Split Up (#3 in the He‘s Literally Right Behind You series) (edited) 2w
Jesstifies Shit, My Car Won‘t Start (#4 in the He‘s Literally Right Behind You series) 2w
Jadams1776 Creepy Kids: A Haunted Doll‘s Story 2w
Jesstifies I Should Probably Run Upstairs (#5 in the He‘s Literally Right Behind You series) 2w
Jesstifies He‘s Dead! Oh Wait… (#6, the finale, of the He‘s Literally Right Behind You series) 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer by Lizzie Borden 2w
Chrys Krampus, He‘s Here for You (edited) 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Chrys 🤣🤣🤣🤣 2w
Jadams1776 “He Has Your Father‘s Eyes”: Frankenstein‘s Guide to Finding Your Body‘s Relatives 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa 50 Shades of Grey: Elvira‘s Guide to Keeping Your Love Life Undead by Elvira Mistress of the Dark (edited) 2w
Jadams1776 “Let‘s Have a Seance!” and Other Bad Ideas 2w
Jadams1776 Pastels: A Horror Story by Morticia Addams 2w
Chrys Hellraiser‘s Guide to Body Mods 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Forever Slim: How to Stay Slim and Keep Off the Pounds by Slender Man, with a special forward by William J Halleck 2w
Chrys Gotta Catch‘em All: A Collectors Guide to Cryptids 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Full Moon Fiesta! How to Keep the Party Going All Month Long! 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Haunted Listings: How to List Your Haunted House to Keep the Guests Checking in All Year Long Without Checking Out 2w
jb72 Funko Pops for the Undead: Collectors Guide 2w
jb72 Dead Gardening: How to Keep Your Roses Full of Thorns by Morticia Addams 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Toil and Trouble: New Recipes for Old Troublesome Children 2w
Chrys One Hundred Years of Solitude: An Introverted Vampire‘s Tale 2w
jb72 Dealing with PMS by Satan 2w
Jadams1776 Keep Your Ghoulish Figure: Who Not to Eat 2w
Chrys Haunted House Fashion For Survivors-Ditch the Damn Heels, They‘re Not Prada and He‘s Got an Axe (edited) 2w
Chrys I‘ll Never Let Go: Stay Together, Stay Alive 2w
jb72 Haunted Houses: How to Make Humans Scream 2w
jb72 Axes by Lizzie Borden 2w
Chrys A House to Haunt: How to Find Your Truly Forever Home 2w
jb72 Monster Brides: Finding the Right Parts in a Sea of Leftovers 2w
Chrys Spark Joy: Making New Friends by Frankenstein 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Hexes and Hijinxs 2w
jb72 Finding Nemo: A Delightful Appetizer (edited) 2w
Jesstifies Ancient Book Of Evil: Your Pronunciation Guide 2w
jb72 Tricks Over Treats: A Mummy‘s Guide to Toilet Papering 2w
jb72 Snowflakes: Avoiding Bad Weather for Wicked Witches 2w
Jadams1776 The Devil‘s Rejects: Demons That Weren‘t Quite Evil Enough 2w
Chrys Conquering Claustrophobia: A Monster‘s Guide to Being Comfortable in the Closet 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Horcruxes and Horticulture by Neville Longbottom 2w
jb72 The Grinch‘s Guide to Locking Up Your Heart 2w
Jesstifies That Thing You Saw, But No One Believes You 2w
Jesstifies That Thing You Saw, But No One Believes You: 10 Years Later You See It Again 2w
Jesstifies That Thing You Saw, But No One Believes You: Someone Else Sees It 2w
Chrys Why My Hood is Red by Little Miss Riding 2w
Jesstifies That Thing You Saw, But No One Believes You: It‘s Haunting Your Kids 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Horcruxes and Horticulture: How I Saved the Chosen One by Neville Longbottom 2w
Jadams1776 Why Did I Come in Here: A Story of Forgetfulness 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Things That Go Bump In the Night, and How to Create Them 2w
Jesstifies That Thing You Saw, But No One Believe You V.S. Predator (TTYSBNOBYVP) 2w
Jadams1776 Bodies in the Basement: Food Storage Tips 2w
jb72 Boils and Scabs: Make Your Mark 2w
Jadams1776 Riding Shotgun: When Your Other Personality Takes Control 2w
Chrys Jokes for the Reaper, Because You Don‘t Have to Always be Grim 2w
Chrys Vlad Tepes Guide to Entertaining Guests 2w
Jadams1776 The Walking Dead: A Monster‘s Guide to Staying Fit 2w
Jadams1776 Underwraps: Tales From the Mummy Detective 2w
Jadams1776 The Lies of Harker and Helsing: Dracula Tells His Story 2w
Chrys Hair care for Hairy Monsters 2w
Jadams1776 Yoga Poses for the Demonically Possessed 2w
Chrys Beware the Werewolf, and Other Advice for Skeletons 2w
Jadams1776 The Magic Man: “Honey, He Shrunk My Head.” 2w
Chrys The Blue Book of Broom Prices: A Witches Guide to a New Ride 2w
Jadams1776 One Foot in the Grave: Frankenstein‘s Guide to Finding Spare Parts 2w
Jadams1776 Slappy‘s Guide to Ventriloquism: Don‘t Call Him Dummy 2w
Skygoddess1 Kiss of the Werewolf 2w
Chrys Show-tunes for Sirens 2w
Chrys Don‘t Call Me Abominable: A Snow Monster‘s Heart 2w
Jadams1776 Recipe for Disaster: A Guide to Bringing About the End of Days 2w
Jadams1776 A Voice to Kill: A Siren‘s Miserable Search for Love 2w
Chrys Climate Change A Call to Action by The Creature of the Black Lagoon 2w
Chrys Cold Body, Warm Heart A Swamp Creature‘s Guide to Relationships 2w
Jadams1776 No Time to Kill: A Serial Killer‘s Search to Find Balance (edited) 2w
Chrys Trail Guide for the Mountains of Madness 2w
kymmiesreads The Horrors Within: The Diary of the Insane Inside the Asylum 2w
Chrys Finding Your Pack: A Werewolf‘s Guide to Community 2w
Chrys Godzilla and Mothra: A Love Story 2w
Jadams1776 Grave Decisions: Planning for Your Afterlife 2w
Chrys So You Built on an Ancient Burial Ground: Your Legal Liability Questions Answered 2w
ElizaMarie Blood of the innocent: why we love baby vampires 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Pumpkin Bllood 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Vampiric Familiars: guide to healthy and happy bats, cats, and imps 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Vampire Gluten free living 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Design Beautiful‘s Top 100 Coffin‘s, Crypts, and Mausoleums 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Make-up Guide for the Undead 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Breathing New Life into Dead and Undead Relationships 2w
AsYouWish The 300 Year Wait: The Life and Times of Thackery Binx 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Zagat‘s Guide to Blood Bars of New York 2w
Kryd0s Fit for fangs: Dracula‘s bloodiest dishes. ( a cookbook) 2w
AsYouWish Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: A Vampires Guide to Nightlife 2w
Kryd0s A monsters guide to fitting in. 2w
AsYouWish We Would Have Gotten Away With It, If It Hadn‘t Been For Those Stinking Kids and That Dog by Every Scooby Doo Villain 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Brain Burgers Every Which Way Fresh and Flavorful 2w
Kryd0s My life below: a memoir 2w
AsYouWish Ha Ha Ha: How to Have A Laugh In Gotham by The Joker 2w
AsYouWish Have You Seen My Puddin? by Harley Quinn 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Eating People 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks The Mindful Zombie 2w
AsYouWish Monster Mashing and Other Monsterously Fun Dances 2w
Kryd0s Rags to riches: the story of how the mummy cashed in 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Becoming a Vampire: The Complete Blood Based Guide to Nutrition (edited) 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks How to Have Your Man and Kill Him Too: A Siren‘s Guide 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Zombies Were People Too 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Zombie Snacks to Save the Day! (edited) 2w
AsYouWish There‘s Someone in the Backseat and Other Terrifying Tales 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Hangry: How to Avoid Eating a Loved One 2w
AsYouWish You In Danger Girl: Advice from The Otherside 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks How to Preform Curses on Owners Who Don‘t Feed You at 3am: A Cat‘s Guide 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Zombie Bowl Attack; 100 tasty and nutritious brain based meals 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks How to Tell a Loved One They Smell: A Guide to Living with the Zombies 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Camouflage or Bare: Living an Authentic Zombie Life 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Feeling Tired, Drained, Haunted by Dreams: How to Tell if Your Loved One is a Succubus 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Going Bald: A Werewolf‘s Guide 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks A Beginner‘s Guide to Grave Robbing 2w
AsYouWish How to Be Perfect in Every Way by The Wives of Stepford (edited) 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks How to Free Your Relatives From Imprisonment: Mummy‘s Guide to Breaking in and out the World‘s Museums 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks The Caged Animal: People Edition 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks Cooking Brains in Your Air Fryer: Crispy, Healthy Treats 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa How I Finally Escaped Halloween and Got Home by E.T. 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa How I Finally Escaped Halloween and Found Christmas by Jack Skellington 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks The Cannibal Butcher: How to prep, slice, and dice your way to masterful cooking 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Witchy Stitches and Other Ways to Hold Things Together When You‘re Falling Apart At the Seams by Sally 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks A Cannibal‘s Disposal Guide: How to live undetected for decades 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Practical Magic: A Witches Guide to Potions and Lotions 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks The Cannibal Lunch Box: Kawaii Designs Your Kids Will Love 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks 101 Blood Smoothies 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Nail Care and Art by Freddie Kruger 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks 101 Brain Smoothies 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks How to Tell if He‘s Mr. Right: Selecting Your Undead Companion for Eternity 2w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Pumpkin Spicy: Is it Just a Fade? How to be Yourself Even If You‘re Less Spicy and More Pie (edited) 2w
xxjenadanxx Running Up Stairs and Other Killer Cardio Guaranteed to Make You Lose! 2w
TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ NO MORE COMMENTS🧟‍♀️ 2w
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#4 is not in the Litsy Database, but I‘ll go back in and add it later once I‘m on the computer. This series has been interesting to say the least. Quick little side stories that create a bigger picture. 🖤 +6 #HalloweenThemed #Scarathlon #TeamSlaughter

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This F, E.B. White Read Aloud Award Winner by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffer is a perfect fit for an RA to elementary students. A boy named Duncan went to take out his crayons until he instead, receives a stack of letters with his name on them all saying that the crayons quit. The crayons expressed their feelings to Duncan as to what he had done for them to turn against him.

sbombasi He realizes that crayons have feelings too, so he decides to make it up to them and make them happy! #ucflae3414f19

The UDL principle 7.1 regarding to optimize individual choice and autonomy along with EL #4 that states linking lesson topic to students‘ prior knowledge fit well with this activity and book.
sbombasi This site has different lesson plans that specifically align with the Common Core State Standards that have suggested assignments, writing prompts, and activities that correlate with this book for every elementary grade level. My favorite one would be the crayon sentence completion which includes a template with opinion, reason, example, and conclusion fill in the blanks that students would express their best crayon in the box. 2w
Mwinship I love this book and need to get my hands on a copy! This book would be great for teaching the structure of letters and greetings/closings. 2w
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GroeningsC I love this book, and agree it makes an amazing read aloud! 2w
Shannyblake Great post! Your posts are so detailed and informative in many different ways. I love this book 2w
leximcmillin This book is so cute, I love it! I think children would really enjoy this book, and it is a great way of teaching book structure 2w
Jgolub13 I really enjoyed Dr. Spalding‘s read aloud. It definitely makes for a fantastic read aloud. 2w
CPettersen This was such a cute book! I really loved it. 2w
ebrown this book is so sweet and great for younger grades! the students can personify things they use everyday, which contributes to spreading kindness. 2w
alexblanco I never heard of this book until Dr. Spaulding read it and absolutely love it! I definitely want to purchase this book in the future. It‘s so fun to read and kids would love it, good choice! 2w
Jewelwinkler I think this book would be perfect for some fun artistic activities like the ones that are in your resource. It would be a perfect way to integrate art into literature which is important. 2w
BRaulerson I chose to discuss this book as well! Once Dr. Spalding read this to us in class I fell in love with it and read it to my own children! They were so engaged even my mom was laughing with it!! Love this story! 2w
Alexush I like that the common core standards that go with this book are attached in the website you submitted. 2w
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Last Stop on Market Street, written by Matt de la Pena and illustrated by Christian Robinson, is a great addition to your classroom library and an amazing book with which to do a read-aloud. This Newberry, Caldecott, Coretta Scott King award-winning book tells the story of CJ, who, while riding the bus across town with his Grandmother around New York City learns valuable lessons and is enlightened by his Grandmother‘s wise perspectives on life.

ccipriati CJ wonders why he lacks the material things that some other children his age possess such as an iPod and an automobile. The book‘s genre is realistic fiction. It teaches students how CJ, with the guidance of his Grandmother, learns to see the value of what they have and the beauty that surrounds them by helping others who have even less than he does. 2w
ccipriati This is a perfect book to teach children respect, caring for others and not thinking only about themselves and the things they possess. This lesson plan addresses concepts of diversity, well-being, and justice; all while introducing instructive metaphors and life lessons.
ccipriati There are several UDL guidelines that are applicable. For example, 7.2, Optimize relevance, value, and authenticity together with 3. Activate or supply background knowledge would stimulate class discussions about students‘ backgrounds that could be shared and made relevant to the class. 2.1 Clarify vocabulary and symbols is another helpful guideline that can be used to pre-teach any difficult vocabulary words or symbols. 2w
ccipriati Two ESOL strategies applicable and aligned with this book would be #4-Link lesson topic to students‘ prior knowledge and #6-Continually monitor students‘ comprehension. This book is great for read-aloud or independent reading!
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Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes | James Dean, Kimberly Dean
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Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes is a great F book by Kimberly & James Dean. In this book Pete makes cupcakes for a party he‘s having but they all start disappearing! His friends are then on a mission to help Pete find whose taking his cupcakes. This would be an excellent RA book that could coincide with a math lesson. Throughout the book it starts with 10 cupcakes to 0, counting from twos downward. #ucflae3414f19

cassandram Continued post: Using this method of teaching would support UDL strategy 2.3 by decoding the text through counting. And an ESOL strategy that could be used is #4, linking this read aloud to a math lesson previously learned. A great resource for this book is this YouTube video RA https://youtu.be/9x4HjRaQyWs. It provides students a visual example of the counting and keep students engaged. #ucflae3414f19 3w
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