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For the Love of Books
For the Love of Books: Designing and Curating a Home Library | Elizabeth Lane, Thatcher Wine
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A celebration of the meaning and comfort printed books bring to our homes and lives, from the curation and design experts at Juniper Books. Explore the significance of the home library, embellished with alluring photography and illustrations, in a keepsake worthy of any bibliophile's collection. For the Love of Books shares the vision of Juniper Books, a business that embraces the roles that books fulfill in our lives and their staying power. It recounts the history of books and private libraries, and champions the resilience of books in the digital era. Dive into the nuances that define books for reading, books for decoration, and books for inspiration. Instructive chapters provide useful details for creating and curating one's own home library, whether it be a single shelf or multiple rooms each with their own collection. You will never look at your bookshelves the same way again. For the Love of Books is about storytelling beyond the pages of our favorite books. Our books--the ones we choose to keep--tell the story of who we are. They remind us who we once were and who we aspire to be. Thatcher Wine founded Juniper Books in 2001. The company creates custom libraries and has perfected the art of turning books inside out to allow for books to tell stories not just to us, but about us. Working with booklovers, homeowners, and designers, Juniper Books has provided the world with a fresh new approach to the printed book. Thatcher grew up in New York City where his parents owned and operated The Quilted Giraffe, one of the most innovative restaurants in America. Thatcher graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in history and art history and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Elizabeth Lane is the founder of Quarterlane, a quarterly subscription book service which merged with Juniper Books in 2018. She is also the book buyer for her local independent bookstore, Partners Village Store and Kitchen in Westport, Massachusetts. Prior to working in books, Elizabeth worked in contemporary visual art--in galleries, nonprofit initiatives and museums in New York, Austin, and Chicago. Elizabeth graduated from Davidson College with a degree in art history and received her masters degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
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Pic from belcastroagency.com

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#WinterGames Team #ReadNosedReindeer #Holidaylaughs. Well if that‘s not an understanding husband, I don‘t know what is!

TheSpineView 🤣🤣🤣 2mo
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Thinking of caving in & getting one of those book carts. Anyone have a link to one they love? 💕

EDIT: I snagged one from Michael‘s. Thanks, all! 🙏🏻

photo 📸: christine manzari

AmberWB Michaels has a ton of colors and there is always some sort of coupon floating around. 😊 2mo
monalyisha @AmberWB I was just noticing that! I‘m seriously contemplating going to snag one today. ‘Tis the season, right? 🎁 2mo
dariazeoli I have one from Target for my books, but I bought one from Michael‘s for planner supplies. Either one would be super. 2mo
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4thhouseontheleft I have the IKEA one and love it! 2mo
Soubhiville The shelves in the background are freaking amazing! So pretty! 2mo
Sace I've been contemplating a similar purchase. 2mo
julesG Mine's from IKEA and I'm super happy with it. But I've heard from US Littens that Target and Michaels have good ones too. 2mo
ChaoticMissAdventures This looks just like mine that I got from IKEA. I love it, but I use mine as a drink cart 😀 2mo
AMohamed How many books does these carts hold because I have hundreds of books 📚 2mo
monalyisha @AMohamed Haha I have no idea. I‘ll let you know when I get it but I‘m thinking between 15-20. Something tells me that won‘t do it for you. 😅 I just want it to keep my library books separate. 2mo
AMohamed That‘s a great idea!😊 2mo
Karkar I have one from Target and one from IKEA. The Target one is sturdier but I love them both. 2mo
Redwritinghood They have them at Michael‘s. 2mo
OnlyYoo The one that the booktubers have I‘m pretty sure are from Michael‘s 2mo
Amandajoy I have 3 from the Container Store in my pantry. May have to grab one for books now too. 2mo
meganabbie94 ❤️💕 2mo
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Fellow Littens, your eyes do not deceive you!

If the #weeklyforecast looks very similar to my book report, that's because it is ? I plan to continue reading (and hopefully finish some of!) the titles I was working on during the week.

"All the Ugly and Wonderful Things" will need to be finished by Friday for book club. The four remaining may need to share my attention span along with the titles I'll be sharing in my next post ?


Cinfhen I don‘t mind a revisit!!! Graphics are gorgeous and books all look good!!!!! 2mo
Cinfhen Happy reading 2mo
Librariana @Cinfhen - Thank you!! 😁😊💜📚 I think part of my problem is that I want to be reading ALL the books, all at the same time. I want to be like a squid and hold like 10 books at the same time! I'm a slow-paced reader and get easily distracted by shiny new books. 2mo
Cinfhen I know that feeling!!! 2mo
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? Made quite a bit of progress on both of my audiobooks. "Good Talk" by Mira Jacob has been phenomenal thus far and richly narrated by a full, diverse cast.

? All the Ugly (...) by Bryn Greenwood is a heavy read for book club, but one that I know will lead to plenty of intense discussion. The three remaining titles I am consuming slowly and in small doses, processing each accordingly to savor and enjoy.


Cinfhen Ohhh, I‘m looking forward to 2mo
Cinfhen You feeling better??? 2mo
Librariana @Cinfhen - Sweet Cindy, I am feeling much better ? Thank you so much for asking! ?? I'm happy to read that you're looking forward to "Good Talk"! I'm both listening to AND reading it to get the full effect of these characters and their conversations. Can't wait to hear what you think of it! 2mo
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It's time for the #weeklyforecast before the clock strikes midnight and I turn into a pumpkin! 😊

I'm not entirely certain that I'll be able to get a WHOLE lot of reading done this week with the Thanksgiving holiday being right around the corner... that and Christmas decorating... but! A lady sure can try! 😁❤🎄📚


Cinfhen It‘s a good plan and like @TrishB says...plans can easily be altered. 🧡 3mo
ChasingOm I love your graphic! 3mo
Librariana @Cinfhen - Very true! Plans can indeed be altered... and I often do 😁 3mo
Librariana @ChasingOm - Thank you so much! I just really love to play with the PicCollage app and modify things to my liking. I use their "Web Image" search feature A LOT! ? 3mo
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This book was created by the owners of Juniper Books, who put out gorgeous but expensive dust jacket sets. I love books on books, so this was an easy pick for me. While it‘s not my style to cover all my books with a theme dust jacket, I think for books that don‘t have a cohesive look, like Stephen King, it can be nice. While they have quite a few shots of libraries with their covers, quite a few do not. I also like their attitude 👇

CoffeeCatsBooks that it is your library, do what you want while still providing ideas for consideration. Beautiful book! #NFNov #MrBook1inaMilliom #24B4Monday (edited) 3mo
Clwojick 6pt 3mo
MrBook I. Need. This!!! 😱 3mo
CoffeeCatsBooks @mrbook Books like this are my weakness! 3mo
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This has a lot of thoughtful ideas about organizing your books, but when I buy books like this, it is to see pretty personal libraries like this. ❤️

Most of this book has photos of individual shelves and but there are a few library shots.

#NFNov #24B4Monday #MrBook1inaMillion

Clwojick oooh lovely! 1pt. 3mo
Mandoul 😲 i want it. Thanks! 3mo
MrBook I neeeeeed!!! 3mo
CoffeeCatsBooks @Mandoul @MrBook This was my favorite library shown with all the wood and the spiral staircase. 3mo
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One nice thing about waking up at 2am and not being able to get back to sleep is you can start your #readathon !

This one made me laugh although I think it is close to their “to read one day” reason. Maybe one day I will be that person who will read all those Medieval 🏰 History books. 😂

#24B4Monday #MrBook1inaMilliom #NFNov

Clwojick 1pt 3mo
MrBook 😂👏🏻🙌🏻 Ahhhh, you‘re the best! ☺️🤗🤗🤗 3mo
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Saw the same image on Facebook... but the perfectionist Virgo in me felt compelled to recreate it with some adjustments 🤷‍♀️

This is all to say that I AM FAILING MISERABLY at the #unreadshelfproject 😣😫😭😔

Although I haven't bought any books recently, I should genuinely keep track of how many books I bring into my home, how many of those I read, and how quickly I do so (from date of purchase.)

The desire to add to the collection is REAL!

cariashley 😂 love this. 5mo
Hooked_on_books This graphic is awesome! I feel your pain—I tried hard to read down my own books last year but didn‘t do so well at it. At least I‘ve learned to stop beating myself up about it and hopefully you can do the same. Like I‘ve always told my mom: it could be worse, I could be addicted to crack instead! 5mo
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In case anyone wants a new career—celebrity bibliophile and book curator to the stars. 😂 (I actually find those giant faces shown in the article kind of scary.)


LeahBergen She “realized she needed 500 to 600 more books to fill her shelves”? I wouldn‘t need to hire anyone for that job. Let me online with a bottle of wine ... easy peasy. 😆😆 (edited) 6mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen I know, right? 😂 6mo
Mdargusch I agree @LeahBergen 👍🏼 I could fill those myself with no problem! 6mo
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Lindy @LeahBergen I can see you getting the job done quickly and efficiently. 😁 6mo
Lindy @rubyslippersreads Excellent pick! I would suggest something that encourages science-based decision-making… but I think her bookshelves are now full. 6mo
LeahBergen @Lindy Yes, her science section was filled with one book 😉 (edited) 6mo
ValerieAndBooks Crazy!! Like @LeahBergen said I would have no problem deciding on what books to buy — real problem for me would be a house big enough 😂 6mo
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