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Evelina: Or the History of A Young Lady's Entrance into the World | Frances Burney
'Lord Orville did me the honour to hand me to the coach, talking all the way of the honour I had done him! O these fashionable people!' Frances Burney's first and most enduringly popular novel is a vivid, satirical, and seductive account of the pleasures and dangers of fashionable life in late eighteenth-century London. As she describes her heroine's entry into society, womanhood and, inevitably, love, Burney exposes the vulnerability of female innocence in an image-conscious and often cruel world where social snobbery and sexual aggression are played out in the public arenas of pleasure-gardens, theatre visits, and balls. But Evelina's innocence also makes her a shrewd commentator on the excesses and absurdities of manners and social ambitions - as well as attracting the attention of the eminently eligible Lord Orville. Evelina, comic and shrewd, is at once a guide to fashionable London, a satirical attack on the new consumerism, an investigation of women's position in the late eighteenth century, and a love story. The new introduction and full notes to this edition help make this richness all the more readily available to a modern reader. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.
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I continued with Evelina #RandomClassics

I finished The Waves and is almost finished with The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

I‘ve started The Light Years

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Finished this last night! @TheAromaofBooks I really loved it! I dreaded the epistolary nature of the story, but it didn‘t bother me at all once I got into it!
POP… Bildungsroman 📚#52bookclub24… apostrophe in title 📚 this was also my #doublebookspin

Librarybelle Yay! I‘m enjoying my reread of this! 3d
BarkingMadRead @Librarybelle I can‘t believe I‘ve never read it! I loved it! 3d
BarbaraBB So good! I still need to read it! 3d
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Thanks for reading along!! Feel free to drop in for any of the rest of the conversations. I actually really like Evelina's voice, so the epistolary part isn't bothering me. She's so sweet and naive it feels like she should be super annoying, but instead I just want to keep her safe 😂 2d
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(thru 2.5) My word, Book 2 has started with quite the swirl of events!

First off, I literally can't get my head around Captain Mirvan. Is this man insane?! What is his deal!?!? What a psychopath! There's just no other word for someone who delights in tormenting someone else like this. Ugh.

Today's letters were also quite the bombardment of emotion. That letter from E's father was - whew. Cold.

What do you think of Mr. Villars? His letters ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) present him as a kindly old gentleman, wanting the best for E, but Madame Duval and E's father do seem united in their portrayal of him as a bad guy - although I'm not sure exactly why?? Because he took in E's mother when she had been abandoned by them both???

I'm enjoying the actual story of this book, but laboring through the passages of teasing and torturing Madame Duval I find very wearing.
BarkingMadRead My copy isn‘t separated into books. The pages also aren‘t numbered 🤣 anyway….. this thing with the Captain is super disturbing! I‘m thinking the Rev is a nice old man and the other two don‘t like him because he knows their truth. Just a theory, though! 7d
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Librarybelle Captain Mirvan is horrible! I think there is nothing wrong with Villars…the others are stirring up trouble, not wishing to admit any wrongdoing on their part all of those years ago. 7d
AnneCecilie I have no words for the Captain, how could he not only put Madame Duval through that, but also Evelina. And what about the man that claims to be courting? @BarkingMadRead same. So I‘m interested in seeing how my reading goes with just the chapters to guide me. @Librarybelle I think you‘re on to something, I have a feeling we don‘t know the entire truth about what happened in the past 7d
Clare-Dragonfly I agree with everyone else! And my copy doesn‘t have chapters either so I don‘t know how behind I am 😅 Sir Clement is such a creep! I‘m glad Mrs. Mirvan warned Evelina against asking him for a favor. He would have tried to wrangle much more out of her than she wanted to give. 6d
TheAromaofBooks @BarkingMadRead @Librarybelle @AnneCecilie @Clare-Dragonfly - So are your letters not labeled at all??? My book isn't divided into chapters, but each letter is labeled “Letter One“ “Letter Two“ etc. And then then book is divided into three parts. Now I feel bad for creating a schedule apparently no one can follow but me 😂 6d
Librarybelle Mine are labeled by letter! Isn‘t that funny how the editions are different? But, your schedule corresponds to my edition, at least. 6d
BarkingMadRead Mine are labeled by letter but there are no parts. It is all just one long group of letters. It‘s also got no printing on the spine and no page numbers. Definitely low class 🤣🤣🤣 6d
AnneCecilie The letters are numbered, but there‘s no volumes. So I try to remember how many letters to read 5d
Clare-Dragonfly Mine are labeled with Roman numerals, but the book isn‘t divided into parts. The brusque letter from Dad is letter XXXV. I‘m using Serial Reader so I‘m just reading along with its schedule now! 5d
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I want to continue with Evelina #RandomClassics

I want to finish The Waves and continue with The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

I want to get a good start on the first book in The Cazalet Chronicles, The Light Years

BarbaraBB Great plans! 1w
Tamra It‘s taking me years to get Jane Howard! 1w
AnneCecilie @Tamra I hadn‘t heard about this series until last year when especially Lauren on Lauren and the Books on YouTube raved about them. So now I really want to get to them 1w
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AnneCecilie @BarbaraBB Thank you 😊 1w
Tamra @AnneCecilie it sounds such a great series. I don‘t know why it‘s lingering on my shelves. Too many shiny distractions. 😉 1w
AnneCecilie @Tamra I got the entire series from my sister and her family for Christmas so they are still new and shiny for me 😊 1w
Ruthiella I really enjoyed The Light Years. 👍 1w
MaureenMc Love the Cazalet Chronicles! ☺️ 1w
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I continued with Evelina #RandomClassics and finished The Sign of the Four #NoPlaceLikeHolmes

I finished The Swifts

I read a book about weird animals and Motherhood

I‘ve just started The Waves

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(thru Letter 1.31) - And so ends Volume 1!! I've overall enjoyed this book, but the passages where Evelina is recounting arguments between the Captain and Madame Duval tend to wear on me. They're both SO dreadful. But I'm definitely interested to see where this story goes next!!

Tomorrow and Friday are catch-up days for anyone who may be behind. Letter 2.1 is very short, and 2.2 rather long, so I combined them both across two days ⬇

Librarybelle Yay!! It‘s fun revisiting this one! 2w
janeycanuck The audio I have doesn‘t number the letters AND the chapters break randomly so I‘m flying by the seat of my pants. I think I‘m close to the end of volume 1, I‘m quite enjoying it! 2w
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AnneCecilie I‘m enjoying myself and interested in seeing where this is going. But the men and Mrs Duval are pushing my patience at times. 2w
Daisey So, I read the first few days and then completely got behind! I‘m trying to finish another book before it returns to the library so I can focus on catching up with this one this weekend. 2w
rubyslippersreads I‘m happy to have a couple of catch-up days. 2w
ChelseaM6010 I‘ve fallen so far behind on this one! Life + illness got in the way of it. Will do my best to catch up 2w
Clare-Dragonfly I‘m a little behind (Serial Reader had me a little ahead at first so I held back, but I guess I shouldn‘t have) so glad for the catch-up days! I agree regarding the Captain and Mrs. Duval… 2w
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What‘s with all these creepy men who are obsessed with Evelina even though she is kind of rude (in smart ways) and barely talks?! Obviously after letter 21 Sir Clement is the chief creepy creep of them all, but wow.

All the jerks and idiots poor Evelina is surrounded by are funny, though, for sure! I suppose the women of the Mirvan family are lovely, but they hardly get any page time. #RandomClassics

Librarybelle I read this a few years ago and am rereading it for the group now…I forgot how funny but also cringey this is! 😂 2w
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Buddy reads:
Continue Evelina #RandomClassics
Finish The Sign of the Four #NoPlaceLikeHolmes

I want to start a book on the weirdest animals

I‘m currently reading The Swifts and next up is Motherhood and if I have a really good reading week I might even get a start on The Waves

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I continued with the buddy read of Evelina #RandomClassics, started the buddy read of The Sign of Four #NoPlaceLikeHolmes and I‘ve just started The Mystery at Lilac Inn #NancyDrewBR

I continued with Poverty, by America

I finished Dear Dickhead

I read Scenes from a Childhood and Christmas at the Beach Hut

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I read a little bit ahead so that I am caught up for the whole weekend. So much drama and just what I needed after finishing A Thousand Splendid Suns! I am loving this book, I never would have tried it without the buddy read! @TheAromaofBooks #randomclassics

TheAromaofBooks I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying it! I like that Evelina comes across as being naive and innocent without being annoying or prim. But some of the people she has to deal with...!!! 😂 2w
BarkingMadRead @TheAromaofBooks omg these men are hysterical and her grandmother and cousins! Yikes! 2w
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(thru Letter 16) Oh my WORD, what is WITH Captain Mirvan?! I can hardly believe how dreadful and rude he is! Reading these last couple of letters has been torturous for my secondhand embarrassment! 😂 If I had been Mrs. M. I would NOT have rushed up to London to see this guy!!

I'm a little perplexed by what Madam Duval hopes to gain. I'm assuming money, somehow??

Librarybelle The Captain is such comedy fodder! I cannot believe that someone of his rank would behave in such a way publicly, yet Burney must be making some sort of point with it. As for Willoughby…OMG! The guy is just too much, and my creep vibes go off every time he gets near Evelina. 3w
Clare-Dragonfly Goodness gracious, what a jerk! And the French stranger was such a jerk back to him that I guessed a few pages early what her name might be 😂 Maybe she really feels bad about how she neglected her daughter and is hoping to make up for it? Or is hoping for the appearance of making up for it… 3w
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BarkingMadRead Yikes, he‘s a disaster! 3w
TheBookHippie 😵‍💫 I keep saying it wouldn‘t be written IF it wasn‘t true of someone the writer witnessed- which is probably so 😵‍💫 YIKES. 3w
AnneCecilie There‘s several terrible characters here, the Captain, Willoughby and the French guy. My first thought when I saw the name Willoughby was that‘s a character in Sense and Sensibility too, wonder if Austen was inspired? 3w
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(thru Letter 13) Okay, honestly this book has been pretty adorable so far. While Evelina is borderline-annoyingly young, she still seems genuinely sweet. I was about ready to throttle that obnoxious jerk who kept following her around at the assembly! Oh my WORD!

I caught a glimpse of the heading for tomorrow's letter, though, and it doesn't look like Evelina is heading back to the country as soon as she hoped!!

Clare-Dragonfly I am enjoying this so far, though it feels very slow! I like Evelina‘s naïveté and how she is able to laugh—she makes a good narrator for those of us who are similarly unfamiliar with the social rules of her place and time. (edited) 3w
TheBookHippie It is sweet, but I‘m enjoying it quite a bit! 3w
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Deblovestoread I'm liking it so far. All the rules that were in place at that time would be hard to navigate exorbitant if you didn't have a clue. 3w
rubyslippersreads I‘m really enjoying this. But does anyone else see Berry Hill and read it as Beverly Hills? 🤣 3w
BarkingMadRead That guy at the assemble was so obnoxious and she is so sweet! 3w
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Continue with Evelina #RandomClassics and with Povery, by America

I want to finish Despentes latest.
Then I thought it was time I read som Jon Fosse and I‘ll one of his shorter works
Then I want to read Christmas at the Beach Hut and The Mystery at Lilac Inn #NancyDrewBR
And I‘m between these books I also want to get a start on The Sign of Four #NoPlaceLikeHolmes

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I‘ve started the buddy read Evelina

I finished Beyond Black and read Da vi var yngre (When We Where Younger)

I had my first DNF of the year, Detaljene (The Details)

So I started Despentes latest novel and I‘ve also just started Poverty, by America

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(thru letter 3) Well, we're off to an intriguing start. I had to pay close attention to get some of these people sorted - at first I didn't realize that Madame Duval was the grandmother and I got confused 😂 But now we have the tragic background squared away. Somehow, I don't think Mr. V is going to let his ward head off to London, no matter who asks!

How do you all feel about these opening letters?

Clare-Dragonfly I had to reread parts of the first two letters to get all the people straight! I think I‘m following now though. And I can only assume that Madame Duval‘s granddaughter, who is Rev. Villars‘s ward, is the titular Evelina since no one has used her name yet… (edited) 3w
TheBookHippie Book just arrived!! Catching up today. 3w
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Librarybelle We‘re setting the scene! And yes, @Clare-Dragonfly , you‘re correct! 3w
AnneCecilie I feel like I just landed in the middle of the action and I‘m trying to figure it out. 3w
rubyslippersreads @AnneCecilie I read somewhere that it gets more interesting when you get to Evelina‘s letters. So I think, like @Librarybelle said, these preliminary letters are to set the scene. 3w
AnneCecilie @rubyslippersreads I think so too, and get some backstory 3w
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Started Evelina this evening!

#SerialReader #epistolary #RandomClassics #1001books

janeycanuck Is Serial Reader only as an app or will they do emails, too? 3w
Daisey @janeycanuck As far as I know it‘s just the app. 3w
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Finish Beyond Black, then I want to read autumn‘s buzziest book by a 19-yr debutant da vi var yngre (When we were younger) and if there is time and if there is time get a start on Detaljene (The Details)

This week is also the beginning of a new month, so I will also be starting Evelina #RandomClassics and a new nonfiction book, Poverty, by America.

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February 2024 is Evelina by Frances Burney.

TheAromaofBooks Thanks for the repost!! 1mo
CrowCAH @TheAromaofBooks you‘re welcome ☺️ 1mo
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Repost for @TheAromaofBooks

Here's the schedule for Evelina, starting February 1!! We probably could have done this whole book in a month, but I tried to keep this more to 10-15 pages a day, so it will carry over into March. I've given us a couple of catch-up days after each volume because some of the letters are long!!

#RandomClassics #BuddyRead #ReadingSchedule

See original post at https://www.litsy.com/web/post/2695523

TheAromaofBooks Thank you for the repost!! 1mo
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Okay, here is the schedule I have worked up for Evelina, starting February 1!! We probably could have done this whole book in a month, but I have a lot of books on my plate right now and tried to keep this more to 10-15pgs/day, so it will carry over into March. I've given us a couple of catch-up days after each volume because some of the letters are long!!

Tagging those who said they were interested; all are welcome!! #RandomClassics

Librarybelle Sounds good!! 1mo
julieclair Perfect schedule! 👍 1mo
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CatLass007 You do know that there are only 28 days in February, right? So letters 22-31 probably won‘t be read on February 29, 30, and 31. (edited) 1mo
AnneCecilie This schedule looks great. Could you keep me on the tag list for this? Also, if anyone else wants to join, it‘s available through the Gutenberg Project 1mo
TheBookHippie Looks fine to me it‘s leap year so maybe I‘ll read extra that day 😂🙃 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle @julieclair @AnneCecilie @TheBookHippie - Here is the UPDATED schedule because as @CatLass007 so rightfully pointed out, February does NOT have 31 days 😂 1mo
TheBookHippie @TheAromaofBooks but January has 456 days it seems 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ 1mo
rubyslippersreads I‘d like to try this one. Could you please add me to the tag list? 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @TheBookHippie - FOR REAL 😂 😂 😂 1mo
CatLass007 @TheBookHippie Is this a leap year? I must think it‘s still 2023.🙄 January really does feel like it‘s 456 days long. 1mo
TheBookHippie @CatLass007 yes it‘s Leap Year 1mo
CatLass007 @TheBookHippie Now I know.😁 1mo
TheBookHippie @CatLass007 😂it‘s been a long year I mean month…. 1mo
Deblovestoread Thanks for the schedule and the reminder! 1mo
BarkingMadRead I‘m in!! 3w
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We have officially finished Don Quixote🎉 and are working our way through Uncle Tom's Cabin. Stowe's book will carry over into mid-February (45 chapters), but on February 1 I will be starting the next #RandomClassic - Evelina! I know nothing about this book! How did it end up on my classics TBR? Why did I put it there? Who recommended it? What list did I see it on? NO IDEA 😂 So feel free to join me! I don't have my copy yet, but GR says 455pgs ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) We will see how that looks as chapters. In the meantime, I'm tagging my Master List of people who thought they might be interested in reading some of these books with me. If you're interested in reading Evelina specifically, please comment below as I'll be creating a tag list for just that book!! 1mo
Cuilin Apparently it was one of Jane Austen‘s favorite novels. I led a group read during the pandemic with some of the #pemberlittens it was a fun read. Enjoy. 1mo
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CatLass007 Please tag me for Evelina. Thanks! 1mo
janeycanuck Tag me for Evelina, I think? I‘ve always wanted to read it but I‘m not sure I have room on my dance card for Feb. We‘ll see… I still have to finish Don Quixote, I‘m super behind again!! 1mo
Librarybelle I‘m in! I read this years ago for a book markup group and never got mine back, so I‘ll look for another copy. I loved it the first time!! 1mo
Daisey I‘d like to be on the list for this one. It‘s also on the #1001books list. Not sure how well it will fit alongside my other reading, but I‘m going to try. 1mo
Lcsmcat I Hope you enjoy it! Like @Cuilin said it influenced Austen‘s writing and as I read it I kept thinking “so that‘s where Jane got that idea.” 1mo
Clare-Dragonfly I‘m interested. I hope it‘s on Project Gutenberg—can‘t get the site to load at the moment! 🤔 1mo
Deblovestoread I‘d like to read along and be tagged please. Thank you 😊 1mo
julieclair Please tag me! This has been on my TBR for awhile. 1mo
TheBookHippie It‘s on hoopla for me - but I may purchase it. I‘ve always wanted to read all three ladies by this author, no idea what list I got it from either. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @CatLass007 @janeycanuck @Librarybelle @Clare-Dragonfly @Deblovestoread @julieclair @TheBookHippie - I have you all on the list!! As always, no hard feelings if it ends up that you don't want to read it after all 😂 I'll post a schedule when I get my copy!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Cuilin - That may have been when I added this one to my list!!! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Lcsmcat - Thank you!! I'm looking forward to it!! 1mo
Clare-Dragonfly If anyone else is looking for a free version, it is on Serial Reader! Hopefully it‘s the same schedule. 1mo
CatLass007 Thank you! 1mo
julieclair @Clare-Dragonfly Thanks for the heads up about Serial Reader! 1mo
ChelseaM6010 Tag me for Evelina please. 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @ChelseaM6010 - Absolutely!! 1mo
BarbaraJean I read this one back in grad school, and I'm so tempted to join, but I'm trying to exercise buddy read self-restraint this year!! Keep me on your general tag list, though--I'm sure you can talk me into another one later in the year 😁 1mo
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When I added this epistolary novel to my list, I didn‘t realize how long it was. 😳 Reading a little each day through December…enjoying it so far!


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I really enjoyed Evelina and particularly appreciated the epistolary nature of the story telling. The letters from Evelina allow the reader access to her innermost thoughts and hopes and the delay in letters arriving allows for comic misunderstandings and for the story to move while at least one principal character is unaware of what is going on.

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My #lmpbc read is back from @jenniferw88 along with a lovely card and the tagged book from my TBR! Thank you! I loved reading your and Lucy's comments on An American Marriage and I will get yours in the post shortly @Mrs_B ! Hope you're both well 😘

Mrs_B Thank you! And glad you‘re happy with my scribblings. 😂 1y
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#fourfoursin21 completed! Just a wee bit late, I didn't finish the 2 in green until the new year.

Now, on to #fourfoursin22! I have ideas for a few of the prompts already...

Thanks for hosting a fun challenge, @Lauredhel!

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My last book for #fourfoursin21 (late but oh well) for the epistolary prompt, as this book is entirely an epistolary novel. @Lauredhel

I really enjoyed this, though almost all the men are terrible (hello patriarchy) and at times I found Evelina's discomfort with the situations she's in pretty uncomfortable to read. I'd never read Burney before and will give her others a try.

Also this is the 100th book I've read from the #1001books list 🎉

llwheeler *for the correspondent prompt, bc the book is epistolary 2y
readordierachel 100 books from the list! Well done 👏🏼 2y
llwheeler @readordierachel thanks! 🙂 2y
Lauredhel Maybe you're not eligible for the prize, but still congratulations for finishing! 2y
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A slightly belated #20in4 wrap up: got to 16 hours, finished 3 books, and read from 3 others. One of these times I'll hit 20 hours!

Thanks for hosting @Andrew65!

Graywacke That kitty! 2y
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My first (print) read of the new year, though I started it yesterday.

Happy new year!

Ruthiella Happy New Year! 2y
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Busy few days!! My niece had a healthy baby girl, my daughter & I finally finished Sir Fuzzyface Lambykin here (a kit from the Dickens Fair) to send baby with the blanket I knit, a raccoon came to visit in the night and when I scared him off came back with a friend, and I stayed up till dawn finishing this book! —Loved it! It‘s bonkers in an oh so 18th C way but also depressingly familiar in a #metoo way 🤦🏻‍♀️
Loved the London travelogue aspect

vivastory You've had a busy week! 3y
MsMelissa Oh that‘s cute! 3y
sprainedbrain That‘s adorable! Congrats on the news baby in the family! ❤️ 3y
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KVanRead @vivastory Yes! And all good except for the 🦝🦝 visitors ☺️ 3y
KVanRead @MsMelissa Thanks—it was a fun project since my daughter did all the sewing for me! 3y
KVanRead @sprainedbrain Thanks! We‘re so excited!! 👶💗 3y
LeahBergen I love it! I used to love to knit stuffed animals but haven‘t done one in years. 3y
KVanRead @LeahBergen Thanks! Our first ever attempt and I‘m pleased with how he turned out thanks to my daughter handling the sewing which not my forte! 3y
kspenmoll What a week! Congrats in new baby & your creative gift! ❤️ 3y
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Hello Litsy family! I‘m back after a busy May with very little reading time. But I‘m more than making up for it this month by taking my first English Literature college course in a loooong time—one of my more nutso pandemic-induced ideas being that maybe I‘d like to go back to school and get my MA 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I‘m starting with this intensive summer course: The Rise of the Novel: Fallen Ladies Edition! I bet all you #Pemberlittens would love it!

Liz_M Sounds like it would be fun if one didn't have to write papers! 😆 3y
vivastory This sounds like a great course! Looking forward to your posts about the course & the books you'll be reading 3y
LeahBergen This sounds fantastic! 3y
See All 22 Comments
eeclayton Welcome back 🙂 3y
Annie1215 So exciting! 3y
KVanRead @Liz_M Um, yup, it‘s that papers part that has me wondering about my sanity 😂 3y
KVanRead @vivastory the first lecture at least was awesome. Was surprised that in an 18 and 19 C course we started out with an essay by Kundera! 3y
KVanRead @LeahBergen I think you‘d love it! 3y
KVanRead @eeclayton Thanks! Glad to be back! 3y
KVanRead @Annie1215 thanks, I think #thatsclassic is partly responsible 😊 3y
squirrelbrain Lovely to see you back! Good luck with the course - sounds fab! 3y
Ruthiella Welcome back. The class sounds awesome. 😀 3y
LitStephanie That course sounds great. I am kind of envious. Go get that MA! 3y
Lcsmcat Welcome back! 3y
Clare-Dragonfly Good to see you again! That class sounds amazing! 3y
KVanRead @squirrelbrain @Ruthiella @Lcsmcat @Clare-Dragonfly Thanks!! Great to be back and to see everyone‘s posts! 3y
KVanRead @LitStephanie Thanks! I‘m kind of terrified actually, but I‘m really enjoying it too.😂 3y
Tamra Sounds fun! 3y
batsy That's a fantastic plan! Woohoo! And yes, that course sounds amazing 😁 3y
SamAnne Ooh....jealous. Good luck! 3y
KVanRead @Tamra @batsy @SamAnne Thanks all!! Loving the reading 📚 and classes, just hope I can remember how to write papers!!😬 3y
kspenmoll Sounds fabulous!!! How interesting . Keep us posted in the ladies!!! 3y
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I am not enjoying this book and it's keeping from discover other books. I may return to it, but not for awhile.

post image

I can't remember which of the #pemberlittens suggested a buddy read of this, but I FINALLY finished it! I was supposed to have read this in college and I'm so happy that I finally got to it! 🤣 I loved it for its travelog of 18th-century London and its depiction of the awful limitations and degredations that women had to endure.

#pop21 #bookthatwaspublishedanonymously #litsyatoz @BookishMarginalia

Librarybelle I loved this one too! 3y
mollyrotondo This was a very good read. #pemberlittens brought this one to my attention 3y
ferskner @TheAromaofBooks I forgot to say that this was my #bookspin pick for February! 3y
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 3y
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Still reading Evelina by Frances Burney. I read it years before and I remembered liking it. But this time it seems dry. Did I forget all the inheritance stuff? Am I watching too much tiktok? Evelina is the one with the monkey at the end, so I'm going to persevere.


Reading Evelina. I like the scenes in which Evelina is handling the men and the description of the places and the fashions. Jane Austen definitely read Burney. The skirmishes between the grandmother and the captain are a slog though.

post image

I‘ve had ‘Evelina‘ on my TBR since high school - several years later, I‘ve finally gotten to it. What a treat! I will say for classics, especially at the time this was written, it is quite readable. I honestly don‘t know much about Burney, her life, or even her writing process, so I‘ll be researching more about her. It was also fun to see how her writing influenced Jane Austen.

#BookSpinBingo #bookspin #doublespin

tenar What a beautiful book and beautiful photo! 3y
catebutler Thank you, Leah! It was such a fun book to read - I‘m glad I finally picked it up! ☺️ 3y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 3y
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LeahBergen Gorgeous! 😍 3y
BiblioLitten Stunning picture! 😍 3y
catebutler @TheAromaofBooks Making progress! ☑️ 3y
catebutler @LeahBergen Thanks Leah! 💓 3y
catebutler @BiblioLitten Thank you so much!! ☺️ 3y
Freespirit I have not heard of this author Cate. Lovely pic💕 3y
catebutler @Freespirit She is such a treat! I‘m so excited to learn more about her personal life, what a full and adventurous life she led! Do pick this one up, if you get the chance. 3y
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I am very behind the rest of my fellow #pemberlittens but I am very glad I finished this book. This was written before Jane Austen‘s first book and influenced her writing of Sense and Sensibility. A lot happens to Evelina in this book. I was very impressed even though I felt like the ending went on a little too long and Orville got on my nerves near the end. I‘d recommend for any Austen fans out there.

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Finished Evelina today. While it seemed to go on longer than it probably needed to, it was a good story, and I did enjoy it overall. I can see where Jane Austen would have enjoyed reading this and have been inspired. Even with the older language, it still reads fairly easily and quickly. I recommend to Jane fans. 👍

@cuilin @sprainedbrain

Cuilin Yay! Great review. I really enjoyed it too and also thought it could of done with a bit of editing. 4y
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I‘m feeling a little bit angry at Mr Villars for pushing Evelina away from Lord Orville..... about 100 pages left! I feel like they are a good match. Although I‘m not sure I get why he is pretending to be her brother... is it just to give her protection from other men? #pemberlittens #whatjaneread @Cuilin

Cuilin I think he was saying he was her brother so she wouldn‘t feel threatened and could be at ease in his company. 4y
katy4peas @Cuilin That makes sense too! 4y
sprainedbrain I was annoyed with Villars for telling her to avoid him, and even more annoyed that she did it without question. 4y
katy4peas She puts herself down all the time too for being young, sheltered, and inexperienced in matters of the world. 🙄 @sprainedbrain 4y
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I finished Evelina, just later than my fellow #PemberLittens.

At times a bit over-the-top (looking at you, Captain Mirvan), this book is funny and satirical, but Evelina more than managed to endear herself to me as she tried to navigate 18th century English society with virtually no preparation. I love a good epistolary novel (Evelina is a good one), and I could definitely see the influence Burney had on our dear Jane.❤️



Cuilin @sprainedbrain Captain Mirvan was so over the top. Great review. 4y
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Books I finished in July. Continuing into August are Shadows on the Rock, Over By the River, The Confessions, Oxford Companion to Jane Austen, The Girl in the Tree, and Titus Andronicus. #JulyStats #flyHighJuly @Eggs

Eggs Great month! Congratulations 🎉🎈🥳 4y
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I was expecting a certain something with this 18th-century epistolary novel about a young lady's entrance into the marriage market, but Burney upended my expectations. Burney's influence on Austen is palpable, but while Austen is the technically superior writer, Burney is the angrier, more politically engaged one. Through modes of satire & irony & also polemical rage, she conveys just how dangerous it was to be a woman of "obscure birth" & beauty.

batsy The cast of characters is vast, & many of them awful (shoutout to Mrs Selwyn, though), & through it all you could hear the din & cacophony of polite society, which is in many ways a circus. (A monkey *is* involved.) You can feel Evelina's constant state of anxiety & fear at how men could just do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. I appreciate Burney's perspective even if the novel felt crowded & exhausting at times. #whatjaneread @Cuilin 4y
Tanisha_A Wow, this review is so interesting. ❤️ I have it stacked, will try to get to it in this lifetime. 😁 4y
rabbitprincess I have the Project Gutenberg edition on my iPad! 4y
See All 17 Comments
quietjenn Your comments totally make me want to check it out! 4y
batsy @Tanisha_A @rabbitprincess @quietjenn I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to check it out! 4y
KVanRead Great review! 4y
batsy @KVanRead Thank you! 4y
Cathythoughts Excellent review ❤️ 4y
LeahBergen This author has been on my “need to read” list for YEARS. 4y
Daisey Great review! I wish I had been able to fit this readalong in, but now I‘ll look forward to reading it at some point. 4y
CarolynM Stacked. Thanks for another great review😘 (edited) 4y
batsy @Cathythoughts @CarolynM Thank you ❤️ 4y
batsy @LeahBergen I think you'll enjoy it! But it's best read without too many interruptions, I think. Because a lot goes on 😅 4y
batsy @Daisey Thanks! I hope you enjoy it if you get to it! Like I mentioned to @LeahBergen, it's a book that probably benefits from being read in a few sittings. 4y
RohitSawant Stellar review! 🙌🏼 4y
batsy Thank you @rohit-sawant 🙂 4y
Rissreads Fantastic review, and it's another book stacked! 👍 4y
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Oh these fashionable people!! This was a very frustrating read, mostly due to the triggering aspects of Evelina‘s constant harassment, and her lack of agency and independence. An accurate account reflecting the position of women in 18 century England. The depictions of London during this time are vivid and exciting especially the pleasure garden descriptions. Most characters are irritating and tiresome. #pemberlittens #whatjaneread #1001books

Cuilin @ferskner I really liked Miss Selwyn. 4y
katy4peas I just got to the robbery. I can‘t believe Evelina kept her mouth shut the whole time! Enjoying the read overall even while the characters are driving me crazy. Evelina admitted that she doesn‘t even document all of the captain‘s language which made me laugh because that means he is worse that I thought! 🤯 4y
Cuilin @katy4peas I know! I had to speed read through some of the dialogue. It drove me crazy especially the Captain and Madame Duval. 4y
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meghathecloud @Cuilin I liked Mrs Selwyn too. Her 'satyrical' turn was delightful! 4y
Lcsmcat I liked the farcical humor. My edition had a introduction that said she wanted to write for the theater, but her family wouldn‘t allow it. You can see that in her writing. 4y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat that makes sense considering the amount of dialogue even though this was an epistolary novel. 4y
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Oh my! We‘ve had a pistol scene, a suicide thwarted, and a host of embarrassments for our dear Evelina through no fault of her own. “I grieve much that my Evelina should be exposed to their rudeness and impertinence” The Branghtans are tiresome, Madame Duval is duplicitous and self serving. What say you all? #whatjanereads #pemberlittens Let me know if you‘re reading along and I‘ll tag you.

Lcsmcat So much of this section was tiresome! I understand the ideas of “duty” were different then, but since Madame M. neglected her duty for so long I don‘t think Evelina should have had any duty to her! 4y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat I agree. Look at how Evelina‘s mother paid for her “duty”. I don‘t think Evelina owes Madame anything and when she said I will no longer obey you, I cheered. 4y
Cuilin I also felt so embarrassed about the forced use of Lord Orville‘s coach! @Lcsmcat 4y
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Lcsmcat @Cuilin The coach incident was so awful! Poor Evelina! I hurt for her. 4y
mklong @lcsmcat Agreed! I think I‘m a little behind y‘all, but tiresome is an excellent word for this whole second trip to London. Let‘s get to Paris already! I‘m tired of cringing at the Branghtons (edited) 4y
batsy @Lcsmcat Totally agree! 4y
batsy I feel constant fear and embarrassment for Evelina. Burney really went all in re: exposing polite society's hypocrisies and its danger to women (especially those without the protection of family and connections). 4y
Cuilin @batsy I‘ve never felt more anxious and frustrated reading a novel. While it‘s easy to dismiss some of the behavior as 18 century norms, it triggers an emotional response in me regarding current, predatory behavior. I just watched the Epstein documentary. We‘ve a lot of work still to do. On a positive note, the writing is incredible. 4y
batsy @Cuilin I agree! It's all still very relevant. 4y
ferskner I'm legitimately sad that I can't go to Vauxhall in person. It sounds so fascinating! I'm very far behind in my reading, but I'm loving the whole thing. It's frustrating to read how little autonomy Evelina has over herself, but I definitely see Burney (and Austen) as critical of the lives women were forced to lead. 4y
Cuilin @ferskner https://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/discover/vauxhall-pleasure-gardens I‘m now addicted to this website. Burney does an amazing job describing life in 18th Century England. 4y
ferskner WOWWWWWWW that site is amazing!!!!! I will have to spend a long time with it. 4y
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Finished! I found it monstrously satirical but it generally met with my approbation. 😅.

Sometimes the humor was a little too broad and mean spirited for my modern sensibilities. 😧

Sir Clement et al made me so angry at times and the novel really emphasized how vulnerable women were then if they had no male relative to protect them. It also was interesting to compare the behavior and morals of the late 18th with the Victorian era.

Lcsmcat There were some pretty mean things, but I felt like Burney was critiquing that behavior rather than condoning it. 4y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat @mklong I‘ve never been so frustrated with characters. Most do not meet with my approbation. 4y
Lcsmcat @Cuilin There were very few that I‘d invite to dinner, that‘s sure! 4y
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Ruthiella @Lcsmcat I agree Burney was satirizing these people but the Captain‘s behavior especially was hard to believe...that no one would have called him out (or just avoided him?). Then again... I know people like him, unfortunately! 4y
Lcsmcat @Ruthiella Yes, I was surprised the Captain was admitted into good company. 4y
Ruthiella @Cuilin Ma foi! I haven‘t never been so vexed if ever in my life by such characters. 4y
batsy I felt the same as @Lcsmcat and it did seem like Burney wrote out of her anger about the glaring injustice. I can believe that the Captain wasn't called out for his behaviour in front of "polite society", but it's hard to accept that from where we are now. 4y
Ruthiella @batsy @Lcsmcat I was often unsure if it was satire or common 18th century England manners. My book had notes (thankfully) that did explain some of the differences. (edited) 4y
meghathecloud I agree with @Lcsmcat and @batsy that Burney seems to be satirizing this behavior. I got the feeling the Captain was mostly seen as an outsider, and so his behavior was tolerated rather than condoned. 4y
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I meant to keep to the schedule, but once I hit Book 3 the pace pulled me along and I couldn‘t stop until the, predictable and utterly expected, yet gratifying end. The notes of words whose 1st use appeared here (according to the OED) was fascinating. And you can tell Burney wanted to write for the theater by the farces around Mme. Duvall and Captain M. (more under spoiler in comments). #pemberlittens #whatjaneread @Cuilin

Lcsmcat The last scene with the Captain and the monkey seemed to be there strictly for laughs- in case the happy ending was too sappy? 4y
Cuilin I stalled a bit this week on reading, due to working on back to school plans for remote learning. 😠 Started reading it again and I‘m still loving it! 4y
batsy I'm at vol 3 but it's kind of amazing how those letters have a strong narrative pull. I read through a good portion of vol 2 in one night! 4y
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Lcsmcat @batsy Burney sucks you in, doesn‘t she! 4y
meghathecloud The monkey scene did seem an odd addition, it could have been for comic relief only. On another note, I thought Mrs Selwyn was wonderful! 4y
Lcsmcat @meghathecloud She‘s one of those people I‘d love to overhear. But I‘m not sure how well I‘d tolerate her constant “teazing.” Her speeches were wonderful to read, though! 4y
meghathecloud Yeah, the “teazing“ will be hard to tolerate personally...but I liked her impertinence especially when contrasted with the other women who were rather passive. (edited) 4y
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“we are the slaves of custom, the dupes of prejudice, and dare not stem the torrent of an opposing world, even though our judgments condemn our compliance! However, since the die is cast, we must endeavor to make the best of it” Wow!

mklong It‘s really sad to read, but I do wonder what Belmont‘s side of this story is. Is Villars really the saint he appears to be? 4y
Lcsmcat @mklong I feel for the faux Miss Belmont more than him. He might have been young but if he was old enough to father a child he was old enough to know that what he was doing would ruin a woman in that era. 4y
mklong @Lcsmcat Oh, I don‘t have any sympathy for Belmont, but he suggested that he knew something about Villars that we don‘t. I‘m just curious what that is. 4y
Lcsmcat @mklong Yes, Villars was painted rather as a saint. I‘m sure there were things Evelina didn‘t know about him, but I took it that Belmont thought Villars was a fraud because he thought he had his daughter already. 4y
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Evelina is so innocent in everything she does and just wants to make people happy.
Madame is mad that the girl already has Opera plans and refuses her company... 😮
#buddyread #pemberlittens #whatjaneread

Ruthiella I‘m reading this book now too! Everybody is so rude! Particularly the Captain. Do you think that‘s how people really behaved or is Burney playing it up? 4y
katy4peas @Ruthiella I think that people were like that, but that Burney is emphasizing it more with certain characters by making it more outlandish. I liked the cousins at first and didn‘t think they were too awful, until this opera chapter! Overall enjoying the book though! 4y
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Getting back into it. Got sidetracked with remote learning plans for school in the Fall. Has everyone got as far as the “robbery”?

Lcsmcat Yes! 🤣 4y
sprainedbrain I‘m so behind! I haven‘t had time to read my daily letters for 3 days. 😳 4y
Cuilin @sprainedbrain no worries, me too. We still have time. 4y
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meghathecloud Yeah, and I feel a little bad for Madame Duval. 4y
batsy I have! I had a chunk of time to read yesterday and I felt the same as @meghathecloud 4y
mklong Not yet, I‘ve only just gotten back to Howard Grove. I hope to catch up today. I‘m wondering what could possibly happen to make me feel bad for Madame Duval! 4y
katy4peas Hey @Ruthiella ! There is a small group of us reading Evelina together right now if you want to join in! We are all in slightly different places in the book but would love to have you discuss with us! 😁 4y
katy4peas I just got to the part where Evelina is going to the Opera and Madame is mad that she refuses to go to the Opera with her instead. Going to catch up some today. I‘m enjoying it so far! My paper copy of the book is very awkwardly sized so I switched to my e-reader and am able to read the book much more smoothly now! 4y
ferskner I'm also behind - just finished the opera scene with Madame Duval and the cousins. Yipes! 4y
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Seems an appropriate post today. #Americanindependence @Eggs #flyhighjuly

I love when publishers put a chronology in classics. I‘m starting volume II today. We‘ve returned to Howard‘s Grove, though I don‘t think we‘ve seen the last of Londontown. Where are you? What you thinking? #whatjaneread #pemberlittens

ferskner I'm still near the beginning - Evelina just went to the ball and met our two gentlemen - but I loooooove the tour of 18th century London. 4y
Lcsmcat I find myself wondering if Sense and Sensibility‘s first readers would have known (or at least suspected) Willoughby‘s character based on Sir Clement Willoughby here. Was it an intentional short hand on Austen‘s part? 4y
katy4peas I just met Willoughby! 😮 4y
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Cuilin @Lcsmcat yes, I wonder that too. Is Willoughby shorthand for “male character who will play/use/deceive the young heroine”? 4y
Eggs Yes I respect the timelines as well 🤗. Well done🇺🇸 4y
Cuilin @meghathecloud Sir Clement Willoughby is most definitely the one who frustrates me the most. He reminds me of guys I met in my youth who got nasty at the incredulity of my disinterest. Like I should be honored or flattered by their attentions. I fear for Evelina. 4y
meghathecloud @Cuilin my earlier comment has somehow disappeared 😂. Sir Clement is a jerk. It's like he believes Evelina doesn't mean anything she says. Even though I am liking the writing, sometimes I can't help but cringe at the casual misogyny of that time. 4y
batsy I just finished letter 24 (vol 1) and the Sir Clement carriage scene reminded me of Mr Elton in Emma. He definitely makes my skin crawl! 4y
batsy I like how Evelina, because of the 1st person narration in the letters, doesn't hold back on her thoughts about the people around her. Burney strikes me as writing out of an anger for how things were and I appreciate that aspect. 4y
batsy @Lcsmcat That's an interesting point! 4y
mollyrotondo Which letter does volume II start? My ebook doesn‘t have it separated into volumes. 4y
Lcsmcat @mollyrotondo My Oxford edition doesn‘t separate it into books either. I‘d love to hear the divisions from someone whose edition marks it that way. 4y
Lcsmcat @batsy Yes! The carriage scene reminded me of Emma too, except more sinister - maybe a little bit John Thorpe from Northanger Abbey? 4y
Cuilin @Lcsmcat @mollyrotondo My oxford addition has volume I ending after letter 31. 4y
Lcsmcat @Cuilin Interesting. Mine doesn‘t divide it at the table of contents. Maybe it does internally? I haven‘t looked. 4y
mollyrotondo @Cuilin thank you! Want to get an idea where you are since I‘m a little behind. I‘m on letter 21. 4y
batsy @Lcsmcat Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that! Definite sinister John Thorpe vibes. 4y
batsy @Cuilin @Lcsmcat @mollyrotondo I have the Penguin English Library edition that's divided into volumes, too (but sadly these editions don't have introductions and end notes) 4y
Lcsmcat @batsy That is a shame. I‘m enjoying the notes in my edition. 4y
mollyrotondo Can I just say that I absolutely love the Captain? He cracks me up! 4y
batsy @Lcsmcat I know, I love the notes when reading the classics 😢 It's why I usually don't buy the PEL editions but it was the only one available in local bookshops. 4y
mollyrotondo @Cuilin @Lcsmcat @meghathecloud This carriage scene was so terrifying!!!! 😱 uhh I definitely know someone like this Clement Willoughby. Trying to dupe you into being with him. He‘s totally backing her into a corner that entire scene. It‘s so frightening. I mean I hate S&S Willoughby but this Willoughby is a million times worse. I feel so bad for Evelina. 4y
meghathecloud @mollyrotondo yeah, and the worst part for me is he feels entitled to her forgiveness. No shame for what he did🙄 4y
Lcsmcat @meghathecloud @mollyrotondo His taking advantage of the rules that apply to her, while ignoring the rules that apply to him, makes me want her to be a little less naive and a bit more manipulative. 4y
meghathecloud @Lcsmcat Me too. Sometimes Evelina's innocence frustrates me. She would have been a little less helpless if she could just deal with him as he deserves to be. 4y
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Letter XXIV
Some readers have just gotten their book and others have just joined so again I‘ll not give too much away of the plot. But I‘ll just say I‘m struggling with 18 century social norms pertaining to women, I‘m questioning Mrs. Duval‘s motives and Lord Orville is ranking high in my estimation so far. Where are you and what are you thinking? #whatjaneread

Lcsmcat Loving Lord Orville! Not sure what Mme. Duvall is expecting, but you know she‘s after her own gain. 4y
ferskner I'm feeling dumb that there are parts of the letter to the critics that I just don't understand. I'm not new to 18th century literature, but I read it over and over and I have no idea what she's trying to say. 4y
Cuilin @ferskner You know that letter really doesn‘t further the plot and I was wondering why it was included at the beginning of the novel. 4y
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katy4peas My head is spinning with all of the characters and relationships at the moment! 😮 4y
katy4peas @ferskner Is that letter actually part of the story or is it like a forward for today‘s book? 4y
ferskner @Cuilin @katy4peas no, definitely not part of the story, I just like to understand the context. I know she's being ironic about how the novel was viewed at the time, but I hate not understanding something. 4y
meghathecloud I am right there with you @ferskner about feeling dumb not completely understanding that letter. I have given up and will get to the rest of it while reading the book.

I am so far behind. Just finishing Letter XIV, and Lord Orville is great. Madame Duvall's entrance was certainly dramatic, and I think she will only complicate things for our rather sensitive heroine.
(edited) 4y
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