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I realized this morning that I was a book behind schedule. Luckily, it was a rainy Saturday and Book 9 was short enough I could fit it all in today.

Since Gringoire has failed to appear recently and Quasimodo is finally demonstrating his compassionate side, my favorite characters are currently Quasimodo & Djali (the goat deserves more words).

Also this quote caught my attention as an interesting description of love.

#Hugonuts #SerialReader

Daisey “Love is like a tree; it sprouts forth of itself, sends its roots out deeply through our whole being, and often continues to flourish greenly over a heart in ruins.

And the inexplicable point about it is that the more blind is this passion, the more tenacious it is. It is never more solid than when it has no reason in it.”
Lcsmcat I noted that quote too, along with this one: “It was two extremes of wretchedness, of nature and of society, meeting and helping each other.” 4d
tournevis "The goat deserves more words." ? 4d
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tpixie @Daisey that‘s an awesome quote! 4d
tpixie @Lcsmcat another great quote! 4d
tpixie @tournevis lol a 3rd great quote! Lol 😂 4d
Daisey @Lcsmcat That one caused me to pause in my reading as well. 4d
Daisey @tournevis It‘s so true! I‘m constantly thinking I want to hear more details about the goat‘s escapades. 🐐 4d
TheDoctor What app/program do you use for tracking the percentage of books read? 4d
Daisey @TheDoctor This is a screenshot from Serial Reader, an app that divides classics into approximately 10-15 minute reading sections daily. It‘s free just to read daily or you can pay to read ahead and have notes, etc. After each section read it gives you a little congratulatory message and tracks your percentage complete. 4d
TheDoctor Thank you for a long, comprehensive answer! I think I will try it out. 4d
JazzFeathers 😍 4d
tournevis @Daisey I don't disagree, at all, but of all the commentaries I have ever seen about Notre-Dame-de-Paris, "The goat needs more words" is a first for me. ??? 4d
tournevis @tpixie 🤣🤣🤣 4d
BarbaraJean You‘re not alone... I just discovered that Gringoire apparently misses Djali more than Esmeralda: “He did not even feel tempted to go and see her there. He sometimes thought of the little goat, and that was all.” 💜🐐 2d
Daisey @BarbaraJean I just read that today as well. Really, Djali is often my favorite part! 💕 🐐 2d
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I‘m appreciating the action of this section of the story and am curious to keep reading. However, as others have mentioned, I am finding no redeeming qualities in the younger brother.

I read a few more pages in the field today while helping my uncle haul big round bales. Although our fields near the river are still under water, we‘ve got a field of corn and hay to put up in the hills.

#Hugonuts #SerialReader #BooksontheFarm

janeycanuck I‘m so behind in this! I hope I can catch up before the discussion is over!! 2w
Daisey @janeycanuck I'm really surprised I haven't fallen behind. I tend to read it in stages, several pages at once and then stalling for a bit. Good luck! 2w
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I really enjoy these descriptive sections about the ringing of the bells. The joy and the personality of the bells is such a fascinating aspect of this story.

#Hugonuts #SerialReader

Lcsmcat I agree! 3w
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The Song of the Lark | Willa Cather
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Woke with another chronic migraine very early and couldn't do my planned workout (run/walk, weights, stretch class), but at least I finished this book on #SerialReader for the #CatherBuddyRead! 😊 I quite enjoyed it, though I don't think I would reread it. This is book finish 24/12 for the #BookFitnessChallenge #BFC @wanderinglynn .

Graywacke Glad you enjoyed. Hope you feel better! 3w
Lcsmcat Feel better! 3w
wanderinglynn Hope you feel better soon! 💚 3w
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Time for a little front porch reading with my iced coffee. I‘m starting book 6 today and am ready to get back to some characters again.

#Hugonuts #SerialReader

Catt This pic looks much better than the last! I hope things are drying out there! By the way, I‘m new to Litsy and starting to figure it out. Where does one find these book reading groups like #hugonuts? Thanks! 3w
JazzFeathers I'm on the train home. It's as hot as Mount Doom today and you shouldn't have mention ice coffee 😭😭😭 3w
Daisey @Catt It‘s not better. I‘m staying at my sister‘s a few miles from the flooding and was reading on her porch this morning. This afternoon I‘m back on the water. As for readalongs, it‘s mostly just a matter of seeing them in the posts you follow or catching one for a book you look up. Do you follow @LitsyHappenings? It often posts about upcoming events, swaps, readalongs. (edited) 3w
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Daisey @JazzFeathers Sorry! If it helps, I‘m now headed out in the sun to help fill and lay more sandbags ☀️ 💪 3w
Catt Thank you for the info and sorry you are still in deep water! Sending dry wishes! 3w
Daisey @Catt Thanks for the positive thoughts! Feel free to ask questions anytime!! 3w
JazzFeathers @Daisey 😂😂😂 Or maybe 😨😨😨 3w
jewright I love the cup! 3w
Daisey @jewright It‘s from Jessie, and it‘s fantastic! 3w
Lcsmcat And maybe meet some new ones. 😉 3w
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The Song of the Lark | Willa Cather
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Went for another run/walk at 6:30 am, then weight machines and stretch class at the YMCA. Showered and enjoyed a smoothie on the porch, and now it's nap time after reading a couple issues of The Song of the Lark on #SerialReader in bed. #BookFitnessChallenge #BFC @wanderinglynn #catherbuddyread

OrangeMooseReads Way to go! That is a full day already lol 1mo
bewareofwords Dang, you‘re on a roll! Way to go! 💪🏽 (edited) 1mo
hes7 Wow, way to go! Definitely sounds like nap time now. 1mo
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RachelO You‘re going great! 1mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 1mo
jb72 Good job! 1mo
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I read my way through a couple issues of Book 3 Chapter 2 this evening with supper, and the bird's eye view of Paris is definitely requiring more effort than Book 2. This paragraph referring to Voltaire did catch my attention.

#Hugonuts #SerialReader

jewright Exactly. Just when I thought the pacing of this classic was amazing, Hugo had to throw in chapters about bridges, etc. 1mo
Daisey @jewright So true. I was really enjoying it and curious to see what would happen next when it shifted abruptly and completely to architecture. 1mo
BarbaraJean I got to this chapter and thought—now THERE‘S the Hugo I know from Les Mis! 😂 4w
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It‘s been a long time since I‘ve read the tagged. I‘m not sure the 100+ year old story holds up. Overall, the framework & the premise still work, but the story gets bogged down in the middle & the characterization of the tribe is not PC for today.

Jim Dale, as always, does a fabulous job narrating.

In the meantime, I‘m at SeaTac about to catch a flight to DC & will be out of pocket for a bit.

Audiobook 2/6 for #BookFitnessChallenge

Caterina This was one of my first reads on #SerialReader and I was shocked. I couldn't believe anyone loves it... It's sexist and racist and so gory too! (The description of how Captain Hook uses the hook!! 😱) I would never give it to a child to read. I agree that it hasn't aged well. 1mo
Caterina Great job getting 1/3 of the way there with your book goal! You're right on track! 🙌 1mo
wanderinglynn @Caterina The play was originally written in 1904 and the novel adaptation in 1911. So that explains some of it. But you‘re right. In this case, I enjoy some of the movie adaptations far better than the book. 1mo
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Lindy @Caterina Many children‘s classics haven‘t aged well. Fortunately, there‘s lots of great new children‘s literature written by a broad spectrum of writers. Spread the word to parents and teachers that you know, because nostalgic adults are an impediment to getting better books into the hands of young people. [Stepping off my soapbox now.] 1mo
BookwormAHN Nice job 👏🏻 1mo
LibrarianRyan I have not been in SeaTac for years!! I used to live on Whidbey Island. I agree. I read this with a group of kids, and they were not impressed to say the least. It does not hold up. the story outline does, but not the original prose. 1mo
wanderinglynn @LibrarianRyan I live in Silverdale. I love it so far. But I do hate having to get to the airport. I haven‘t been up to Whidbey yet. 1mo
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I‘m doubling up for this readalong. I started with #SerialReader, caught up on Book 1 with the audio version read by Bill Homewood (available on #Hoopla), and went back to text for Book 2 this week. I like the audio though, so I listened to most of Book 2 again today.


janeycanuck I tried the Homewood edition and I didn‘t like how over-the-top the he (and his voices) seemed to be. How are you enjoying it? 1mo
Daisey @janeycanuck It is a bit dramatic, but I‘m enjoying it. 1mo
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Enchiridion | Epictetus
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Finished another book towards my #BFC #BookFitnessChallenge ! I‘ll addd this into my week two check in later. @wanderinglynn

I love #SerialReader @SerialReader
#BookChallenge #ReadingChallenge #FitnessChallenge

catebutler Great job! I love Serial for classics, it makes it so easy to read and keep up! 1mo
BookwormAHN Nice job. Serial is awesome 👏🏻 1mo
wanderinglynn Great job! 🙌🏻 1mo
Megabooks Fantastic!! 👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
VanChocStrawberry I love serial reader! Way to go! 1mo
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