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Lulu is an actress in her 60s. She‘s been forgetting her lines and flees to the village of her past, Snow Road Station in Ontario. She becomes part of the community and starts wondering about her life and how to fill the rest of it. It is a very hopeful book showing how, despite age, you can still dream and look forward and make things happen.

#52BookClub24 - Includes a wedding (no spoiler)

Hooked_on_books Nice! I picked this one up after the TOB longlist came out and look forward to it. Glad it‘s good! 5h
LeeRHarry Like the sound of this one. 😊 4h
DinoMom Beautiful flowers 💐 4h
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squirrelbrain Sounds great - this was one I was interested in from the ToB longlist, but it wasn‘t easily available here. 3h
Librarybelle Stacking! 3h
Chelsea.Poole Lovely table and review! I remember seeing this cover but I don‘t think I took the time to read anything about it. Also, my grandpa‘s nickname for me is Lulu. 🥰 3h
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2h
Tamra Love the blooms! 26m
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Light pick. Lee‘s YA novel about a girl, her mom, and their special ability to make potions of sorts to help with love has the feel of teen emotions, including the complicated mother-daughter relationship, and of course love. I was really invested in the elixir creations and the “heart notes” Mim and her mom could detect for emotions. So fascinating - a smell for everything, from worry to happiness. #SundayBuddyRead

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Finished this last night! @TheAromaofBooks I really loved it! I dreaded the epistolary nature of the story, but it didn‘t bother me at all once I got into it!
POP… Bildungsroman 📚#52bookclub24… apostrophe in title 📚 this was also my #doublebookspin

Librarybelle Yay! I‘m enjoying my reread of this! 2d
BarkingMadRead @Librarybelle I can‘t believe I‘ve never read it! I loved it! 2d
BarbaraBB So good! I still need to read it! 2d
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Thanks for reading along!! Feel free to drop in for any of the rest of the conversations. I actually really like Evelina's voice, so the epistolary part isn't bothering me. She's so sweet and naive it feels like she should be super annoying, but instead I just want to keep her safe 😂 2d
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The Family Upstairs | Lisa Jewell
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Okay, last review for this morning. Another mixed-feelings read. I did like this one, although it's more “can't look away from the upcoming train wreck“ than it is thriller. There were a few things that just didn't jive for me. But the pacing was good - Jewell has a definite knack for making me think I should read just another chapter... or five. However, I'm not sure I'll pick up the sequel.

#Roll100 @PuddleJumper

Librarybelle On my to read list! 2d
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TheLudicReader The sequel is garbage. You won‘t be missing anything if you don‘t read it, especially since you didn‘t love this one. 2d
TheAromaofBooks @TheLudicReader - That's what I gathered from other reviews - worth reading if you thought this book was really great, maybe not so much if you felt ambivalent towards this one. And since I'm in the latter category... I just went and found some spoilers instead 😂 2d
TheAromaofBooks @Librarybelle - Do you have a copy? I'd love to send you mine if you don't!! 2d
TheLudicReader I actually loved this one @TheAromaofBooks and the sequel was a big disappointment. 2d
Librarybelle I do have a copy! I think I heard her talk about it virtually and bought it from the bookstore sponsoring the talk. Thanks for the offer! 2d
MatchlessMarie Awesome! I started this one last year I think but it‘s in what I call library purgatory now 😂 might need to return to the train wreck at some point this year lol 19h
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The Mystery at Lilac Inn | Carolyn Keene
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Nancy Drew, Girl Wonder, can do it all!! Even scuba dive!! 😂 Guys, I love these books. Rereading them has been FABULOUS. Thank you for hosting @Librarybelle !!!

#SeriesLove2024 @TheSpineView @Andrew65
#ISpyBingo - Flowers, Blonde
#FourFoursin24 - Floral Laurel @lauredhel
#GottaCatchEmAll - Flowers @PuddleJumper

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Hard Girls | J Robert Lennon
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He usually is so original yet this new J Robert Lennon is a more straightforward noir spy story. Two estranged sisters in search of their mother who left them as children. It is a fast paced story with strong characters yet I was expecting more. A light pick.

#ATY24 #Pop24 Published in 2024 #52BookClub24 Published by Hachette

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2d
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Librarybelle The cover does give off noir vibes! 2d
batsy Great cover and photo 🤩 2d
JenP Love the photo 2d
Traci1 Ooh I love that cover! 2d
BarbaraBB @Traci1 @batsy @JenP The cover fits the book perfectly. It‘s noir and cool! 2d
sarahbarnes Good to know! I put this on hold at the library and was really excited. I will temper my expectations a bit. 2d
Ruthiella Interesting that he‘s changing his style like that. 🤔 2d
BarbaraBB @sarahbarnes @Ruthiella It‘s still a good book, he‘s a very good writer, I just always expect the unexpected from him 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2d
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JenniferEgnor Just checked this one out from the library the other day. 3d
Librarybelle I‘m hoping to read this from the Women‘s Nonfiction Prize! 3d
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jenniferw88 @JenniferEgnor @Librarybelle, I think you'll get more out of it than I did - American history does affect me emotionally, but this book wasn't as impactful as I'd hoped (unlike tagged or Ibram X Kendi's work). 2d
rockpools …and I‘m hoping my hold for this comes in today 🤞 2d
rockpools Also, we need a hashtag! 2d
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!! 2d
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I've just imported my books from goodreads into SG. I have no idea really how to use it. Any tips for a new user? I'm planning on doing the trial month and then paying for the upgraded version if I like it enough. Suggestions on how to get the most out of the app would be appreciated...or if there's a good youtube or tiktok tutorial, I'd go for that as well. Thanks!!

Kimberlone Tracking your progress on your currently reading is pretty similar to Goodreads, so you will pick up on it quickly. IMO the biggest asset of Storygraph is the automatically created graphs and statistics about your reading. If you keep your reading up to date, you can see your changing stats all throughout the year and month to month. I don‘t have the paid sub, but one optional feature I use regularly are tags to track the origin of each book. 3d
Traci1 @Kimberlone I used GR mostly because I tend to forget if I've read a book or not. But other than that, it's been severely lacking. I'm excited about all the statistics. 3d
IndoorDame The stats are amazing! So are the ability to track readings challenges! 3d
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julesG The reading challenges are great, I agree! @IndoorDame Also buddy reads and readalongs. I've been using the free version of StoryGraph for some time now, I don't think I'm missing out on any features. 2d
Traci1 @IndoorDame @julesG which reading challenges are you doing? I was thinking about doing one of the tackle your tbr ones. 2d
IndoorDame @Traci1 I have the same screename over there, so you can easily check out all my challenges. I use it to track all my Litsy challenges, and also my monthly poetry reading, and a TBR challenge I picked cause it‘s open ended and I want to read the things that have been on my shelves a while, so I‘m tracking that this year. 2d
Traci1 @IndoorDame thanks! I like the tbr one you're doing. Prompts are fun, but I need to whittle down my physical library, and they don't always coincide with that particularly well. 2d
Traci1 @IndoorDame and my user name there is traci1974. 2d
julesG Same @ on SG, too. I'm doing the #BookChain24 and #52bookclub24 challenges at the moment. 2d
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The Mystery at Lilac Inn | Carolyn Keene
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I'm continuing to enjoy #NancyDrewBR hosted by @Librarybelle. This installment, in which Nancy helps a friend whose inn seems to be the target of malicious acts, was full of danger and suspense.

#gottacatchemall @PuddleJumper (prompt 14: “Combee: Flowers“)
#52bookclub24 (prompt 21: “Written by a ghostwriter“)

Librarybelle Excellent choice for ghost writer! Why did I not think of that??? 😂 3d
Bluebird @Librarybelle me too! Will correct that now! I‘m a bit behind, but reading these too. Fun to go back to books I loved when i was growing up! 3d
kwmg40 @Librarybelle @Bluebird Yes, that was a tough prompt for me too, until I started reading this book and realized it would match! 2d
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34 hours, 960 pages in print. This definitely qualifies as a chunkster for #chunksterchallenge2024. Book 7 in the Cormoran Strike series—my favorite to date. Disturbing book with Robyn going undercover in a cult ?? stressful! But absolutely loved the pacing. Great character development in this one too: Strike and his ½ siblings, Pat and her fam, Robyn and her fam. The tension btwn Robyn and Strike. Love it! Where‘s the next one! #serieslove2024

Librarybelle I have all of the books but need to get back to the series. It‘s been so long - I may have to start back at the beginning. Cormoran Strike is one of my favorite characters ever! 4d
BarbaraBB Seems a great series. 3d
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julesG @Librarybelle Same here. I liked the series but stopped reading it because of the hullabaloo around JKR. 3d
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3d
TheSpineView This was my favorite book in the series also. The ending had my jaw on the floor. So excited for the next book. 3d
Read4life This is on my TBR & I still need ‘published by Hachette‘ for #52BookClub2024 Thanks! 3d
Bluebird @Librarybelle and I think each book gives enough backstory that you won‘t feel lost if you read the next one. 3d
Librarybelle Good to know! I think I‘m just looking for an excuse to read the first one all over again. 😂 3d
Bluebird @julesG an author‘s politics and personal opinions can destroy what was otherwise good reading. I try to ignore all but their written books, but I know that sometimes it‘s too hard to separate the artist from the art. 😞 3d
julesG I agree. I might come back to Strike one day. 3d
Crazeedi I might have to look for this series! 3d
Bluebird @librarybelle😂😂😂 don‘t let my comment stop you—love this series from the start.. 3d
Bluebird @Crazeedi it‘s a great one. Wonderful writing, excellent characters and always interesting mysteries to solve. 3d
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