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Tiebreaker | Jack M. Bickham
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Celebrity tennis player and CIA operative Brad Smith is given the task of bringing out a lovely Yugoslavian star, Danisa Lechova, from Belgrade
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Tiebreaker | Jack M. Bickham
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It‘s been a tight race to decide the #LittensLoveRomance August read and two books are battling for the top spot after a great turn out of 35 votes. Now it‘s time to choose a winner! Vote now for your preferred August read! The winner will be announced July 14 so that we have time to get our copies for August. Thanks to everyone for voting! https://forms.gle/LWDbmYZGEjCyrqV6A

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TheSpineView Voted! 1mo
Vansa Voted, but I'm going to anyway read both, they both sound excellent! 1mo
Gissy ✔️ Done! 1mo
Gissy @Vansa I think me too🙋🏽‍♀️📚☺️ 1mo
TheAromaofBooks A race to the wire!! So exciting!! 1mo
PageShifter Voted 1mo
CarolynM Voted 1mo
LiseWorks Voted 1mo
Nessavamusic Voted! 1mo
TheBookWitchON Voted! 1mo
julesG Voted! 1mo
MoonWitch94 Voted 🗳 1mo
Read4life 🗳 1mo
dylanisreading Just fyi, there's no magic in Neon Gods. Don't want anyone to be disappointed by that if it ends up being picked. 🙂 1mo
StayCurious @dylanisreading oh good to know! Thanks 😊 1mo
Catsandbooks Voted! Very excited for either option! 1mo
Kerrbearlib Voted! 1mo
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Tiebreaker | Jack M. Bickham
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Tiebreaker no.1: all these nice books got one vote in my #makemereadit poll. Please vote for your favorite!

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Tiebreaker | Jack M. Bickham
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Here‘s my first tiebreaker post for the #MakeMeReadIt Readathon in August.

Which of these two books should I read fourth in August. The one with the highest votes I will read fourth and the other book fifth.

Feel free to vote even if you are not taking part.

Andrew65 @Librarybelle Thanks for your vote 👍 4y
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Andrew65 Thanks for your votes @TrishB and @Soubhiville 👍 4y
Andrew65 @EadieB Thanks for the vote, I thought you might choose Harlan. 😊 4y
EadieB @Andrew65 You know me so well! Did you finish your reports? 4y
Andrew65 @EadieB Got it down to around 80 but need to be done for Monday. Been another impossible week! 4y
EadieB @Andrew65 Wow! Only 80 left! Hang in there! Only one more week until your holiday! 4y
Andrew65 @EadieB Thanks and boy do I need that holiday! 4y
Andrew65 Current total : Stay Close 6, Monday Mourning 3 4y
BookishMe Monday Mourning - cos alliteration ;)) 4y
Andrew65 @BookishMe 😂 Thanks for your vote. 👍 4y
BookishMe My pleasure 😄😄 4y
Andrew65 @Rachbb3 Thanks for the vote. 👍 4y
Andrew65 This tiebreaker was won by Stay Close by eight votes to 5. So will read Stay Close 4th and Monday Mourning 5th. Thanks everyone for your votes. 👍🙌👏 4y
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Tiebreaker | Jack M. Bickham
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Alright, voting on the rest of my #makemereadit stack is now closed, but I need to break the tie between these two. Which of these should I read first?

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