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Quiet | Anne-Marie Turza
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Anne-Marie Turza s poignant debut collection is a vibrant, imaginative meditation on quiet in unseen cities, in secret spaces, in forgotten rooms, in our everyday life. In these delicately vibrant poems, The Quiet illuminates the private, hushed, underlying moments that discreetly pervade the human experience."
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Quiet | Anne-Marie Turza
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Sparse. Strange. Lovely. Reminds me of the city I dream about in fragments.

saresmoore Ooh, a dream city! I have elaborate and strange dream houses. You make me want to read this, by the way. 4y
ReadingEnvy @saresmoore for years now I've dreamed of parts of a dream city but somehow know they're part of a whole. This weekend I had a series of dreams where I was talking to people in the suburbs of that city. I sent myself an email in the middle of the night - "Your city has people! You have work to do." Which made perfect sense when I sent it... Do you dream of your houses when you are under stress? 4y
saresmoore That‘s fascinating! I do tend to dream of them when under stress or if I‘m feeling unsafe in some way. As a child, I had recurring dreams of a specific haunted house. Some of my dream houses have turned up in real life the first time I‘ve visited someone. That‘s always weird—like déjà vu on steroids. 4y
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saresmoore Well, I‘ve looked it up briefly and it seems that cities can represent relationships & community in your life. Perhaps recent potential life decisions are coming to the forefront of your subconscious? 4y
ReadingEnvy @saresmoore it's all spot on. I usually dream of large spaces when I'm feeling particularly anxious - parking garages, performance halls, hotels, cruise ships. 4y
ReadingEnvy @saresmoore and there are big changes at work that could potentially mean a move up for me (if they consider me, too early to know right now) and I think my brain is telling me to focus on the connections I have maybe 4y
saresmoore Brains are amazing. Would the work transition be a happy thing for you? P.S. I think your dream city would make a really neat book setting. 4y
ReadingEnvy It's where I'd like to go but I don't know if the timing is right. It feels beyond my control for now (and won't reconcile until mid 2019) 4y
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