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Zoe's Ghana Kitchen | Zoe Adjonyoh
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Tickled beyond measure! Surprise bookmail from a friend in the blogosphere who - rightly - thought I might like such a book!💞#cookbooks #readghanaian #yum

Friday's Child | Georgette Heyer
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1. I always love a round of Scattergories! Or Qwirkle.
2. Venice
3. Smashing them! My original goal was 180 books. Changed it to 300. Currently at 266, so should easily finish.
4. Harry Potter!
5. What did you have for lunch today? (I had leftover carnitas enchiladas.)

Susanita Cucumber salad and black bean soup, plus a cranberry orange muffin. 3y
vivastory String cheese & iced peppermint mocha 3y
RvnclawWhovian Venice is magical ✨ 3y
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RedxoHearts I love Scattergories too! 3y
Jerdencon Salad, roll, and some school lunch pizza 3y
TheEllieMo I had a gluten free turkey wrap. It was awful 🤢 3y
Crazeedi Left over pizza!! 3y
TheLibrarian I had cake... don‘t judge. 3y
TheDaysGoBy Ramen for lunch. And how funny - I‘d listed my book as Harry Potter too 3y
gradcat I have the same answer for number 2 as you! Haven‘t eaten today, though, so nothing for that one. 😊 Also, I almost forgot—what is Quirkle? (edited) 3y
coffees it's not lunchtime yet but it looks like we might eat some leftover taco meat with homemade tortillas and beans in jocoque #yum 3y
hes7 I‘m having tuna, pretzels, and grapes. 😋 3y
AmandaEve A spicy chicken sandwich and fruit ☺️ 3y
ljuliel I didn‘t eat lunch. Trying to cut back. It‘ll be suppertime in an hour. 3y
Kaila-ann I had a salad, grilled chicken and mashed potatoes from California Dreaming. 🤤🤤 3y
wanderinglynn Grilled chicken sandwich with French fries. 3y
jillrhudy Not “Friday‘s Child.” I love Georgette Heyer. 3y
KarenUK I was so busy at the store (B&N) that I didn‘t get to eat 🙁 I scoffed a nature valley oat bar at 3pm! 3y
JessClark78 Apple slices with caramel syrup and peanut butter chips. 3y
marleed PBJ on a warmed up 3 cheese bagel - so good! 3y
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The Boleyn Inheritance | Philippa Gregory
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After talking to kids all today, I‘m ready to relax with a good book and some chocolate!
#oreos #booksnacks #yum

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Everfair | Nisi Shawl
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Tonight's #BookAndDinner is chicken breast with pizza mac-n-cheese.

suzisteffen On my TBR pile! 3y
Vivlio_Gnosi This may be the 1st @Litsey post that has me more interested in something other than the book #MacAttack #yum 3y
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Et voila! Ready for elevenses. Strawberry and raspberry cake.


#MayMadness #BookToMovie @Clwojick @TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader

Mr R. is on the #SleeperTrainToHell 😁 #HighwayToHell #MayMovieMagic @Cinfhen @rohit-sawant

Combining some challenges.

Clwojick This looks heavenly! 3y
Caroline2 Yummy 😋 3y
CarolynM That looks so delicious! 3y
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Ronda Oh wow! 😮 3y
batsy Ohh 😍 3y
Centique Oh man that looks amazing 😍 3y
sudi Yum 😋 3y
rretzler 💕Looks delicious! 3y
Kalalalatja Yuuuuuum 🤤 3y
JazzFeathers That looks gorgeaus 3y
rohit-sawant Yum! 😍 3y
BeansPage Can you ship some of that to me? 😋 3y
GingerAntics That looks really good. 3y
bewareofwords Oh my gosh, that looks amazing... 3y
Smrloomis That looks so good!!! 😆😆😆 3y
Weaponxgirl Ohhh, yummy! 3y
UwannaPublishme 😋👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
robinb Oh my heavens...two of my favorite berries...and in a cake?!! 😱😍🤤 3y
julesG @robinb It was so good and the kids dug in as if they hadn't had cake for ages. 3y
robinb @julesG Doesn‘t it make the effort so much more worthwhile when they enjoy it so much?!! 😊👍🙌🏼👏👏👏👏 3y
gradcat Oh, yum 😋 I could swim 🏊‍♀️ in that stuff 🍓🍒 3y
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A Ladder to the Sky | John Boyne
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Every year my MIl would buy jelly donuts on NYE. So we do it, but aren‘t quite sure why.😳

#RwadintheNewYear #NewYearsEats

robinb You never need an excuse for jelly donuts...Happy New Years! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🎉🎉🎉😊 4y
batsy If it's a jelly donut tradition, no questions asked 😆🍩 #yum 4y
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Prodigal Summer | Barbara Kingsolver
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I have been in a reading slump (as well as life slump, if that‘s a thing) for several weeks. I picked this book up on a whim for 50 cents and so far it‘s exactly right 👌 Hectic morning with the kids, but taking a quick break for myself. (Shhh, they haven‘t found me yet!)

KatieDid927 I loved this one! 4y
JennyM Sending good thoughts, and Yey to coming out of the slump! 4y
BooknerdsLife Yay for getting out of your reading slump 🙌 and that donut looks delicious! #yum 😋😋🍩 4y
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The Library | Andrew Lang
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For dessert tonight here in Portsmouth, we went around the corner to a restaurant that has become one of my all-time Top 5 easteries: #TheLibraryRestaurant!!! 😱😱😱

Here's the site to check it out: https://libraryrestaurant.com/

I had strawberry shortcake a la mode and hot Earl Grey. MMMmmmm 😋!!!


Sydsavvy OMG that strawberry shortcake looks divine❣️#yum (edited) 4y
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