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Possession | A. S. Byatt
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One of my favourite books, a #hygge magazine and a mug of hot chocolate. 😊

KathyWheeler I just love Possession. 2mo
Susannah Your copy of Possession has a beautiful cover. 2mo
janeycanuck There are entire magazines about hygge?!? 2mo
scripturient @janeycanuck I was surprised as well. 😁 2mo
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Testaments | Margaret Atwood
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I thought I might have seriously injured my foot, but, thankfully, there‘s no fracture. I am kind of annoyed the doctor said I should ice it and rest. You mean I have to stay in, cozy up, and read the new Margaret Atwood all weekend? Such a bummer.....

#hygge #flynnhygge #cozylife

Tamra 😄 2mo
Blueberry Ah cheer up. Life could be worse. 😆 2mo
MicheleinPhilly Twins! I‘m waiting on ankle x-ray results right now. I hope you feel better soon! 2mo
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Bookworm83 @MicheleinPhilly Uggh! Healing thoughts to you! 2mo
LiteraryinLititz 😋 Enjoy your mandatory reading time! 2mo
MicheleinPhilly Also not broken! 👊🏼 2mo
Bookworm83 @MicheleinPhilly That‘s great news!! So, just ice and rest for you, too? 2mo
dragondrool Well, at least you have mad coping skills! I am reading The Testaments right now, too. Wasn't too hard to figure out right away who is who.

Glad you're okay, buddy! Love you!
MicheleinPhilly Yep! I‘m ready to be a lazy bum. I just took a 3 hour nap. 😂 2mo
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When an ARC of an amazing-looking new book coordinates with your pillows this is #hygge correct? 😊

Hygge | Louisa Thomsen Brits
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Happy Thursday guys!
What's your plans for today? What are your current reads?
Its rainy day here in Slovenia. Rainy week😩 I hate rain. I want warm sunny day. Probably will ironing today, read or watch movie/show. Enjoy the day!❤

#hygge #nonfiction #hardcover
#mladinskaknjiga #rose #redrose #tbr #goodreads #bookworm #booklover #litsylove

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Still in a slump and not able to handle much new content. Re-reading/listening to this one as I was thoroughly entertained the first time round #reread #hygge

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The Rumour | LESLEY. KARA
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Happy Monday everyone! Hope all of you have a nice week. I made these Honey Vanilla Banana Bread Muffins yesterday. Boy are they delicious! If you are Banana Bread fan, I highly recommend these! Starting the week out with The Rumor. Got my daily juice concoction and ready to tackle the day! @penguinrandomhouse

MrBook Love this image! You too, @BookBabe ? 9mo
Mrscastro @MrBook Why thank you very much! 😊 9mo
BookBabe Yes! Wonderful photo! And so #hygge. 😊❤️ (edited) 9mo
Mrscastro @BookBabe Thank you. Hope you have a nice rest of your day! 😊📚 9mo
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I think I was in the wrong mood for this book. While I love the idea of #hygge, I found this book to be repetitive and wandering, and I found the author‘s attempts to link happiness and hygge to be too tenuous. Also, the oft-repeated reference to candles is disappointing with the corresponding information about how candles damage air quality. (See? Wrong mood.)

Susanita Repetitive and wandering is not a good combination. 10mo
thebluestocking @Susanita Yeah. I agree. Luckily, it was short. 😉 10mo
Traci1 I felt the same. It would have made an excellent article. There wasn't enough information to warrant a book, in my opinion. It forced the repetition. 10mo
thebluestocking @Traci1 Yes. An article would have been more appropriate. “The Danes are happy. They do this thing called hygge. Maybe they‘re related?” 😉 10mo
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Franny and Zooey | J.D. Salinger
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A little bit of #hygge with my mini #bookhaul from book depository🕯📚The bookmark is so cute!😍
This a blame it on @britt_brooke purchase.... I have a feeling I‘m going to love it... 🤞

britt_brooke Oh, this makes me so happy!! I hope you enjoy. 💚 10mo
Leftcoastzen I read it every year, and love it so much.💚 10mo
Bookworm83 I need this bookmark in my life!! I just emailed Book Depository to see if I could get one...I‘m such a nerd 🤦🏼‍♀️ 2mo
KarenUK @bookworm83 If you have no luck, I can send you mine.... 😊💕 2mo
Bookworm83 @KarenUK You are too sweet!! I could never take your awesome bookmark, though 😘 2mo
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With a description like that why wouldn't you want to make these buns? #hygge

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Here is my reward for shoveling the snow. This book, a mocha latte, and a French toast casserole in the oven. #Cozy #Hygge

Christine Good job! And excellent reward choices. :) 10mo
Zelma Sounds excellent! 10mo
Mrsann2000 It all sounds nice and looks awesome! 10mo
tracey38 Ooh, french toast casserole sounds amazing! 10mo
MaleficentBookDragon @tracey38 it came out pretty good. Now for dinner I'm popping some General's chicken in the crockpot. 10mo
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