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Twisted | Laurie Halse Anderson
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I just love Laurie Halse Anderson. I began listening on @scribd to her novel Twisted, and I was immediately swept away. The protagonist, Tyler, embodies so much of what is great about teenagers: self-discovery, wavering self-confidence, and an earnest attempt to do what is right. While some of the twists and turns seemed to be a little overdramatized, I left convinced (once again!) of Anderson's ability to dig into the minds of teenagers.⠀

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Hidden Bodies | Caroline Kepnes
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"I've never tried cocaine before ... I shake. But maybe that's just the feeling you get when you're next to a brand new corpse." ... Joe Goldberg, ladies and gentlemen. A #twisted, #murderous #manchild who can't tell if he's shaking from drug use or killing people ?

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It Ain't Me, Babe | Tillie Cole

I really enjoyed this book, but definitely be aware of the trigger warnings at the beginning of this book. There are descriptions of rape, molestation, a religious cult. I was shocked at the end of the book and I had to buy these for my kindle so I can read the rest of this series. I've never really been interested in biker romances, but this series ( from the first book) is definitely worth the read

Venomous (Alien Warrior) | Penelope Fletcher
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This turned out to be a really fun book to read. It was free on Google Books, so I thought, why not, and gave it a chance.

It's a reverse harem (1 female, several males) romance set in an alien world. The characters are engaging and the world building is well done. I actually can't wait to read the next book.

#romance #alienlover #reverseharem #erotica

You | Caroline Kepnes
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DAY 6: 🤬 this #jealousguy. I hated him from the start.


📷: Lifetime

Soubhiville He‘s the creepiest of all creeps! 10mo
Cinfhen Great choice!! But I‘ll be damned if I wasn‘t still rooting for him #twisted (edited) 10mo
AsYouWish @Cinfhen I was rooting for him too! I mean I felt like he had a few redeeming qualities, but they got overshadowed by his other qualities!!😂 10mo
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saresmoore I don‘t want to watch this movie because it may ruin my undying love for Dan Humphrey. 10mo
Burghbookaddict Me too! I don't understand how anyone likes him! I didn't like Beck either, though. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 10mo
britt_brooke @saresmoore 😆 I haven‘t watched the series because I hated the book, but I love your reasoning. 10mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen @AsYouWish I really hated this book, so there were no redeeming qualities for me. 😆 Not even his love for books. 10mo
britt_brooke @Soubhiville Such a creep!! 🙅🏼‍♀️ 10mo
britt_brooke @BurghBookAddict I think part of the reason some people like Joe is because Beck is so detestable, too. I hated them both ... and the book. 10mo
Cinfhen I agree Beck was super annoying but she didn‘t deserve that kind of “attention”🙄 @AsYouWish @BurghBookAddict @britt_brooke There was just something about Joe...it was my obsession with the “bad” boys all over again 😉 10mo
saresmoore Oh, I‘ve no doubt the book was awful. So was the TV series! But I can‘t be held accountable for my postpartum binge watching habits. 😬 10mo
britt_brooke @saresmoore Oops, I meant I hated the Caroline Kepnes book so I haven‘t watched the Lifetime series. I‘ve never read nor seen Gossip Girl. I had to google Dan Humphrey, haha! 10mo
AsYouWish @Cinfhen I also have an obsession for "bad" boys in literature and movies. I agree Beck was annoying, it was more so the way she didn't really know what she wanted and I felt she was messing with Joe's head a bit, then again he wouldn't have known that if he wasn't doing what he was doing! If you can't tell, this book messed with me a bit and I am loving the show because it doesn't follow the book exactly, so it keeps me guessing! 10mo
saresmoore Oh! Haha! I think it‘s safe to say you‘re not missing anything. 10mo
Burghbookaddict @AsYouWish I actually prefer the show over the book 😳 10mo
LoverofLit @Cinfhen I'm right there with you on #teamjoe 🔥 🔥😍😍 Though I'm a little embarassed and ashamed to admit it! In You I just found him funny but head over heels happened in 10mo
Bklover @Cinfhen I‘m with you on Joe! Found myself cheering him on. (And yes, he is a total creep). Loved this book- just started the series on tv. I guess I must have a dark side! 10mo
IheartYA I've watched only the first 3 or 4 episodes but I adore Penn Badgley and he's the only reason I watched. Not my usual thing. 10mo
WhatThePuck @LoverofLit #teamJoe also. I laughed out loud to some of his funnier one liners. I will still quote him to other people when they are annoying me. 😂😂 10mo
Cinfhen I haven‘t watched the series but I think I should @Bklover @LoverofLit @AsYouWish 10mo
Victoriahoperose I kinda dig this show. The book was definitely better, but there are some interesting things that they did in the show that differed and were pretty well done. I actually kinda like Joe as twisted as it is lol 10mo
britt_brooke @Victoriahoperose It‘s disturbing 😆, but it seems like more people like him than not. 10mo
Billypar Wow...I feel like I should develop some 'You' literacy just so I can get in in on the conversation, lol. I like Dan Humphrey- I could see him as a villain though. 10mo
britt_brooke @Billypar 😆 Joe is a total creeper!! 🙅🏼‍♀️ 10mo
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It Ain't Me, Babe | Tillie Cole

This is one of my all time fav romance books! I fell in love with the character right away and read it in a day I reread it when ever I feel low, action romance humor it‘s well balanced and fantastic.

Chelleo Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. There‘s so many fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more! Check out @LitsyHappenings for details. #LitsyWelcomeWagon 9mo
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 9mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 📚🎈 9mo
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StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 📖💙 9mo
CarolynM Welcome to Litsy 🌼 9mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!! 9mo
Lel2403 Welcome to Litsy 📖 9mo
bookcollecter Welcome to Litsy 😀 9mo
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It Ain't Me, Babe | Tillie Cole
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@CoverToCoverGirl @CocoReads @Daughter-of-words @LaurenReads Ok NOW I'm getting excited 🙃

LaurenReads I saw that this morning!!! I‘m getting more excited too 10mo
CoverToCoverGirl Yippee! 💃💃💃🤩 10mo
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It Ain't Me, Babe | Tillie Cole
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@theresidentromantic @CoverToCoverGirl @Daughter-of-words @LaurenReads I finished my book group book so now I can start this as my reward! #hadeshangmenfix

CoverToCoverGirl Great! I‘m hoping to be able start this evening too then if I can but it‘ll most likely be tomorrow 😢. Hoping it‘s gonna be great. I need me a #HadesHangmen fix! 12mo
CocoReads @CoverToCoverGirl I‘m loving it so far-already 28% in. Probably won‘t finish for a couple of days though. Back to work tomorrow and evening plans for the next couple of nights as well. (edited) 12mo
LaurenReads Enjoy!!! 12mo
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It Ain't Me, Babe | Tillie Cole
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Hell yes, it‘s okay with me! Bring on Viking! @CoverToCoverGirl @theresidentromantic @Daughter-of-words

Sophoclessweetheart I HATE HATE HATE any kind of romance/erotica books but I freaking adore this series! 😹😹🖤🖤 14mo
CoverToCoverGirl Bring it on!!! 💃💃💃💃 14mo
CocoReads @Sorceryandswords there‘s a lot more than romance going on in these. That‘s what makes them so good! 14mo
Daughter-of-words I saw this! I can‘t wait😁😁 14mo
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As a lover of fairytales, feminist takes on classics, and all things dark and twisted; I was SO excited to read this. The author does a great job with sticking to the tone of fairytales and making them rather twisted. Most the stories were awesome. Sadly, there were a few that were a bit *too* hard to follow, and some that were boring. #fairytale #dark #twisted #feminist

whippoorwill815 I‘ve got this on hold at the library (I‘m next on the list!) but I‘ve seen some mixed reviews. I‘ll be interested to see how I like it! 1y
Jess_Franzino It‘s definitely worth the read! Most of the stories are amazing. 1y
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