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“We dig deep into our souls made up of words and bleed our emotions on paper to become what we were meant to be… a writer.”
-WJ Cintron

This is the raw definition of who I am.
SFX makeup by me.

To watch video visit:
Trigger Warning: fake blood & open wound.

Making of Video/slideshow:

#writer #sfxmakeup #author

IuliaC Fantastic makeup! 1w
WJCintron @IuliaC 🥹🙏😃 Thank you! 1w
Gissy Impressive job! So real! You look gorgeous!👌Changing your image🤗 1w
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WJCintron @Gissy Gracias mil, amiga. ??❤️ Significa mucho! No sabes el sacrificio y el trabajo para llegar a donde estoy en mi peso. Ya he bajado 50+ libras que es un logro para mí increíble!! Uff. Jamás pensé. Me siento Jlo. ??? No me quito. Seguimos en la lucha. Aún necesito bajar unas 70 lbs más por ahí. Estoy notando que voy a tener piel suelta y eso me tiene triste, pero más vale la salúd. Así que oraciones. Un abrazo fuerte. Bendiciones siempre. 1w
Gissy @WJCintron Qué bueno, se te nota y te ves super bien. Una cosa a la vez. Hay cosas para fortalecer y arreglar pero lo importance es que has ganado Salud, autoestima y eso no tiene precio. Sigue asi que te ves espectacular🥰 1w
WJCintron @Gissy ? GRACIAS!! Siiii salúd y la autoestima es lo más importante pq me ayuda en muchas cosas. ??❤️ Un abrazo! 1w
bthegood Amazing!👏 1w
WJCintron @bthegood 🥹❤️🙏🤗 5d
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Read Between the Lines | Rachel Lacey
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The other day I was listening to this audiobook while creating this SFX Makeup.
So far, so good. 😃
#audiobook #littens #makeupartist #sfx #sfxmakeup #reading #fun

Shemac77 Amazing! 1mo
reading_rainbow Gnarly 😆 1mo
Bookwomble That is amazing, though I nearly lost my breakfast! 😆 1mo
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BethM I was very concerned about your leg before I read the caption 😂 (edited) 1mo
bthegood love this post!!! (edited) 1mo
WJCintron @bthegood 🥰😃🙏 1mo
WJCintron @BethM 🤣😂🤣 I can imagine your face! Lol 1mo
WJCintron @Bookwomble I‘m sorry about that. 🤣😂 and thank you 🙏🥹😃 1mo
WJCintron @Shemac77 🥹🙏😊 1mo
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When a book destroys you.🔥
A SFX MAKEUP I did the other day.

What's the name of that one book that destroyed you?

#question #burnt #fire #destroyed #book #littens #sfxmakeup

bthegood so talented - can't think off the top of my head of a book that destroyed me - so maybe I haven't read it yet - make a great day 🌞 3mo
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Ill Shadows | WJ Cintron, Jean Nasser
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Guys, as promised: Full time lapse video/#SFX Make-Up. 4hrs of work crunched into an 8 minute video. 😄 We had so much fun! Hope you like it!
April has been crazy! Doing like 100 things at a time.
Purpose of makeup: Shooting our #booktrailer !
Hand model:


#writersoflitsy #litsyauthors #WritingCommunity #horror #timelapse #sfxmakeup #littens #booktrailer #illshadows #fun #video

reading_rainbow Looks fantastic!! 4mo
AmandaBlaze Great work! 4mo
WJCintron @reading_rainbow @amandablaze 🙏🥰🥰 😃❤ 4mo
bthegood Thanks for posting the video - the creation of the hand is fascinating - 👍 4mo
WJCintron @bthegood 🙏🥰🥰❤❤ Thanks for taking the time to watch it!!! 😃 3mo
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