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• I completed my public library's SUMMER LEARNING CHALLENGE by reading 20 hours!! I've actually read approximately 60 hours in the past 2 months but 20 were specifically for this challenge. I got a cute T-shirt out of the deal but I would have done it for free🌞 •

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#24in48 #readathon #Hour30 #challenge

MG/YA - with two kids these genres definitely dominate our shelves. Often we own two or more copies of a book/series since we read in English and German, but we also have occasional copies in other languages (Harry Potter comes to mind).

Gaiman is a favourite, lots of his books. Laini Taylor, Jonathan Stroud, but also battered copies from my youth: Volkov's retelling of the Wizard of Oz.


Crazeedi Great shelves, your children are lucky to have you as a reading mom! 22h
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Brown Girl Dreaming | Jacqueline Woodson
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I‘ve shared this before but thought it was perfect for this #audiobook #challenge from #24in48 #readathon. I hesitated because I‘m not good at reading poetry but someone suggested this on audio and I‘m so glad my library had it available. I highly recommend it and probably will listen to it again in the future. I also really enjoy The Way of Kings on audiobook. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer both do a fantastic job narrating.

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#24in48 #challenge. I am giving my eyes a rest with Year of Yes on audiobook. I can only do memoir on audiobook specifically read by the author. I space out too much with fiction and miss too much. I get all my audiobooks from the Library and play them on Libby.

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Let's do this thing! Going to have to go out latter for reading snacks, but it's the dawn of the first day and I WANT to read for 24 hours!

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The Walkathon | Jan Weeks
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To anyone who‘s working towards ANY sort of goal or challenge today - YOU GOT THIS! 🙌🏻

#Bfc #bfcr2 #challenge #litsywalkathon #goals

Mitch Thanks so much honey.. you too! And thank you for the kind card that came today in the post 😘 2w
Clwojick @Mitch You‘re very welcome. I sent out a handful, and it looks like you were the first to receive it. I never know how long general mail will take. ♥️ 2w
Mitch @Clwojick thank you 🙏 2w
Megabooks I‘m going out walking again before dark. Hoping to get in last 5k steps! 2w
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So I've always wanted to try this and not sure if anyone else has done it... But I want to read the book(s) that my current read mentions. For example, this book has a list of books that Kitty Pong must read to be accepted into high Hong Kong society. I feel like this challenge would lead to some diverse genres! Anyone try this before? Anyone want to try it with me? #challenge #Readthebooksbooks

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Here‘s page 3 + 4 in my #bulletjournal for #BFCR2 💜

Left side will be for my 2nd(and hopefully last) attempt at the 100,000 steps in a day challenge for the #LitsyWalkathon.

On the right is a 30 day calf workout printable that I found on darebee.com - They have a HUGE selection on the site if you guys are interested!

Next up is coming up with a suggestion list for audiobooks that I‘d like to listen to in the next 6 weeks. LETS DO THIS! 🙌🏻

wanderinglynn w00t! 100k challenge—you‘ll get it this time! 🙌🏻 1mo
julesG Thanks for the darebee tip. I think I've just added a mini challenge for me, too. 1mo
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akckitty This looks amazing! 1mo
akckitty You'll do great on your goals! 1mo
Cheshirecat913 Awesome,!! I really like the Darebee site too. I am doing their 30 day Foundation one for this challenge. 1mo
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No Title | None
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Do you know the "Do I have that Book" Challenge?
A YouTube clip in german: https://youtu.be/SPkP9UdGlPE

A YouTube clip in english: https://youtu.be/e4YnTYrGs48

#challenge #catsoflitsy #bookpile #bookshelf

Sarah83 Den Nuhr hab ich auch 🤩 1mo
Moony @Sarah83 Den hab ich für die Aufgabe "Berühmtheit, die ein Buch verfasst hat" rausgesucht. ? 1mo
hjreviews This makes me sad because I had to leave a large portion of my book shelf with my parents when I moved this winter 😩 1mo
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Moony @hjreviews oh that's so pitty 😪 1mo
Sarah83 Ich sollte auch mal das Video gucken 🤩 1mo
julesG Ich finde die Videos immer sooo anstrengend anzuschauen. 1mo
Moony @julesG Also ich vin total Fan von Annabelle Stehl und Stehlblüten. Ich kenne sie auch persönlich und sie ist eine ganz Liebe. Ist auch der einzige BookTube den ich gucke. 1mo
julesG Ich tue mich mit Egal-Was-Tube schwer. Tutorials nerven mich auch, ich hab's gern, wenn die Leute zum Punkt kommen, aber viele reden ewig um den heißen Brei. Das von dir genannte, hab ich mir noch nicht angesehen 1mo
Buechersuechtling @julesG Jepp. Genau meine Meinung. Ich hab das Video versucht anzusehen – aber nach unter 5 Minuten war ich schon genervt. Was nicht nur an der V-Jane lag. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 1mo
julesG @Buechersuechtling Bin ich froh, dass ich nicht allein damit bin. 1mo
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Gemina | Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
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I ❤ this book and the trilogy. It's so thrilling and the charakters are so funny and tough. And I love the layout. #scifi

The picture I draw for the #30x30directwatercolor2019 #challenge

julesG Tell me more about the watercolour challenge 1mo
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