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ljuliel #LiteraryCrew. ( historical fiction ). @Librarybelle (edited) 14h
ljuliel One book per month @sblbooks @megnews 14h
squirrelbrain Thanks for doing this @ljuliel - now the challenge is not to sign up to too many challenges! 🤣 13h
ljuliel @squirrelbrain Right you are ! We have quite a selection when you see them all in one place. 13h
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thanks!!! 📚 13h
ljuliel @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks You‘re welcome 📖 13h
CoffeeNBooks @squirrelbrain I was just thinking the same thing- I want to participate in all of them, lol! 😂 13h
CoffeeNBooks Thanks @ljuliel! This is such a great idea! 13h
ljuliel @CoffeeNBooks I‘ve seen people come in and ask about readalongs or challenges. They‘re scattered all over , and the only way to find them is if you‘re around when a post is made about one , or if Litsyhappenings posts events on occasion. This way , maybe it‘ll be easier to see everything available all in one place. 12h
TheBookHippie Thanks! 12h
squirrelbrain I‘m trying to figure out how many challenges I can fit one book into @CoffeeNBooks 🤣 12h
ljuliel @squirrelbrain. You‘re good at these ! Look how you raced through the USA one 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Great job ! 12h
Andrew65 @squirrelbrain Or to lead too many! 😂 (edited) 11h
Andrew65 @squirrelbrain Multitasking certainly helps. 11h
Scochrane26 Thanks for posting! 11h
julesG Thanks! It's good to see it all in one place. 10h
julesG May I mention @LibrarianRyan's challenge #BirthAndBeyond it started in July and runs until the end of next June. 10h
ljuliel Sure @julesG 😊. I posted all the ones that were listed a few weeks back on 2 separate posts plus ones I‘ve seen here and there . I waited to combine them all into this list now. I‘m glad for any help people want to give if they have ones not on the list. 10h
julesG I only just remembered it. I would have let you know sooner. 10h
ljuliel It‘s okey dokey. 😊. At least we got it on here now. @julesG (edited) 9h
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @CoffeeNBooks have you got yours scheduled? 4h
CoffeeNBooks Yes- I'm going to post the discussion schedule tomorrow. 2h
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The Book Lovers' Miscellany | Claire Cock-Starkey
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• I'm going to be super-sad when #WinterGames is over at the end of the month, so I'm already looking for cool Litsy challenges for 2020. I think I've found one!! This one seems pretty manageable 🙂 Can't wait to get started •

#HappyNewYear #2020LitsyChallenges #challenges #booklover #ReadWithMrBook

MrBook Very glad to have you on-board ☺️😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤗!!! 1d
Readage @MrBook 👍😁 1d
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Oneness | Oneness (Spirit), Rasha
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My contribution to #1WordTitle, the January prompt for #ReadWithMrBook

How many have you read from this list?

SquidgetsRoom I own 3 of these but have not read any of them yet 🤣🎶📚 4d
MrBook None! 😳🙈 Great list! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4d
EadieB @Andrew65 Actually another name for The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler-Olsen is 4d
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Butterfinger I would like to join you and @EadieB for the Lachberg discussions. She is one of my favorite authors. I'm on book 5 currently. I will reread The Ice Princess for January. 4d
EadieB @Butterfinger That would be great! We'll have to tag you and let you know when we are reading 4d
Andrew65 @EadieB Yes it is published as that in the U.K. so that would be a good choice in January for #ReadwithMrBook @MrBook 4d
Andrew65 @MrBook Thanks, these are all books I have read and some great books on the list. 4d
Andrew65 @Butterfinger It will be great to have you with us. I have read the first two books but will be great to continue the series. @Eadieb (edited) 4d
Andrew65 @SquidgetsRoom January could be a great time to get to one of them. 😊 4d
SquidgetsRoom I agree @Andrew65 I started putting my 2020 TBR together & I will for sure be adding them! 4d
Andrew65 @MrBook Now could you align the Litsy #ReadwithMrbook with your library and have a monthly display in your library of books that fit the tag, thereby encouraging users of your library to also #ReadWithMrBook. Holes is a great, and short book. Would be good to read and recommend to young library users. Our Y6 (10 - 11 year olds) have just read it and loved it. (edited) 4d
Crazeedi @Andrew65 I may pick one of these I havent read, I like Harris's books, but havent read Munich yet 3d
Andrew65 @Crazeedi That was a really enjoyable read. I love Robert Harris‘s books. 3d
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So I have decided to join in with this reading challenge in 2020. Nothing too stressful! This is hosted by @MrBook and all you do is read a book from each category each month and post about it on the 29th of the month. MrBook also posts some examples to help you out! Easy peasy! What fun!!!!

MrBook Alright! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻 5d
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The Infinity of Lists | Umberto Eco
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A short introductory list to help you get some ideas for the January prompt. 👍🏻

Close-up 6/6. Have you read any of these?

#LitsyLovesLibraries #MrBooksLists
#ReadWithMrBook #1WordTitle

rwmg Timeline and Twilight 5d
JanuarieTimewalker13 I read Timeline about 15 years ago, it was good! 5d
AmyG Stoner was excellent. And yes, Timeline was very good. (edited) 5d
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Texreader Texas! Of course! And Utopia. 5d
Kdgordon88 I've read 5 with Stoner and Tinkers being the best. 5d
Scochrane26 There‘s several on these lists that I‘ve read & several are on my tbr. I prob won‘t decide until January. 5d
RamsFan1963 Timeline, Tripwire and Watchmen 5d
Andrew65 Tripwire, Texas. 4d
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The Infinity of Lists | Umberto Eco
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A short introductory list to help you get some ideas for the January prompt. 👍🏻

Close-up 5/6. Have you read any of these?

#LitsyLovesLibraries #MrBooksLists
#ReadWithMrBook #1WordTitle

rwmg 4 from this section 5d
JanuarieTimewalker13 I‘ve only read Room and Speak, both good! 5d
Texreader Rebecca 5d
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StaceyAnneHoffer Shogun was sooo good in that I sometimes contemplate certain scenes years later with a morbid fascination 5d
umbrellagirl Rebecca 5d
Andrew65 Quentins, Rebecca. 4d
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The Infinity of Lists | Umberto Eco
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A short introductory list to help you get some ideas for the January prompt. 👍🏻

Close-up 4/6. Have you read any of these?

#LitsyLovesLibraries #MrBooksLists
#ReadWithMrBook #1WordTitle

Curiouser_and_curiouser Ive read Matilda, Misery and Outlander. I've just bought Middlemarch so it's on my TBR, as is Orlando. 5d
rwmg Middlemarch 5d
rwmg Outlander and Middlesex are on my virtual TBR shelf 5d
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JanuarieTimewalker13 I‘ve read Kindred, Matilda and Middlesex. Middlesex was outstanding. 5d
Texreader Kindred, Matterhorn, Misery, and Outlander 5d
StaceyAnneHoffer Middlemarch changed my life 5d
umbrellagirl Matilda, Middlemarch, Middlesex, Outlander, Orlando 5d
Andrew65 Matilda and Outlander, a bit of a difference between these books. 😂 (edited) 4d
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