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Didn‘t read much while I was away, but I managed to pick up a bunch of new titles🤓

Bklover You got some good stuff! You‘ll have to let us know how the Love Songs of W.E.B DuBois is. Sounds like a good one. It must be good to be home- sounds like you had a wonderful time though! ❤️ 14mo
Cinfhen Thanks @Bklover 💕💕💕I‘ll let you know how it is 14mo
KarenUK So many good ones! 💕 14mo
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TrishB Looks like some good ones there 😁 14mo
Cinfhen A few are #chunky @KarenUK @TrishB I‘m getting ready to settle down for winter 😁 14mo
Megabooks Excellent choices!! Crossroads, Bewilderment, and Anthropocene are top picks for the whole year for me!! Glad you‘re home AND that you had an amazing time!! 💕💕💕 14mo
CarolynM Great haul! 14mo
Cinfhen Thanks @CarolynM @Megabooks if only I had the headspace for any of them 🤪 14mo
Cinfhen So….some of these titles might be making an appearance for #Booked2022 @Megabooks 😉you‘ll have to wait & see xx 14mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen but are you going to be able to hold out that long?? 14mo
Cinfhen I know……we‘ll see @Megabooks 14mo
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I‘m going to continue the buddy read of Four Hundred Souls. And the tagged on audio. I want to finish Gender Games and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I want to start Great Circle

Cinfhen I didn‘t realize how #CHUNKY this book is…. I 1y
Cinfhen I need to reevaluate my desire to read/listen - the audio is 25+ hours!!!! 1y
shawnmooney @Cinfhen You can do it! 👏👏😍😍 1y
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Cinfhen Thanks @shawnmooney but I‘ve become more of an #InstantGratification kind of girl 😉I can‘t commit to anything over 12 hours😝😳😘 Have you read the book? What‘s the word on BookTube?? Should I bust my neck and pick up 1y
AnneCecilie @Cinfhen Eric Karl Anderson made an entire video about this book talking about how great it is. That video pumped this book up my tbr. 1y
Cinfhen I‘ll be watching your review, Anne 😄🙌🏻💕keep me posted, please!! 1y
Cinfhen EKA is adorable but we don‘t always agree on his book choices🤷🏼‍♀️ 1y
shawnmooney @Cinfhen Did you know that I‘m reading the entire Booker long list this year!? It‘s because Shuggie Bain won last year. Which was my top read of 2020. I‘ve heard very mixed reviews of Great Circle, but I think it might be a Shawn book. 😍😍 1y
Cinfhen Ohhhhh right!!! I totally forgot @shawnmooney How‘s it going?? Any bails??? Any favorites??? 1y
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Thanks to everyone for your book recommendations! My pre-Euro trip stack keeps growing and shifting, with a heavy emphasis on Versailles 😆 Now if only Winky would stop gnawing and I could decide where to start...

ju.ca.no Winky💕 3y
Nute The CUTEST photo! 3y
ravenlee I think Winky votes for the top to start. 3y
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kspenmoll Winky is caught!!! Sweetie!!! 3y
Leftcoastzen 😻I need to read more Zola ! 3y
Cinfhen I just posted a recommendation in case you want to add one more to your pile...it‘s banana pants but pretty fascinating 3y
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen @emilyhaldi or if you fancy less magical realism and a more accurate portrayal of the French Revolution and Madame Tussaud's role, try 3y
Reviewsbylola Winky‘s such a little bitch. 😂 #paralondis 3y
TK-421 Adorable! 😹😻 3y
AmyG Awwwww. My cat loved to rub against book cover corners. ❤️ 3y
Cinfhen @jenniferw88 I think you suggested that book before...I‘m curious but I think it was a #chunky 🤔😰 3y
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen yeah, it is a #chunky! If you get on with Wolf Hall you should be ok - it actually has fewer pages! (Wolf has 604, Tussaud has 446!) 3y
LeahBergen Make sure you read The Queen‘s Confession BEFORE the Antoinette biography. The novel is quite “history light” but I found it really good for whetting my appetite for more French history. 😃 3y
emilyhaldi Little sounds good!!! @Cinfhen I put a request in at my library 🤗 3y
sumaiyya.books I love your cat 😹🖤 3y
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The Count of Monte Cristo | Alexander Dumas
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A significant amount of my favorite books, & memorable reading experiences, have involved long books. Above are four that I plan on reading this year. As Jane Smiley wrote, "In a novel, length is always a promise, never a threat."
#WeveOnlyJustBegun #MayMovieMagic
@rohit-sawant @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Unless you have severe #PageCountPhobia 😜😜😜im always scared by a #Chunky but truthfully they make the best stories... 4y
rohit-sawant Great list! 🖤🖤 4y
Cathythoughts Nice quote from Jane Smiley ♥️👍🏻 4y
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LeahBergen What @Cathythoughts said! What a marvellously truthful quote. 4y
LeahBergen I‘ve read the top two and enjoyed the Dumas a little bit more than the Tolstoy. 4y
Kalalalatja Loved, loved, loved The Count of Monte Cristo 🙌 4y
gradcat I‘ve read all but the tagged one. I really do not like “Moby Dick.” “War and Peace” is just okay, but I think everyone should read “The Count of Monte Christo.” Just my humble opinion, for what it‘s worth. 4y
Theaelizabet Moby Dick was a great reading experience. Love that Smiley quote. 4y
Liz_M Love the C. B-S. cover design on The Count! Looks like you have some wonderful trading ahead. 4y
Liz_M Reading. Stupid phone. 4y
vivastory @Liz_M I think that's one of my favorite designs for the Penguin Hardcover. I really do. I'm looking forward to it! 4y
vivastory @Theaelizabet I have been meaning to read it for years now, I am definitely making it a priority this year. The Smiley quote is from one of my favorite books about fiction 4y
vivastory @gradcat I've heard mixed things about all 4 except Count of MC, I'm going to try to go in with an open mind 4y
vivastory @Kalalalatja You @Moray_Reads enthusiasm for it made it a priority for me 4y
vivastory @LeahBergen Have you read Anna Karenina? I want to read both W&P and AK, I suspect I might end up liking AK a bit more. 4y
vivastory @Cathythoughts I have tried to make it my motto since I first came across it. 4y
vivastory @rohit-sawant Thanks! 4y
vivastory @Cinfhen They really do allow you to become familiar with a world & characters in a way that shorter novels simply can't 4y
LeahBergen Yes, I‘ve read Anna Karenina and I liked it way more than War and Peace. 🤫 4y
Moray_Reads Adore War and Peace and the Count of Monte Cristo but the other two just don't really appeal... 4y
Suet624 After reading a very long book I feel like I‘m tripping and stumbling out of another world back into this one. Feelings of separation, some mourning, and some delicious feelings of having left myself for a good long while. Have a wonderful time. (Not so sure about Moby Dick, but good luck!) 4y
vivastory @Suet624 That's the perfect way to describe the reading experience of a long book! I love that. 4y
Suet624 💕💕 4y
gradcat Have fun with this! And @Suet624 Nice atmospherics! 😂 4y
shortsarahrose It looks like I‘m in the minority, but I absolutely love Moby Dick. Favorite novel of all time. Haven‘t read any of the others, but I do enjoy a long book. 4y
fleeting Lovely quote! 4y
saresmoore I would love, love to do a buddy read for Moby-Dick. Did we already plan this a long time ago? 🤔 I would also like to read W&P and The Count, but life may prohibit these ambitions... 4y
BarbaraBB I‘m reading The Count right now. It‘s adventure and storytelling at its best! 4y
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#wontgetfooledagain #marchintothe70s
The Fool is one of the MCs in this series (pic is the first trilogy) non gender specific and Hobb writes them alternating as female/male in different books. Subject to endless discussion on fan forums.
One of my fav fantasy characters in my fav series.

Cinfhen If only they weren‘t so damn #CHUNKY 4y
TrishB @Cinfhen she is very wordy 😁 4y
Soubhiville Yes! I love The Fool and I love this series! 4y
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Kalalalatja ❤️❤️❤️ 4y
Lizpixie My son loves this series. I‘ve tried twice to get into them but I just couldn‘t get past the first book🤷🏻‍♀️ 4y
TrishB @Lizpixie the first one is very slow. It‘s a bit like getting past The Gunslinger....but so worth it! 4y
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The Tender Bar: A Memoir | J. R. Moehringer
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These are just a few of my #unforgettable books. Though I don‘t have the print copies handy at the moment for a photo, I would add A Man Called Ove, Between Shades of Gray, and The Nightingale to this list. #decdays

Cinfhen My copy of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn arrived yesterday... it's a bit #chunky looking 😳 5y
Cinfhen These sound awesome! Stacking!!! Tender Bar & 5y
britt_brooke I‘m reading Evelyn Hugo right now and I‘m having trouble putting it down! #booknerdproblems (edited) 5y
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Hollie @Cinfhen it is such a lovely book. I hope you love it! Stick it next to The Heart‘s Invisible Furies and it will look much less chunky. 😉 5y
Hollie @Cinfhen We Got the Water is incredible. It blew me away even before I got to know the author‘s dad, who is the sweetest old man I‘ve ever met. He emailed me a couple weeks ago to thank me for being his friend and I cried 😢 5y
Hollie @britt_brooke I had that same problem!! 5y
erinreads Great choices! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my favorite books ever! Probably due for a reread soon. 💕 5y
Hollie @erinreads it is my all time favorite. I love rereading it, too! 5y
Cinfhen Awwww, now I really need to find that book and read it. I remember you organized an event around that book.....and that‘s when I originally stacked it ❣️ 5y
SilversReviews Good books here. 5y
Centique @Cinfhen @Hollie I think C will love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn too. It‘s wonderful 😍 5y
Cinfhen Thanks @Centique @Hollie it's on my list for #2018!!!!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼 5y
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Sleeping Beauties | Stephen King, Owen King
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This is 700 pages worth of #Chunky

Cinfhen 😱are you liking it??? 5y
Cinfhen 😱 5y
MommyOfTwo I have not started it yet. I don‘t think I will get to it until January or February 5y
AmyG I got stuck about a fifth of the way in and put it down. :( 5y
MommyOfTwo @AmyG oh no! 5y
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Thornhill | Pam Smy
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#DecDays #Chunky books from my #TBR pile-that I've not had the gumption to read yet because of the page counts--but the tagged book is part graphic novel & goes back to the library next week so I'm going to try to start it this weekend & the Sedaris book I've started & mean to read it an essay at a time. Also I'm going to get chunky(er) after eating this cupcake but it is chocolate-peppermint (yum!) & yesterday was National Cupcake Day, so...😋🎄

TheNextBook The last 3 books on that pile are all really damn good! 5y
Cinfhen Yowza😱 5y
amywithbooks NOS4A2 and Sleeping Beauties are 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 5y
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Death of a Red Heroine | Qiu Xiaolong
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Finished this #chunky #crimson mystery and was left a bit shaken by the ending. It had more depth than most mysteries and blended life in communist China in the 90s with the homicide case. Party politics play into each aspect of life and the case. A slower read but worthwhile. #litsyatoz #letterX. Only one letter left in this challenge!! U is next. #decdays #seasonsreadings2017

Lcsmcat You can do it! 5y
Ole I‘ve got this and look forward to reading it. Thanks for the review 😊 5y
Cinfhen Woohoo!!! Way to go!!!! 😍 5y
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SilversReviews Nice photo!! 5y
RealLifeReading This was a great read! 5y
Blaire @Lcsmcat @Cinfhen thanks! One of the Updike rabbit books is my last one. Hope to read it this weekend! 😍 5y
Blaire @Ole hope you enjoy it! @RealLifeReading yes...it was a litsy recommendation and I‘m glad I picked it up. 5y
Blaire @SilversReviews thank you! 5y
writerlibrarian This is an awesome series. I have one also for my A to Z challenge that will run over to 2018. I'm not really good at timed challenges too many lovely books to distract me away. ☺️ 5y
Blaire @writerlibrarian I was very happy to have discovered. Will read more of the series. That‘s a good attitude toward the challenges I get really caught up on finishing and end up reading all challenge books in December. 😬 5y
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