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It‘s been a pants reading week.
Enjoyed Snowflake.
Still reading Mandela, just not had much reading time and it‘s very long!! Fascinating, but long.

Smrloomis A pants reading week? 2w
TrishB @Smrloomis Slang - pants= rubbish . Obviously not everywhere 😁 (edited) 2w
Smrloomis Ah thanks. I assumed this is an expression I don‘t know as a North American 😂 so thanks for the translation!! 2w
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youneverarrived Loved Long Walk to Freedom. Well worth the long read. 2w
Amiable @smrloomis I thought maybe this meant a week where you can put on comfy pants and lounge on the couch with books! Because if that was the case then I wanted a pants reading week as well. 😀 (edited) 2w
Aimeesue @Amiable I thought the same. Those definitions could definitely overlap! 😄 2w
squirrelbrain And don‘t forget pants *doesn‘t* mean trousers in the UK…. 🤣 It‘s a bit TMI for Trish to tell us she‘s been reading in just her knickers! 🤣 @Amiable @Smrloomis 2w
Amiable @squirrelbrain If the knickers are comfy, that works too —no judgement! 😀 2w
TrishB @Smrloomis @Amiable @Aimeesue @squirrelbrain 😂😂 how easy it is for all things to get lost in translation. @Amiable you have the best idea and we should indeed instigate that pants reading week. 2w
Smrloomis @Amiable ha ha yes! @squirrelbrain oh right, hadn‘t even thought of that! I know a lot of English expressions (since it‘s my first language and all) but still there are many new ones to learn! Love it. 2w
mabell Loved the comments 🤣🤣 2w
TheEllieMo I could definitely go for @Amiable‘s definition of a pants week! 2w
TrishB @youneverarrived it is definitely! So much background info I didn‘t know anything about. 2w
Cinfhen Bono references your current read (Long Walk) several times in his memoir - I think I might try it next year! And thanks for asking @Smrloomis I was kind of wondering what the hell Trish meant too??!!?? 😂 2w
Smrloomis @Cinfhen ha ha my pleasure! Also I loved Long Walk too. Read it years ago and remember it being long but fascinating. 2w
TrishB @Cinfhen it‘s easy to forget that slang doesn‘t translate 😁 Long Walk- I think this is one of those you probably need to have little breaks with other stuff. 2w
Cinfhen Good to know about the Mandela book @Smrloomis @TrishB you know big books scare me #pagecountphobia but somehow memoirs are less daunting 2w
Tove_Reads Well, he had a long walk, so you can‘t expect for you to have a short read 🤷🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣 2w
TrishB @Tove_Reads 😂😂I suppose not! 2w
CarolynM Hope this coming week is better😘 2w
TrishB @CarolynM thank you 😘 2w
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Mexican Gothic | Silvia Moreno-Garcia
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Well, that was a bit…weird! It‘s a soft pick, as I‘m not a huge fan of gothic books anyway, but this was odd in that it is set in Mexico but in a traditional English country house, so didn‘t feel Mexican at all. It‘s all a bit odd to me but I kinda liked it!

As @Laughterhp commented on her recent post, I also have no idea what a #socialhorror book is, but this was classed as such so I‘m taking it! This is my last book for #pop22 - yay!

squirrelbrain What did you think @Caroline2 ? 🤔 I hope you haven‘t bailed! 🤣 3w
Laughterhp Wow all done! Congrats! 3w
TrishB I bailed on this one! 3w
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KarenUK We‘ll done on completing the challenge!! I‘m 5 away from doing the same….. but some really long books! 🤦‍♀️ #pagecountphobia 3w
AmyG Yes…odd but Ikind of liked it. 👍🏻 3w
Cinfhen Yay!!! Congrats!!!!! This was definitely a #weird book!!! 3w
julesG I nearly bailed on this one. It was an ARC and I skimmed most parts. 3w
Caroline2 Meh I‘m about 35%. I was enjoying it but now I‘m bored might skim read for a bit, might bail 🤣 3w
squirrelbrain @Caroline2 - the really weird stuff starts at about 60% in…. 3w
squirrelbrain I didn‘t do the ‘extra‘ prompts though @KarenUK so you get extra brownie points for those! 😁 3w
BarbaraBB You‘re done? Impressive!!! ✨✨ 3w
Cortg Oooh! Congrats on finishing! That‘s super exciting! 3w
squirrelbrain Just realised I forgot to tag you on this for #aam @soubhiville 🤦‍♀️ (edited) 2w
Soubhiville No problem, I saw it anyway 🙂. As long as you fill out the Google form I don‘t have to be tagged in all AAM posts. 2w
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The/Last Chairlift | John Irving
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You are old,the author is old,& we no longer care!
I was disappointed my local indie only had copies of the new Irving either paid for or reserved,none to buy on Tuesday (release day) they had 7 at the Tempe location, unfortunately, that is the opposite direction of my moms place.🙄The next day I did find it at Barnes & Noble , at the back of the new release table ,only 4 copies total. I am a reader for life, but Garp reignited my interest JIT.⬇️

Leftcoastzen Just in time & because of that , I am fiercely loyal. But damn , the 80 year old wrote a 889 page book!😳 1mo
Soubhiville Wow that‘s an impressive page count at any age! 1mo
Leftcoastzen @Soubhiville right?!?😂 1mo
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Cinfhen That is super sad - not to stock a book by John Irving. Can‘t wait to hear your thoughts….the page count actually has me hesitating #PageCountPhobia 1mo
squirrelbrain I have an ARC and haven‘t got very far yet…. 1mo
sdbruening Love that owl art 😃 1mo
Leftcoastzen @sdbruening thanks ! I treated myself to some Halloween decor!🦉 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Well, that was a week. Let‘s do a #BookReport before I go back to work 😵‍💫

Marlow - Enjoyable cosy 👍
Rick - Gino does it again. I wish books like this existed when I was 10 (or 20!) 💜
Birdsong in Literature. A 45 minute audio. I bailed after 10 minutes.SO DRY, even with birdsong!
Life in Nature. Much more like it. This week I learnt that the extended family also have a 🦆 thing going on. Odd.
Jacob. So good. But so long. I‘m at 50%.

rockpools #WeeklyForecast I don‘t imagine much reading‘s going to happen this week, but I‘d love to get to 75% on Jacob. The International Booker longlist is out on Thursday, so that might shake things up. And I need/am struggling to find a new, light, not-rubbish audiobook. Ideas welcome.

Have a fantastic week, all. Hi Cindy 😘
Cinfhen I‘m so curious about Books of Jacob BUT #PageCountPhobia 9mo
Cinfhen Hi Rachel xxx 👋 9mo
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youneverarrived If you haven‘t read it already Born A Crime on audio is brill! Hope you have a good week ❤️ 9mo
Simona 50% is a great progress! And I feel relieved that you like it😘 My current audiobook is NF and I like it 9mo
TrishB Great summary 👍🏻 have a wonderful week ♥️ 9mo
squirrelbrain Hope your week goes well Rachel! 9mo
Cathythoughts Have a good week 👍🏻❤️ 9mo
rockpools @Cinfhen It‘s not dragging at all - it moves very swiftly between POVs, so you never get bogged down with one person, and the writing‘s fab. But #PageCountPhobia is real and keeps recurring! 9mo
rockpools @youneverarrived Do you know, I think that was the first audiobook I ever read? But now might be a *really* good time to reread… (I NEVER re-read. Interesting 🤨) 9mo
rockpools @Simona 🤣🤣 Is there a #blameitonsimona hashtag out there already? No seriously, I understand why you love it, and I flipping hope it makes the longlist! But I do struggle with chunksters, especially when I‘m attempting to read to a deadline, and this is probably my longest book ever 😱 9mo
Cinfhen Maybe I‘ll give it a go!! I think I would love it 😊 thanks 9mo
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Coffee Trader | David Liss
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This book was gifted to me ages ago from @BarbaraBB I picked it up the other day and I‘m LOVING IT!!!! I have a strange obsession/ fascination with the Spanish Inquisition and specifically the Converso‘s (Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism or face death) This book is SO in my wheelhouse. Hubby keeps asking me questions as this book also covers the beginnings of the financial market in Amsterdam, which TOTALLY appeals to him!

BarbaraBB I am super glad to hear that! I thought it might be so I am glad it is! And especially that M is interested too! 😘 1y
SarahBookInterrupted Have you read Hungers Bride by Paul Anderson? It‘s beefy but covers those topics as well (not the financial one) and is an excellent book. I highly recommend it. You just have to get over it‘s size. 1y
Cinfhen I have #PageCountPhobia @SarahBookInterrupted BUT im willing to conquer the fear for a great read!! Thanks for the recommendation/ I‘ll search for it 🤩 1y
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Cinfhen I don‘t know why I hadn‘t picked it up before now @BarbaraBB but it‘s SO PERFECT for me & M!!!! 1y
Cinfhen OMG 😳 it‘s over 1300 pages @SarahBookInterrupted 😱 @TrishB have you heard of 1y
TrishB I‘ve not heard of that one! And it‘s not easy to find either. 1y
CarolynM This sounds good! Stacked. 1y
SarahBookInterrupted Yes the 1300 was intimidating and it‘s a pain to carry around. But I really enjoyed it. It was recommended by my local used bookstore. 1y
BarbaraBB Have you read this one? My BFF is raving about it 1y
Cinfhen No, I haven‘t @BarbaraBB I will look for it!! Thanks for the recommendation Just finished Coffee Trader!!! LOVED IT 😍 I think you will like it too @CarolynM 1y
BarbaraBB Happy you loved it! Will M read it next? Is Nir Baram as hot in Israel as he is here? 1y
Cinfhen I am not at all familiar with that author 🙈🙊 @BarbaraBB I will go to the local bookstore and see if I can find that book!! And Yes!!! M is planning on reading Coffee Trader!! He‘s gonna love it, as he‘s a security & fraud litigator. 1y
BarbaraBB That is so funny, Nir Baram has been a literary hero in the Netherlands since his first book but I never read about him on Litsy! And he lives in Tel Aviv and you don‘t know him either. Maybe he doesn‘t exist, are our media making him up 😂. Hope M will like the book! 1y
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Book Report Beagle | Pamela Klawitter
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I, like you Cindy, must tackle my #ARC #MtNetGalley this week!
Going to have to put my #pagecountphobia inducing Outlander aside, and try and finish my 4 #ARcs before month end. (Who am I kidding?) 😳
Good week of reading though…💕
#bookreport & #weeklyforecast

Cinfhen GREAT week of reading!!!!! Good luck with #MtNetGalley 😘😘 (edited) 1y
KarenUK Thanks friend @Cinfhen I‘ll need it! 😂📚💕 1y
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Book Report Beagle | Pamela Klawitter
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#bookreport #weeklyforecast
- Loved the 3 I finished this week.
- currently loving Animal on audio, and finally trying Outlander (as one of the longest book on my TBR for #pop21 advanced) and the #pagecountphobia is real! 😳
- Next up are a couple of recent releases, calling me from my nightstand!

Cinfhen Awesomeness ❣️❣️❣️ 1y
squirrelbrain I just got Animal on Libby - not audio though, an e-book…. 1y
Cathythoughts I have Strange Flowers… good to hear you liked it. I must get to it soon 🤞🏻 1y
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Doctor Zhivago | Boris Pasternak
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We have a winner for our #DecemberChill #buddyread! Everyone is welcome to join @Cinfhen and me in the weekend of 3-5 December. We‘ll have two days of memories and music and will discuss #DrZ on Sunday. Let me know if you‘re interested and want to be tagged in future posts!

peaknit Can‘t wait!! 1y
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Librarybelle Hooray!! 1y
Suet624 Yippee! 1y
TheBookHippie Yay!!!!!!! 1y
Bookwormjillk Cool! Could you tag me please? 1y
britt_brooke Count me in! 1y
vlwelser Yay!!! I'm putting this in my calendar now. 😊 1y
TheKidUpstairs Yay! I've got this one on my shelf (somewhere), can't wait! 1y
Megabooks Definitely tag me!! 😁😘 1y
BookwormAHN Great 😸 1y
KarenUK I‘m in! Never read it…. Hoping it‘s not a huge tome! #pagecountphobia 😂 1y
bookandcat Tag me! 1y
JennyM Thanks Barbara and Cindy - pls tag me 👍 1y
DebinHawaii Please tag me. 🤗 1y
Leftcoastzen Tag me , it‘s glaring at me from the shelf .🙄🤨 1y
Hooked_on_books I‘ve never read it, so I‘m definitely interested in joining in. Thanks for keeping me on the list! 1y
sprainedbrain 🙋🏻‍♀️ This is a #1001books selection I have yet to read, so please tag me! 1y
Deblovestoread Please tag me. I've been wanting to read this for years. 1y
rubyslippersreads Please tag me. Based on what I remember of the movie, this will be a perfect winter read. 1y
Kimberlone I read about 1/3 of it last year, great incentive for me to push through and finish! 1y
BeckyWithTheGoodBooks Please tag me! I‘ve been wanting to read this forever, and had a very real crush on Omar Sharif as a child (thanks to watching Funny Girl with my mom). 😂 Would love to get this off my TBR! 1y
Cinfhen Woohoo!!! Love all the enthusiasm and participants ☃️🧣🧤im more worried about all the Russian names🥶🥶🥶 1y
LeahBergen Count me in! 😘😘 1y
BarbaraBB @sprainedbrain @KarenUK It‘s a #1001books #chunkster, can you believe that @Cinfhen herself nominated it😂😉? Glad that doesn‘t scare you off! 1y
BarbaraBB @JennyM @Leftcoastzen @BeckyWithTheGoodBooks Glad you‘re joining, we‘ll keep you tagged! 1y
Simona Can‘t wait, finally I will read it! 💃🏻 1y
Cathythoughts Very exciting 🥳 I‘m in 👍🏻❤️ I‘ve never read this 1y
TrishB I‘m in 👍🏻 1y
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen The Russian names will be fine … we can take notes 🧐😍 excellent choice 💫 1y
i.besteph Thanks for the tag! Please keep tagging me in future posts. I‘ve never read it. And I‘m happy to finally read a book in the perfect setting for the season 😂💯 (edited) 1y
jenniferw88 I think you know to tag me, considering that I have started the playlist already! 🤣🤣🤣 1y
Centique I will try and join in - ive got a copy on my shelves but I reckon the audio will probably help me get into it! 1y
CarolynM I'm in💖 1y
BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 I had no doubt about you 😂😉 1y
batsy I've not read it and I'm keen to join in 💕 1y
wanderinglynn I‘m in! Thanks! 1y
erzascarletbookgasm 👌 I‘m in 💙❄️ 1y
emilyhaldi @Cinfhen nominated this one?! I can‘t believe it!! 🤯 I‘ll do my best to join in 😅 1y
BarbaraBB @emilyhaldi When are you due 😂😉?! 1y
emilyhaldi @BarbaraBB I‘m due 8/27… will I have it together by Dec to join in on this chunkster?! 😅 1y
BarbaraBB @emilyhaldi It‘s optimistic 😀 but nothing wrong with that. Maybe you‘ll have this super sweet boy that sleeps for hours each day 😇 1y
BethM @emilyhaldi I gave birth 11/2, I‘d say you‘ll be back to regular sized books then 😂 1y
emilyhaldi I‘m trying to go in with zero expectations… and just a little hoping that maybe I get that angel boy 🙏🏻 @BarbaraBB @BethM (edited) 1y
Cinfhen Can you believe this chunkster was my idea @emilyhaldi !??! It‘s shocking😱 and I can‘t believe how close your due date is!!! Soooo exciting 💙 1y
JaclynW I'm going to give this one a try. Excited! 1y
Crazeedi I'll have to try to remember for December!! 1y
BarbaraBB @Crazeedi We‘ll keep you posted 😉 1y
BarbaraBB @EvieBee In case your interested here is more information about the December buddyread! 1y
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Far From the Tree | Solomon, Andrew
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I‘ve decided to do periodic updates, as I couldn‘t capture a book this complex in a single review! The author got the idea of writing a book about parents raising children with major differences from being gay raised by straight parents.

I‘ve finished the introduction and the chapters of being deaf and having dwarfism. They both have some similarities in that the conditions in the wider world can be socially isolating, and some have family ⬇️

Megabooks ⬆️ members with and without the condition. The major difference is that there is a mainstream cure for deafness (cochlear implants) and not for dwarfism. (Limb lengthening is not as common.) This means the Deaf community is getting smaller faster. There is a lot of controversy over the implants, especially in young children. I was surprised how upset some parents were initially after being informed of a child‘s dwarfism, (edited) 2y
Megabooks ⬆️ especially if they are the first in the family. This is perhaps because of all the little people-positive tv I‘ve watched. Representation definitely matters! 2y
Cinfhen Is this book overly academic??? I don‘t think I could manage the hours and pages 2y
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Megabooks ⬆️ Human Growth Hormone can be used for some types of dwarfism to increase height. It is also used by families that may have shorter than average children without diagnosed dwarfism. (edited) 2y
Megabooks @Cinfhen I don‘t find it to be, but I have a higher tolerance for that than you. It‘s kind of like any other extended piece of journalism, but it‘s just really extended!! 2y
Cinfhen That‘s a mild understatement 😂 2y
AmyG @cinfhen This is an excellent book. But I think, if you wanted to read it, you could read a section and put it down for a while. (edited) 2y
Cinfhen Thanks @AmyG but I don‘t think it‘s gonna make my TBR stack anytime soon #PageCountPhobia 😬 2y
Chelsea.Poole I watched the film based on this book. So good! 2y
Megabooks @Chelsea.Poole I do remember seeing that on Hulu I think now that you mention it! 2y
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