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The Lady in Gold
The Lady in Gold: The Extraordinary Tale of Gustave Klimt's Masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer | Anne-Marie O'Connor
Shares the dramatic and fantastical events that shaped the creation of the Austrian Symbolist painter's most famous portrait, covering such topics as the story of the beautiful Viennese Jewish salon hostess who was his model, contributing factors in turn-of-the-century Vienna and the painting's bizarre fate.
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An embarrassing admittance: I know little of Symbolist artist Gustav Klimt and even less of the true story behind one of his #masterpiece paintings the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.

#MOvember @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I loved this book so much!!! And I was lucky to see the painting, which is truly a #Masterpiece with the amazing @DivineDiana ❣️❣️❣️The movie based on the book was very good 3w
AnansiGirl @Cinfhen I‘m adding book to my stack for the upcoming #24B4Monday readathon and since the movie‘s available on Hulu I plan on watching it too! 3w
Cinfhen I hope you enjoy both!!! 3w
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A little bookstore haul with my bookstore bestie @TracyReadsBooks ♥️♥️ We always have the best time exploring the bookstore together and having dinner out. Last night was bittersweet though- we were saying goodbye to an amazing friend and colleague. She will be missed greatly but books help. They always do.

DivineDiana I agree;books help with everything. 📚 (edited) 6mo
QueenJen Hugs! 6mo
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This weekend I saw the Klimt exhibit at The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum! And thanks to @Cinfhen I‘m currently reading the tagged book, The Lady in Gold. So glad I made the time to do both of these things! This is going to cover the prompt, something you saw on Litsy, for #nonfiction2019

Nute That‘s a cool ticket for the exhibition. Now that you‘ve seen it. You can use the ticket as a bookmark in the related book.🙂 I read the book a few years ago and I learned so much about the artist, Gustav Klimt and his muse, Adele Bloch-Bauer, from the book and an inspired personal study. I love that kind of reading experience! 6mo
batsy Agree with @Nute that's a very cool ticket! And that exhibition must have been something 😍 6mo
Cinfhen Yay!!!! So happy you saw the exhibit and you‘re reading the book.Thanks for tagging me♥️ I learnt so much from the book. Definitely one of my favorite NF reads!!!! 6mo
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Cathythoughts Beautiful ticket ✨✨✨ 6mo
mhillis @Nute @batsy @Cathythoughts Thanks, I‘ll definitely repurpose the ticket as a bookmark! 6mo
mhillis @Cinfhen Thank you for the recommendation !! 6mo
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Tracing the history of the Austrian Jewry from the 1800‘s until WWII, the author introduces us to the Bloch-Bauer Family. Wealthy, established and patrons of the Arts, the family is slowly stripped of their rights, dignities and wealth as Hitler comes to power. When the Nazi‘s steal their artwork, a remaining heir, Maria Altmann, hires a lawyer to make a claim against the National Gallery of Austria for the return of 5 works by Gustav Klimt. 👇🏼

Cinfhen #AnglophileApril #IFoughtTheLaw
The most famous of the paintings was The Woman in Gold - a self portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (aunt of Maria Altmann). I was fortunate to see the painting in NY with my fellow #PhillyGirl @DivineDiana
Cinfhen The painting is exquisite beyond belief 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩a true masterpiece 8mo
mhillis This book looks interesting! I think there is a Klimt exhibit in Tokyo now 🤩 8mo
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BarbaraBB Great story, new to me. 8mo
mdm139 I loved the movie about this story. 8mo
Cinfhen If you can go to the exhibit @mhillis you really should!! His paintings are spectacular and both the book and movie are fantastic @BarbaraBB @mdm139 8mo
CafeMom Haven't read the book but the movie was great. Would love to see the painting. 8mo
TrishB Sounds like a good read 👍🏻 I‘ve seen one of his exhibitions, wonderful paintings. 8mo
Cinfhen The painting above us is a replica @CafeMom @TrishB we weren‘t allowed to photograph the actual painting(s) which were incredible. You should check out the film, Trish if you don‘t fancy the read. There is also a fictionalized story about Adele Bloch -Bauer which is pretty good. @DivineDiana and I are holding the book in our hands 8mo
Tanisha_A I have seen the movie, so good! 8mo
erzascarletbookgasm Wow, that painting! 🤩 Book sounds good 👍 8mo
Lidia I had the fortune of seeing the painting in the museum and it is absolutely beautiful. I loved the story behind it ❤️ 8mo
Cathythoughts Gorgeous pics 👍🏻✨✨✨ 8mo
Librarybelle I‘ve wanted to read this one! The movie was so powerful. 8mo
DivineDiana What a beautiful painting, fantastic book and movie and a very special day!!! 😘📚🖼 8mo
Cinfhen We need to plan another outing @DivineDiana Our NY day was so fun!!! I‘m going to email you with my summer dates❣️ 8mo
Cinfhen It‘s a MUST read in my opinion @Librarybelle @erzascarletbookgasm and the movie was very well done @Tanisha_A @Cathythoughts I agree @Lidia the painting is spectacular 🙌🏻💕 8mo
Billypar I just saw it this weekend! Magnificent - we were hypnotized by it. 8mo
Cinfhen Did u go to the Neuve Gallery @Billypar ??!?!! 8mo
Billypar Yeah, we were there on Sunday: my family was visiting for Easter. Were you there recently? 8mo
Mdargusch Wow! What a great story! I love seeing you and @DivineDiana in that photo! 💛 8mo
Cinfhen @DivineDiana and I went exactly a year ago. I was visiting my daughter in the city last March 2018 and Diana and I met up for the day @Billypar That Gallery was beautiful and the painting 😇 8mo
Billypar Ah, very nice. We love that gallery: they always have impressive exhibitions and it's hard to beat The Woman in Gold ☺️🖼️ 8mo
Reviewsbylola Utterly fascinating, and that artwork! 😍 8mo
mabell The painting is gorgeous! 😍 This story reminds of the tagged book I read. I really didn‘t care for the novel, but I did learn a lot about provenance of art and the Nazi looting of personal pieces. The protagonist attorney tries to balance the legal vs. the ethical rights in the fight for ownership. 8mo
Cinfhen Tagged book sounds good @mabell I also read this NF about stolen art during WWII that was fantastic 8mo
Cinfhen After I read this book I became a bit obsessed about looted art @Reviewsbylola it‘s such an added tragedy of WWII 😢 8mo
rubyslippersreads I loved the movie and need to read the book. 8mo
Cinfhen The book traces the families history much more in depth than the movie @rubyslippersreads but I liked that aspect a lot. 8mo
4thhouseontheleft Wow! I love this painting, I didn‘t realize it was one of the looted ones. 8mo
LibrarianRyan For me Klimt is like Van Gough. Not my thing and ughhh. That is until I saw one in person. When you get the shine and reflection and the masterful layering everything adds depth and just sucks you in. I have seen Woman I. gold but I have seen The KISS. 8mo
LibrarianRyan Btw- have you read. It‘s about what Hitler called Degenerate Art. Much of which was burnt but much still exists. Yes it‘s a kids book, but oh so worth it. I learned a lot of stuff I didn‘t know from this book. 8mo
Cinfhen I agree!! The Kiss was also incredible!!!! And your tagged book sounds fascinating @LibrarianRyan thanks for the recommendation #stacked ❣️❣️❣️ 8mo
Cinfhen Watch the movie @4thhouseontheleft it‘s a good one!!! 🍿😁 8mo
DivineDiana @Cinfhen Yes! Cant wait! 8mo
DivineDiana @Mdargusch Thank you! So much fun! 8mo
emilyhaldi I saw this exhibit at the Neue Galerie (is that where you were??) so cool!! I loved his self portraits 🖤 8mo
Cinfhen Yes @emilyhaldi such a beautiful space!! We had a great day 😍 8mo
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Stack 3/12 for the #BlindDateWithABook Display @BookBabe and I are working on. 😁

Have you read any of these?!

#LitsyLovesLibraries #MrBooksDisplays

cobwebmoth V for Vendetta is one of my favorites.🖤 10mo
Emilymdxn Yep V for Vendetta! Loved it, should reread sometime 10mo
AlaMich The Professor and the Madman was fascinating!! 10mo
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#SeptemberDanes #FactFiction Two books about the same person, Adele Bauer Bloch,the muse for Gustav Klimt. Austria at the turn of the century was the epicenter of the Arts, Sciences and culture and the majority of patrons, benefactors and contributors were Jewish. Fifty years later more than 80% of those people would be murdered by Hitler and 100% would be stripped of their wealth and dignity. The tagged book really draws you into the history.

vivastory I love Klimt. These both sound really fascinating. 1y
Tanisha_A I have see the movie Woman in Gold, based on Klimt's work by the same name! Good one! 1y
Tanisha_A *have seen 1y
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Kalalalatja Interesting picks! 1y
TrishB Good pick 👍🏻 1y
Cathythoughts All the gold is beautiful 💫 1y
Cinfhen Yes, the movie was really well done @Tanisha_A and I saw the actual painting in NY with @DivineDiana and it‘s magnificent 😍😍😍😍😍 @Cathythoughts (edited) 1y
Cinfhen I really learned a lot from the tagged book @vivastory I highly recommend 1y
julesG What does it say about me that the first thing I noticed was the raised middle finger above the word 'fact'? 🙈 1y
Cinfhen Hahaha @julesg 😂😂😂 1y
Tanisha_A @Cinfhen Oh wow! An amazing experience! 😎 1y
Reviewsbylola Both with gorgeous covers!! 1y
DivineDiana @Cinfhen Perfect day. 😘📚🗽Perfect choices. And we met the author of (edited) 1y
Cinfhen That was such a fun day...im ready to go back @DivineDiana 1y
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The lives of the Bloch-Bauers and their friends were so richly detailed I felt as though I knew them personally. Out of all of the WWII novels I've read, this is the first to describe the reluctance of the Austrian government to not only make restitution to its Jewish citizens but also their systematic denial that they did anything wrong. I found the ending of the book far more bittersweet than that of the movie

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The rest of my #bookhaul from Carpe Librum! $11 well spent :)

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In DC for work and I couldnt resist popping into Carpe Librum. It's for charity! All books are less then $4! Libri carpsi 📚📚📚

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After seeing the film,starring Helen Mirren, inspired by this book, I became somewhat obsessed with this story. I had always loved the Klimt paintings but knew nothing of the back story. I read the book and attended a lecture. Still need to see the actual painting! #gold #junetunz

writerlibrarian Good 🎥. Amazing artist. I'm reading about the period right now. 😊 2y
DivineDiana @writerlibrarian Sounds interesting! If you get a chance, I am certain you would love this book! Gustav Klimt was quite a ladies' man! And there are wonderful photographs! (edited) 2y
batsy Love Klimt. This book sounds fascinating. 2y
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Cinfhen Our bookclub devoured this story, soooo good. Absolutely shocking in certain parts 2y
ReadingEnvy My book club read this one too. We all liked the first part best! I would love to read more books set in pre-war Vienna. 2y
CrowCAH Great movie! 2y
DivineDiana @CrowCAH So is the book! 2y
DivineDiana @Cinfhen @ReadingEnvy I can see how this would generate interesting discussion! 📚 2y
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My new Klimt socks! ❤️

Emiller Love them!! Where did you get them?? 3y
PatienceFortitude Oooooh I need those 3y
GeekGrl82 This is a great book, by the way. And a pretty decent movie too. 3y
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Laura317 Super socks! And I agree with @GeekGrl82 on both counts. 3y
JoeStalksBeck @Emiller on Wish.com 😃 3y
TheBookStacker Omgsh I love these! 3y
kyraleseberg 😍😍😍 3y
drbethandherkindle Those are awesome!! 3y
LitLogophile Wow! 😍 3y
Sydsavvy Ooooohh!!! Must have!!! 3y
tjramsey75 Yes, please! 3y
Megabooks Love him! 3y
Louise Those are great! 3y
PurpleyPumpkin These are lovely! I have a travel mug with The Kiss painting on it. One of my favs. 💜 3y
cariashley 😍 3y
TheBookHippie I got my pair on Amazon ! I loved the book the movie was good as well! 3y
Jhullie Gorgeous❣ 3y
Sarah83 So wonderful. 😍 I have a bookmark according to this painting 😍 3y
Sace 💗 3y
NatalieR I have those socks too! 💛 3y
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I want that dress! 👗☺️ #dressesincover #ReadJanuary

Cinfhen Have you read the book? It was fascinating! The one book our entire group liked 🙌🏻 3y
LeahBergen This is on my challenge list for this year 😃 3y
Lidia @Cinfhen I'm halfway through it, haven't finished it. The story of the painting is so interesting 3y
CrowCAH I watched the movie and it was very touching! 3y
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These are my last book purchases of the year. How about you? What did you buy or got from Santa ?

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Merry Bookmas to me!

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First I saw the movie and loved it. Then I just had to go to the Neue Gallery while I was at NY last year to see the painting. It was magical and dazzling... After that I just had to get this book which I'm still reading. #booktober #awardwinning

LeahBergen I bought the book after seeing the movie, too. 😀 3y
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#somethingforsept #septphotochallenge I LOVED these books, I ENJOYED the movie adaptation💕 Books Rule📚

writerlibrarian Loved Helen Mirren in Woman in Gold. Amazing art history lesson. 3y
writerlibrarian Hit send too soon. Also an amazing human story. 3y
Cinfhen @writerlibrarian and I found the book to be even more fascinating as it really gives you a strong sense of place and time before WWII and how the painting came into existence. 3y
writerlibrarian @Cinfhen I'll look for the book. Art history is one of my favourite subject to learn, research and read about 3y
ValerieAndBooks I love art history too -- adding this to my stack! @cinfhen @writerlibrarian 3y
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A rich, complex and heartbreaking world is brought to life in this can't put down book.

The world of Gustav Kilmt and pre-war Vienna is brought to life in a masterful way, highlighting a society history has seemingly forgotten.

O'Connor does an amazing job of bringing this history to life, and highlighting the events of the art world during and after WWII.

A must read for any art lover.

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