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“Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake.”

#AnglophileApril | 24: #IFoughtTheLaw

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Cinfhen Clever 🙌🏻🤓 8mo
Mdargusch Way to think outside the box! 8mo
Reviewsbylola Ha! Love this. 8mo
emilyhaldi That‘s the truth! 8mo
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My Life with Bonnie and Clyde | Blanche Caldwell Barrow
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(Day 24 - #IFoughtTheLaw)

*A day late, sorry 😐

Mdargusch You , @Reviewsbylola , and I all had the same idea! 😁 8mo
Leftcoastzen Nice! 8mo
Reviewsbylola Great minds. 😁😁 8mo
gradcat @Leftcoastzen Thanks very much! But I guess I wasn‘t the first with this idea 😂 see @Mdargusch & @Reviewsbylola ... oh yes—great minds! 8mo
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"Black holes are examples of "nontransversable wormholes"; that is, passing through the event horizon is a one-way trip."
From #SupermassiveBlackHole(s) to psychokinesis, Dr. Kaku takes complex topics often seen in sci-fi & lays them out in an interesting, fun way discussing real life possibilities.

“At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.”

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#ifoughtthelaw #anglophileapril

I haven‘t read this but I bought it awhile ago—possibly because of @britt_brooke ‘s review. It sounds compelling and I always see great reviews for Guinn.

britt_brooke Yes! I loved this. Guinn is amazing. 8mo
Cinfhen Sounds promising!! I love NF 8mo
emilyhaldi I already have this stacked 😄 8mo
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Mdargusch Great minds... I posted about them too. 8mo
gradcat I see we thought alike on this one! 😂 8mo
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Lonesome Dove: A Novel | Larry McMurtry
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No one breaks the law with as much swag as Call & Gus 🏜


Tamra And you gotta 💚 them for it! 8mo
Leftcoastzen ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 8mo
Cinfhen Niiiiiice 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠 8mo
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rohit-sawant Had McMurtry's Dead Man's Walk in mind for this prompt! 🙌🏼 8mo
Mdargusch This book crossed my mind too! 8mo
Reviewsbylola 😍😍😍 no one looks as good doing it either. 8mo
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Solitary | Albert Woodfox
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Here‘s a pic of just of a few of the many law books on our shelves. What can I say, I‘m a lawyer married to a lawyer. The tagged book is on my #tbr. It is written by a man who spent decades in solitary in the infamous Angola prison for a crime he did not commit and managed to retain his humanity and hope. #ifoughtthelaw #anglophileapril

Crazeedi That would be a hard one to read 8mo
Mdargusch Good choice! What a tragic situation. 8mo
emilyhaldi I went to the Angola Prison Rodeo one year while I was in college nearby. It was really cool to attend the arts/crafts fair... All of the products are made by the prisoners 🙃 8mo
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emilyhaldi Ps. The book you're referring to sounds BRUTAL 8mo
Cinfhen I agree @emilyhaldi book sounds devastating but I want to read it. I‘m truly amazed at the will to live and how one can overcome such incredible obstacles 8mo
Reviewsbylola Ugh I hate to hear stories of wrongful convictions. 😢 8mo
Blaire @Crazeedi yes. I think it will be difficult but also a real testament to what people can overcome. 8mo
Blaire @Mdargusch so much injustice in the justice system. 8mo
Blaire @emilyhaldi so did my husband. Still has the t-shirt. He went to Tulane for law school. 8mo
Blaire @emilyhaldi @Cinfhen @reviewsbylola yes. I find it incredible how he maintained his humanity and powerful that he wrote his own story. I‘ve read a lot about injustice and wrongful convictions, but seems rare to read a first person account. 8mo
emilyhaldi I went to Tulane for undergrad!!! So I‘m a bit biased in saying it‘s the best school (and New Orleans the best city!) ever!!!! Hopefully your husband agrees 😉 8mo
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How? HOW?!?!? How could Elizabeth Holmes carry on her lies for so long? She can definitely say “#IFoughtTheLaw for as long as she was able to. I can‘t wrap my head around the brutal, menacing ways of the Theranos company towards its employees, and I can‘t get over the fact how many high ranking, influential people Holmes got into her net, while not being able to show any results. Bonkers!

#AnglophileApril #MarchMadnessChallenge

Mdargusch This all shocks me too. Sounds like she almost got away with it. 8mo
charl08 Completely mad. I just read this too. Also the ethics of the lawyers involved... 8mo
ShyBookOwl It's all so mind boggling and incredibly frustrating... and straight up SAD 8mo
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MicheleinPhilly She is a pyschopath. 8mo
Blaire This book was so good and her super scamming is incredible! 8mo
Ncostell I just watched a documentary on this on HBO and it is really beyond belief. I‘ll have to pick up the book too. 8mo
emilyhaldi I'm dying to read this one!!! Everyone I know who's read it is 🤯🤯🤯 8mo
Cinfhen Such a CRAZZZY story!!!!! NEED to check out the HBO doc 8mo
Megabooks You know, as a doctor who understands the workings of blood machines, I never believed she could do that many tests on 1-2 drops of blood. We have micro tubes to do specialized chem panels on birds with as little as 4 drops. Hell it takes 3 drops just to do a SNAP heartworm test on dogs. Fun fact: birds have nucleated red blood cells so traditional CBC machines don‘t work on them. You have to do a manual count, which is a pain! 8mo
Reviewsbylola I think I‘m going to have to read this one! 8mo
Kalalalatja @Mdargusch @charl08 @ShyBookOwl @MicheleinPhilly @Blaire @Ncostell @emilyhaldi @Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola I went in with low expectations, because this isn‘t normally my jam, but it was just beyond crazy and unbelievable! 🤯🤯🤯 @Megabooks that is really interesting! I couldn‘t get over the fact that none of the higher ups actually knew anything about blood testing. It makes no sense! 8mo
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Mr Nice | Howard Marks
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Howard Marks was a notorious drug dealer in the 1980s - he had 43 aliases and 89 phone lines!

He was sentenced to 25 years in Terre Haute, Indiana and released after 7 years.

Did he win or did the law?



Cinfhen This sounds good!!! #stacked I‘m sure my #TrueCrimeFans agree @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch ❤️ 8mo
Mdargusch Wow! How have I never heard about him! 8mo
squirrelbrain @Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch - it‘s a long time since I read it (maybe 15 years?) but I really enjoyed it.... 8mo
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emilyhaldi How does one juggle 89 phone lines!?! 8mo
Samplergal I lived there in the 80‘s. Wow. Interesting story. 8mo
Reviewsbylola 89 phone lines?!? 8mo
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And Still I Rise | Doreen Lawrence
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#ifoughtthelaw #anglophileapril
The law, the police, the establishment and the government - to try and get justice for her son.
A harrowing and sad read 💔

Cinfhen I remember hearing about this case from you & @arlenefinnigan - I thought I had previously stacked the book 🤷‍♀️ 8mo
Mdargusch Sounds like a powerful book! 8mo
emilyhaldi 💙 8mo
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Weaponxgirl I watched the bbc documentary about this last year and I was so angry and upset by the end. I didn‘t know there was a book too and will try to read this when I‘m in the right headspace for it. 8mo
Reviewsbylola So heartbreaking. 😞😞😞 8mo
TrishB @Weaponxgirl it makes you very angry and sad ☹️ 8mo
TrishB @Reviewsbylola definitely 💔 8mo
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