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The Last September | Elizabeth Bowen
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Goodness! This September list means that it's been a year of book photo challenge posts that I've done - I started with#somethingforsept last year and here is another September post. It's been so wonderful seeing everyone's posts using all those random prompts I've put up. Thank you all so much for joining in!
Please tag me when you #fallintobooks

mrp27 Thanks for doing these, so much fun! 7y
I-read-and-eat This means I am almost one year on Litsy! I love your photo challenges, in september I will try to join in again. 😊 7y
emilyhaldi Woohoo!!! Can't believe it's already Fall! 🍁🍁🍁 7y
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readordierachel I am so bad at keeping up with these, but I love seeing them. Thanks for thinking them up! 7y
Alytrue Ooh, I love book rainbows! 7y
LeahBergen Yes!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 7y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for doing them!!!! 😊📚😘 7y
LeeRHarry I wasn't a big participator in Aug but hope to do better in Sept! Thanks again for putting this together😊 7y
ephemeralwaltz Yayy!! This looks great as always. I didn't participate in august so I'm.looking forward to joining in in september. (It seems like prompts #3 and #29 are repeated!) ❤ 7y
SophfroniaScott August was tough for me too but I hope to get back on board for September. 7y
RealLifeReading @ephemeralwaltz oops you are right! I will have to think of something else 7y
RealLifeReading @mrp27 @I-read-and-eat @emilyhaldi @ReadOrDieRachel @Alytrue @LeahBergen @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @LeeRHarry @ephemeralwaltz @SophfroniaScott thanks for all the support you guys!! 😘Also if you haven't seen my latest post do note that I've changed the challenge post pic - No. 29 was a repetition (gaaah!) and has now been replaced. I've also changed the pic on this post. 7y
SophfroniaScott Got the new post, thanks! 7y
LeahBergen Screen shot changed! 👍🏻 7y
BookBabe I love what you picked for 11 ❤️ 7y
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Blame: A Novel | Michelle Huneven
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#marchintoreading day 5: #blameitonlitsy

This very photo challenge here! I had come upon Litsy last August, didn't know what to post so I joined a photo challenge and somehow ended up taking hosting one. My very first was #somethingforsept and I hope to continue hosting these until I finish a year (and maybe more!). Thank you all for taking part. I've met so many Littens and added so very many books to my tbr lists!! ❤❤❤

Ashley_Nicoletto Thank you for creating these! They are so interesting and I love all the photos! 7y
MaleficentBookDragon I ❤️💜💙💛🖤💚 these challenges! Thank you for hosting them. 7y
CrowCAH I'm already marching into reading; thanks for the challenge! ☺️ 7y
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rubyslippersreads I look forward to these every day. 😀 7y
kspenmoll Can't thank you enough for creating these; so much connection with Littens in such a delightful way. 7y
moranadatter I love your photo challenges. Thank you for doing this. 7y
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#FeistyFeb can't believe the month is almost over 😵Thanks again to @RealLifeReading for creating these monthly challenges, I think I started back with you in July or August 🙃and huge shoutout to @BookishMarginalia for organizing the awesome #cupidgoespostalexchange - sooooo much fun!!!!! These are my #BestofFebruary 💖I've tagged the other books in comments 👇🏼

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RealLifeReading Yes it's been that long huh!! The first one I did was #somethingforsept and hopefully I'll be able to make it all the way to this September. At least that's the plan! 😘 7y
Reviewsbylola Totally agree with Lillian Boxfish and Dark Matter. I still need to read Another Brooklyn. 7y
Cinfhen You have to read the Woodson, I read it in one sitting, it's under 200 pages and it's written like poetry. Words just flow and float, I would have liked a bit more but it was lovely and lyrical. 7y
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You | Caroline Kepnes
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Wow I missed the last part of #somethingforsept because school has been kicking my butt. It's the last semester of Masters though so 👐🏼 I haven't set my TBR for October yet because I don't know how much time I'll have to read but I did set up a small TBR/currently reading shelf in my room recently. Most of these are books I want to get to asap 📚 #booktober #mostanticipated

MrBook Nice! 8y
ReadingOver50 Cute shelf 8y
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Blue Lily, Lily Blue | Maggie Stiefvater
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#bestofsept #somethingforsept #septphotochallenge
My best reads were the second and third installment in The Raven Cycle!

RealLifeReading Soooo goooooood!!! 8y
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Great Expectations | Charles Dickens
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Doing #SeptStats today as the last day of the month is all about finishing 😊 I read a fair bit less this month —I blame Donald Trump😂 But these were all GOOD READS! #BestReadsOfSeptember = Hugo, Dickens, Lewis et al. #stats #somethingforsept #septphotochallenge @RealLifeReading

rabbitprincess Carlingwood library had its 50th anniversary celebrations today and I thought of you! 😊 8y
KVanRead Aw, how awesome, thanks! ❤️ That's terrific. Here's to the next 50!🎉 8y
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Americanah | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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A is for Americanah. Best read of September, the year, and possibly ever. #septphotochallenge #somethingforsept @RealLifeReading

Melkyl One of my favorites! 8y
Shortstack Awesome socks!! 8y
Carol @Shortstack thanks! Target 😻 8y
Gezemice Same for me! Best read of the year, and there were a lot of great reads. Read this in February and stayed with me. 8y
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The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe: Tales | Edgar Allan Poe, Charles F. Richardson
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This book might contain the only short stories I have. I'm not into them in general but a lot of you have posted intriguing titles I might check out.
#somethingforsept #septphotochallenge #shortstories @RealLifeReading

Twocougs I like to think of October🎃 as Poe month🤓 8y
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Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #1 | Chynna Clugston Flores
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Maps in books!! Thank you. I'll be here all week!
(If you're confused, the character speaking is named Maps) #mapsinbooks #somethingforsept #septphotochallenge @RealLifeReading

Eyelit 😂👏 8y
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