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Legendary by Stephanie Garber
The Storm Keepers Island | Catherine Doyle
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My fiancée @AJTimberlake started her booktubing adventures today and I couldn‘t be more proud! Give it a listen and maybe a like or subscribe and celebrate her beginning this new journey!


Amor4Libros Subscribed!! 🙂 4y
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Britt-Marie Was Here | Fredrik Backman
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The only one I haven‘t read from my favorite author 🤩

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Two things. Apparent Twilight isn‘t recognized on Litsy. Second of all...why am I reading this? I just have to know. I can‘t go through life and not know if I missed out on something amazing here.

Aims42 I didn‘t think it was possible, but I think I love this app so much more because ‘Twlight‘ isn‘t in its database 😆 4y
JoRead @Aims42 same!! 4y
JoRead I promise you, you wouldn't be missing much 😅 4y
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chikin511 Haha @JoRead and @Aims42 I‘m 280 pages in and not sure what to think. Two honest confessions: 1). I‘m a sucker for cheesy YA romances 2). I work in a middle school and at a camp with middle schoolers so they tell me I must read this to understand them 4y
Aims42 @chikin511 Lol, no judgement from me, promise 😄 May your “research” help you understand the youths in your life 👍🏻 4y
chikin511 @Aims42 here‘s hoping 13 year old girls CAN be understood 😂 4y
Aims42 @chikin511 Hahaha! Preach 🙌🏻 4y
PaperbackPirate I liked the series for what it was and think they‘re definitely worth reading once. ❤️🖤 4y
sprainedbrain It‘s pretty cheesy and very YA, but I really liked this series when it first came out... no shame! I picked it as my reread for the 2019 Popsugar challenge, so we will see how it holds up. 😂 4y
BooknerdsLife @chikin511 Haha happy reading! I read & loved this series (way before the movie) when it first came out and I think there wasn't even a genre called YA back then! 😅 4y
scowler1 I read a Dan Brown book once. I still feel ashamed. 4y
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Can‘t really see on this image buuuuut I finished Darker Shade of Magic!!! I was surprised that it reads like a standalone. That‘s becoming more and more rare for a series. Great story, characters, and setting. Full review coming soon but for now just wooow. So good, 4.5 out of 5 stars. And @AJTimberlake catch me if you can 😘

BooknerdsLife Glad you like it! I love this series& her writing!!! 4y
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I think it was a little TOO random for my reading mood at the moment. But I may pick it up to read in the future.

BookHoarder32 I listened to the audio book and it was good 👍 4y
heikemarie I didn‘t love this book when I read it, myself, but I know I‘m in the minority. 4y
BooknerdsLife I've only tried the audio book....But didn't finish 🙈 4y
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Under the Dome | King, Stephen
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Challenging @AJTimberlake to a reading challenge. I‘m reading Under the Dome by Stephen King. She is reading Way of King‘s by Brandon Sanderson. But I‘m gonna win 😘

Fantasyfan 2 great books! 4y
Jinjer I buy Cadbury a lot but I‘ve never seen Top Hat!!! I mean Top Deck. (edited) 4y
chikin511 @Jinjer I actually bought it while in South Africa visiting my fiancée @AJTimberlake so I‘m not sure if maybe it‘s only sold a few places? 4y
Jinjer Ah I see! 4y
AJTimberlake @Jinjer where do you live? 4y
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Scythe | Neal Shusterman

I felt like this was an introspective fiction masquerading as a YA book. Poor execution and creativity on the setting but the story was very well done. After all, genre and setting are only just the vessel for an idea, concept, or lesson if you ask many people. But my fiancée loved it as did one of my closest friends so check it out if you get a chance! Comment with your thoughts!

BooknerdsLife I loved it , I think the concept is quite fresh and I like the writing, but not sure if I want to read the second book 🤔 4y
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I know we look like dorks in this picture, but I don‘t care! I‘m leaving my dear fiancée @AJTimberlake love notes anywhere that I can. For Litsy I want you to know that I love your intellect, my darling. You are the smartest person that I know. You teach me so many new things and I think you‘re incredible ??

JennyM Oh you two are lovely 💕 4y
AJTimberlake Awww I love you @chikin511 😘 4y
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Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn
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A full review will be coming soon. I have no immediate words or thoughts on this book as it has emotionally blindsided me. But yes! Go read it! And let @AJTimberlake my dear fiancée know she‘s losing book bingo ??

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Counting down the 172 days to the wedding with cats, chocolate, and 172 chapters of Harry Potter! @AJTimberlake #catsoflitsy #CHATwedding2019 💜

Velvetfur Aaw! What a beautiful, sophisticated puss! 💜 4y
Tadams4 Beautiful cat! 4y
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Holding Up the Universe | Jennifer Niven
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This book makes me sad...and not in the good way.

Read my full review here: https://coupleofreviews.com/2018/09/14/holding-up-the-universe-by-jennifer-niven...

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Scythe | Neal Shusterman
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Books and chocolate...a match made in heaven 😍

@AJTimberlake 😘

MeesesPieces I loved this book!!! Thunderhead is awesome too! I‘m waiting on book 3! 4y
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Almost, Maine | John Cariani
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This play caught me way off guard 😂😂

“Well, ironing boards can hurt me but I shouldn‘t be afraid of them, but God, my brother Paul‘s says, won‘t hurt me, but I should fear him.”

#unexpectedplays #almostmaine

GripLitGrl 😂😂 4y
ju.ca.no 😂😂😂 4y
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Legendary | Stephanie Garber
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Soooooo excited for this one!!!!

EchoLogical Welcome! 🎉🎉🎉 4y
Suelizbeth Welcome to Litsy 📚❤️ 4y
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Nevermore88 Welcome! I‘m new myself. We have a lot to learn. Anyways, hope you have fun and can‘t wait to see your posts 4y
Lauram Welcome to Litsy 😃 4y
chikin511 Thank you! 4y
CocoReads Welcome to Litsy! 4y
Dr._Who_number10 Welcome to Litsy!!📚💕🎉 thanks for the follow I‘ll give you one back😂 hope you love it here!💕💕🎉🎉🎉📚📚📚📚📚 4y
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kstadt929 Gorgeous cover 😍 4y
CaliforniaCay Welcome! 4y
TheBookKeepers I‘m excited to get to this one! Read Caraval not long ago and enjoyed it!! 4y
chikin511 @TheBookKeepers I‘m 100 pages in and it‘s so worth it 4y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚💕 4y
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RadicalReader @chikin511 absolutely gorgeously awesome book cover 4y
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UwannaPublishme Welcome, Welcome! 😊🙌🏻🎉📚📚📚 4y
Carrdahl This is on my #tbr after I finished Caraval. Looking forward to it! 4y
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DivaDiane Welcome to Litsy! 4y
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Nute Welcome to Litsy! It‘s a fun and warm community. I know that you will enjoy yourself here. I‘m looking forward to getting to know you.🙂 4y
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