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Thank you Cindy (I think!!! 😳😱😂)
Maybe next year will have to be my #yearofthechunkster !!!!
My #pagecountphobia is strong, but this does sound really good.
And thanks again for finding time to catch up in Miami today.... it felt so normal, after such a weird year, and it was like we‘d seen each other yesterday.... Always lovely.... 😘😘💕

squirrelbrain How lovely you got to meet up! And I loved the book.... I think this one is all my fault as I was one of the first Littens to read it! 2y
Cathythoughts So lovely ye got to meet 👏🏻👏🏻😊❤️ 2y
Hooked_on_books The book is good! For me a slow read worked best. I think it took me a month and a half, just reading a little bit each day. 2y
MicheleinPhilly HA! I just knew you were going to offload that one @Cinfhen! 😉 2y
Cinfhen No way was I traveling with that 6 pound weight @MicheleinPhilly just glad to pass it along to my dear friend xxx 2y
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Don Quixote | Cervantes
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4⭐️ I didn‘t expect that I would love this chivalric novel. It‘s hilarious and surprisingly easy to read. Don Quixote‘s extremes of madness and Sancho Panza‘s combination of sharp wits and simplemindedness make this a delightful reading experience 🥰 I am going to miss this duo!

Tanisha_A Nice review! I must read it *one day*! 🙃 2y
Smarkies I bought this book years ago... Planning to read it * sometime* 😂😂 2y
sisilia @Tanisha_A @Smarkies You can buddy read! 2y
marleed I have this on my shelves. I hope to make 2021 to be the year of classics for me! 2y
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Needful Things | Stephen King
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Vicious, delicious fun!!
It was always clear where this story was headed and I really enjoyed getting there.


Cathythoughts I agree ! Such a good read 👍🏻❤️ 3y
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The Stand | Stephen King
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An absolute melting pot of a book.... Immersive, detailed and everything I've come to expect from SK.
This one will get several re reads over the years.
Serious book hangover over here ❤️❤️❤️

Bookishlie Just started my re-read today!! 3y
Balibee146 @Bookishlie enjoy....can see me re reading next winter 😀 3y
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That was more books than I expected, but I think I‘ll do less books in 2020. Going to focus on knocking out some big books. #yearofthechunkster

thebluestocking I‘m feeling like tackling done big books in 2020 too. I‘m going to set my Goodreads goal lowish to relieve some pressure I put on myself. 💙 3y
kspenmoll Congrats! I lowered my goal for 2020 too. (edited) 3y
vivastory Congrats! 3y
Texreader Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 3y
readordierachel I like that idea! 3y
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#WinterGames Team #ReadNosedReindeer This is it guys! It‘s going to be a new year and a new decade! Tell us your bookish goals! Put them out into the universe!

TorieStorieS I‘m going to set my Goodreads goal at 275 this year! I‘m participating in a few challenges too- like #Booked2020 and #ReadAroundTheWorld- plus I am tackling Mt. TBR again! I think it will be a great year for reading!! 🤞🤞🤞 3y
Cosyreader I always have a goal of 100 books and I‘m not changing that. I‘d like to read all of my Persephone books and I‘d also like to finish the Caraval and Scythe series. 3y
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AnneCecilie As always I want to read a book a week, I have also signed up for #ReadingEurope2020 and #Booked2020, I will also participate in #YearOfTheChunkster. Further I‘m joining buddy reads of Agatha Christie‘s books and Nordic Noir 3y
CaitZ I'm going to set my GoodReads goal at 45. I like to set it low and increase it as I get close. I'm also planning on joining #ReadWithMrBook and #ReadingEurope2020. I'm hoping I can stay away from the library in January and February and just read books I own. 3y
overtheedge I hope to read some mira grant and Octavia butler series in 2020, and my reading goal is 200 books! 3y
j9brown I plan on setting my Goodreads goal as 70 (I made it over 80 this year, but I expect 2020 to be a little busier). I think I'd like to join the #readwithmrbook folks, too. And definitely read more nonfiction. If there's a bingo card or some sort of challenge for that specifically I'll be jumping in! 3y
Mogoeg I'm setting my goal as 100 books for 2020, but I am hoping to exceed it! I currently have a huge TBR pile - both physical books and books on my eReader. So going to try to stick to those for the first few months of the year. 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
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#Two4Tuesday @TheSpineView
I've never really done challenges other than tracking a goal on Goodreads, but Litsy is so full of them that I'm going to see what I can accomplish this year. I'm trying #Booked2020 #ReadingEurope2020 #ReadtheUSA2020 #AuthoraMonth #ReadwithMrBook and #YearoftheChunkster - but all in a sort of relaxed format where if I read a book I figure out if it matches ⬇

TheAromaofBooks the categories rather than the other day around. :-D Hoping to use these to inspire me to read some of the books already on my shelves! For instance, I've found books for 35 states just in books that I own but haven't read (or haven't read in years). We'll see what happens!! 3y
Deifio Wish you happy reading! 😄 3y
TheSpineView Thanks for playing! Happy Tuesday! 3y
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ljuliel Wow, that‘s great that you have 35 state books already available. Good luck 👍🏼🍀 3y
TheAromaofBooks @Deifio @TheSpineView - Thank you!!! You too!! 3y
TheAromaofBooks @ljuliel - a lot of them are books for younger readers that I've picked up over the years and either read back in the day or never bothered to read at all. Hoping these challenges will inspire me to work through some of the books on my own shelves and only keep the ones I genuinely love. 3y
ljuliel Good idea. That seems to be a common goal for lots of people : read what they own off their shelves first. I hope this will help you to do that this year. 3y
Cupcake12 As a newbie.. I keep seeing #booked2020....can someone tell me what this is please? 📚 3y
TheAromaofBooks @Cupcake12 - Hey Kerry!! I'll tag you in the original post about #Booked2020 over on the page of one of the challenge's hosts @cinfhen - basically it's a year-long reading challenge. There are book categories each quarter, and participants try to read books that fit each category. There are some drawings/prizes for participants, but it is pretty low-key. The post where I am going to tag you also has a sign-up form. If you have any questions, ⬇ 3y
TheAromaofBooks ( @cupcake12 cont'd) check with the hosts. This is my first year participating, so I'm not an expert, but hopefully the main post can get you started!! The other hosts are @4thhouseontheleft and @barbarathebibliophage Hope you can join, too!! 3y
Cupcake12 Thank you for the tag @TheAromaofBooks there is so much going on...trying to find out what I can do and what is of interest. You‘ve been great 👍🏻 3y
TheAromaofBooks @Cupcake12 - it can all be kind of overwhelming at first!! But I have found most people on Litsy to be friendly & welcoming, so if you see an event happening, just ask what's going on & someone will get you up to speed! I have also found it helpful to follow people who are hosting events or if you see their @ on lots of event posts. They tend to be the community leaders, if you will. 😁 Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!! 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks @TheAromaofBooks for filling @Cupcake12 in about the challenge. You‘re right—there are SO many options on Litsy for 2020! 3y
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Reading Challenge | Casey Malarcher, Andre Janzen
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Final tally for 2018.
I didn‘t meet my goodreads goal, or my #MountTBR however over half my total reads were off my TBR, and a third were over 500 pages. So not bad overall!

#YearOfTheChunkster #Goodreads #ReadingChallenges

BookishMarginalia What a gorgeous tracker! 4y
Crazeedi You did great! And I love your notebook! I'd love to start one, not sure if I'd be faithful enough to do it 4y
Cailey_Mac Omg I loveeeee how you depicted mount tbr! 🙌🏼 4y
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ScientistSam Love your art! 4y
Bookworm54 Thanks @BookishMarginalia @Crazeedi @Cailey_Mac @ScientistSam ☺️ I find if it‘s pretty I‘m more likely to fill it out! 4y
kplovesbooks Oh wow!! I love the artwork!! Such a great idea!!! 4y
kspenmoll Beautiful! 4y
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