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Matrix | Lauren Groff
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Marie de France is forced out of Eleanor of Aquitaine‘s court in the 1100s, to set up an abbey. This is historical fiction at its best; I was totally enthralled, even though there wasn‘t a storyline as such.

I agree with comparisons to Hamnet, and to Wolf Hall, I think because we live inside the MC‘s mind and learn so much by doing that.

I didn‘t get bored Cindy but, whilst it‘s a 5 star read, I‘m not sure it will make my best of the year, Meg.

Cinfhen Beautiful review!! I enjoyed it too, but I did get bored at times. 1y
Megabooks Ah! I‘m still glad you loved it enough for a 5⭐️ though! 💜 1y
TrishB Great review Helen ❤️ 1y
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Caroline2 Sounds good, stacked. 👍 1y
BarbaraBB You must have read a lot of five star reads for this one not making it to your favorites! 1y
squirrelbrain I‘m a bit liberal when sprinkling stars about @BarbaraBB - I do have quite a lot of 5 star reads! 1y
BarbaraBB That is wonderful! I hope this one got you out of your a-bit-of-a-slump ❤️ 1y
squirrelbrain Just checked @BarbaraBB - I have 33 5-star reads so far this year, that‘s nearly 20% of my reads! And yes, I think I‘m on my way out of my slump…. 😘 1y
KarenUK I think me and you are #starsluts Helen, whereas @Cinfhen is a self-proclaimed #starScrooge 😂😉💕 1y
squirrelbrain More than happy to be a #starslut ! @KarenUK @cinfhen 🤣 1y
Cinfhen I think as I age I‘m getting looser 🤪 @KarenUK @squirrelbrain I feel like I‘ve had LOADS of 5 star reads this year 1y
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#MyYearInBooks #GoodReads I thought my star rating would have been higher this year?!??? As I was very generous with my 5 star ratings 🤩😜and please, it‘s only December 15.... why the rush to call stats, GoodReads?!??

Scochrane26 They always start early & want you to post stats. I don‘t know why. 3y
TrishB Obviously the one star and the five stars balanced each other out! 3y
KarenUK My average was 4.2! Not really a surprise for this #starslut ! Although in my defense, I‘m not the fastest of readers, and I try and be super selective with what I read.... Or let‘s be honest... maybe I‘m just a #starslut ! 😂😂😂 3y
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Rissreads @KarenUK 🌟 #starslut 🤣 I love it! 🤣 3y
Mdargusch Starslut 🤣🤣🤣 @KarenUK 3y
Cinfhen I‘m not surprised at all my lovely #StarSlut 😘😘I, however am a #StarScrooge @KarenUK @Mdargusch @Rissreads @TrishB @Scochrane26 3y
Reggie This happened last year, but as long as you update the dates of the books you keep reading it keeps changing to include the books you read until the end of the year. 3y
alisiakae I‘m at 3.8 this year. It‘s usually higher, but I‘ve read some real duds which would usually not count as I tend to DNF the books I can‘t stand, but they all seemed to be challenge prompt books this year. 3y
Cinfhen You‘re right @Reggie my year in books has updated since I added 2 books today 😜I only read one REAL dud due to a challenge this year....it was my #CliFi 🙈 @4thhouseontheleft 3y
Crazeedi I just saw my year in books but I'm not done yet! 3 to go to reach my goal!! 3y
Cinfhen 3 books 12 days!!! You can do it @Crazeedi 😘 3y
Suet624 154 books! Rockstar! 3y
Cinfhen Somebody , maybe @Eggs posted over 500!!!!! @Suet624 that‘s just crazzzzzy!!! Im not so into numbers I just like taking the GoodReads challenge because I like the stats they give u at the end of the year 3y
Suet624 I started with the GoodReads challenge last year and I really like it. 3y
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How to Write a Book Report | Cecilia Minden, Kate Roth
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#BookReport #Week3
Glad I waited until end of the day because I finished a 5th book!!! Plainsong was a #OneSittingRead and 5 HEARTFELT stars
Speak No Evil - contemporary fiction/ very good I already posted reviews on other 3 books, LOVED both #NF (both audio)
Three bails this week, annoyed because I wasted 2/5 loans from Hoopla. Gods is probably great but not on audio. The Holdout is an #ARC #NetGalley 👎🏼 Just started Like Dreamers, #NF 👍🏻

erzascarletbookgasm Great week with three 5-star reads! 3y
Cinfhen I went from being a #StarScrooge to a #StarSlut overnight @erzascarletbookgasm 3y
TrishB Good week 👍🏻 3y
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Balibee146 Nicely done 👍 3y
Centique So glad you loved Plainsong! 😍 3y
Cinfhen I had a GREAT reading week @TrishB @Balibee146 @Centique although I bailed on my #NetGalley #ARC 🙊 3y
Daisey Sounds like some awesome reads! 3y
batsy #StarScrooge #StarSlut Too funny 😂😂 3y
Cinfhen @KarenUK coined the term #StarSlut and its marvelous @batsy 🙌🏻❣️👌🏾 3y
Cinfhen Thanks @Daisey some weeks are better than others 😁 3y
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Mid-year Report ... | Silk Association of America
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My #Top6Reads so far! Based upon my choices, it would appear I have a bit of a theme - largely backlist, all female authors and mostly feel good, nostalgic reads. As I went through my Goodreads challenge to pick these, it surprised me that 1/2 were five stars, and the other three were rated a high 4 stars. Out of the 54 books I‘ve read so far this year, only four, five star reads total. I‘m stingy with five stars apparently!

BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m star stingy also. I had 4 5-star books in my 70+ books. You‘ve got some good ones on your list! 4y
catebutler @BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m glad to be in good company! 😊 I base my rating on the Goodreads system, so a three star is a good rating for me, since it‘s a book I enjoyed and liked, five stars are extra special and one of a kind books. I‘d say most of the books I really enjoy and would highly recommend usually fall under a four star rating. I seem to have quite a few of those! 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @catebutler I rate my books essentially the same way. A year with mostly 4-star books is a good reading year. Too many 3s in a row gets old, even though I like them. I try to find 4s and 5s. 4y
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LeahBergen I own 5 of these 6 books. 😆 I loved Mrs Tim, Miss Buncle, and Frederica, too. 💕 Jane is coming up soon for me! (edited) 4y
catebutler @LeahBergen I always love how similar our reading tastes are! I can‘t wait to see what you think of Jane. I loved her! 4y
Freespirit Some fabulous books there Cate❤️ 4y
catebutler @Freespirit Thank you! It was so fun to go through what I‘ve read so far this year! Can‘t wait to see how the last half of the year shapes up. 📚 4y
erzascarletbookgasm I guess I‘m a little generous with GR ratings. I always round them up. I love nostalgia reads. 4y
catebutler @erzascarletbookgasm I give lot‘s of half stars, although a three star book is good in my opinion, so anything at a 3 or above is a good read to me! 4y
Cinfhen Wow!!! Even your book covers seem to share a similarity ❤️I‘m generally VERY STINGY with 5 stars #starscrooge but I had a bunch of 5 Star memoirs this reading year!!!!! 4y
Cathythoughts The Library Book is one is like yo read too ♥️👍🏻 4y
catebutler @Cinfhen I thought the same thing! And, that must mean they were exceptionally good! I‘ll have to go back and take a look at which memoirs you especially loved! 4y
catebutler @Cathythoughts It‘s wonderful! It made me love and appreciate libraries and books even more! 4y
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How It All Began: A Novel | Penelope Lively
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Henry has a #lustforlife that is slowly being chipped away by the aging process.

I am only three chapters into this one, which is a #darguschfamilybookclub pick. @Mdargusch gave it five stars while @Meredith3 was not a fan. I‘m unsure yet of how I feel about it. #maymoviemagic

Cinfhen I read an excellent book by the same author recently, which earned 5 stars from me ( a known #StarScrooge ) 4y
Mdargusch @cinfhen- I‘m a big fan of her writing style. 4y
BarbaraBB Me too @Mdargusch I recently read and enjoyed 4y
Cinfhen Need to check out both titles @Mdargusch @BarbaraBB 4y
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Sadie | Courtney Summers
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#UnpopularOpinion It‘s probably a case of #WrongReaderRightBook because almost every review on Litsy is 5 stars but...I failed to find the brilliance. The plot felt recycled, the characters one dimensional and the writing tepid. Really just an OK read for me, even the ending seemed lax. I guess I really don‘t enjoy YA novels and this one felt VERY YA.

Kalalalatja That‘s a bummer! 👎 4y
BarbaraBB You confirm what I thought: too YA. I‘ll pass! 4y
mrp27 I just finished this one, but I liked it! 😝 4y
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Cinfhen It‘s definitely me @mrp27 because everyone else seems to love it @Kalalalatja 🙄I have a feeling you won‘t like it either @BarbaraBB 4y
BarbaraBB I‘m not gonna try now! 4y
Suet624 Yes. Exactly. 4y
Cinfhen Thanks @Suet624 we “crabs” NEED to stick together 4y
Suet624 It totally made sense when I heard you were a Cancer. You like to cook and I don‘t, but I feel your heart-center. 4y
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Suet624 I feel your warmth as well🧡 4y
GatheringBooks glad to read this review. i am now marking it as a borrow-not-buy kind of book. 4y
MMFinck Lax is a good word for the ending. I feel cheated. 4y
Cinfhen Thanks @MMFinck I just don‘t get why this book earned so many 5 star reviews 🤷‍♀️ 4y
MMFinck @Cinfhen I thought it was 5 stars right up to the end when suddenly there wasn‘t one. I honestly didn‘t know how to rate it. It was great for me... until it ended without ending. 4y
Cinfhen I was one of the few who didn‘t think it was really special @MMFinck but I‘m a bit of a #starScrooge 😂 4y
MMFinck :) 4y
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Space Opera | Catherynne M. Valente
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WTF did I listen to?? I LOVED the narrator he made this bat shit crazy book a total blast but the story was wayyyyy too bonkers for me. Listened on audio during my 9.5 hour flight, I may have dozed off for awhile. #Pop19 #SetInSpace 👽🎵🚀 It‘s still a Pan for me though. #StarScrooge ( are you happy @Reviewsbylola ?!??!)

LibrarianRyan If you finished it, you did better than I. I made it 2 hours on the audio. 4y
GripLitGrl Love your photo 👍 4y
Reviewsbylola Thank god, tell us how you really feel! 😆😆 4y
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Fight Club: A Novel | Chuck Palahniuk
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Thank You God for giving me the endurance to NOT bail🙏🏻#UnpopularOpinion I HATED this book. Yes, I GET what Palahniuk is trying to say but the weirdness, violence and grossness of his storytelling left me feeling so squalid. Can ALL this madness be attributed to wretched fathers??? Can‘t wait to discuss next week #90sSpringFling 👊🏽 ok @Reviewsbylola I‘ve amended my rating to reflect my true feelings!!! I‘m no #StarSlut #HatedIt

saresmoore Funnily enough, when asked about his deeper meaning for the book, it turns out that Palahniuk was pretty much just going for a well-structured thriller. The “deeper meaning” becomes much more nuanced and prominent by way of David Fincher‘s film. My husband is bit of a Fight Club fanboy and he also found the book to be flat and gratuitous. 4y
saresmoore Congrats on finishing, though! 😬 4y
Cinfhen I bet you‘re right @saresmoore I think it‘s the film that elevated the Fight Club into its “cultish” standing. I‘m going to watch the film over the weekend 4y
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Gina I noticed the writer of American Psycho has a little blurb on the cover. I think that says it all. Also the book was published in 1996 but that cover art is screaming retro 50s... 4y
Canndor I did like the book but still believe this is a rare case where the movie was better. 4y
Kalalalatja Okay, I‘m glad to see it doesn‘t improve for everyone 😄😄 4y
Cinfhen That‘s a good point about Bret Easton Ellis @Gina enough said 😛There are tons of different covers for this book, I chose the one that was the cheapest 😉but it does scream 50s horror!!!! 4y
M.V Sooooo glad it isn't just me. I think both book and movie are pretty lame, especially considering its' cult status. It's "ok" but it isn't -that- good?! 4y
Cinfhen THANK YOU @M.V 🙌🏻❣️I was wondering what I was missing!! 4y
erzascarletbookgasm Good effort for finishing it, though! It‘s alright to hate it! 😄 4y
BarbaraBB It did remind me of Bret Easton Ellis as well. But I‘m happy Brad Pitt prevented you from rating it a Pan 😂 4y
TrishB I‘m going to read starting Monday! I need some good books over the weekend. I hate Bret Easton Ellis books so I‘m not especially looking forward to it. Disliked film too..... 4y
BookwormAHN I'm planning to start it this weekend. I liked the movie, so I am wondering if I'll like the book. 4y
Megabooks Remind me again why we chose this book? I didn‘t like it either. 4y
Reviewsbylola One paragraph was all it took for me to bail. And yeah, remind me and @megabooks both. 😆 Lastly, you‘re a #starslut too. That‘s the only excuse I‘ll honor as to why you didn‘t pan tf out of this book. 🤣🤣🤣 4y
Reviewsbylola HATED=so so, in what world. 😂😂 4y
Cinfhen Ok @Reviewsbylola I‘m back to being a #StarScrooge 4y
Cinfhen It was a democracy @Megabooks @Reviewsbylola @KarenUK THE PEOPLE VOTED for this!!! I wanted (edited) 4y
britt_brooke I‘ve often heard that this is one of those rare occasions where the film is better than the book, but it‘s been ages since I‘ve seen it. Definitely rewatching it soon. 4y
Reviewsbylola 😆😆😆 thank you, I was very shocked at the rating. This feels right. 4y
Megabooks @Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @KarenUK Well, at least it‘s a short book 🤷🏻‍♀️ Short and shitty is better than long and shitty! 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ Nice bail, Steph!!! 👍🏻👍🏻 4y
Reviewsbylola You know me, it takes only a slight breeze for me to bail. 😆😆 I‘m not even sure I finished the first paragraph, I was just in no mood to mess around. @Megabooks 4y
Reviewsbylola It really wouldn‘t take much for the movie to be better than the book. 😆 @britt_brooke 4y
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola I really liked the book, so I can‘t join you all in the bashing (although I still love you all). 😝 I know it‘s definitely not for everyone. He‘s really hit or miss with me. His books are very effing strange. 4y
Reviewsbylola Yeah his books are not for me! @britt_brooke 4y
Reviewsbylola The only book I‘ve read of his is Choke. I gave it 3 stars. Not great but not bad. @britt_brooke 4y
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola I liked Choke, but didn‘t love it. Probably 3 ⭐️ as well. Same with Invisible Monsters. But I hated Diary and Adjustment Day. I‘d pretty much written him off until now. 4y
BarbaraBB Ah, @britt_brooke that makes two of us 😉, I liked it too. And I hated Diary too (the only book of his I read before). And I also think I voted for it when @cinfhen asked us. So much for democracy 😂 4y
britt_brooke @BarbaraBB 😆 We‘re not totally alone - @erzascarletbookgasm and @Cathythoughts liked it, too. Definitely in the minority, though! 4y
Cathythoughts Echoing @erzascarletbookgasm well done finishing this one Cindy ... even though I was a fan I found it difficult to read at times ... 👍🏻♥️ 4y
peaknit Grossness...good word for a lot of the off sh*t in this book. Im hoping to wrap it up today and I think I‘ll check out the movie. 4y
TrishB Now I can‘t find mine anywhere! Checked Amazon, purchased and I remember it arriving! .... 4y
Cinfhen Oh no!!! @TrishB trust me, you don‘t want to own 2 copies!!!! 4y
TrishB I was guessing I wouldn‘t....will have another check tomorrow when I haven‘t got jet lag fog brain!! 4y
Suet624 So glad I steered away from this book. 4y
Cinfhen You can still join our party @Suet624 but the book was a bust (for me) 🙈 4y
Suet624 Aw, thanks!! 4y
TrishB Found it 😁😁 4y
Cinfhen Ha!!! Great...can‘t wait to hear YOUR thoughts @TrishB 4y
emilyhaldi LOL 4y
TrishB I‘m wishing I hadn‘t found it at the moment!!! 4y
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Booked | Kwame Alexander
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All done with the first quarter of #booked2019
All picks, no DNFs, but then again I am a notorious #starslut 😂
Easy favorites being the Sally Rooney and the Maggie O‘Farrell... 💕
And already started on Spring! 🌷

Soubhiville 🤣😂🤣 starslut! I might be one too... I have DNF‘d a couple books so far this year, but I‘ve also had 4 or 5 books I called 5⭐️. 4y
saresmoore Well done! 4y
britt_brooke I loved Fox 8. 💚 4y
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JennyM Yey...such great picks too! 4y
MicheleinPhilly Good job! 4y
Samplergal Good job! 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job! 4y
KarenUK @Soubhiville You can join our #starslut clan! @laurabeth @valeriegeary ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😂 4y
Soubhiville Lol, where do I sign? 4y
KarenUK @JennyM I was really pleased with my picks! 👍💕 4y
Cinfhen I secretly desire to be a #StarSlut with all the cool girls @LauraBeth @valeriegeary @KarenUK @Soubhiville but I‘m alone in the #StarScrooge corner 😔 4y
LauraBeth Nice job! 🙌🙌 Welcome to the #starslut club @Soubhiville! Come over to the star side @Cinfhen with us! @valeriegeary 💫 4y
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