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Challenge Accepted! | Celeste Barber
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Not bad! All but one blank filled in for the 2019 #mmdchallenge! (Sorry for the blurry pic) Didn't do so well on the #pop19 challenge 😔, but willing to go again in 2020!

Truth be told, I don't read to meet these challenges. I read what I want & see what fits. ☺ They're still fun.

wildwoodreads I completed the Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge for the first time in 2019. I think I am doing it again this year as well. 3y
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Pride | Ibi Zoboi
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I'll be posting a few of my challenge wrap-ups over the next two days! Starting with #popsugar2019, the RC I have been doing the longest. Completed all 50 prompts again this year!

Favorite prompts:
✨Inspired common phrase or idiom
✨Inspired by myth/legend/folklore
✨Makes you nostalgic

Favorite books:
📖Little Fires Everywhere
📖Far From the Tree
📖She Said
📖On the Come Up
📖Hey, Kiddo


Kaila-ann I plan on doing this one this year for the first time. 3y
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Stoner | John Williams
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One of the best books I've ever read. I cannot understand why it wasn't appreciated more when first published, but I'm thankful #NYRB gave it a second life! A melancholy novel about life, work, disappointment, & the love of literature, this novel was so real & incited every range of emotion in me. 5⭐️s! So so sorry for the delay, this will reach its destination in a couple of days! #LMPBC #Round7 #GroupC #WinterGames #TBRRead #TMSkellington

lele1432 #PopSugarReadingChallenge #PopSugar2019 #Pop19 Takes place on a college or University campus 3y
lele1432 Fun fact: John Williams retired to my small hometown in the year I was born, and remained there until his death in '94. Which means I unknowingly lived amongst a world-class author during my childhood, not knowing that some 25-30 years later I would read a book he wrote and fall in love. ♥️ 3y
TheBookHippie One of my favorites ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
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lele1432 @TheBookHippie it was so good! Now I have to read everything else he wrote lol 3y
youneverarrived Great story! And I love this too 💙 3y
Bookwormjillk I haven‘t received my book for this group yet. Has everyone else received theirs? 3y
lele1432 @Bookwormjillk it's this one! 3y
Bookwormjillk @lele1432 oh great! Ha! This has been on my TBR for years- looking forward to it 3y
TheBookHippie @lele1432 I came across it while researching unknown awesome classic reads a few years ago. What a find. 3y
TheAromaofBooks Thanks for the update!! I'm interested to read this one when it comes my way because it is NOT my usual type of book! 3y
lele1432 @youneverarrived such a shame it wasn't more successful when it was first published. It really is a great read! 3y
lele1432 @Bookwormjillk I hope you like it! 3y
lele1432 @TheAromaofBooks lol I look forward to hearing your thoughts! I loved it, but can see how it might not be for everyone! 3y
lele1432 @TheBookHippie isn't it?? This is exactly what I love about NYRB. Finding overlooked gems like this one! 3y
coffees 16pts!! 12-11 Ohh now I'm interested!! 😮😮😮 3y
Bookwormjillk @lele1432 I loved this book so, so much. Thanks for choosing it. It‘s been on my TBR for years and I‘m grateful that I finally had a reason to read it. Definitely one of the best things I‘ve read this year if not ever. I‘ll be thinking about Stoner for a long time. 3y
lele1432 @Bookwormjillk yay!! And you're welcome!! I am typically not very emotional when I read books. But this one pulled at all my heartstrings. I'm still thinking about it. I wish more people knew about this book! 3y
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Finally I finished #Pop19 ..... and what a wonderful note to end on.... 💕
Loved the tagged book so much.... I did an audio/print combo and couldn‘t stop reading or listening.
😢😢😢 An #infinitetissueread for me....

This was a fun challenge, and I‘m definitely on board for #Pop2020 😊👍📚

LauraBeth Nice! Congratulations! 💃💃💃 3y
Emilymdxn Well done! 3y
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Megabooks Congratulations! This is an all time favorite. Glad you enjoyed it! 3y
Mdargusch Great job! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 3y
erzascarletbookgasm Congrats! 👏 3y
Cinfhen Fabulous and Fantastic 💕💕💕💕 3y
BarbaraBB Cool! I must take a closer look! 3y
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#weeklyforecast @Cinfhen
Just starting all 3....

- Dear Sugar will complete my #Pop19 challenge (doing an audio print combo) It has me at the introduction! I‘m loving the term “ radical empathy”!

- Thank you lovely friend for the Shriver novella I just know I‘m going to love...😘

- Tell me everything is set at a liberal arts college, which basically is my catnip 🐱 so fingers crossed...🤞💕

squirrelbrain Ooh I like the sound of Tell Me Everything.... 😁 3y
Chab256 I am also currently reading Tiny Beautiful Things 😉 3y
Cinfhen And lets be honest...the cover of Tell Me Everything is right in your heart box 💙💙💙 3y
KarenUK @cinfhen I hadn‘t thought of that, but it so is! 🌊🌊🌊💕 3y
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Audio loan didn't come back until yesterday, which was perfect because I was able to finish this & have it count towards the #WinterGames! Glad I finally read it. Obscene, creepy, & will make you think of Christmas in a different light lol. Filled with kids & adults doing horrific things & showcases a frightening innocence that does not discern evil from fun. Kate Mulgrew's narration really brought this to life. #HolidayRead #TMSkellington 4⭐️s

lele1432 Using the non-movie tie-in cover as my #WinterReadsBingo for Ugly Cover lol. #PopSugarReadingChallenge #PopSugar2019 #Pop19 Read in season it‘s set it (edited) 3y
coffees 26pts! Honestly, this sounds like something i'd be into :00 (edited) 3y
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Missed the post office yesterday before leaving town, so this will be sent to @rachelm first thing in the morning!

Wholly different from what I was expecting, this short novel proved to be an important work in its own right. Its strength was the use of surrealism to convey the truths & nuances of present-day issues on the topic of immigration; bridging cultures & languages. The translator's note was very informative! 4⭐️s #LMPBC #Round7 #GroupI

Carolyn11215 Sounds amazing! Can‘t wait to read it! 3y
lele1432 @Carolyn11215 I hope you enjoy it! It took some getting used to, and as the translator notes at the end, it's non-standard and colloquial. And just a heads up, there are no quotations used. But there came a point when everything "clicked" and I was like, okay, I get what the author's doing with this and the themes he's conveying. Can't wait to hear your thoughts! 3y
rachelm Exciting! I‘ll keep my eyes open for it! 3y
lele1432 #PopSugarReadingChallenge #PopSugar2019 #Pop19 Zodiac Sign or Astrology Term in Title 3y
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Sense and Sensibility | Joanna Trollope
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2 new ones to start today, though I‘m working a 9 hour shift so not sure what start I‘ll make! 🤦‍♀️
The Trollope is for #pop19 a reimagined classic, and has been on my #tbr forever! Hope I like it as much as Eligible, the only other one I‘ve read from the Austen Project...
Erotic Stories is for a bookclub next week... and is narrated by Meera Syal who I love 😊👍🎧💕

Sense and Sensibility | Joanna Trollope
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A bit ambitious for me for this month, but let‘s see how it goes....
4 books to finish #20booksby2020
2 to complete #Pop19
2 book club reads
1 novella (thank you @Cinfhen !😘) that I‘m super excited about

Cinfhen You‘ve got this!!!!! 3y
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Otherworld | Jason Segel, Kirsten Miller
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Well, this was an interesting concept, but not the greatest execution. The MC, Simon, really got on my nerves, I actually wish the book had been written from Kat‘s POV. I don‘t think I will be reading the other books in the series.

It is my FINAL ✔️ for #popsugar2019! 🎉🎉 This fills the #LitRPG prompt. Also #BBRC #TeenAngst : not appropriate for MG (violence)

#MountTBR #pop19

LibrarianRyan Yeahhh 3y
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