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Matrix | Lauren Groff
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Marie de France is forced out of Eleanor of Aquitaine‘s court in the 1100s, to set up an abbey. This is historical fiction at its best; I was totally enthralled, even though there wasn‘t a storyline as such.

I agree with comparisons to Hamnet, and to Wolf Hall, I think because we live inside the MC‘s mind and learn so much by doing that.

I didn‘t get bored Cindy but, whilst it‘s a 5 star read, I‘m not sure it will make my best of the year, Meg.

Cinfhen Beautiful review!! I enjoyed it too, but I did get bored at times. 1y
Megabooks Ah! I‘m still glad you loved it enough for a 5⭐️ though! 💜 1y
TrishB Great review Helen ❤️ 1y
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Caroline2 Sounds good, stacked. 👍 1y
BarbaraBB You must have read a lot of five star reads for this one not making it to your favorites! 1y
squirrelbrain I‘m a bit liberal when sprinkling stars about @BarbaraBB - I do have quite a lot of 5 star reads! 1y
BarbaraBB That is wonderful! I hope this one got you out of your a-bit-of-a-slump ❤️ 1y
squirrelbrain Just checked @BarbaraBB - I have 33 5-star reads so far this year, that‘s nearly 20% of my reads! And yes, I think I‘m on my way out of my slump…. 😘 1y
KarenUK I think me and you are #starsluts Helen, whereas @Cinfhen is a self-proclaimed #starScrooge 😂😉💕 1y
squirrelbrain More than happy to be a #starslut ! @KarenUK @cinfhen 🤣 1y
Cinfhen I think as I age I‘m getting looser 🤪 @KarenUK @squirrelbrain I feel like I‘ve had LOADS of 5 star reads this year 1y
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My #top6reads for the first half of the year....

So difficult to pick just 6 though; I‘m sucker for giving 5 stars to books!

Have you played yet? @julesG @RachelO @Caroline2

Cuilin The Mirror and the Light would be in my top 6 too. 3y
rockpools Not yet - but it‘s in my plans for the afternoon (I have 9. I‘m struggling to get to 6!) Thanks for the tag 😊. You probably don‘t need to know, but Edith Eger has a follow-on book on NetGalley atm - I think it‘s more overtly self-helpy, but she‘s fab, so... 3y
KarenUK It‘s hard to pick just six for us #starsluts isn‘t it Helen?! 😂 3y
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squirrelbrain I‘d love to see your #top6reads @Cuilin ! 3y
squirrelbrain Oh @RachelO - you *know* I‘m trying to get my #netgalley percentage up by reading ARCs not requesting new ones...🤣 But, I did love the self-helpy side of The Choice as well so.... off I go! 🤷‍♀️ 3y
TrishB Great choices 👍🏻 3y
squirrelbrain It certainly is @KarenUK - I have 29 five star reads so far, and that‘s not counting the four-and-a half star books! 🤣 3y
rockpools @squirrelbrain 🤭Sorry. Bad influence 😉. Apparently my goal at the start of the year was to get my rating up to 83%. But whenever I get above 70, I clebrate by requesting more books... So that‘s going well!! 3y
squirrelbrain Mine‘s at 75% at the moment, so I‘d best request some more books! I‘ve put 10 onto #bookspinbingo this month to try and get them read, so in that case really I should request another 10! @RachelO 3y
julesG I picked 5 for my blogpost, so that should be easy. (not!) 3y
Caroline2 Good choices! 😀 I‘ll have a look and see what books have been five stars this year....? 🤔 3y
Cinfhen Nice! 3y
Tex2Flo Valentine is my Next Up. 3y
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