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✔️Finished As Bright as Heaven for #LMPBC
✔️Finished Seven Days of Us for #IRLBookClub 🎄
✔️Finished Eleven #20booksby2020
🍁#LilliRead Notebooks 4-5
🍁Finding Chika 19%
🎧 A Boy Called Christmas Ch 1-7 #mgbuddyread
🎄Spending the Holidays with People I Want to Punch in the Throat 13%

Read next to nothing in 3 other books shown as sidetracked with different things

Freespirit Wow great week! 3d
megnews @Freespirit thanks! I felt like I wasn‘t getting much read but the #bookreport tag is showing me how much I actually did. 3d
Cinfhen I‘m always surprised by my progress as well!!! Well done 👍🏽 3d
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As Bright as Heaven | Susan Meissner
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This book will break your 💔 again & again. Still, one of my best reads this year and glad I picked it for #LMPBC. Can‘t wait to hear what the rest of you think. @Butterfinger will be on its way to you early next week.
Book 12 for #20booksby2020
Book 288 11/16/19

megnews @Butterfinger mailed As Bright as Heaven to you yesterday 19h
Butterfinger I can't wait to read it. 12m
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Eleven | Tom Rogers
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I love how the author threads a boy‘s love for a dog into this #middlegrade 9/11 story. An important addition to a classroom shelf or elementary library.
#20booksby2020 #BBRC #YeahBaby #DogsRule

Book 287 11/15/19

LibrarianRyan Yeahhh 5d
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My Family and Other Animals | Gerald Durrell, Jocelyn Potter
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A quick update on #20booksby2020
@megnews .... So far 12/20.....
Starting the tagged book today.... I have a feeling it‘s going to totally be my jam! 😊🤞💕📚

megnews 👏 👏 👏 (edited) 2w
Samplergal I think you will enjoy it. 2w
BarbaraBB Looking forward to your thoughts! 2w
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jillrhudy On what date do we start counting our #20booksby2020 ??? 2w
KarenUK @jillrhudy We all committed to 20 books from our TBR that we wanted to read before the end of the year, I think it was sometime back in August?🤷‍♀️... We each made a collage of these 20, and are posting our progress. Never to late to join in! 😊 2w
jillrhudy @KarenUK I don't know; I think maybe it is! LOL but I did read 14 books in October so maybe I could make it! It's committing to the books that's tricky because then I'll hear about a book on a podcast, or get an unexpected ARC. . . 2w
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City of Girls | Elizabeth Gilbert
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City of Girls is a coming of age story of a well to do young woman from dropping out of college & moving into her aunt‘s playhouse in 1940s NYC through to her old age, with the impact of WWII & many adventures and mishaps along the way. The quirky, bohemian cast of characters she comes to know & love are ahead of their time & you will love them too despite their flaws, learning with her what it means to be human & a true friend. #20booksby2020

megnews This is another book I switched out from my original #20booksby2020 plan as new books continue to call my name. 2w
Cortg I want to get this for my daughter for Christmas, then read it when she‘s done 😉 2w
AmyG This is the best book I‘ve read this year. 2w
megnews @Cortg that sounds like a great plan!! 2w
megnews @amyg definitely in my top 5 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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I have to be honest and say my #WeeklyForecast in reading will probably be as accurate as a weather report but here goes:
🍁Lilli de Jong for #LilliRead
🍁As Bright as Heaven for #LMPBC
🍁White Fragility for #NFNov
🍁Seven Days of Us for #IRLBookClub
🍁City of Girls for #BBRC & #20booksby2020 -Really need to finish this ebook before the library steals it away!

Cinfhen I like your lineup!!! What does your weather forecast look like??? 2w
BookNAround Tip of the hat for that amazing simile. 😉 2w
Crazeedi I enjoyed city of girls! 2w
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megnews @Cinfhen 40s and 50s til Thursday and Friday when we‘re supposed to go down to the thirties. Ick. 2w
megnews @BookNAround why, thank you! 2w
megnews @Crazeedi I‘m about halfway through and loving it! 2w
rsteve388 1 pt and White Fragility was intense important but intense. Be ready to be held to account. 2w
Cinfhen Oh no!! 30‘s means #WinterIsComing 🌬⛄️ 2w
megnews @Cinfhen this week two days in the 20s and snow called for Tuesday! (edited) 2w
Cinfhen Yikes!!!!!! Snow! Today‘s temperature for me was a pleasant 88 degrees😜 2w
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#20BooksBy2020 Monthly check in!!
I read 9 more books this month bringing my total to 19!!
Only one to go and it‘s my IRL December bookclub ~ Purple Hibiscus
Favorite this month: Girl, Woman, Other

MelissaSue81 I‘m having trouble getting into girl, woman, other. I keep setting it aside for something else. I should stick it out though? 3w
RachelO Great going! 3w
erzascarletbookgasm So many great titles! 3w
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Cathythoughts What @erzascarletbookgasm said ... great titles there 👏👏👏 3w
KarenUK Wow! Awesome job! 💕😊 3w
charl08 Love purple hibiscus. A favourite! 3w
charl08 Great graphic, too. A fun month? 3w
Lifeisasnap Nice job!! How did you like The Dutch House? 3w
Cinfhen @MelissaSue81 stick with Girl!!! In the beginning it seems disjointed but soon the stories start to connect and it‘s super satisfying ♥️🙌🏻 3w
Cinfhen I did have a fun month of reading @charl08 and I DID read some awesome books @KarenUK @Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm @RachelO Dutch House was beautifully written & I was really absorbed in the story @Lifeisasnap BUT I wasn‘t a fan of the ending 😬 3w
marleed @Lifeisasnap @cinfhen I sank into the audiobook of the Dutch House narrated by Tom Hanks and now must own the physical book. I think it will be one of my Top6Reads for 2019. 3w
Cinfhen I bet Tom Hanks was a phenomenal narrator @marleed 3w
marleed @Cinfhen Yes! I‘m curious if I would have loved the story less had I absorbed it in print because Tom Hanks is so good. His ability to speak with the mind of a child is fascinating. 3w
Cinfhen Danny was such a great character @marleed but the mom 🤯🤬 3w
marleed @Cinfhen It reminds my of a good friend whose mother was seldom a part of her childhood. The mom is there in adulthood and I‘m amazed my friend is so accepting of her. My friend explained she just accepts her mother for what she is because that anger is futile. 3w
Cinfhen Your friend is much kinder and smarter than me @marleed Good for her #LifeIsTooShort 3w
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Update on #20Booksby2020. Cassandra at the Wedding was my latest and currently working on Good and Mad.

BarbaraBB Did you like Cassandra? 3w
Samplergal I did. I started it twice but ....life. Cassandra made me feel like I have my shit together. 😂 3w
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