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I won‘t deny it, today hasn‘t been easy. We slept only as a result of exhaustion last night. Visited Westonbirt Arboretum for some quiet reflection amongst the trees, then when my bf went home, I needed something to stop my mind wandering, so did some #AudioCrafting with the tagged book. Now I need to sleep, but am still thinking so much of our own jewel, taken so suddenly from us.

15k steps towards this week‘s #BFCr2, though 😕


This week for #bookfitnesschallenge I met 3 days of my step goal, made it to the gym 5 days!!! And didn‘t get to shoot archery. I am in the middle of moving so that hurt my archery time, but I read a whole book this week! And started another! I‘m pretty happy with my recovery #keepmovingforward #bfcr2 @crazyspine @wanderinglynn

crazyspine Way to go! 1h
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Finished off week 3 of #bfcr2 with a girls‘ trip to Lexington Kentucky. I made all my goals and got over 99,000 steps which may be my most ever in a week. Got in my yoga and finished a book. I also got in quality time with good friends. We tried something new tasting miracle berries. #bfc

Mitch Wow - success all round! Big congrats! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 3h
Crazeedi Congrats on a great week!👏👏 3h
MicrobeMom Awesome!!! 👏👏👏 2h
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Ok team #justbookit #BFCr2 who‘s ready for week 5??
I‘m going to try harder to get some me time this week! And hopefully finish the tagged book for my book club meeting Tuesday!

So proud of how everyone has been doing! You guys rock!

jillannjohn @Buchbeeg How‘s it going?? 5h
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My steps were low this week, only went for a walk 3 days because of the heat. Did drank lots if water and finished 2 books.
#bfcr2 #bfc #bookfitnesschallenge

Texas Tornado | Lani Vale
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Another reread—just had an urge. I may have to do a reread of her books in order soon. This one I loved just as much as the first time I read it, even though I‘d forgotten how much the Free crew treated Shiloh like dirt at the beginning. Except for James-he was pretty awesome all the way. #bfcr2 (19/20) @wanderinglynn #24in48 #TeamFlow @julesG @Moony @imabusybee @LibrarianJen @laurenslibrary @Reecaspieces @britt_brooke

julesG 👏👏👏Suppose you'll easily hit your book goal. 6h
CocoReads @julesG-I upped it again. To 30. I need to get to some longer books that require more thought pretty soon so that should slow me down. 🤣🤣 4h
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Almost forgot my check in. I had a pretty bad week for #BFCr2 in the way of health/fitness, but pretty good with reading. Keeping the same goals cause they're manageable, I only messed up cause we had a lot going on and I wasn't managing my time very well. A new week, and I signed up for round 3 because I'm not giving up! #FitWizards

@wanderinglynn @Clwojick @audraelizabeth @Peddler410 @RainyDayReading @thereadingunicorn @Lova @Mynameisacolour

RainyDayReading So glad that you‘re going to keep going! 5h
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Rivers of London | Ben Aaronovitch
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Thank you, @wanderinglynn 🤗 It is so nice to have won the check-in drawing for week 2! The #BookDragons are doing their best to keep me on track. For my week 4 check in...meditate 7/7, got out of the apt. and walked 6/7, finished book 6 and exercised once. #bfcr2 (love the bookmark!)

Hestapleton Way to get outside and walk despite this oppressive heat!! You‘ve got this! 7h
IndoorDame Sounds like you totally rocked this week! Way to go! And congrats on winning 😊 that bookmark is awesome! 7h
Hufflepuffle Sounds like a really good week! Go you!!! 6h
StayCurious So happy you won! You‘re doing amazing! 6h
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Week 4 Check In
#bfcr2 #justbookit

Yoga 2/2
Walk 4/4
Darebee Workout 3/7
Books 2/3

Had a slow start to the week, but feel pretty good about getting yoga in twice and the walks. Workouts are not sticking, maybe because I dont really have a set time to do them.

@wanderinglynn @jillannjohn @Chili @Dragonfairykats @bookandcat @bewareofwords @Marmie7 @Buchbeeg

Dragonfairykats Yay!!!!! ??‍♀️? see if you decrease the goal for workouts or change it to "something physical" like I did works. You got this!!.? 7h
bookandcat Keep up the great work! 7h
Marmie7 Amazing! Beautiful view! 7h
Chili Awesome job!! What a beautiful view! 7h
jillannjohn Great job! And beautiful pic! 5h
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Life's a Beach | Claire Cook
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Went for a 3.5 mile walk on the beach (sans family) this morning and found this lovely shell. 🐚 Totally made my day! Also, finished an audiobook and will post a review later.

#BFCR2 #TeamFlow #vacation #behappy

CocoReads I love that! 8h
TrishB That‘s so cool 👍🏻 8h
imabusybee Love this💜💜💜 8h
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julesG So cool! Did you keep it or release it? 8h
Moony Oh wow! That's cool. 😊 5h
GypsyKat Love it! 3h
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