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Today was a busy day! It shows in my Fitbit even though I sat through a 2 hour baseball game, 1 hour mass and 2 hours at dinner. I don‘t official start yet but exciting for #bfc #bookfitnesschallegne round 2!

wanderinglynn Yay! You‘re going to do great in #BFCR2! 17h
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 15h
dariazeoli Wow! A great day! 7h
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Sign-up for #BFCR2: https://forms.gle/vkWoWCNpR7mA79oN7

And introducing our R2 Team Captains:
@4thhouseontheleft @Caterina @crazyspine @Emilymdxn @Hestapleton @jillannjohn @julesG @Laughterhp @mcipher @Mitch

Remember, this is an individual challenge, NOT a competition. We will ALL cross the finish line TOGETHER!

Want to be on a small team or be a team captain but didn‘t sign-up? Email me: lynn@wanderinglynn.com

Hestapleton So excited to do this alongside some Littens! 20h
cewilf This is so cool! Just signed up :) 20h
Caterina Yay so excited for round 2 and for teams! 💕🙌🎉 19h
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CoverToCoverGirl Yay!! 👏👏🎉🎉👟👟 19h
heikemarie I am excite! 19h
mcipher Very excited to be a captain for this round! Go team!! 📣 18h
Mitch Yeah.. I‘m looking forward to 6 weeks of focusing on remembering how awesome we all are! 6 weeks of self love is going to make this a great summer! 12h
BookishBelle I just signed up for my first round! I'm excited and a little nervous. I'm definitely pushing myself with my goals. Eek! 6h
jillannjohn Super excited for round 2 2h
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Lin-Manuel Miranda agrees with our #BFC philosophy. When life happens, change your goals. Nothing stays the same, so why should we? Adapt & change.

As you develop your starting goals for Round 2, remember your goals are YOUR goals. #BFC is a challenge, NOT a competition. Your goals are based on your abilities, limitations, & journey. You should challenge yourself, but not compete with me or anyone else.

#BookFitnessChallenge #BFCR2

Crazeedi Perfect words of encouragement 2d
Bookwormjillk I am SO excited for round 2! 2d
BookwormAHN Nice 👏🏻 2d
CoverToCoverGirl Well stated! 👏👍 2d
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#BookFitnessChallenge #BFC #BFCR2
As we head for the finish line on R1, I‘m super excited for R2! We‘ve got some new & fun things planned! Starting with that the fabulously awesome @Clwojick will be co-hosting R2 with me! 🎉👏🏻🥳

Sign-ups are still open! https://forms.gle/z8PY2HfwvdJwew9n6

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email me: lynn@wanderinglynn.com 😀

wanderinglynn *If you signed up to be a Team Captain, I will be emailing you later this week as to what your responsibilities will include.
*If you signed up to be on a small team, I will email team assignments on 6/22.
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Reecaspieces This has been so fun!! 2d
RvnclawWhovian Can‘t wait!! 2d
Clwojick Yay! I‘m so excited to be cohosting with you! ♥️🧡💛 This has been such a wonderful experience so far, and I‘m thrilled to be watching it grow! 2d
BookwormAHN Fantastic 💖 2d
CocoReads Sounds fun looking forward to it! 2d
AsYouWish Yay @Clwojick that is exciting!!! I am so excited for Round 2!!! 2d
Hufflepuffle @wanderinglynn @Clwojick I am super excited to join in this time!! ❤️ 2d
TheSpineView Looking forward to it! 2d
sudi Excited for this 😊💜 2d
LauraJ Hello Captain @clwojick! 2d
BethM Yay! 2d
Lucy_Anywhere I'm excited! 2d
Itchyfeetreader This is awesome - I have not done as well as I hoped but do feel@more focused so thinking about round 2 2d
Minispok So excited for this! 😀 2d
Jerdencon This has been a great experience! 2d
Crazeedi Yay! Cant wait! 2d
Buchbeeg Sounds awesome! 2d
twohectobooks So excited to get started! 2d
LibrarianJen Yay! I can do this one! I do have a question, do the books have to be read/listened to while working out? Or are they separate? 2d
wanderinglynn @LibrarianJen No, books do not have to be done while working out. Some workouts (e.g., swimming) wouldn‘t allow it. Some folks, like me, are focusing our BFC book goal on audiobooks because I walk & listen, so in theory, it makes me walk more. But it‘s just however many books you want to read in 6 weeks. 😀 2d
MicrobeMom Yeah! Excited! 2d
TheWordJar I am so excited to get started! Thanks for the update! 2d
imabusybee Yay Cant wait for round #2 2d
crazyspine @WriterAtHeart @Econaghan @BookBridget you should sign up for this if you haven't yet. I'm a team captain and I would love for us to encourage each other this summer. 22h
BookBridget @crazyspine how do I sign up for your team? 2h
wanderinglynn @BookBridget I will put you on her team. @crazyspine 2h
crazyspine @wanderinglynn can you add @WriterAtHeart to my team too? Thanks! 2h
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Repost for @wanderinglynn :
You asked for #BookFitnessChallenge Round 2 and here it is! Round 2 will start on Sunday, June 23 and end on Saturday, August 3.

***Sign-ups are now open through Friday, June 21!***
Everyone is invited to participate.


Questions? Please ask or email me at lynn@wanderinglynn.com

And please spread the word and share this post! 😀

wanderinglynn Thanks for the repost! 5d
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The Walkathon | Jan Weeks
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guinsgirlreads WOW! 😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5d
Crazeedi Congrats!👏👏 5d
rsteve388 What app are you using? This sounds interesting 5d
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rsteve388 Looks* 5d
TheSpineView Excellant! 👏👏👏 5d
wanderinglynn w00t! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💪🏻🥇🎉 5d
wanderinglynn @rsteve388 it‘s Fitbit. 5d
kspenmoll Great day! 5d
rsteve388 Oh... Well i dont have one of those. But the graphics are great. 5d
BookwormAHN Fantastic 👏🏻 5d
Boooooks Oh my god well done!!! my highest badge for a day is 40,000 steps I really wanna get some higher ones now 👍 4d
OrangeMooseReads Woohoo! Way to go! 4d
Clwojick @Boooooks I‘m going to reattempt it before the end of #BFCR2. I‘m thinking in 5-6 week. If you want to join me, I can let you know what date I‘ll be doing it once I know. 🙌🏻 4d
Boooooks @Clwojick yeah that sounds great I at least want to beat my current highest daily badge plus I‘ve been meaning to get into running so this should give me a push 👍😁 4d
Clwojick @Boooooks Agreed! That‘s what I do to! I always try to beat my last personal best. I knew it would be extremely challenging to get to 100,000 but I wanted to surpass my last personal best at the very least. I like at it as Goal A and Goal B lol 4d
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I posted my goals early to show everyone that this is YOUR challenge. It‘s NOT a competition. Your goals are YOUR goals based on your needs, abilities, limitations.

This time I added a mental wellness goal (#4). Thanks to @TheReadingMermaid & her #mysterymessageswap, I realized how much being creative helps me.

So make your goals yours. You can have as few or as many as you like. They just need to be trackable.
#bookfitnesschallenge #bfcr2

TheReadingMermaid 💗😘😘💗 6d
BethM Excellent idea! 6d
wanderinglynn @BethM Thanks! And I want to make sure that it‘s clear that anyone can participate regardless of ability. ☺️ 6d
Meaw_catlady Great goals! I need to get out my journal and figure out some goals that will fit me this summer . 5d
wanderinglynn @Meaw_catlady thanks! ☺️ 5d
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Just sign-up for the #bookfitnesschallenge 😊😊
@wanderinglynn #bfc #bfcr2

wanderinglynn Yay! 💙 6d
akckitty Awesome!! I signed up too - this being my first round. Good luck to us! ❤️ 6d
AprilMae Me too! 6d
Minispok @akckitty @AprilMae this is my first round too, so excited 😊😀 6d
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Almost Home | Joan Bauer
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When twelve-year-old Sugar's grandfather dies and her gambling father takes off yet again, Sugar and her mother lose their home in Missouri. They head to Chicago for a fresh start, only to discover that fresh starts aren't so easy to come by for the homeless. Nevertheless, Sugar's mother has taught her to be grateful no matter what, so Sugar does her best.⬇️⬇️

Clwojick With the help of a rescue dog, Shush; a foster family; a supportive teacher; a love of poetry; and her own grace and good humor, Sugar comes to understand that while she can't control the hand life deals her, she can control how she responds. @BethM @marleed @wanderinglynn This book was so heartwarming and pure! I definitely recommend it if you‘re looking for something light. ♥️🧡💛#BookFitnessChallenge 6d
marleed Stacked! 6d
wanderinglynn You already finished it?!? 🤯 6d
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Clwojick @wanderinglynn yeah, it was only 5 hours, and I listen on 3x the speed, so I was able to listen to it in almost one sitting while studying. 6d
Clwojick @wanderinglynn needless to say I bumped up my book goal for #BFCR2 6d
wanderinglynn @Clwojick another Olympic gold medal🥇for speed listening! I can‘t listen to books that fast. My brain‘s too slow. 😂 6d
BethM Stacked! I‘m with @wanderinglynn I‘m a regular speed girl 😂 6d
BethM Killing it btw! 6d
MartinaLove I'm impress that you can study and listen to an audiobook at the same time. Wow. I can't listen to anything while looking at my notes or while reading. I have to do one thing at the time. Haha You can be pride of yourself for all you have accomplished so far!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6d
Clwojick @MartinaLove i find it helpful to have my headphones in when I‘m doing pointform notes for Chapters, or answering chapter questions, but if I‘m studying flash cards, or reading the chapter for the first time it has to be dead quiet. 6d
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Amazing! I‘m blown away by the awesome response for #BookFitnessChallenge Round 2! 55 is half of our current roster. Sign-ups are open until June 21! Link below 👇🏻 #BFCR2

If you gave me your Fitbit username on the sign-up form, please let me know if you have NOT received a friend invite from me. Once we‘re Fitbit friends, then I‘ll add you to the #BFC Fitbit group. This is only for new Fitbit folks. Apologies if I send you more than 1 invite!

mabell I will definitely be signing up again! I‘m still considering my goals for this round 😊 6d
wanderinglynn @mabell Yay! 💙 6d
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