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The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes; The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes; The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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If you want to get #closetome , you need to know, what I read... 😍 #anglophileapril @Cinfhen @emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch

Cinfhen Thanks for the sneak peek 😜 5y
Sarah83 @Cinfhen I think, this was quite obvious 😂 5y
Reviewsbylola The CC Murder looks so good! (edited) 5y
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Sarah83 @Reviewsbylola I haven't read it yet. 😫😫😫 5y
Mdargusch I need that Cornish Coast Murder! 5y
emilyhaldi Love it! 🤗 5y
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#LondonCalling and I immediately think of Sherlock Holmes 🕵️‍♂️ But I must admit, I‘ve never read any.


Cathythoughts Good choice.... I‘m not drawn to the books , but I love the idea of it all 👍🏻 (edited) 5y
Cinfhen Love your graphics!! I read a bunch of Sherlock Holmes through Serial App 😊and quite enjoyed them 5y
Lizpixie 👍❤️ 5y
JennyM @Cinfhen that‘s a good way to read a few of them. I might do that. 😘 5y
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My bff got me a Novel Journal for Christmas! The words to the book are written very small and are the lines of the notebook. 💙💙💙💙 #sherlocked

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tjwill Love it! 6y
LeahBergen Wonderful! 6y
LazyDays That's cool 6y
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The Granada series is my comfort watch. I love these two as Holmes & Watson. 🔎

Sarah83 I totally agree. Love the two so much 😍 6y
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Sorry I haven‘t posted much. Busiest time of the year. 😬😬 I took a quick pic of my Sherlock #shelfie Mycroft in a teacup is my favorite thing ever. 😂😂

tammysue Nice photo, Kelly! 6y
VioletCavalier Love it! 👍 6y
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“I am an omnivorous reader with a strangely retentive memory for trifles.”

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I enjoy a lot of period #crime but Sherlock Holmes is my favourite. Here pictured with deerstalker and magnifying glass from the Sherlock Holmes museum 🙄 #litsylovesclassics @Sarah83 @Bambolina_81

Aimeesue I love book spines that make a picture, like this and the Aubrey-Maturin Master and Commander series. ❤️ 6y
Sarah83 That glass. 💖💖💖 6y
PickwickPlockPlock How is the annotated books by Klinger? I only have the Baring-Gould one. 6y
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Moray_Reads @PickwickPlockPlock I love the Klinger editions. The annotations are amazingly detailed 6y
PickwickPlockPlock @Moray_Reads Now I know what I want for christmas (if I can wait that long 😉) 6y
Moray_Reads @PickwickPlockPlock I can't recommend them highly enough, they're just huge! 6y
PickwickPlockPlock @Moray_Reads I'd imagine they are the same size as the Baring Gould edition, which could come in handy if ever a burglar tried to rob us! 6y
jillrhudy Gorgeous 6y
ladym30 Stunning! 6y
batsy That's gorgeous 😍 6y
erzascarletbookgasm Great edition, loving those spines! 6y
LeahBergen So cool. ❤️ 6y
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Starting an old favorite

Kaye Welcome😊 6y
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Day 8 of #MarchMadness #LikableVillain - TV series Moriarty is twisted in an uncomfortably likable way.
He‘s unpredictable and that‘s always intriguing!
#books #march #challenge #mystery #villain #moriarty #sherlock #litsy #detective #fiction

thereadingowlvina Yes! 👍😁 6y
batsy Good choice! 6y
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somebooksaround @batsy gotta love the sherlock world! 6y
RohitSawant Awesome pick! 6y
Andrew65 I did think of Moriarty too. 6y
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Shopping with my mom is always an adventure! 😍Found this awesome #boxset #sherlocked #sherlock

somebooksaround 🙌🙌🙌🙌 6y
Mariposa_Bookworm Awesome!!! I‘m so jealous!!!! 6y
tammysue Very nice set! 😁 6y
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JenlovesJT47 Great choices!! 💚 6y
RohitSawant Awesome picks! 💛🔍💛 Feel similarly about 5. 6y
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readordierachel So many good villains in GoT! 6y
vivastory @ReadOrDieRachel I never cheer as much as when a villain gets justice in GoT... probably because they've had a hand in killing several of my favorite characters 6y
GarthRanzz I almost went with Holmes as my hero! He was actually the first one that popped into my head. Then I got thinking did he really fit the hero profile for me. That‘s when I changed my mind to John Carter. 6y
Richryan52 @vivastory Are you a Holmes fan? 6y
vivastory @Richryan52 Definitely. I'm making my way through all of the short stories & novels. About halfway through both. 6y
Richryan52 @vivastory have you read any pastiches? 6y
vivastory @Richryan52 not yet, I had my eye on 6y
Richryan52 @vivastory I loved Moriarty. Check out The Vatican Cameos 6y
vivastory @Richryan52 sounds great. I'll check it out! 6y
Richryan52 @vivastory I couldn‘t resist 6y
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Check out what I got for Christmas!!


Holmes or Poirot?

CrowCAH Tough choice; both are great! But I would have to say Holmes over Poirot. (edited) 6y
Richryan52 @CrowCAH Thanks. That‘s always been my feeling but I don‘t know why 6y
PirateJenny Holmes for me 6y
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Richryan52 @PirateJenny I like the way you think 6y
Dragon Poirot by a moustache 6y
melissanorr It's always Holmes. Always. 6y
Richryan52 @melissanorr I‘m with you! 6y
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What is better than one envelope? Of course two... Look @LeahBergen what arrived today. I'm totally speechless. You did everything so right. Littens, have a look. Fruit tea, owl bookmark, art stickers and... Sherlock socks, a card and a self-made bookmark. I'm so thankful. Thank you so much. I'm overwhelmed. 😍🤗

Graciouswarriorprincess Those socks! 7y
Sarah83 @Graciouswarriorprincess yeeeessss.. I really adore them. 🤗 7y
Sarah83 @julesG for you the mug, for me the socks 😉 7y
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LeahBergen Oh!!! It finally arrived! I'm so glad you like it. 😘😘 7y
julesG Definitely! Best Friday ever! 7y
Sarah83 @LeahBergen thank you so much. 7y
Sarah83 @julesG you're right 7y
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Me, Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation when Data learns about Sherlock Holmes:

Moray_Reads Best. Episode. Ever. ❤🔎 7y
moranadatter Yes! I love this one. Nearly all of my favorite episodes have great Geordi and Data moments. 7y
balletbookworm Almost all my favorite episodes from TNG are Data-centric episodes, especially Data‘s Day bc Brent Spiner and Gates McFadden tap danced 7y
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I'm behind on the #sherlocked readalong. Anyone know which story we're on? I got distracted by a conference 🙄

Daisey I'm behind too, but I think I need to read "The Reigate Puzzle" to catch up. 7y
gossamerchild @Daisey thanks! I'll pick up with that. 7y
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Guarding the Canon #sherlock

RaimeyGallant Bahahah! 7y
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Over a hundred years later and he's still talked about! Cool.

vivastory I'm tempted to buy an extra copy of this to frame 7y
Gina @vivastory ooooh I like that idea! That would look fantastic over a bookcase! 7y
vivastory @gina That's where I was contemplating hanging it 7y
Gina @vivastory you have not disappointed me. Bravo! Suggestion... go to a resale shop and get an old kitchy looking frame. Don't forget pics ;) 7y
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#riotgrams My favorite villain is a classic and my choice might have been influenced by my obsession with the tv show version. Moriarty is brilliant, cunning, manipulative, and perfectly villainous.

Cinfhen Love this pic 😍 7y
JenP @Cinfhen thank you! 7y
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Considering the ridiculous amount of Holmes trivia stored away in my Mind Palace it's strange to think that I wrote Sherlock off after hating A Study in Scarlet and hating the arrogant, officious consulting detective. It was only after watching the marvelous Jeremy Brett that I #changedmymind and devoured the rest of the stories. (I still think the shorter stories are far superior) #FeistyFeb

saresmoore He really is an unlikable character at first read. 7y
Moray_Reads @saresmoore He's insufferable! And the structure of a Study in Scarlet is a complete mess. And yet there's just something that allows you to overlook all the problems and inconsistencies. 7y
vivastory @Moray_Reads The short stories are a lot better. I haven't read all of the Holmes stories & novels. Only Study in Scarlet & Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed Study but the inconsistencies are glaring. I loved the short stories. 7y
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Moray_Reads @vivastory The other novellas are better than Study, Hound of the Baskervilles is great, but I agree the short stories are much better 7y
Dragon When Jeremy Brett passed away I never thought I'd like another Sherlock. Then Benedict came along. 💜 7y
Moray_Reads @Dragon Oh I love Mr Cumberbatch too. I love his "sociopathic" Sherlock ❤ 7y
Sarah83 Brett is the best sherlock ever 😍 7y
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One of my #favbookishfriendships is the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. These two had many thrilling adventures together and always had each other's back. #augustofpages #augustphotochallenge

KarenUK Great pick! 8y
Sue ❤️ 8y
TheLondonBookworm Aw great pictures! 8y
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LibrarianJen I love them too! I have the whole Sherlock Holmes corpus. 8y
rabbitprincess The pic of Benedict and Martin kills me! 😆 8y
Dragon They are a great choice and my faves Poirot and Hastings are based on yours 8y
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