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I think I bought this on a Daily Deal, so I‘d better read it, right? Poignant is one of the descriptions in the blurb. So far I‘d agree.

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Megabooks I like this book more than the movie. 5y
Cortg I really liked this book! The movie was meh. 5y
Blueberry One of my top favorites the year I read it. 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Megabooks @Cortg I liked the movie, and so far the book‘s about equally good. Not quite at 50%. (edited) 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Blueberry Wow, that‘s a great endorsement! 5y
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Laurell K. Hamilton Set | Laurell K Hamilton
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When I first started reading the Anita Blake series, I was in love and thought nothing could dissuade me from that love! But each book, from Incubus Dreams on, has #ChangedMyMind a little bit more. I'm in too deep to quit reading now, but it feels more like a morbid fascination mixed with a foolish amount of hope, than true book love...

#FeistyFeb @RealLifeReading

Jennick2004 Oh a 🐧 that made my night 😁💗 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I completely understand that! 7y
CocoReads I didn't think about changing my mind in the other direction. I quit reading after Narcissis in Chains. 7y
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DiruVamp I feel exactly the same way. I absolutely loved the beginning books but haven't read the last couple. I definitely miss the old Anita. 7y
Ruri_kaichou I feel the same way too! I really enjoyed it at the beginning and then it became too much for me as the series progresses.. @CocoReads that's when I stopped reading as well. 7y
SassyGirlReading I kind of lost my obsession with Anita after Danse Macabre. I kept reading, but her first few books are definitely better than the later ones. I'm a couple behind now. 7y
Lizpixie Me too! I keep buying them because I love Anita & I love Jean-Claude, but when I find myself skipping whole chapters, it's frustrating.🙇🏻‍♀️ 7y
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While I never didn't like this one, my time in the Air Force added new context and #changedmymind about it. After experiencing bureaucracy first hand, I was able to appreciate Heller's farce in a new way. Life experience often gives us new perspectives as readers, and allows us to appreciate stories in new ways. I love rereading my favorites to see what new insights I gain. #feistyfebruary

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Swordspoint | Ellen Kushner
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I didn't like this book while I was reading it- lots of fantasy politics and machinations... not really my speed. I found myself rolling my eyes at the first half, & the majority of the main characters are scheming & manipulative. But! After finishing, I kept reliving scenes, and the central characters had this fantastic relationship that continued to captivate me later, just like what happens for books I love. #changedmymind #feistyfeb

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Considering the ridiculous amount of Holmes trivia stored away in my Mind Palace it's strange to think that I wrote Sherlock off after hating A Study in Scarlet and hating the arrogant, officious consulting detective. It was only after watching the marvelous Jeremy Brett that I #changedmymind and devoured the rest of the stories. (I still think the shorter stories are far superior) #FeistyFeb

saresmoore He really is an unlikable character at first read. 7y
Moray_Reads @saresmoore He's insufferable! And the structure of a Study in Scarlet is a complete mess. And yet there's just something that allows you to overlook all the problems and inconsistencies. 7y
vivastory @Moray_Reads The short stories are a lot better. I haven't read all of the Holmes stories & novels. Only Study in Scarlet & Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed Study but the inconsistencies are glaring. I loved the short stories. 7y
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Moray_Reads @vivastory The other novellas are better than Study, Hound of the Baskervilles is great, but I agree the short stories are much better 7y
Dragon When Jeremy Brett passed away I never thought I'd like another Sherlock. Then Benedict came along. 💜 7y
Moray_Reads @Dragon Oh I love Mr Cumberbatch too. I love his "sociopathic" Sherlock ❤ 7y
Sarah83 Brett is the best sherlock ever 😍 7y
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Outlander: A Novel | Diana Gabaldon
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Day 4 #feistyfeb- I read Outlander in high school and hated it, but I gave it a second chance when I started working with a group of ladies who adored the series. Turns out they were right, it's fantastic. #changedmymind #outlander

The Birthday Party | Harold Pinter
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I #changedmymind about Harold Pinter. His plays were required reading for modern anglophone literature class. Having read criticism of his work, I realized there is no easy way into Pinter so it's best to just crash-land into his work. This play filled me with dread. The drum beat, fricative verbal tennis matches, everything in this play feels like it's counting down to something. But it left me hungry for more Pinter.

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#feistyfebruary #changedmymind. When I first started reading Christie's I hated Miss Marple. I had seen some old movie with a very silly comedic Marple. As an adult I ran out of all the others and "had" to read a "Marple " Now I appreciate and love Aunt Jane ??

rabbitprincess The Margaret Rutherford ones? Those movies are pretty nutty. 7y
Dragon Thanks @rabbitprincess those are the ones! 👍 7y
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