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I went with the #closetome literally. This cover is quite a close up still quite lovely. #anglophileapril
@Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch @emilyhaldi

Reviewsbylola I like that, great choice! 10mo
Mdargusch Nice cover too! 10mo
emilyhaldi Love all of the different takes on this prompt 🤗 10mo
Cinfhen And I noticed “best burgers in LA” 🍔🍟😋 10mo
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A Game of Hide and Seek | Elizabeth Taylor
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One of my bookcases that‘s #CloseToMe right at this moment. 😄


Mtroiano 😍 10mo
saresmoore Oh. My. Goodness. 10mo
Reviewsbylola Your shelves are my absolute favorite Litsy shelves!! 10mo
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writerlibrarian Well... i'm not at all turning green... nope. 😉😉😉 10mo
JoScho Beautiful 💗 10mo
Leftcoastzen Pretty! 10mo
Mdargusch Wow! I could stare at that for hours! ❤️❤️❤️ 10mo
batsy 😍😍 10mo
AlaMich Your shelves are awesome! I get the feeling you are a series completist...😉 10mo
emilyhaldi Uuggghhhh I will never not have major book envy with ANYTHING you post 🤤 10mo
LeslieO So beautiful! I wish I could enlarge it like instagram so I could read all the titles. 10mo
Kalalalatja I can‘t deal 😍😍😍😍 10mo
Tanisha_A WOW 10mo
Cinfhen Looks like an old English library shelf!! Beautiful 10mo
Susannah So purty! 😍 10mo
mabell 😍❤️😍 10mo
Sarah83 Can you take a picture of the vmc's 😍😍😍 10mo
youneverarrived Gorgeous 😍 10mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful ♥️♥️♥️ 10mo
LeahBergen @AlaMich Hmm... a wee bit. 😆😆 I‘m not too rabid about it, though. 10mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads Yes, and it‘s all thanks to you! Doesn‘t it look nice with the other old Thirkells? 😄 10mo
LeahBergen @Sarah83 Do you want a photo of just the titles? 10mo
Sarah83 This would be very nice. 😍 I am going to use this for future parcels as an alternative to Folios. 😍 10mo
LeahBergen @Sarah83 Aww, you‘re so sweet! 😘 10mo
Sarah83 😘😘😘😘 These ones I can order at book depository for example 😍 10mo
Melissa_J You know I love your Shellie pics 😍 10mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen 😊 I also like seeing two of my favorites, Tryst and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. (edited) 10mo
LeahBergen @Melissa_J 😘😘 10mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads I blame my purchase of both of these on YOU! I only recently (finally!) found a hardcover of The Ghost and Mrs Muir (I‘ve never even seen the movie). 10mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads Oh, and I had to put it next to Tryst on the shelf because they‘re both recommendations from you. 😆😆 10mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen Read the book first, but you must watch the movie. It‘s wonderful! (edited) 10mo
rohit-sawant Oo, love this! 😍 10mo
BiblioLitten Can‘t even!! 😍😍 10mo
Megabooks 🤩😍🤩😍🤩 10mo
MStew I'm in love with your books and book taste 😍 10mo
LeahBergen @meghan2714 Wow, that was a lot of “likes” from you. 😆 Thank you so much!! 10mo
MStew @LeahBergen 😂 I was looking at all your bookies your welcome. 9mo
elkeo_TheBookDragon I wish I could zoom in and check out your titles! 9mo
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Phoebe and Her Unicorn | Dana Simpson
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Reviewsbylola I‘m curious about these books. They look like books my kids will be all over a few years from now! 10mo
AmberWB @Reviewsbylola I am really enjoying it! It is in the same vein as Calvin & Hobbes, which is one of my favorites. 10mo
Mdargusch Definitely a book your girls would like @Reviewsbylola 10mo
emilyhaldi Ofcourse you have a book close by 😉 10mo
AmberWB @emilyhaldi Always!! 😊 10mo
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I love English (and British) history, and when I sit and read each evening these are the books closest to me. #CloseToMe

For anyone interested in Edward I, the tagged book is excellent.


Reviewsbylola 😍😍😍 total shelf envy! 10mo
Mdargusch Great collection. I spy Georgette Hyer. 🥰 10mo
Melissa_J @Reviewsbylola thanks! I haven‘t read half of them yet though 😂 10mo
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LeahBergen Ha! I did a shelf, too! 👯 10mo
CouronneDhiver 😍😍😍 10mo
Mdargusch 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 10mo
emilyhaldi Oh man 😍 I just screenshotted this photo so I could stalk all of your amazing book choices!! 10mo
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(Day 1 - #CloseToMe)

Sorry, I can‘t think of “Close to Me” without immediately thinking of “Close to You” ... and I‘m showing my age again.

Texreader I love the Carpenters 10mo
SW-T 😂 Close to You is a great song! Love The Carpenters 😊 10mo
Reviewsbylola Love it! 10mo
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Mdargusch Good one! 10mo
Pamwurtzler Ha I thought of that too!! 10mo
emilyhaldi 💃🏻🕺🏻 10mo
Cinfhen Ah, this makes me think of my parents (sorry, GradCat) but they LOVED The Carpenters!!!! 10mo
gradcat @Texreader @SW-T @Mdargusch @Pamwurtzler @emilyhaldi Thanks for your comments, peeps! I love, love, love it when you do that!! 💗💕❤️ 10mo
gradcat @Cinfhen As for you, my dear! Alas, I probably am the same age as your parents.... omigod, I could be your mother!! 😱 See, it‘s quite frightening, isn‘t it?!? 😂 10mo
gradcat @Pamwurtzler Oh, gee, Pam...are you an older than dirt Litten like me? 😂😂🤣🤣 10mo
Cinfhen I don‘t think that‘s true @gradcat you are wayyyyyyy cooler than my mom & dad!! I just think u just have sophisticated taste in music 😆I was born in 1966, making me no spring bunny 🥀🐰 10mo
Crazeedi @gradcat when I saw this prompt, this was what i thought of first too!!! Then thought close to me, not you!!! Great minds!! 10mo
emilyhaldi We love seeing your posts ❣️😉 10mo
Pamwurtzler @gradcat Yep!!! 10mo
gradcat @Cinfhen Omigod, woman—I‘m only 8 years older than you...hmmm, maybe I‘m not old enough to be your mom....🤭🤔😂 10mo
gradcat @Crazeedi I think we have a lot in common...yes, & great minds! 😂😂😂 10mo
gradcat @Pamwurtzler Well, yay! I love being in a group that has folks of all ages, and it‘s especially nice to find some folks around my age. 😊❤️😊 10mo
Cinfhen Litsy has the BEST people around, ALL AGES!!! 10mo
gradcat @Cinfhen Of course Litsy has the best people...why, they have you!! ❤️💗💕🥰 10mo
Cinfhen Awwwww 😘😘😘 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#anglophileapril #closetome
@Cinfhen @Mdargusch @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi
I'm not sure how this is done, but this is what I came up with...😊
This song popped into my head...

Reviewsbylola That works! ♥️ 10mo
Mdargusch Ha! Now I will have the ear worm for this song! 👂🏻🐛 10mo
writerlibrarian Totally works 10mo
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Crazeedi @Mdargusch yep me too when I saw the prompt 10mo
Crazeedi @writerlibrarian @Reviewsbylola thanks, I wasnt sure if it had to be a book! 10mo
Reviewsbylola Most people do books but songs work too! It‘s very loose so people post a whole range of things. Today I actually posted my nightstand, although there were books on it. 😆 10mo
emilyhaldi This is a total ear worm!! 🐛 10mo
Crazeedi @Reviewsbylola thank you! 10mo
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The Outsider | Stephen King
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What is #CloseToMe at the moment - an unlit candle, a glass of water, and my current read. Exciting stuff 😅

#AnglophileApril #currentlyreading

vivastory Are you liking the book? 10mo
Kalalalatja @vivastory it is really outside my normal reading wheel house, but I think I am? I‘m about 150 pages in, and I‘m interested in seeing where this book takes me, but something about King‘s writing style is making me a bit annoyed 🤷‍♀️ 10mo
Reviewsbylola Minimalist. 10mo
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Kalalalatja @Reviewsbylola or just semi broke 😂 (edited) 10mo
Cinfhen I don‘t have a good track record with King 🤷‍♀️ 10mo
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen I have only read two of his books, aside from this, and I have enjoyed them, but they didn‘t wow me. I thought this was “just” going to be a mystery, but now there might be something supernatural going on, and I‘m not sure how I feel about that. Or, if I‘m just supposed to think something supernatural is going on, but there will be a logical explanation in the end. I‘m confused... 🙃 10mo
Cinfhen King has a way of doing that 10mo
Mdargusch I‘m like @Cinfhen - I‘m not a King fan. 10mo
emilyhaldi I really want to try more King!! Someday 🖤 10mo
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#AnglophileApril #CloseToMe I have read some Proulx ,need to read some more .I‘m getting rid of all my books....April Fools!

Cinfhen Hahaha 10mo
Cinfhen I believed you for a hot second 10mo
vivastory 😂 10mo
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Reviewsbylola I am too gullible so I‘m over April Fools. 😆 10mo
RealBooks4ever Omg, my heart stopped for a sec! 😆💜 10mo
emilyhaldi Hehehe 😆 10mo
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#AnglophileApril @Mdargusch @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi @Cinfhen

#CloseToMe makes me think of the part where Simon is outed to the whole school and he feels that intense social claustrophobia because all eyes are on him now

Cinfhen I only saw the movie... which was ADORABLE!! I bawled 🙄 10mo
Reviewsbylola I‘ve had my eye on this one! 10mo
Mdargusch Sounds like a good one! 10mo
emilyhaldi 👀👀👀 10mo
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The Grapes of Wrath | John Steinbeck
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#closetome is my nightstand. It usually looks like this—stacks and a bin of books, my current read, and some other necessities. Missing is my eye mask (my kids are always grabbing it and losing it) and my kindle.


Cinfhen I don‘t remember Grapes being such a chunkster 😳😱 10mo
Reviewsbylola It is. 530 pages. I really like it though so it‘s flying by. Should be finishing it tonight! @Cinfhen 10mo
Cinfhen Did u choose it for fun??? Im not sure I could read it again?? I found it SOOOOO DEPRESSING 10mo
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Cinfhen But then again, I was 19 10mo
Reviewsbylola It is unbelievably depressing. How do they have any kind of hope? I‘d be more like the pregnant sister who is always moping and sorry for herself. 😆 @Cinfhen 10mo
Reviewsbylola And yes, chose it for fun! @Cinfhen 10mo
EadieB @Reviewsbylola I like Steinbeck. East of Eden was a good book. I also read Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men. I went to the Steinbeck Museum in CA when my husband won a trip to Pebble Beach. He hit a hole in one at a golf course nearby and the trip was the prize. He played 3 courses and I went sightseeing! Great fun! @Cinfhen (edited) 10mo
Cinfhen Cool!! How fun @eadieb 10mo
Centique @EadieB I love East of Eden. Grapes is so good but yup, so hard on the heart I reckon @Cinfhen And I went to that museum last year when I visited the US 😍 10mo
EadieB @Centique Very cool! Did you see the Mexican workers in the fields on the way to the museum? It reminded me of what he wrote in his books about them. @cinfhen @Reviewsbylola 10mo
Reviewsbylola East of Eden and MoM are two favorites of mine. @EadieB @Centique I didn‘t realize there was a museum! 10mo
Cinfhen I‘d be curious to read EoE @Centique @EadieB @Reviewsbylola assuming it‘s no chunkster!!!! 10mo
EadieB @Cinfhen it is a bit of a chunkster but it is such a good story! Also a great movie! (edited) 10mo
Centique @Cinfhen totally a chunkster 😂😂😂 10mo
Centique @EadieB we drove up from LA and although I didn‘t see workers I saw lots of farms and oil fields which set the scene for sure. 10mo
Cinfhen That‘s probably why I haven‘t read it... maybe I‘ll suggest it to my bookclub for our big summer read @Centique @EadieB 10mo
EadieB @Reviewsbylola Checkout Steinbeck.org 10mo
EadieB @Centique I bet you went through Gilroy where all the garlic is grown. You couldn‘t miss the smell of Garlic. 10mo
Centique @EadieB oh yes we did! 😄 because we went to San Jose too. (edited) 10mo
BiblioLitten Interesting cover. 💕 10mo
Mdargusch I love your bin of books. 😁 10mo
Reviewsbylola The bin has been there for a year now but brian finally noticed it the other day and asked when I bought it. 😆 @Mdargusch 10mo
Mdargusch Ha! Sounds like something your dad would say. 10mo
emilyhaldi EoE sounds like another buddy read 🤗🤗🤗 @Cinfhen it‘s been staring at me from my shelf for way too long! 10mo
emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola what‘s with the janky sock?? 10mo
Cinfhen Ooooooohhhhh, let‘s do it @emilyhaldi bc IRL bookclub shot me down. They all read it already but not interested in a reread. 10mo
emilyhaldi @Cinfhen yesss, this will totally motivate me to finally pick it up 🙃 my buddy read schedule is wide open (yours maybe not so much??) So you just tell me when! 10mo
Cinfhen I need to pick up the book and it‘s a chunky but I‘d be up for reading it over the summer @emilyhaldi what do u think?? Would summer work??? 10mo
Reviewsbylola I like to keep warm socks nearby in case my feet get cold in the night. 😆 @emilyhaldi I‘m keeping it real here. 10mo
Reviewsbylola I‘d be in, I want to reread it! @Cinfhen @emilyhaldi 10mo
Cinfhen How about you @Mdargusch summer read of East of Eden???? 10mo
Mdargusch Sure! I love buddy reads to get me through the chunksters. Otherwise I don‘t have the motivation to read them. @Cinfhen @emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola I actually read this about 10 years ago with my IRL book club but I forget it 🤪 (edited) 10mo
Cinfhen Yay!!! Another Dargusch Family buddy read!!!! Let‘s hope I don‘t bail, so far my track record sucks @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch @Reviewsbylola 😂 10mo
emilyhaldi Summer read it is!! @Cinfhen ☀️ 10mo
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