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Thank You for Voting
Thank You for Voting: The Maddening, Enlightening, Inspiring Truth About Voting in America | Erin Geiger Smith
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In this concise, lively look at the past, present, and future of voting, a journalist examines the long and continuing fight for voting equality, why so few Americans today vote, and innovative ways to educate and motivate them; included are checklists of what to do before election day to prepare to vote and encourage others. Voting is a prized American right and a topic of debate from the earliest days of the country. Yet in the 2016 presidential election, about 40 percent of Americansand half of the countrys young adultsdidnt vote. Why do so many Americans choose not to vote, and what can we do about it? The problem, Erin Geiger Smith contends, is a lack of understanding about our electoral system and a need to make voting more accessible. Thank You for Voting is her eye-opening look at the voting process, starting with the Framers perspective, through the Equal Protection amendment and the Voting Rights Act, to the present and simple actions individuals can take to increase civic participation in local, state, and national elections. Geiger Smith expands our knowledge about our democracyincluding womens long fight to win the vote, attempts to suppress newly enfranchised voters' impact, state prohibitions against felons voting, charges of voter fraud and voter suppression, and other vital issues. In a conversational tone, she explains topics that can confuse even the most informed voters: polling, news literacy, gerrymandering and the Electoral College. She also explores how age, race, and socioeconomic factors influence turnout. Ultimately, Thank You for Voting offers hope. Geiger Smith challenges corporations to promote voting, and offers examples of how companies like Patagonia and Walmart have taken up the task in a non-partisan way. And she reveals how get-out-the-vote movementssuch as television star Yara Shahidis voting organization, Michelle Obamas When We All Vote campaign, and on-the-ground young activistsinnovatively use technology and grassroots techniques to energize first-time voters.
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#LittensLoveRomance Our next read will be a Medieval romance and I‘ve picked some oldies and what I hope are goodies. Please let me know if you want to be removed from the main tag list and as always you can send comments and suggestions to littensloveromance@gmail.com. https://forms.gle/gyHZ156q72rFbBej8

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#LittensLoveRomance Hi guys! It‘s time to vote for our November read. I decided to go with some thriller/mystery choices this time around. As always please reach out to me at LittensLoveRomance@gmail.com with suggestions or ideas for future months. And if you want to be removed from my tag list, please let me know. https://forms.gle/dz2B9fUtq8kzgqFK9

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#LittensLoveRomance October Read: it‘s time to vote for our next read, and rather than go paranormal which we just did for August, I thought we‘d try a historical romance. I picked books from several different years and some of my favourite authors. As always, you can send your book suggestions to littensloveromance@gmail.com. https://forms.gle/t2CZ7Wc7Nmt1Z35t7

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I‘m participating in @RamsFan1963 #votedearlyreadathon. Ballot is going in today and then there isn‘t anything I can do but wait 😬😬😫🤞

WorldsOkayestStepMom Early voting in Oklahoma doesn't even start until tomorrow. I'll be voting on Friday morning, but I'm 100% down to lose myself in the pages of books before and after! 2y
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Excellent, informative book on the history of voting, who got and who has the vote and who still doesn't have the vote...young people. How we as individuals can engage with our candidates about issues that are important to us and lastly how we can encourage our peers and our communities to vote.