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Hump Day
Hump Day: Funny Camel Notebook Blank Lined Journal Novelty Office Humor Gift | Dream Journals
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Funny Camel Notebook Blank Lined Journal Novelty Office Humor Gift. * Each pad measures 6 x 9 inches and has 115 Lined White Pages.* Premium Matte Paperback Cover* Ideal for taking Writing, Notes, Brain Storming, Making Lists, Journaling, Bible Study and Much More!* Great small gift idea. Graduation gift, birthday gift, employee appreciation gift for any office environment. * Perfect Gift Writing Journal to inspire and motivate someone!
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1. Going to Celtic Fest with @cobwebmoth
2. The Story Changes, Chuck Ragan, Dave Hause, Over the Rhine, Shannon Perry Clark, Morphine, Birds of Chicago, Dream Theater
3. When I was 7, I cut my bangs off right before we were supposed to leave the house.
4. Action figure customization
5. Fresh salsa time! Also, a nice fountain at a local cemetery. (You always find water type Pokemon there.)

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1. After a really busy first half of the year, I haven‘t got much planned now😩

2. I very rarely listen to music

3. I‘m very boring, I‘ve never really had a seriously bad ‘do. Apart from the big 80s perm, but everyone had one of those!

4. I love doing jigsaws

5. Pic from today on my lunchtime walk, and Sunday with members of my running club doing Race For Life.

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1. Trip to Florida this weekend/next week to see my son who recently moved there. Also 25th anniversary trip next month with my sweetie ❤️
2. New music? No idea lol
3. I got it cut super short when I was like nine. That was a bad look on me.
4. My daughter @wideeyedreader has introduced almost the whole family to D&D.
5. Husband‘s work had a family day last weekend and both pictures are from that.

@DebbieGrillo @MinDea #humpdaypost

Crazeedi Welcome to litsy!!🎉🎉 4d
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1. My morning coffee, every morning.
2. I‘m horribly out of the loop when it comes to music.
3. A big-ass perm that was all the rage in the late 80‘s/early 90‘s.
4. Always have to have a blanket on me, no matter how hot it is.
5. Top: the coffee mug my mom bought me. Bottom: my kids bonding at the library.
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rachelk Looking forward to coffee is what gets me out of bed in the morning! 5d
Crazeedi The Farrah Fawcett do eh?? Me too,lol 4d
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1. We just decided to take our grandkids to see Cirque du Soliel later this summer!
2. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I mostly listen to spa stuff in my office. But have you heard of Idan Raichel? Amazing 🎶
3. Straightening my curls until they got chemical burns
4. Photography? Writing? Puzzles!
5. My neighbor‘s cat on our deck and an outdoor concert (Eagles tribute band)


DebbieGrillo Yay for summer! Looking up Iden Raichel. 5d
dgingo Beautiful kitty! Thanks for sharing! 5d
IndoorDame Oooh, Cirque du Soliel is magic! Have fun!!! 5d
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Tungstensmum Fluffffffffffy 😻 5d
UwannaPublishme Cirque! 🙌🏻 4d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @IndoorDame @uwannaPublishMe We LOVE their shows. Mr. B and I have been about 10 times I think. But our littlest grandkids haven‘t seen them yet. And the middle ones were super tiny the last time we went. So it‘s time for a re-dux! (edited) 4d
UwannaPublishme The last one we saw was “Love” and we‘re definitely overdue to see another one! 4d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @UwannaPublishme I‘m anxious to see that one. Next time we‘re in Vegas! 4d
BarbaraTheBibliophage @dgingo @Tungstensmum Yes, he is big and fluffy. I don‘t mind him on the deck, but sometimes he picks the garden as his spot...grrrr. 4d
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1. My morning coffee to finish brewing
2. My students totally got me hooked on Billie Eilish and Lil Peep.
3. I cut my own hair in middle school ?
4. I played (will sometimes still play) Magic the Gathering. My true love is Pokémon though.
5. My chef cousin gave me a yummy recipe, and my kids bonding.

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1. Going to the Red Sox game this afternoon
2. Idk “new” music, but some of my favorites are Bon Iver, the Civil Wars, and Jeff Buckley.
3. My mom made me get a perm in 6th grade and the kids at the bus stop called me lion 🦁
4. Coloring and listening to true crime podcasts
5. Some views from our drive through Maine on Saturday.


Boooooks Those photos are amazing 😍 5d
DebbieGrillo Beautiful Maine. My neighbor. 5d
Crazeedi The photos are ❤❤❤❤ 4d
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1. Leaving for first road trip of the summer Friday-to Colorado
2. Currently loving First Aid Kit, not sure if that counts as super new
3. Went to a cheap hair chain and they used a weird to curved comb to trim my hair, it was bad
4. I play World of Warcraft #glorytotheguild #WoW
5. My dogs feature prominently
#HumpDayPost @DebbieGrillo @MinDea

Coleen_Nieto @Nessavamusic Welcome to Colorful Colorado! I hope uppity have a fantastic trip! 5d
LibrarianJen I used to play WoW back in the day 5d
Tungstensmum OMG THOSE DOGS 5d
Nessavamusic @Tungstensmum they are pretty cool 4d
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1. Going to visit friends in Scotland from last years holiday in Rhodes
2. Sam Fender 🎶
3. Dyed it pink 💗
4. Playing chess ♟
5. Drinking in the garden and the cinema with my niece 🍺🎬🍿

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1. My birthday and my giveaway on here
2. I‘m kinda liking lovelytheband lately
3.putting peroxide in my dark brown hair when I was 14 and it turned orange. My mother wouldn‘t let me die it back by she was mad so it had t grow out!
4. Hmmm.... watching old game shows
5. Me and my son at his field day and some events at our local park
#humpdaypost @MinDea

StayCurious The hair incident reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, when she turned her hair green! 5d
Nessavamusic I remember friends trying to home dye hair, it never ended well! 5d
readordierachel Cute pic! 5d
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1) I found out that I will be getting 4 days off work (in a row!) later this month and I didn't even ask for it.
2) Don't reread often but have with Harry Potter in different formats.
3) ...What?
4) The Princess Bride

#HumpDayPost @DebbieGrillo @MinDea

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1. My grandpa seems to be doing better. Saw someone from school, if i wasnt awkward when talking to someone who is attractive might jhave ended different.
2. Misty of chincoteague as a kid. I dont reread as an adult.
3. Toronto sick of seeing golden state. Football is definitely denver broncos
4. Anything edgar allan poe
Anyone who hasnt done it.
@DebbieGrillo @MinDea

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☔️ Rain showers WITHOUT hail
📖 Shadow of the Wind
🏀 Golden State Warriors for the love of K.D., but it would be nice to see another team come out on top. Go, Raptors!
📚 The Good Earth

TAG: @Chelleo @MicheleinPhilly @MoniqueReads305


Avidreader25 Shadow of the Wind is one of my fav to reread too! 2w
Chelleo Hail 😳 2w
Nute @Avidreader25 I don‘t usually like to reread books, but there is something about this story that feels brand new every time that I read it. I love it! Did you read the other books in the series? 1w
Nute @Chelleo That‘s the perfect emoji for that four-letter word.😅 1w
Avidreader25 @Nute I have! Nothing beats Shadow, but I loved spending more time in Zafon‘s Barcelona. 1w
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