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Brownie Points | Jennifer Coburn
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candc320 Amazing job!!! 12mo
Bookwormjillk Wow! 12mo
TheSpineView Awesome job! 🤩 12mo
Clwojick Awesomeee!!!! 🧡💪🏻👻💚 12mo
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Fergus and his cycling team are days away from the national competitions - when 2 of them have to drop out. It‘s a story of teamwork and extended family, and competition.
BUT also. If Fergus pedals backwards he ends up in the kingdom of Nevermore, where his Dad is trapped in a castle gaol and cycling is banned. And there‘s a Swamp of Certain Death. Very Princess Bride.
Confused again. Probably makes sense if you start from book 1 🤷🏻‍♀️.

rockpools Moral of story: probably best not to start at number 5 in the series - even if it fits a prompt and is available! #YeahBaby #BBRC #GoTeam
@Sarahreadstoomuch @LibrarianRyan
(edited) 2y
Sarahreadstoomuch Sounds a little confusing. 2y
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This book was just weird and rather gross. It is about the science that helps take care of the military. Its definitely not a book to read while eating and is rather too informative in certain cases (like the chapters dedicated to genital replacement or diarrhea).
#AuthoraMonth @Soubhiville
#BBRC #yeahbaby #GoTeam
@LibrarianRyan @Sarahreadstoomuch

Pageturner1 yuck! i am a nurse and i have seen some disgusting things but i think i will skip this one. 2y
TorieStorieS Gulp and Packing For Mars have similar sections that are the opposite of appetizing...🤢 2y
AmyG I‘m listening to this now. Uh oh 😳 2y
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Sarahreadstoomuch Woah. Would not that expected that! 😳 2y
LibrarianRyan They choose this for Illinois Reads a few years ago and I was like???? 2y
Clare-Dragonfly Sounds like Mary Roach! 😆 2y
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#summerfun @StayCurious @4thHouseontheLeft
#BBRC #YEahBaby #GoTeam @LibrarianRyan
The first book was a great read, and so was the sequal.

LibrarianRyan yeahhh 2y
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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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Wow! This was a fun ride! Totally reminded my of the “Oceans Eleven” movies... but in a fantasy world. Glad I FINALLY read this! #bbrc #yeahbaby #goteam because the six members of this crew had to work together or lose everything. #readmyowndamnbooks #bookspinbingo #freespace That ending though.... now I‘ll have to work Crooked Kingdom into my reading list sooner!

LibrarianRyan I‘m eventually going to read this. I own it. And the socks. And the bag. 😜 2y
Sarahreadstoomuch @LibrarianRyan lol! It had been on my shelf for.... a bit. It happens! 2y
TheAromaofBooks I've been meaning to read this book forever! 2y
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Good Job, Little Bear | Martin Waddell
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• SO PROUD OF OUR AWESOME TEAM!! 🎉❄️🎉❄️ Let's keep up the momentum and finish out the month on top!! 😉😁 •

#WinterGames #TeamFestivus #goteam #yay #success

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#bfcr4 signed up and already excited! Thank you SO much for doing this again @wanderinglynn I know how much work this is for you. The fitness challenge is so good for me, it‘s had such a positive impact on my life and I‘m so pleased it‘s back.

No pressure obviously but if anyone on my beloved #goteam from #bfcr3 wants to join again I‘d love to keep up with how you‘re all doing! The link to sign up is on Lynn‘s page

wanderinglynn 🙌🏻 You‘re the first person to sign-up! 🥳 3y
Emilymdxn @wanderinglynn your post was the first thing that came up on my phone when I walked out of work it was like a lovely lil sign from the universe 🥰 3y
KathyWheeler I‘m signed up! 3y
guinsgirlreads Yay! Thanks! 3y
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The Fitness Mindset | Sheba Blake
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#bookfitnesschallenge #bfcr3 week 6 checkin (late)
6 week totals #goteam
Walking = 59.15 out of 60 miles
Weights = 2 out of 6 sessions
Yoga = 2 out of 6 sessions
Eating = could‘ve done better
Books = 21 finished out of 15 as goal

Pictures are from today‘s walks. It must be near monarch migration time; they were out in force.

cobwebmoth So pretty! Great job! 3y
Megabooks Awesome job!! 3y
Emilymdxn You‘ve done brilliant! Reading particularly you‘ve absolutely smashed. And even if you didn‘t reach a certain number on the other goals you made an effort, and did something rather than nothing which is a massive achievement 3y
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tjwill 👏🏽 3y
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Great job! 3y
KathyWheeler Thanks everybody! 3y
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Sorry, #GoTeam team-mates, I went a bit AWOL on the #BookFitnessChallenge in the last couple of weeks. I met my fitness goals (my PT has said he loves training me!), but still haven‘t got my nutrition where it needs to be, and although I have probably hit my reading goals, I gave up counting because giving myself a page target turned out to be a bad move, so I ended up putting pressure on myself 🙄.

KathyWheeler I love the way you‘ve summed up your progress! 3y
tjwill 👏🏽 3y
Emilymdxn You‘ve done really great and I‘m just as proud of you as if you‘d meticulously tracked every last thing! Food is a difficult thing to regulate that closely and you kept reading - the counting isn‘t what matters most, the effort is. I‘m with your PT on this! 3y
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 You‘ve made great progress! 3y
cobwebmoth It was very nice being on the same team with you! 3y
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I got a run in today! I had planned to go yesterday, but there were two sketchy guys in the parking area at the trail where I normally run, and I just didn‘t feel safe. Unfortunately, I didn‘t have time to drive somewhere else first and still get in my whole run. My in-laws kept the kids this afternoon and my husband went out with me today. #bfcr3 #goteam

TheDaysGoBy Sounds like you were being very smart - your safety should always come first! Glad you still got a run in 👍🏻 3y
Emilymdxn That‘s a lot of v sensible decisions! Running is great to do but not at the expense of feeling safe, there‘s always another day and you managed to fit one in today! 3y
wanderinglynn Very smart. Always go with your gut. 👍🏻 3y
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