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This email got me way too excited!!! Anyone who knows me knows that two of my favorite things are my alma matter and reading. (I even have a tattoo of the iconic bear statue in the middle of town that people apparently can‘t help but run into; Google “Geneseo fountain hit,” it‘s seriously been like 15 times). Looking forward to this!!!!😍 #BookClub #GeneseoAlumniBookClub #YAY

Caterina I used to date a guy from Geneseo and he showed me that statue. 😂 4mo
MolliesaurusRex @Caterina I legitimately almost cried when that semi destroyed it the first time it got hit. It‘s honestly why I got Emmeline tattooed on my ankle.🤣 4mo
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Who Fears Death | Nnedi Okorafor
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Yesterday was my birthday. A couple of friends gave me these gifts. Both were already on my TBR list but they didn‘t know that.

Lauram Happy Birthday! 🎂 5mo
Thndrstd @Lauram thank you 5mo
Librarybelle Happy Birthday! 5mo
Thndrstd @Librarybelle thank you 5mo
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Serpent & Dove | Shelby Mahurin
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#currentlyreading #preview #septrso2019 #yafantasy #smexy (I believe) plus I am on holidays for two weeks. #midyearschoolbreak #yay

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The Rest of the Story | Sarah Dessen
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Nothing like an early Tuesday lunch with some tea and a good book after fasting for 16 hours 😌 (don‘t worry I broke my fast with a delicious salad) #books #tbr #yay

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I had so much fun seeing Weezer and the Pixies perform last night.

Ive been wanting to see Weezer in concert since I was in middle school and I‘m so happy it finally happened.

#yay #sorrynotbookrelated

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Watching You | Lisa Jewell
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#bnbookhaul: Feeding my bookworm soul, one book at a time
#yay #books #🥰 #cattax

Chelleo Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. There‘s so many fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more! #LitsyWelcomeWagon 9mo
RaimeyGallant Love the bags! And welcome! 9mo
RaimeyGallant That looks like my cat! 9mo
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Nya @Chelleo @RaimeyGallant Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to sharing the love for books...and cats!😆 (edited) 9mo
Chelleo @Nya Definitely check out #catsoflitsy then 😀 9mo
Nya @Chelleo Thanks, that‘s awesome that hashtag exists here! 9mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!! :) 9mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🌷 9mo
Nya Thank you!😊 @ProfReader @Eggs 9mo
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Pack | Jeaniene Frost
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Woohoo!!!🥳 🙌🏽 I completed my reading challenge for 2018. I got a little worried there in the middle of December because I still had 2 books left to read but I made it.😀 #patontheback #readingchallenge #2018challenge #goodreads #bookgoals #yay

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Untitled | Unknown
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Omg i love Bookfest so much. I've been hanging for it for about a month!! Got some really good books, all practically brand new for a fraction of the price. A couldn't find any of the WWII books on my list, but I reckon I did ok. #bookhaul #bookfest #yay!

TrishB Wow 😮 great selection 👍🏻 11mo
Zee3 @TrishB thanks Trish! I'm pretty happy with what I got today. 😁 11mo
Shley9225 What is bookfest? 11mo
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Zee3 @Shley9225 bookfest is an event that is held around Australia and hosted by Lifeline. They are a charity that help people with suicide, I guess silimar to the salvation army, with stores that sell 2nd items? Twice a year they get a big section at the convention centre and have all the books on display for sale. There are over 1 million books. 11mo
Shley9225 @Zee3 that sounds like an amazing event and wonderful way to raise money! And explains all the uk/aus covers in your stack! So jealous ❤️ 11mo
Zee3 @Shley9225 haha. I'm jealous about all the cool bookish stuff you guys can get in the states!! I've had a look at etsy and shipping to aus from the US is super expensive! But I do love Bookfest, its so cool to see people going around filling up shopping trolleys full of books. 11mo
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I found one of my top 3 shows on Prime video!!!! No reading will be done today! Just watching!! #yay

litenthusiast Oh, I love that show! I may have to rewatch it. 11mo
jpmcwisemorgan I liked that show! 11mo
taraWritesSci Yay! Eureka was so underrated, it's one of my favorites too. 11mo
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