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You | Caroline Kepnes
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#LilithJuly It‘s a bit of a lazy choice but honestly, when it comes to Joe & Beck #IGotACaseOfYou seems VERY fitting!!!! I loved this book!!!

BarbaraBB Do you think I would too? I am looking for a thrilling airplane read! 3y
Cinfhen I couldn‘t put it down but I‘m not sure how much you‘d like it @BarbaraBB It‘s not well written but the hook is strong!!! Will you have a backup book just in case!?!?! 😬 #TooMuchPressure 😘❤️ 3y
TrishB Today‘s is hard!! 3y
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BarbaraBB Lol, i know, it‘s a lot of pressure. And as you know I often end up disappointed in thrillers. I loved The Lovely Wife though! 3y
Cinfhen It really is @TrishB 😂😂if you enjoyed My Lovely Wife, I think YOU is a good choice then 🤞🏼🤞🏼 @BarbaraBB 3y
gradcat @Cinfhen & @TrishB Isn‘t “You” considered YA? I was thinking you didn‘t like YA novels, @BarbaraBB ... but I might be wrong? 🤷🏽‍♀️ 3y
BarbaraBB @gradcat You are right! I don‘t like YA. That‘s why I unstacked earlier. But @Cinfhen isn‘t too much of a YA fan either I thought, so since she likes it I am doubting again! #choiceschoices (edited) 3y
gradcat Yes, I thought that she wasn‘t a fan, either. But maybe this one is better. I didn‘t like it very much, but then, I don‘t like YA, nor do I like obsessive behavior...but that‘s just my humble opinion. I thought I should read it before I watched the show on Netflix; however, I only watched 2 episodes of it and quit. I probably shouldn‘t say anything, though...oops! 3y
Cinfhen I would not categorize this book as YA @BarbaraBB @gradcat it‘s definitely psychological thriller bordering on disturbing. I also only watched the first 2 episodes of the Netflix series because the actress playing Beck was totally getting on my nerves 😜 (edited) 3y
KarenUK Definitely not YA.... this is such a good choice! 💕 3y
Reviewsbylola This was my first thought too! 3y
DebinHawaii I almost chose this for today but went with another "you" title. Great pick! ? 3y
Cinfhen It was kind of an easy way to go @DebinHawaii @Reviewsbylola so kudos to you guys for getting more creative than me 🙌🏻💕 3y
gradcat @Cinfhen I know...she got on my nerves, too—severely! 😂 3y
bhmurray This is my favorite book of all time 3y
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This Around the Year challenge on GR looks fun too! But I also want to participatie in #Pop19 and #Booked2019.... and feel free to read what I feel like. #choiceschoices. Anyone else doing this one? #ATY

alisiakae I‘m now on the fence b/w #pop19 or ATY. I felt there was some repetition and overlap on Popsugar‘s list for 2019, but I also have a lot of books I own that would fit the prompts. Being a co-host, I‘m definitely doing #Booked2019. 😃 Although one of our prompts is on the pop19 list. 😫 4y
Lindy My like to look back on my previous year of reading and match prompts from one of these lists to the books I‘ve already read. I usually only miss on two or three; a good sign that I‘m already reading broadly. 4y
cajunsyd Oh no! It‘s that time already? I have to finish my 2018 challenges still! Always behind with my stacks! I will check all of these out and get to planning... 4y
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Liz_M Thank you! I knew I could count on you to post the upcoming 2019 challenges! ☺ 4y
BarbaraBB @Liz_M Haha, but it‘s too much! Are you going to participate in some? 4y
Birdsong28 This looks really good. 📚📖 4y
Crazeedi Thanks for the info, I'm going to see which I want to do! 4y
sprainedbrain Oh, I hadn‘t seen this one yet. Around the World was the first book challenge I ever did a few years ago. 😃 4y
nomadreader I really like the read along structure of the one. Thanks for posting about it! There's a lot of overlap with PopSugar, so I may try to do both! 4y
BarbaraBB @4thhouseontheleft @nomadreader I would love to to them both (and #booked2019) but I am wondering if it is doable. 4y
BarbaraBB @Lindy Definitely. That is a great way to test your reading behaviour! 4y
BarbaraBB @cajunsyd Planning is the best part 😉😂 4y
BarbaraBB @sprainedbrain Will that challenge be continued next year? (edited) 4y
Liz_M I plan all of them 😁 and then pick and choose which prompts I complete, aiming for about half. For #aty, I might make a 6x6 bingo card. 4y
BookishMe I barely got to the 12 countries in #readaroundtheworld although my tally is more than 30 for #LitWorld2018GB. But it's been such a fantastic discovery with books from various continents. I don't think I can think about next year's reading until current plan is completed satisfactorily. ;)) 4y
BookishMe @Liz_M I have never tried a reading bingo... Something to KIV. Seems less intimidating or is that an ignorant guess ;p 4y
cajunsyd @BarbaraBB that is so true!! 4y
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The Hazel Wood | Melissa Albert
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A quick #CoverLove competition. Which cover for this fabulous novel do you love more? Choice A is gorgeous, the detail in the leaves is just beautiful, but I really like Choice B too, that gold & silver detail is fabulous, but I‘m not a fan of the change of background colour. I‘m a huge fan of green, but I much prefer the gold against the original navy blue. What do you guys think? #choiceschoices #teamblueorteamgreen

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love B!!!! 💚💛 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Both are beautiful though!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 5y
Librariana They are both lovely in their own right, but B just "pops" for me. It stands out! ??? 5y
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Kalalalatja I‘m a fan of B, but they are both lovely! 😍 5y
erzascarletbookgasm Each lovely in its own way, a matter of personal preference, I guess. 🙂 B caught my eyes first. 5y
Ingerella I really like B 5y
Puredragonstar I like both but B has my vote 🗳! 5y
LibrarianRyan I like the Owlcrate editon but the fairyloot edition seems more adult. In all honesty I think I like the us edition best which is the same as B only on a black background. 5y
Dragon I like both but going with A 5y
youneverarrived B! But both are lovely. 5y
thewallflower0707 B! I got Version A with my fairyloot box and I‘m a bit disappointed 5y
Jeg B 5y
maich A 😍 5y
BiblioLitten I would go with B. It's stunning. 5y
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