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Blue Heaven | Joe Keenan
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2 Joe Keenan novels for 2 #Movember prompts #TrueBlue #LuckyStar

Cinfhen Cool covers!!! @LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads thinking of you 2 ❤️❤️ 2mo
Cinfhen Don‘t forget to email me, Carolyn ❣️ 2mo
batsy That edition on the left is so cool! 2mo
rubyslippersreads 😍😍😍 2mo
LeahBergen I like that one, too, @batsy ! 2mo
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The Confession | Jessie Burton
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A beautiful #trueblue cover, with a story about a #luckystar novelist who‘s book is being made into a Hollywood movie. I‘ve got it on audio ready to go 🎧

Texreader Pretty! 2mo
Cinfhen Sounds great!!! I‘m excited for this book! Hope it‘s as good as the cover 2mo
Cathythoughts Gorgeous cover 2mo
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Reviewsbylola She always has great covers! 2mo
Kalalalatja I always love the covers of her books, but I have never read anything by her 🙈 2mo
JennyM @Kalalalatja @cinfhen @texreader @cathythoughts @Reviewsbylola I‘m really looking forward to this one. It sounds very good 👍 2mo
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#trueblue took me down a path that wasn‘t intended by this prompt, but given the book I finished today, it immediately struck me as “having the blues.”

Jen Ashton is a celebrity whose life was rocked on Feb 11, 2017 when her ex husband took his own life. This book is the story of how she and her 2 teenage children dealt with and grew from their grief. So enlightening, albeit tragic. #movember

Cinfhen This sounds really heartbreaking but necessary. Very recently somebody from our community lost their husband to suicide. He suffered silently from bipolar disorder. It left the community shocked. Only 52, he appeared jovial, upbeat, was financially successful and articulate. Always with a smile and laugh/ so suicide seemed so out of character. 2mo
marleed Oh my gosh, I will have to read this. I was in my 40s and my two kids were teenagers at the time of my husband‘s suicide. These years later I find that my efforts in the suicide discussion lean more toward those moving through the aftermath. 2mo
ljuliel Very sorry to hear that @marleed ♥️ 2mo
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Reviewsbylola I‘m so sorry. @marleed. Dr Ashton definitely appears to talk quite a bit about prevention (I think—I don‘t watch any of the shows she frequents), but in her case, she had a close relationship with her ex and there were no warning signs, so she definitely focuses mostly on the aftermath for suicide survivors and how to help, as well as what that journey looks like. In the book, she also shares stories of others who have been thru it too. ♥️ 2mo
marleed @Reviewsbylola @ljuliel Oh thank you. I will definitely check it out. It‘s been a few years for me. I‘ve moved a couple times so as not to be the curator in the museum of my former life so it‘s all fine for me now. He was such a great guy and we are all the point where that is what we remember most. What most people didn‘t know was he had stage 4, terminal depression - and suicide is so often the result. 2mo
Megabooks My longest friend, we‘ve been close since first grade and eat lunch every other week now, her husband committed suicide very rashly last year. It came after a fight about something he was hiding from her. She had no intention of divorcing him, but his own internal pressure popped. The last year has been horrible, tragic and difficult for her, her daughters, her mom, his family etc. She is honestly so fucking strong for her daughters. She amazes me (edited) 2mo
Megabooks She is the epitome of grace under pressure, and I‘m glad I can listen to her vent whenever she needs it. Our moms are best friends, which is also cool! 2mo
Mdargusch So tragic @marleed 😢 2mo
marleed @Mdargusch Oh thank you. It never occurred to me to cover up the manner of his death. I wanted my kids and all our friends to grieve honestly. I think that made a difference. His mom was of the generation where suicide was a family secret. She did not come to his funeral or allow me to contact family until after the funeral. She grieved to friends and family a heart attack that never happened. She passed five years after her son. 2mo
Reviewsbylola That‘s so heartbreaking. @marleed 2mo
Reviewsbylola ♥️♥️♥️ @Megabooks 2mo
marleed @Reviewsbylola I explain that we held him high on a 3-legged pedastool and when one leg was kicked out, he just could not maintain balance. These days I think of his depression as a terminal, stage 4 fight in which he ultimately lost the battle. ...For me, I thought our life was soo easy. I just did not recognize the severity of the situation until depression was deep in his bones. People actually got mad at my Pollyanna easy life. 2mo
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Blue Castle | L M Montgomery
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I remain a #trueblue fan of L. M. Montgomery after all these years. It's been a while since I've read this one. Might be time for a re-read.
@Cinfhen #MOvember.

rubyslippersreads 💙 this book! 2mo
Cinfhen #BookishConfession I bailed on Anne and I‘ve never tried any other books by this author 🙈 2mo
batsy Yes 💙 2mo
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merelybookish @rubyslippersreads I've only read it once for grad school! I need to re-read! 2mo
merelybookish @Cinfhen That's okay! We can still be friends! 😀 2mo
rubyslippersreads @Cinfhen You should try again@! This book is for adults. Or start with my favorite 2mo
Cinfhen Ok @rubyslippersreads I will try again...but not today 😉 2mo
rubyslippersreads @Cinfhen Tomorrow is another day! Oops, wrong book. 😂 2mo
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How Quickly She Disappears | Raymond Fleischmann
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#MOvember #catchup
I‘m so behind on Litsy & life so here is a #tripledip post. It‘s #TrueBlue is my favorite color & the cover & background represent💙well. This is Nigella‘s Thai Noodle Soup with Shrimp & it‘s delicious & would be perfect for the book‘s #Frozen Alaska setting. I‘m trying to restart this one & its tagline is “The Dry meets The Silence of the Lambs” so I guess it‘s on the #Borderline of literary suspense & psychological thriller.

DebinHawaii Here‘s a link to my #soupersundays post with Nigella Lawson‘s soup recipe with my adaptations: http://kahakaikitchen.blogspot.com/2019/11/nigellas-thai-noodle-soup-with-shrimp... 2mo
KarenUK #tripledip for the win!!!! 🙌🙌🙌💕 2mo
Cinfhen Echoing @KarenUK Thanks for the catchup post!!! Always love seeing a post from you xx How‘s Max??? 2mo
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DebinHawaii @KarenUK Thank you! 🤗🥇😆 2mo
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen He‘s doing pretty well. Thanks for asking. 😽❤️Just posted a pic. Hope all is well with you.😘 2mo
Stacypatrice Soup looks delicious!! 2mo
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The Future Is Blue | Catherynne M. Valente
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I love Catherynne Valente‘s books, and this (her newest but not very new anymore), is very high on both my to-buy and to-read lists. 💙

#TrueBlue #MOvember

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#trueblue #MOvember

Some shades of blue from my shelf 💙


Cinfhen Pretty 💙blue is my favorite color 2mo
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The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek | Kim Michele Richardson
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#TIL about the Blue Fugates of Kentucky. Online articles are what exists on this mysterious family and their genetic trait of methemoglobinemia. The closest to a book is the tagged historical fiction I found on hoopla.

#TrueBlue #MOvember @Cinfhen

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Highly recommended to me by someone who loves to read about #TrueBlue -bloods, especially the British royalty. I grabbed this as a #BookOutlet buy, but have yet to read it. #Movember

Cinfhen Bet it‘s fascinating 2mo
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This book follows the #trueblue friendship between Patchett and her friend Lucy who lost part of her jaw from early childhood cancer. After taking pain killers following reconstruction surgery as an adult, Lucy developed a drug addiction that ultimately led to her death. An amazing & heartbreaking 💙

Cinfhen I had this in my book outlet cart but it got away ☹️ 2mo
CoffeeK8 This book is amazing. Have you read Lucy‘s book? 2mo
emilyhaldi No I haven‘t @CoffeeK8 but it‘s been on my list since reading this one!! 2mo
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EKonrad One of my fave books, especially paired with Lucy Grealy‘s book. 💙 2mo
Reviewsbylola Oh wow, I‘ve read Lucy‘s book (although it was years and years and years ago and all I remember is that I read it.) I didn‘t know they were friends or that this book existed. 2mo
Mdargusch Wow! What a sad story. 2mo
Suet624 Oh boy. This one was a gutwrencher. 1mo
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