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Headlong: A Novel | Michael Frayn
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Martin thanks his #luckystar when he thinks he has found a Brueghel #masterpiece but it's not long before everything descends into a madcap chaotic farce.

I really enjoyed this novel by Frayn and cackled out loud a few times ... I should read more of his work.

#MOvember @Cinfhen

Cinfhen This sounds great!! Not familiar with title or author 🙊 4w
Cinfhen I also love this picture!!! Very appealing 😍 4w
batsy I knew nothing of him at the time too @Cinfhen picked it up on a whim 🙂 4w
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rwmg Wishlisted 4w
batsy @rwmg 👍🏽 4w
TrishB I think I have a couple on my tbr but not read yet! 4w
Cathythoughts This one sounds good ! I must try a sample on kindle 👍🏻❤️ 4w
Tamra Sounds fun! 4w
arubabookwoman I like Frayn a lot. My favorite book by him is Spies, but Headlong comes in second. 4w
batsy @arubabookwoman That's one of his books that keeps coming up a lot. Should be the one I tackle next :) 4w
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Double dip from my currently reading pile (so much for the forecast).

Both stories about master thieves. Both MCs must have been born under a #LuckyStar. They are capable of stealing anything, even the #Masterpiece from the most protected vault in town.

#MOvember @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Sometimes you need to abandon the forecast and go where your mood takes you!! Both books sound great 4w
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Piri Piri Starfish | Tessa Kiros
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Gor #LuckyStar I was going to go with all the “star” titles from my shelves but I decided to go with just one starfish instead. This cookbook with foods from Portugal is a favorite of mine. All of the cookbooks I have by Tessa Kiros are gorgeous and it‘s lucky that the recipes are always delicious too. Pictured are some of the dishes I have cooked from this one. 🍽😋

Cinfhen Beautiful.... why aren‘t you running a catering company???? I‘m still hiring you for my daughter‘s wedding, although I‘ll need to fly you to israel 😘 4w
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen Awww, you are sweet! I will pencil it in on my calendar! 😉😘 4w
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#luckystar #MOvember

Careful, don't look directly at it 😎


Cinfhen Why have I never heard of this book before??? Sounds amazing #stacked 4w
batsy Well played! And a brilliant book ⭐ 4w
Billypar @Cinfhen I hadn't heard of the book or Lispector until I was looking for stuff to read around the world for @GatheringBooks 's challenge last year. It was okne of my favorite discoveries ☺ 4w
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GatheringBooks awesome!! :) 4w
Billypar @batsy I don't think I remember a single thing about what happens in the book even though I read it last year. I just remember being so invested that I put off sleep to keep reading (not typical for me!) 4w
Cinfhen The beauty of reading challenges!!! Discovering all the new authors 4w
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Marjorie Morningstar | Herman Wouk
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Not sure if Marjorie is a #luckystar but someday when I read the book I'll find out 😉🌟

Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola recently posted this book!!!! I definitely want to read it too!!!! 4w
Cinfhen I‘m very EXCITED 😜 hence all the exclamation points 😂 4w
Reviewsbylola I thought about this book for this prompt too but like @cinfhen said, I used it recently. 😆 4w
LeahBergen I read this in my teens! 4w
Mdargusch Me too @LeahBergen - I remember I really liked it but that‘s all I remember. 😂 2w
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Blue Heaven | Joe Keenan
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2 Joe Keenan novels for 2 #Movember prompts #TrueBlue #LuckyStar

Cinfhen Cool covers!!! @LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads thinking of you 2 ❤️❤️ 4w
Cinfhen Don‘t forget to email me, Carolyn ❣️ 4w
batsy That edition on the left is so cool! 4w
rubyslippersreads 😍😍😍 4w
LeahBergen I like that one, too, @batsy ! 4w
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DAY 18 #LuckyStar | I‘m purely choosing this book from the “lucky” portion of today‘s prompt. This is a harrowing memoir of surviving Auschwitz.


Eggs @Insightsintobooks Have you read this? 4w
Insightsintobooks @Eggs no, I haven't. Thank you. 4w
Cinfhen I‘m not aware of this memoir either. #stacked 💔 4w
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I hope to read the tagged book (an overview of forgotten, imagined-but-never-finished, and underappreciated works of science fiction and fantasy) before the due date. I thank my #luckystar for my library. I've been reading from my own collection a lot more recently, but I always have a stack of library books. I also thank my #luckystar for not being run over in the parking lot. 😬😂 Friends, walk & read responsibly.
#MOvember @Cinfhen

readordierachel Glad you're OK. Walking and reading can be treacherous 😅 4w
vivastory @readordierachel Thanks! It really can, I don't do it often. My first thought was, "I can't die, I haven't finished the dark tower yet" ?? 4w
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vivastory @readordierachel I saw my TBR flash before my eyes 😄 4w
JazzFeathers Hey, this book looks good. 4w
vivastory @JazzFeathers I read a few articles in it yesterday & I definitely recommend it 👍 4w
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Rooster | Don Trembath
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Oh #luckystar, it's here! 💫🤩💖And I have some reading to do!! #tob
@cinfhen #MOvember
@reggie @BarbaraBB @thebluestocking @Ruthiella @batsy @mklong @zelma @BkClubCare

merelybookish Initial observation. A lot of short story collections! 4w
mklong I am looking forward to spending some time with the list tonight. There are several on that are new to me, and while I love rooting for my favorites, it‘s finding those new gems that is my favorite part of this comp. (edited) 4w
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merelybookish @mklong Agreed! And as usual I haven't read that many on the list! 4w
Cinfhen Waiting to hear what @BarbaraBB thinks!!! Lots of short stories and a few NEVER heard of titles. Happy to see 4w
BarbaraBB I‘ve only read three any have another four on my shelves! Of many I‘ve never even heard. And many short stories indeed. But I‘ve already noticed some I am going to stack! Love it! 4w
Ruthiella I‘ve only read 5 of the 60+. I just put Ducks, Newburyport on hold at the library. I have a feeling it will make the shortlist plus I am super curious about it myself!😀 4w
merelybookish @Cinfhen That's been on my TBR for a while! 4w
merelybookish @BarbaraBB I've read 8. And don't plan to read The Testaments or the Marlon James. But that leaves plenty of options! 4w
merelybookish @Ruthiella I ordered it from the library a while ago but was in no mood to tackle it once it showed up! 🤣 But I might give it another go, maybe over the Xmas holidays. I agree that it seems short-list material. 4w
BarbaraBB What do you think @Cinfhen ? (edited) 4w
BarbaraBB @merelybookish Eight, that‘s good! I am going to read the ones I own and then wait for the shortlist before buying any new books 😉 4w
Emilymdxn Im on 11 plus I‘m currently half way through listening to the water dancer! I‘d love to read all of them cause I love reading lists and comparing them with people but holy budget batman. Home remedies and we cast a shadow are on my library ebook service so I‘ll definitely be able to read those and should be able to track down a couple of others! 4w
merelybookish @Emilymdxn I think I can access most of them through the library but there's always a few obscure titles that are elusive. 4w
Emilymdxn @merelybookish because of my work hours I can almost never get to the library physically, I use library ebooks and audiobooks a lot but that limits my choice a lot more than reading paper books :( 4w
LauraJ That‘s a long list! I‘ve only read two so far. 4w
batsy Haha, well played! And thank you for sharing, going to peruse the list in detail 🧐 4w
Redwritinghood I can‘t believe it‘s out already! It seems like we just finished last year‘s. 4w
Cinfhen I‘ve read 12 @BarbaraBB @merelybookish of the 12 I‘d only like to see 3 continue On Earth, Girl/Woman and Childrens Archive. I own 5 more ( but not sure if I‘ll read MJ or Ducks yet) but will try to get to the other 3: Nickel Boys, Trust Exorcise, Golden State. There are a few I wanted to read regardless but I‘m not planning on buying books just from this long list. BTW: How gorgeous are those field notebooks featuring the National Parks?!?! 4w
BarbaraBB Wow, 12!! I was checking out the reviews of the books and had noticed how many you read but 12 is incredible! On Earth and the Children are faves of mine too. I have a copy of girl/woman and am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to True Exercise and Golden State too, among others. I have stacked many more but am trying to buy no more books this year 🙀 @Cinfhen (edited) 4w
batsy So that list is really interesting. I've read one so far 🤣 I'm worried about all of us who haven't read Ducks... How will we have time for the rest of the books 😅🦆 4w
Zelma I haven‘t read any of them yet, but that‘s not unusual. I love the ToB even when I haven‘t read anything on it. I am just here for the commentary. 🥰 4w
Zelma Slightly disappointed The Testments is on the list but not surprised. I like seeing more obscure titles so I hope it stays off the short list. 4w
merelybookish @Cinfhen That is impressive and makes me want to read Girl, Woman, Other even more. (As opposed to The Testaments..😒) And yes, those field notes are goegeous! 4w
merelybookish @batsy Ducks is a beast! But I'm trapped errr staying with family on a remote island over Xmas. A gigantic book might fit the bill! 4w
merelybookish @Zelma I agree! The commentaries are so nuanced that you don't need to have read the books to appreciate the conversation. 4w
thebluestocking I‘ve read 5, which is more than usual, and am almost done with Fleishman and just started Girl Woman Other. Lots I have never heard of, but I‘m optimistic about the short list. 💙 3w
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Wonders of the Universe | Brian Cox, Andrew Cohen
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Prof Brian Cox has been known to mention, occasionally, that there are billions and billions and billions of stars... Who knows, maybe one of them is a #LuckyStar

#Movember @Cinfhen