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Untitled | Unknown
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Day 30 Totals #Scarathlon2022
Day 3 #20in4 #Readathon

Got five hours of reading done with Lord of the Dead.

#Spookoween +50 #31by31 +50 #Pointsathon +50
#20in4 +50

📺 Trick or Treat +5
📺 The Midnight Club (2 episodes) +10
🎥 Interview With The Vampire #TeamMovie +20

+236 points #TeamMonsterMash

Andrew65 Brilliant 👏👏👏 11mo
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October, October | Katya Balen
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Kimberlone I am currently watching the new one! 12mo
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I Scream, You Scream! | James Preller
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Settling in now and getting cozy while I watch the #TeamMovie. #Scarathlon2022 #TeamSlaughter @Clwojick

+21 points

Jemgirl2014 That movie was so good I had to see it twice when it was in theaters. 😂 12mo
Clwojick 🖤🖤🖤 12mo
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Screamland | Harold Sipe, Hector Casanova
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Movie night and the #teamslaughter movie is also today‘s photo challenge prompt as well! #scream #teammovie #byedrew #poorsteve #scarathlon2022 @Clwojick

TheBookHippie I remember seeing this in theatre so fun. 12mo
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Tonight's scary movie of choice? A classic I obsessed over when it came out and gave me a slightly unhealthy obsession with villains 😈😍😈

#Scream #Ghost Face (cheating a little 🤣) #TeamMovie #Scarathlon2022 #TeamSlaughter #OminousOctober #MovieNight #Classic #PhotoChallenge #ScarathlonDailyPrompt
@Clwojick @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Eggs

Eggs Perfect 👻🖤🧡 12mo
Clwojick Love it! Ghostface is EASILY my favourite serial killer! 12mo
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Scream: A Screenplay | Kevin Williamson
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Watched the 1996 Scream tonight, and it was just as brilliant as I remembered. 🖤

#TeamMovie for 20pts

October, October | Katya Balen
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Sorry #TeamSlaughter! We thought we addressed the #TeamMovie points already, but we must have forgotten to include it in the previous posts.

Scream 1996 or 2022 is worth 20 pts.
Scream Tv show (Netflix) is worth 10pts/episode
All other movies/tv shows are with 5pts!

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Roary47 Ooo yay! I can access the show, but haven't found a streaming for the movie. 12mo
MartinaLove I never heard about Scream series (episode). I only ever saw the movies. 12mo
aperfectmjk Thanks for including the show. Struggling to find the movie. 12mo
aperfectmjk Oh man, just found that it's going to be on VH1 on Thursday 10/6 at 7pm. Have it set to record. 12mo
Clwojick I‘ve seen it on Prime @Roary47 12mo
Roary47 Oh sweet that led me to Paramount+ that I do have yay! 12mo
Lizpixie Is that 20pts per Scream movie? Or just 20pts for the 1996 or the 2022 one? 12mo
Clwojick @Lizpixie just the two, to make it fair with the opposing team. 12mo
Clwojick @Roary47 oh shoot! I thought they had it available on “trial” but I might be wrong. 12mo
i.besteph Hi. Can you please remove me from the tag list? Thanks 12mo
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Brownie Points | Jennifer Coburn
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#TeamMonsterMashTips Hey #TeamMonsterMash, if you were planning on watching our #TeamMovie or #TeamTVSeries, here‘s the points you can earn. Have fun! Edit: our team watches are IWTV - Scream is for the other team. Sorry for confusion!

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persephone1408 Awesome! ❤ 12mo
Laughterhp Does anyone know where these are all streaming? 12mo
SeaToSkyes Can we watch all of them? 12mo
SeaToSkyes @Laughterhp I know the Interview with the Vampire series is on AMC+ 12mo
MoonWitch94 @Laughterhp I believe Scream tv show is on Netflix 12mo
StayCurious @SeaToSkyes yes but only IWTV will garner those extra points since it‘s for our team 12mo
Moll Niceeee!! Are any of these particularly scary? 12mo
AmandaBlaze @Laughterhp iWTV (the movie) is available to rent on Prime for $3.99. (edited) 12mo
Laughterhp @AmandaBlaze Okay thanks!! 12mo
persephone1408 So scream and scream tv show are part of our team watches?? Is it only the newest scream movie?? Cause I don't think I could watch it again! 12mo
StayCurious @persephone1408 sorry for confusion! Our team watches are IWTV not scream. I just made one poster for both teams - my bad! 12mo
persephone1408 @StayCurious its fine. I don't wanna watch either anyway. Lol I would've for points tho. 😏 12mo
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Happy #scarathlon everyone! I‘m a little overwhelmed by all the point making opportunities, and tbh, I‘m not even sure what our team #buddyread title is.. (help please?) but I‘m pretty sure I‘m on #teamslaughter…. 1pt #notmylibrary #lovepoe @Clwojick

AnnR The #TeamBuddyReads for #TeamSlaughter are: False Witness by Karin Slaughter & The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (or any Hannah Swensen Cozy Mystery series by Joanna Fluke.) The #TeamMovie is Scream.

Most of the bingo boards, official #scarathlon post pics, etc, can be found here:

This is my first time participating too so I understand feeling a bit overwhelmed.🙂
Sarahreadstoomuch @Ann_Reads thank you! This is my 3rd time I think? But I didn‘t do it last year (I was on a reading award committee-it was too much!) and the options have just grown so much!! I‘ll do all that I can, but I probably won‘t be a power-point earner😊 12mo
AnnR @Sarahreadstoomuch Oh, you're welcome! I think some people are in a similar situation, myself included. I'm just participating in whatever I have time for and enjoy doing. Good luck with your spooky reading plans. 🎃 12mo
DimeryRene The part about the bird 🫣🫣 12mo
Clwojick Hey! Sorry I was unable to reply earlier. Thank you for sharing the team reads @Ann_Reads 🖤 And I agree, your participation level should be whatever works for you! Whatever makes the month a success you! 🧡👻🎃 12mo
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Finished the #TeamMovie for #TeamSlaughter in the #Scarathlon I‘m not sure if there‘s extra points for it being the team movie? Let us know team leader and I‘ll adjust points accordingly. 21pts

Clwojick I‘m just about to make a post about it, but the team MOVIE is 20, and each episode of the SHOW is 10. All others are 5! 12mo
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