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Clwojick 26 pt 2mo
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Gremlins: Gizmo | Running Press
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#WinterGames Team #SlayBells #TeamMovie Did anyone have a chance to watch our team movie? If you did, let me know so I can give you your extra points! We‘ll do our discussion thread in the comments below until the end of the month - 5 points per comment, question, funny quote, anything you want! I'll be adding some of my own questions since I took notes! Since it took us awhile to pick, feel free to comment on Home Alone as well. ;)

AprilMae I did!!! It's one of my favorite movies! Side note I can mimic the song Gizmo sings ❤❤ 2mo
MidnightBookGirl @AprilMae 25 points to you for watching the movie! Do you know who the famous voice behind Gizmo's adorableness is? 2mo
AprilMae @MidnightBookGirl yes actually! Howie Mandel! Weird right? 2mo
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AprilMae @MidnightBookGirl did you know that the guy who did the voice for Stripe (Frank Welker) also voice Fred on Scooby-Doo?? 2mo
MidnightBookGirl @AprilMae Yup! It is weird, because I kind of forgot that he got his start doing weird voices and comedy, I mostly know him now as the dude that used to host Deal or No Deal and won't shake hands.
MidnightBookGirl @AprilMae I knew he worked on Scooby Doo, but not that he was the voice of Fred. I wish I'd gotten into voice acting, because I just find it cool and fascinating. I might have to watch Gremlins 2 now, because it has been so long!
RainyDayReading @MidnightBookGirl @AprilMae He voiced both Fred and Scooby (: Took me by surprise when I saw him listed for both characters but he does them well. 2mo
MidnightBookGirl Okay, SlayBells, time for some fun trivia! What 3 rules must Billy follow to take care of Gizmo? 2mo
BookwormAHN I watched it a few nights ago and the rules are 1- no food after midnight 2- do not get them wet 3- no direct sunlight. 2mo
maich I watch it every year and today 2mo
maich I watch it every year and today too! It is one of my favourite movies😍 Rules are: 1. No lights especially sunlight, 2. Do not get him wet, 3. No food after midnight. 2mo
MidnightBookGirl @maich @BookwormAHN Correct! And you each get 25 points for watching the movie. 2mo
MidnightBookGirl Next question (and you get 5 points per comment no matter what, so guess away!). What is Mrs. Deagle carrying when she first appears on screen? 2mo
BookwormAHN Was it that speaker phone thing that didn't work? 2mo
MidnightBookGirl @BookwormAHN, no it was the head of the Snowman the dog knocked over. 2mo
maich A head or broken snowman I think. She mad at Barney😊 2mo
MidnightBookGirl @maich Mrs. Deagle was definitely a Wicked Witch! I have always loved how the Gremlins dispatched her! 2mo
Cinsarly I totally watched this movie last night after the party. I'd forgotten all the fun 80s references among the gremlins. The flash dance gremlin in the bar was my favorite. 2mo
MidnightBookGirl @Cinsarly the bar scene is my favorite second only to Mrs. Deagle's trip up the stairs. 2mo
Cinsarly @MidnightBookGirl I love the staircase scene and I loved it as a kid. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let kids watch this now. Lol 2mo
Cinsarly I saw it when I was 5 and then my mom took me to buy the book that came with a record. I loved it so much. 2mo
MidnightBookGirl Is there any chance that you still have that album? 2mo
MidnightBookGirl @AprilMae 25 pts for watching the movie, plus 15 for comments! @RainyDayReading 25 pts for watching, 5 points for comments! @BookwormAHN 25 pts for movie, 10 for comments! @maich 25 pts for movie and 15 for comments! @Cinsarly 25 pts for movie, 15 for comments! @petersonks15 25 pts for movie. Me, 25 pts for movie, 50 comment pts! 2mo
maich @MidnightBookGirl me too 😂 2mo
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The Santa Clause | Daphne Skinner
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#TeamNutcracker did everyone have chance to watch our #TeamMovie / #BuddyWatch?

This will be the discussion thread for The Santa Clause until the end of the month. Comment below with discussion points, questions, funny quotes, or anything you can think of about the film!

One of my favourite parts is when he is trying to dye his hair and shave his beard, and it immediately grows back and turns white 🤣

So what are your thoughts? :)


mdm139 I watched it with my boys. I loved it when he was watching his kids soccer game and other kids just lined up to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. 2mo
ElizaMarie @mdm139 I loved that part too. It was so cute and innocent! I love how sweet this movie is.
ElizaMarie So, I feel like the mother and boyfriend were really hard on the son's thoughts about his father being Santa. I mean I know you shouldn't feed into a “delusion“ however, you should hear your child out. Children/people need to be heard and sometimes its important for them to know that they are being listened to. The way to approach things is not to automatically shut down the notion of his father being Santa (no matter how far fetched it is) 2mo
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mdm139 @ElizaMarie I think that part of it was over dramatized just for the sake of driving the plot. If they weren‘t so against the idea then we wouldn‘t have a movie. Just like if the stupid girl doesn‘t run upstairs from the killer the movie would end pretty quickly. 2mo
ElizaMarie @mdm139 true true. You have a great point! They have to have a reason for it all. I guess I just was more annoyed with the step dad more than anything. He just irked me. The mom not so much. She had concern. But more normal type concern you know? 2mo
Bookworm54 @ElizaMarie I agree that they were harsh. I felt like the step dad was trying to prove that he was better than the dad, which isn‘t the way to go about getting a kid to like you! And @mdm139 I agree about the line of kids. So cute! Do you have favourite characters in this film? I like the elf Bernard best. 2mo
mdm139 @bookworm54 I like Bernard too and Judy the elf - thanks, but I am seeing someone in wrapping 🤣 2mo
Bookworm54 @mdm139 haha that was a great line! 2mo
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#WinterGames Team #ReadNosedReindeer #TeamMovie #ReadNosedReindeerMovieClub Did anyone have a chance to watch our team movie? If you did, let me know so I can give you your extra points! We‘ll do our discussion thread in the comments below until the end of the month - 5 points per comment, question, funny quote, anything you want!

AnneCecilie No, I haven‘t been able to see it yet. I have seen it before at least bits and pieces, actually not sure if I‘ve seen the entire movie. Hopefully I‘ll pick up the DVD at the library tomorrow. 2mo
AnneCecilie I‘ve now seen the movie and I had hardly seen any of it before, maybe the last 30 minutes. What first struck me was how similar in feeling it was to Home Alone which made sense when I saw that John Hughes was involved in both. The other thing that struck me was how clumsy and out of luck The dad was. 2mo
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overtheedge I love the humor and watch this every year! 2mo
StayCurious It does have a lot of heart, mixed in with sillyness - just like all of John Hughes films. 2mo
Mogoeg I watched it! I've seen it a couple of times and one thing I really appreciate is how the kids look like real kids. And young Juliette Lewis! 2mo
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It's a Wonderful Life: A Play in Two Acts | Philip Van Doren Stern, James W. Rodgers, Frank Capra
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Team #MerryReaders! Please use this #TeamMovie post to discuss the movie through to the end of the month. Add any questions you might have for the team, and reply to others all through out this post. 5 points per comment! Please make sure to still make a post about watching the movie, so I can assign you the 20 points for that as well. #winterGames

Clwojick I guess the first thing I‘m curious about is how many of you guys have seen this movie before? If so how many times have you seen it, and is it a Christmas regular for you? 2mo
Clwojick Personally, I‘ve never seen the movie before, but plan on watching it before the end of the month. I am a fan of black and white movies, and I‘ve heard great things, so I‘m glad that I finally have the perfect excuse/push to finally watch it. ♥️ 2mo
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veritysalter I‘ve seen it before, but not for a number of years. I don‘t know how many times: I love it, but my heart belongs to Scrooge with Albert Finney. I‘m looking forward to watching it again. 2mo
Jerdencon I‘ve seen it several times but not for a few years now. I‘ve always enjoyed it and have taken away different things at different times in my life 2mo
Chili I‘ve seen it once before, a long time ago. There were parts I didn‘t remember so it was kind of like watching it for the first time. It‘s not one of my favorite holiday movies. I like Miracle on 34th Street more. 2mo
AmyK1 I‘ve seen it before. We watch it every year. So I‘ve seen it...a lot 😉😂 2mo
Jadams1776 This was my first time watching the movie. It may become a Christmas staple for me though. 2mo
AsYouWish I had seen it before multiple times. It is one of my mom‘s favorites so we used to watch it every year. In fact we all liked the movie so much fives of my cats growing up were named after characters in the movie. 2mo
AsYouWish I found this article and thought it was interesting to know what Jimmy Stewart was going through before and during the making of the movie. https://www.movieguide.org/say-what/how-this-classic-christmas-movie-helped-heal... 2mo
TheAromaofBooks I have seen it several times, although not for a few years. It's honestly not one of my favorites because despite the happy ending, the overall movie feels weirdly depressing. Fun fact: I was once in a community theater that put on the musical version of It's a Wonderful Life. We were short on men (as theater always is), so I played a female version of Ernie. 😆 2mo
AmyK1 I can see how it comes across as depressing-probably because it focuses on how George feels about his life. 2mo
AsYouWish I agree it is not one of my favorites anymore because as I grew up I paid more attention to the actual plot of the movie and realized how sad it actually was. I was reading some of the things the other team that watched the movie was saying and they were making some good points about why George felt so down about life. 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Our family joke always used to be that It's a Mediocre Life But Better Than No Life 😁 2mo
AsYouWish I didn‘t really make the connection until @veritysalter mention loving Scrooge, but how do you think this movie compares to A Christmas Carol? Both are visited by spirits (ghosts/angel), both have a greedy character (Scrooge/Mr. Potter).... 2mo
AmyK1 Hmmm...that‘s an interesting thought. I think Scrooge has the bigger revelation/turn around. 2mo
veritysalter It‘s a Wonderful Life was released in 1946 and Scrooge in 1950 - I find it interesting that Scrooge has less of a religious/Christian tone, although in both films the main character gains redemption through a spirit and an examination of their actions. This could be a reflection of a divide in US/English culture? Or an example of the ever secularising of Christmas? Do you agree? 2mo
AmyK1 I‘m not sure @veritysalter It could be a reflection of how the books were written too. I‘ve never read the one It‘s a Wonderful Life is based on though I could since my husband just got it for Christmas. A Christmas Carol (the movie) is very close to how the book was written though. 2mo
AsYouWish I agree with @AmyK1 in Scrooge did have more of a turn around and we got to see how he changes, he is more generous and kind. In It‘s A Wonderful Life, George tells us he wants to live and he will take joy in the life he has but then the movie ends and we are just left to believe that he will do this. 2mo
AmyK1 I just read The Greatest Gift and it‘s quite a bit different from It‘s a Wonderful Life. The basic idea is there but the movie tells it differently. And the movie has more of a religious/Christian tone than the book, which really has almost none. I wonder if the movie be made so soon after the war had anything to do with it. 2mo
AsYouWish I guess my next question would be, are we satisfied with how the movie ends? I would say for me I like the resolution of George‘s story, that he is going to accept his fate as the man who solves everyone‘s problems (wow, not how I meant that sentence to sound, but I think we know what I meant). However, I am not sure I feel completely satisfied because Mr. Potter didn‘t have a redemption moment, not that he should have, but what happened the next 2mo
AsYouWish day? Did he accept that George wasn‘t arrested? Did he continue to be greedy and make other people‘s lives worse? So many questions I am left with..... 2mo
AmyK1 I‘d like to think that Mr Potter was arrested (didn‘t he technically steal the $8000 and put out a false police report?) I do like how it ends as far as George is concerned. 2mo
AsYouWish Yes, Mr. Potter did steal the money and try to get George arrested. I would also like to think that justice was done and that he was at least arrested. Then again does anyone know that he took it? 2mo
AmyK1 His assistant knew he took it. 2mo
AsYouWish Right, but do you think his assistant would rat him out and go to the police? 2mo
AmyK1 I don‘t know...maybe seeing how everything worked out with George would have made him get a conscience and he‘d turn Mr Potter in. 2mo
hes7 I completely meant to watch this movie this holiday season—for the points, plus I haven‘t seen it in years and it‘s a classic—but alas, I just ran out of time. ☹️ 2mo
AsYouWish @AmyK1 Although part of me wants to believe that like Scrooge or The Grinch, Mr. Potter might have a change of heart and give it back and start doing the right thing or at least sort of become a decent person. And playing devil‘s advocate here, but I guess I have take the time period into account as well and Mr. Potter (and everyone) had just been through a war and the Great Depression, so maybe he was afraid of losing everything and this is why 2mo
AsYouWish he is the way that he is. Maybe he is good deep, deep, deep down, he just forgot how to be good. Or maybe he is just a terrible person who doesn‘t get redemption or justice won‘t be seen when it comes to him. (edited) 2mo
AmyK1 Yeah, I agree with you. I‘d like to think he turns things around but some people just never do and he might have been one character that never changes. 2mo
veritysalter Going off on a tangent... If you could recast IAWL today, who would you pick? 2mo
veritysalter Tom Hanks as George? Or would it need to be someone younger? @Clwojick @AmyK1 @AsYouWish (edited) 2mo
AmyK1 I think it would need to be someone younger but I have no idea who would be good. @veritysalter 2mo
AsYouWish @veritysalter Great question!! Tom Hanks would be good. I think Jon Hamm would also be a good George. For Clarence I would cast Morgan Freeman and Mary I would cast Bryce Dallas Howard. 2mo
veritysalter Ooh Jon Hamm, that‘s a great choice, as is Morgan Freeman. 2mo
AsYouWish I thought of Christopher Lloyd for Mr. Potter, I think he would be good in that role. 2mo
AmyK1 I had to look up Jon Hamm-I don‘t watch a lot of TV or movies 😂😂 2mo
AsYouWish @AmyK1 He is a good actor, I watched him a little on Mad Men, but he did a parody of another show for a comedy show and it is one of my favorite YouTube videos not all time!! He is really funny and charming so I think he could pull off being George, but he might be a bit older too. I couldn‘t think of many younger actors, that weren‘t too muscular for what I picture George to be and that would be old enough to have the age range of kids George has 2mo
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The boys slept early last night, so my husband and I got to drink hot cocoa and watch Home Alone all snuggled up on the couch. It was a Christmas miracle!!! ♥️

#SelfieScavengerHunt #HolidayMovie #TeamMovie
#WinterGames #TheFilthyAnimals

kyraleseberg That is a Christmas miracle! Sounds like a perfect evening. 2mo
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I watched It‘s A Wonderful Life.

#WinterGames #MerryReaders #HolidayMovie #TeamMovie

Clwojick 26 pt 2mo
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Current scoreboard (up to end of Monday). You can tell which teams scored high on the guess the book game!

Great job everyone!

#WinterGames continues until New Years, and we have the readathon (earns 10 points per hour read) and our #TeamMovie #BuddyWatch discussion of The Santa Clause coming up this weekend, as well as the daily games.

Merry Christmas #TeamNutcracker 🎄🎅🏻 Hope Santa brings lots of bookish goodies!

@Clwojick @StayCurious

peaknit Holy smokes! Team Festivus, whoa! Nice job!! 2mo
SquidgetsRoom Merry Christmas #TeamNutcracker 🎄📚🎶🍷😻 2mo
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The Santa Clause | Daphne Skinner
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Remember #TeamNutcracker that watching our #TeamMovie #BuddyWatch The Santa Clause gets you a total of 31 points each watch!

This weekend we will be discussing the film with points for comments etc so hope you are all prepared! (Because I am rubbish at analysing films and books haha)

@Clwojick @StayCurious

OriginalCyn620 I‘ve watched once already but maybe I can again before the discussion. 2mo
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Watched White Christmas tonight. Can‘t believe I‘ve never seen it before! #teammovie #holidaymovie #wintergames #jingleballers @FantasyChick @StayCurious @Clwojick

FantasyChick I've never seen it either! Looking forward to finally watching it 26pts 2mo
IndoorDame @FantasyChick I hope you have fun with it! I loved it! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks We are watching it later today!! Mom only lets us watch it if we've had snow in December! 😆 2mo
IndoorDame @TheAromaofBooks that‘s a fun rule! 😆 2mo
TheAromaofBooks When we were kids we could only watch it WHILE it was snowing, but now that most of us have moved out, she's had to adjust the rules slightly!!! 2mo
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