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Questionnaire | Evan Kindley
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Slight bandwagon but I figure one can‘t complain if one isn‘t willing to step up and try and help fix those issues!!
1. Interacting with other passionate readers and being part of a generally lovely community.
2. Popularity contests, bullying and photo contests (that ones gonna be controversial, I know 😂🤦🏻‍♀️😂)
3. Actual conversation about actual books
4. Patchily, tbh I got sick of my timeline drowning under swaps
5. Yes BUT I think they ⬇️

GlassAsDiamonds Need to be regulated, especially swaps that seem to have just become exclusionary (US Only... 😡) and excessive. I‘ve volunteered a few times to be the “back up” and sent “replacements” for those who were scammed but there doesn‘t seem to be anyone moderating/ policing the scammers or even recording them. 6. I would like Litsy to work in all ways through the app (e.g. the add function) and to have a private message option. (edited) 2mo
Megabooks Definitely with you on private messages!! 2mo
ljuliel Thank you for your opinions. I‘m glad to hear them. I agree on the swaps. It‘s dysfunctional in a lot of areas. Some people spend a truckload and get sometimes nothing in return. I had some long lasting interactions regarding that. ( I‘d rather not get into here): but it left a nasty taste in my mouth. I also think there have been way too many. I brought that up awhile back, it was sot down on that opinion. 2mo
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ljuliel #2 has me a bit puzzled, but I guess a lot goes on in here that we aren‘t all aware of. I‘m sorry if there have been bullying and popularity issues. Since I don‘t understand what happened, I can‘t comment much further than that. If there‘s any way I can help you, tag me. You can email me if you want to discuss it further. I‘ve had a bit of my own behind the scenes stuff but I choose not to post it for everyone to read. 2mo
julesG @ljuliel Oh, now that you brought it up. Yes, the bullying is something I don't want to see again. It was nasty and probably led to a few of the "old-timers" leaving Litsy. Also, private messages would be cool. 2mo
ljuliel Thanks @julesG I guess all that slipped right by me. Or maybe it happened when I was gone. I‘m sorry that happened in here and hope it was somehow remedied or the bullying party has left. 2mo
GlassAsDiamonds @ljuliel from what I‘v seen... unfortunately not but rehashing history is unlikely to be productive at this juncture. I think moderators would be really helpful in that sort of situation (maybe also with swaps) because the worst just turned into mob chaos. Popularity is a tad difficult - I known the advice when joining is “FOLLOW EVERYONE” but I struggled with that because I wanted interaction not just “liking random posts” if that makes sense? 2mo
GlassAsDiamonds @Megabooks wouldn‘t that be great??? I‘d love to actually just be able to stay in the Litsy ecosystem and chat with people! 😊😊😊 (edited) 2mo
GlassAsDiamonds @julesG yeah, there were a few really nasty situations there weren‘t there? It turned me off for quite a while as well, especially since there wasn‘t really any recourse for people - shades of those viciously idiotic twitter mobs, not cool. 2mo
ljuliel I understand. I‘ve been online for many years and usually if an event happens between 2 people and others jump in, it can get ugly. Sadly, Litsy isn‘t perfect and we have some of that behind the scenes stuff going on , even in the place that everyone thinks is great. It can taint your opinion a bit , I know. I don‘t believe in following everyone . I follow the ones who‘ve been in here since I started who are interesting and post books I like. 2mo
Megabooks @julesG @ljuliel @GlassAsDiamonds I vaguely remember all the bullying and feeling bullied at times. (I had some medical treatments in 2018 that made much of 2017-18 inaccessible in my mind.) I don‘t think it‘s good to rehash that, but I do think there‘s still some competitive BS over litfluence, which is ridiculous. (Honestly, even if we got rid of litfluence, people some people would still want “likes” same as Instagram.) 👇 2mo
julesG @Megabooks I agree 100%. Some people just post to increase their Litfluence, posting lots of pictures off the internet to get likes. Furthermore, I dislike when Littens post several reviews of one book. It can make or break the review ratio of a book. 2mo
Megabooks I find popularity about as interesting as belly button lint. I plan on filling this out @ljuliel but if something doesn‘t interest me, I scroll past. If someone‘s posts consistently don‘t interest me, I unfollow. I hope people find my posts interesting. But I‘m just trying my best to have fun and talk (mostly) about books! 2mo
Cinfhen #PREACH 🙌🏻 2mo
ljuliel Thank you @megabooks. I‘m very sorry you also had bullying problems. I don‘t remember seeing it , but it‘s a bit hard to keep up with a group this huge , so things could slide right on by and if you don‘t read every single word of every post, you might miss something. This place is maybe a bit like Disneyland . Much more fun to visit that to wear the Donald Duck suit. What I‘m saying is, on the outside, it looks good, but underneath might look bad 2mo
ljuliel And on the point thing . Who the heck cares ? I never go to someone‘s page to see how many points they have. When I left before and asked them to close my account, I had probably 200,000 posts ? I started back at zero when I came back. To me, it‘s just an extra quirk.Its not important. 2mo
Megabooks @ljuliel exactly! I use my litfluence as a chance to do giveaways if I catch a cool number on a screenshot, but otherwise, I don‘t even think about it. 2mo
wanderinglynn @GlassAsDiamonds @Megabooks I am so sorry you both had negative bullying experiences. You both are awesome and I enjoy reading your posts. I‘m glad you both stayed. ❤️❤️ 2mo
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Twilight. Stephenie Meyer | Stephenie Meyer
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There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who like Twilight and those who don't admit to liking twilight 😂 I loved this book, though so many years later I am still struggling between Team Edward and Team Jacob...
As much as I enjoyed this book, it isn't one of my top favourites, though fellow bookworms may agree one can never have a favourite book.
#Preach #Twilight #TeamEdward #TeamJacob #WhyNotBoth 🤣🥰

Learning Curves | Ceillie Simkiss
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This is the kind of thing people say when their snow rests light on the ground and melts quickly. When you‘ve gotta shovel it, drive in it, navigate sidewalks rendered near impassable by it, and cope with the massive amount of slush it creates when it finally melts in spring, you look at snow a bit differently.

TLDR: I‘m the wrong audience for your snow-love. To hell with snow.

BillBlume #PREACH!!!! 🙌 (edited) 5mo
DrexEdit Agreed!!! 5mo
keys_on_fire If it‘s gonna be cold, is at least like to have snow. I hate it when it‘s cold and nothing to show for it lol 5mo
cobwebmoth I am not a fan of snow. 5mo
AnneCecilie I love snow and living in Norway I have my share of it 😊 in the winter when it‘s daylight for 6-7 hours, the snow really lights up the dark. 5mo
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The Age of Bowie | Paul Morley
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#MarchIntoThe70s #day12 #Heroes There‘s so many heroes in this world, most of them with no glory, no pay & no recognition. Bowie wrote this song about silent heroes, sometimes a little act can be so heroic. He was also a hero to me for his love of reading, there‘s so many photos of him with a book in his hand. He inspired a lot of his fans to read more, which though a small act was very heroic.

Cinfhen #PREACH 🙏🏻💋 10mo
writerlibrarian 👊🏻🙂 10mo
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Johnny Got His Gun | Dalton Trumbo
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Joe Bonham is dead though he lives. He‘s stuck in a womb-like purgatory created by war. After being savagely injured by an artillery blast, he becomes prisoner to his own ruminations & broken body. His vivid consciousness stream illustrates fond memories, dreams, & present day, at times not sure if he‘s asleep or awake. I often read through tears, my heart only able to take a couple of chapters at a time. Absolutely brilliant.

britt_brooke Metallica‘s “One” is based on this book and film: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WM8bTdBs-cw 11mo
8little_paws I would also recommend this 11mo
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In reading through recent posts , I see that there are still rumblings of an earthquake within the group. Being one of the oldest dinosaurs in this place, and having a boatload of my own problems, Litsy has been a wonderful diversion. I‘ve tried so hard to put effort into new ideas to keep people enthused.
Frankly, it‘s very disheartening to see grown adults unable to resolve problems in here. It‘s becoming harder to remain upbeat 👇🏼

Kaye 👆🏼. It‘s getting more challenging to continue. If you see a post you don‘t like, pass it by. If someone gets on your last nerve , block them. Please don‘t drag your problems out where everyone has to jump in and turn it into a gang fight. It‘s getting annoying at this point. Life is too short . PLEASE be kind to each other. You don‘t have to like everyone. Block those you don‘t like, be nice to those you do. It‘d make it much more pleasant here 12mo
Erinreadsthebooks #preach 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 It is possible to just keep scrolling or unfollow. Not every issue has to become one's own issue. No one is spewing hate on Litsy 🤷🏼‍♀️ 12mo
BethM Weird- I've never seen this. 12mo
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SkeletonKey I haven‘t seen this either but that‘s sad. Litsy has been such an upbeat diversion from the rest of social media for me, I much prefer spending time here. 12mo
Kaye Agreed @Erinreadsthebooks 👍🏼. / @BethM I‘ve been a member a long time now and never saw it til lately. You just have to read the right post to find it. What started between 2 people could have easily been solved by Unfollows. 12mo
Kaye @SkeletonKey It‘s just as well. The more attention it gets the bigger it becomes. In a group this size there will be people you disagree with. It‘s easier just to keep scrolling . There are lots more good people in here. Stick with them. 12mo
SkeletonKey @kaye - I must be doing that already 😅 I love my Litsy people 12mo
CarolynM Good advice🙂 12mo
Crazeedi @kaye I so agree. I've not seen much contention, just one subject, but thought it had resolved! I just scroll past things that aren't me, life is too short to get caught up in silly things. I love this place to read about books and friends. The rest is frivolous. 12mo
Kaye Amen @Crazeedi This place has so much to offer and hundreds or thousands of people who just want to talk books. We need to try hard to keep the focus on the positives. 12mo
Crazeedi @kaye yes and yes, you are a leader here, and we all look to yo and the other long time Litsys to set the tone, and you always do such a wonderful job! There is too much craziness on other sites, let's promise each other that only good, kind, and respectful things happen here! It's what Litsy offers that is unlike anywhere else! 12mo
Kaye I‘m not sure I‘d call myself a leader. Just someone that yaks a lot. There‘s a simple solution to keeping Litsy a happy place. If you can‘t say something nice, say nothing at all. @Crazeedi 12mo
Crazeedi @kaye that was one of my dad's favorite sayings 12mo
GlassAsDiamonds Agree completely 😊😊😊 There‘s no place for nasty pettiness on here, or there shouldn‘t be. Scroll on, unfollow. Every disagreement doesn‘t need a mob 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 12mo
Kaye We need a Mob of Happy. Wheelbarrows Full of Happy . 😁☺️😊🙂🙃😍😂😁😃🥰😛🤩🥳😍🥰😌😊🙂😄😅☺️😂😊and CAKE 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 (edited) 12mo
AnansiGirl Oy. I‘ve been completely oblivious to what happened these last days. When I came across the post(s) I think you‘re referring to it shook me to the core and felt like somebody punched me in the heart. I follow both people and I hope the disagreement been resolved. 12mo
Kaye Yes it may be hard to find unless you followed them but it makes me sad. Very unfortunate. @AnansiGirl 12mo
Gaylagal2 I've had one bad experience during my first book swap last year. She said some pretty nasty, untrue things to the host and others. Do you know what I did? Nothing. Zip. Unfollowed and moved on😉🤙 12mo
Kaye Good for you @Gaylagal2 sorry you ran into a bad one ! 12mo
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“I do not understand what is going on here. That, more than anything else, I do not like.”


1984 | George Orwell
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JennyM Very clever! 1y
TrishB Love it 💕 1y
Cinfhen #PREACH 🙌🏻‼️ 1y
arlenefinnigan The only problem with this top is that it's XL and still tight on me. I'm a UK size 14, I'm not that big! 1y
erzascarletbookgasm I like that shirt! 1y
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I Sold My Soul | Mr Franklin Christopher
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Cinfhen #PREACH #TRUTH 🙌🏻❤️ 1y
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Vengeful | V. E. Schwab
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"Holtz - who had had many girlfriends - shook his head. 'Never underestimate an angry woman.'
'Never underestimate a WOMAN,' amended Rios."

#preach #girlpower #Vengeful #quote

This book is just sooo good. I never want it to end. V.E. Schwab is a genius.

#VillainsSeries #exclusiveedition #IllumicrateExclusive #nakedcovers #bibliophile #coverlove #currentlyreading