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I'm so psyched for this #LitsyBuddyRead! I had just picked up a used copy when it was first announced. Thank god it's short, though, I'm so behind in my scheduled reading! Oh well--I'd rather read this book than complete a reading challenge TBH.

MinDea Yay! Glad you are joining. Thanks for sharing! 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @MinDea Absolutely! I was sad to miss LFE so now I get to jump in on the Ng fun and I'll get to that book next year! 5y
MinDea I really liked LFE. I hope this one is good too! 5y
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GPJ @Natasha.C.Barnes what‘s a buddy read and what do you have to do? 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @exploraborealis Hey! So a buddy read is just like a virtual book club--people join in by just reading the book along with the posted schedule (if there is one) and joining in on discussion posts (usually weekly if they have them). Sometimes it's a one-off with a host or more of an established book club that picks a new book monthly or just people deciding to read a book together randomly. 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @exploraborealis There are many established ones, here are some I've joined in on: @litsybookclub @LitsyFeministBookClub @LitsyBuddyRead #booktoscreen -there is also an untitled #buddyread run by @Tiffy_Reads and some other ones I don't know well like #impossibleread --sometimes we'll pick a hashtag for a specific book like #blindassassinbuddyread or #lonedove so we can find eachothers' posts. 5y
LaLecture Amazing book! I hope you‘ll enjoy it :). 5y
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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Also, after losing this one to a holds list I have it back and...I guess I should start it up again? I don‘t know. Maybe. We‘ll see.

Never ending #impossibleread.

julesG I'm struggling. I'm somewhere around Chapter 64. To bail or not to bail? #booknerdproblems 5y
MarriedtoMrT @julesG I‘m only at 37 and struggling with that question. I do want to know what happens but it seemed like I had been listening forever and was not even halfway done. I hope to eventually finish but I don‘t know if it will be in the next month. 5y
Mommamanzi It was good but not life changing.🤷🏻‍♀️ 5y
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julesG @MarriedtoMrT @Mommamanzi - I'm at a point where there are looooooooong explanations about history of this and that. Somehow I want to find out how it ends and part of me doesn't want to. Someone recommended listening to it at 1.5 speed. I might try that. 😁 5y
MarriedtoMrT @julesG That was me! You can even get away with 1.75 speed with this audio and still perfectly understand them. You could use the quicker speed through the most boring parts. 😁 5y
julesG Ah. See. I will give this a try, as soon as I have found out how to up the speed on my ancient iPhone. (Which I only use for podcasts and audio books since it's permanently plugged into a dock.) 5y
litmuggle I'm only 10hrs in myself 5y
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Battle Stations! | Wilfred Jay Holmes
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My 30 hours of alone time starts NOW! I started by setting up my multi-zone battle station! Now my plan of attack:

📚 Finish #currentread(s)
📝 #LMPBC reread/mark up
🎨 more #bujo pages
📖 add more reviews to reading journal
🐀 work on nutcracker party set design
🎒 #booktoteswap planning
🏆 2018 reading challenges planning
Then maybe just 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹

Natasha.C.Barnes I posted this 3 minutes ago and I've already eaten 3 clementines. 😆 5y
Jinjer That is so cool!!! And fun!!! Even a snack station!!!!🏆🏆🏆 5y
Lola ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5y
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Natasha.C.Barnes @Jinjer Yeah I have to say I'm really loving it. Just looking at it fills me with relief and peace. This is how I know I'm an introvert--I'm loud and enthusiastic but this undisturbed space and time to work on my projects is what fills me up the most. 5y
Liz_M Oooh, which 2018 challenges? I am not following enough/the right people to have seen any yet :-/ 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @Liz_M There may be more coming, but there is a Litsy A to Z classics one (not sure on the name, I didn't save it bc most of the books I've read in my life are classics, so I'm not joining in), there is #PassportLitsy where you send in how many countries you want to "visit" and she'll send you a randomized list, plus there is always #readaroundtheworld which is the same but @JenP picks the countries and next year's are chosen through April 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @Liz_M I've heard of ones from other places online like the Popsugar one being announced, I don't know if the Bookriot one is out yet. I'm not going to participate in as many bc I didn't get to my most anticipated books this year as a result, so I'm kinda putting together my own challenges, basically splitting the books I want to read into little groupings or into the best seasons to read them in, stuff like that. Lots of #tbrbingo I guess! 😆 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @Liz_M Plus I'm leaving slots in my reading open for book club picks & buddy reads. There are always random ones, but ongoing are @litsybookclub @LitsyFeministBookClub #litsybuddyread with @jess7 and @MinDea , an untitled #buddyread (which makes it difficult to find) with @tiffy_reads #impossibleread with @BrainyHeroine #botmbuddyread & #booktoscreen I think maybe both are @MinDea and some others but I have to look it up, it's not in my #bujo yet. 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @Liz_M My apologies, it looks like the #botmbuddyread has a rotating host 5y
Liz_M Wow, thanks so much for all the links! 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @Liz_M You're welcome! Sorry for the overload. I just sympathize with having trouble finding all this stuff. It's gotten easier as I've followed people participating in whatever event I am (just grabbing new people off the hashtag) bc they are the people who will find the next version of that thing and repost an announcement, which always helps. Plus I think @GondorGirl sometimes posts a compilation of that month's photo challenges so that helps 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @Liz_M Crap maybe I'm wrong. This month it was @RaimeyGallant who posted a round up, and maybe always is. I get so mixed up!! 5y
kamoorephoto I need to be more consistent with my Bujo next year.... 5y
Natasha.C.Barnes @kamoorephoto I only started mine in September so it was a nice experiment in what I do and don't want to do so now I'm excited to do my 2018 bujo just the way I like it. I just ordered another notebook for it and I think I'll slowly add the major pages in the front over the next two months--and then I'll post my spreads here! 😄 5y
RaimeyGallant @Natasha.C.Barnes I think I did the first roundup photo collage, and since then, other awesome people have taken on the task. :) 5y
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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This was a busy month, so I only managed to finish 6 books.
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova for #impossibleread with @BrainyHeroine ⛥⛥⛥⛥
Paperbacks From Hell by Grady ⛥⛥⛥⛥
The House on Cold Hill by Peter James ⛥⛥⛥⛥
Midnight At The Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew Sullivan ⛥⛥⛥⛥⛥
The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker ⛥⛥⛥⛥
The Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons (audible) ⛥⛥⛥⛥
#hallowreads @Tiffy_Reads @JoeStalksBeck #screamathon @4thhouseontheleft

rachaich I absolutely loved The Historian :) 5y
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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I took the day off to celebrate my favorite holiday...Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃 👻

My plans this morning, hang out with this book and my cats! Unfortunately, I won‘t finish this today. The #ImpossibleRead wasn‘t impossible because of subject matter but because of time commitment issues. Loving it so far!

TricksyTails Happy Halloween 👻🎃 5y
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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I did it! I finished the #impossibleread! I loved it—it did drag in a few parts but overall it was a read that kept me wondering until the end.

BrainyHeroine Woohoo!! 5y
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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The first time I read this, I was captivated. This time, not so much. I'd reclassify this as historical fiction, with a minor character (Dracula) who is hunted throughout most of the book. I found the story within story within story structure tiresome, and the descriptions overblown. Do something already, FFS! 3 stars - ish. #impossibleread

Full review on www.TheBibliophage.com

Andrew65 Amazing how thoughts can change when we read books a second time, similar things have happened to me. 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Andrew65 Agreed. It makes me sad though. 5y
Tamra Funny bc I was just saying to another Litten that I‘m sometimes afraid to reread favorites for this reason! 5y
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Andrew65 @BarbaraTheBibliophage Definitely ☹️ 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Tamra This will make me think twice about it in the future. But when a book holds up on rereads, then it‘s very very good. 5y
ValerieAndBooks I tried to read this not long after it came out, and bailed. 5y
mcipher Oh, that‘s too bad! I loved this the first time I read it but who knows if I‘ll ever re-read. So many new books to get to... 5y
athorne I‘m really trying to finish it. About halfway through presently but meh. 5y
SilversReviews I was not able to connect with the book. 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @ValerieAndBooks @TheGhastlyGrimoire @SilversReviews Bailing is never worse than struggling through something you don't enjoy. 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @mcipher I usually prefer to read new stuff rather than reread. This was an exception, and I'm kinda sorry I did. 5y
2BR02B I read this more than a decade ago, and remember having similar thoughts. It was sooooo sloooooow. 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @2BR02B it's weird that the pace didn't bother me on the first read. It all comes down to right (or wrong) book for the moment, I guess. 5y
SilversReviews @BarbaraTheBibliophage I agree. Why waste precious reading time. 5y
Balibee146 Totally agree.... No need for me to write a review now 😎 5y
TricksyTails As much as I loved this, I don't know that I could do a reread for the same issues you had. It definitely is about the right book at the right time, too. 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Balibee146 Oh hey now ... You can still write one. Don't let me stop ya!! 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @TricksyTails Yeah, maybe don't. 🤔 5y
laytonwoman3rd Great review. The structure of that novel was just too much. It should have been a better read. 5y
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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I was so behind for the first two weeks. And then I finished a few days early. So, bite me, calendar pressure! I beat ya. Now to work on the review ...

#impossibleread @BrainyHeroine

CocoReads I did great the first 2 weeks but now I‘m super behind. Only on chapter 52. But I‘m sure I‘ll be done by Tuesday. Only 33% left! 5y
MarriedtoMrT Yay! Congratulations.🎉 5y
Ms_T Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @CocoReads You'll speed through the rest - the last third goes much more quickly! 5y
kspenmoll 👏👏👏👏 5y
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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This just was not my kind of Vampire book. I wanted to talk to Dracula, and hang out with Dracula, maybe be oddly attracted to Dracula, and none of that really happened. It took a really long time to get to Dracula. And it was so much epistolary writing,my least favorite form of storytelling. But the descriptions were beautiful, and it was so well written. This book made me want to book flight to Eastern Europe. I loved reading about the travel.

BrainyHeroine Weirdly enough, as much as I love this book it is my least favorite vampire book. The historian in me loves it so much, but the vampire hunter side of me falls asleep for much of the novel. Told you this book was impossible for so many reasons! 5y
Reviewsbylola I loved things about this book but also found it way too long. 5y
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BarbaraTheBibliophage I've decided this isn't a vampire book. It's historical fiction and Dracula is a minor character. I was more enchanted the first time through than the second. (edited) 5y
sammisho @BrainyHeroine But I am still so glad I read it! Thanks for hosting this readalong! @Reviewsbylola Some parts just really dragged and it was hard for me to push through. @BarbaraTheBibliophage Exactly. I was just expecting something totally different. Reminded me a bit of 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I haven't read Possession, but it sounds similar based on the blurb. May add to my stack! 5y
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Tales from the Perilous Realm | John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Alan Lee
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I like the symmetry 😸😸. Also, I finished the #impossibleread a few days early 🤓🙄. #lotrchapteraday #adventuresoftombombadil #catsoflitsy #huxleythecat

CoffeeCatsBooks 😻😻😻 5y
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