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High Rising
High Rising: A Virago Modern Classic | Angela Thirkell
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Successful lady novelist Laura Morland and her boisterous young son Tony set off to spend Christmas at her country home in the sleepy surrounds of High Rising. But Laura's wealthy friend and neighbour George Knox has taken on a scheming secretary whose designs on marriage to her employer threaten the delicate social fabric of the village. Can clever, practical Laura rescue George from Miss Grey's clutches and, what's more, help his daughter Miss Sibyl Knox to secure her longed-for engagement? Utterly charming and very funny, High Rising is irresistible comic entertainment.
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I finally read HIGH RISING! One of the first “new” Virago books I ever purchased, I‘ve religiously collected the books in this series but held off on actually reading them for fear that they might be too good?
This was so not what I expected! It was hilarious and reminded me of DIARY OF A PROVINCIAL LADY, but a lot sweeter. Hope to see more about these characters throughout series. ❄️❄️❄️❄️
#virago #angelathirkell #modernclassics

8little_paws I hadn't heard of Virago books so I looked them up--they are lovely! 2y
EvieBee @8little_paws Oh, Karin you‘re in for a real treat (and most likely obsession)! So excited for you! I always found the older green paperbacks at thrift and used book stores, and that‘s how it all began. 💗 2y
MaureenMc I loved this one, too. 🥰 I really need to read more of Thirkell! 2y
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TEArificbooks That is a lovely cover. 2y
EvieBee @MaureenMc Yes! I hope that Virago is planning to reprint the whole series because I feel like that‘s what holding me back. No more books in the series to read! 2y
EvieBee @mdm139 Isn‘t it?! Whoever does these covers is so talented. 2y
quietjenn I really need them to reissue some more of the series (the entire series)? I've been holding off reading more, because I don't want to run out and have to hunt down older versions. 2y
EvieBee @quietjenn You took the words out of my mouth! 😂 I own most of these on Kindle but have had a hard time finding inexpensive copies of the ones not reprinted. Completists gonna complete 😄💕💕 2y
quietjenn Right! I've stumbled on a few in bookstores, but they are few and far between 😕 Virago needs to help a girl out! (Not to be too harsh, because I do 💜 Virago) 2y
CarolynM I've been looking for Thirkells in second hand book shops for 25 years and I hardly ever find them. I read most of them years ago on loan from an older lady I worked with. They're delightful 🙂 2y
LeahBergen Oh, I loved this one! My Thirkell college is a mix of these Viragos and old hardcovers. ❤️ 2y
EvieBee @CarolynM I‘m so happy you got to read the entire series! Goals. I think I‘ll have to go that route when I get to the books that aren‘t available and see if I can get ILLs from the library. 2y
EvieBee @LeahBergen That‘s awesome! I envy you your hardbacks! 🧐🤓 2y
JazzFeathers It does sound great 😀 2y
EvieBee @JazzFeathers I didn‘t expect it to be so funny and modern. 👍🏼👍🏼 2y
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Published in the 1930‘s it is a comedy I bet it was funnier in its time but I laughed in some parts. It about gossips, misunderstandings, “neurotic character” in this town. I like Laura, a very peculiar character for her time. Don‘t like some expressions about her son. I found some irrelevant parts that were too extensive. But in general, I enjoyed it. I will like to read book 2. 3⭐️
@DebinHawaii Drinking one of the tea you sent👌

Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 2y
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mabell I love the cover! And I really enjoyed the one Angela Thirkell I read 2y
DebinHawaii Hope you liked the tea! 2y
MaureenMc I read this one last month and loved it. 😊 2y
Gissy @MaureenMc Do you know how many books are in the series? I liked Laura character and I want to know what is going to happen next. I do love the covers too @mabell Second book cover is also gorgeous!😍 2y
Gissy @DebinHawaii the tea was delicious. This one was white chocolate and nuts😋 2y
MaureenMc @Gissy I don‘t know how many books there are, but I believe there are many. I‘m not sure how often she revisits the same characters, though. 2y
Gissy Thank you! @MaureenMC 2y
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A delightful time was spent in High Rising this year. 😊 Thirkell‘s work is so funny, and also soothing.

Cathythoughts Oh great ! I have 2 of her books , yet to read though 2y
LeahBergen So good! ❤️❤️ 2y
MaureenMc @Cathythoughts This one starts at Christmas-time, so I figured it was seasonally appropriate. 🎄 (edited) 2y
CarolynM Love them❤️ 2y
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Reading by the Christmas tree 🎄 is my absolute favorite!

keys_on_fire Beautiful! 2y
mabell Mine too! And the book looks fab! 2y
MaureenMc @mabell Angela Thirkell is always a treat! 2y
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Between a pick and a so-so for me. It was a charming read though a bit slow in parts.

thegirlwiththelibrarybag Such a gorgeous cover. Is this a new book or an older title that‘s been republished? 3y
Cathythoughts I will stack it for Christmas 🎄👍🏻❤️ 3y
Smarkies @thegirlwiththelibrarybag published originally in 1933. Republished in 2012 by virago. The covers in this series are gorgeous. 😍😍 3y
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Always bring a book when you know you are at one of those places that warn you that you will have to wait an hour for your food to arrive. 😂😂😂

slategreyskies That looks delicious! 3y
erzascarletbookgasm An hour? Where is this place? Looks like pork noodle? 3y
Smarkies @erzascarletbookgasm yes. It is the pork noodle place in SS15 . A friend told me about it and then warned me about the wait. 😂😂 So I was well prepared. 3y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Hope it‘s worth the wait! 😅 3y
Smarkies @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm it was good. But I don't think I will go often because of the wait. But if I do have some time that I would like to get some reading done - why not? 😂😂 3y
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#20series20days The Barsetshire novels

In my 20's I worked with an older lady who had an extraordinary library. She introduced me to Angela Thirkell and loaned me her copies of this wonderful series of novels. I used to scour second hand book shops for them, with minimal success - those who have them tend to keep them. I've only indulged myself with one of the latest editions. For @LeahBergen the plain green one is Private Enterprise.

CarolynM I've just realised that's my 20! Thanks for a fun game, Andrew. (edited) 3y
Ruthiella So true that there are certain books you rarely find in second hand stores because people hang onto them! 3y
LeahBergen Oh, lovely! I haven‘t seen this series of older paperbacks! And the hardcovers are 😍😍. 3y
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LeahBergen Oh, and Virago has just published a couple more in the series. 😊 3y
rockpools Love those covers! This is an author I‘ve been meaning to try 😊 3y
Cathythoughts Lovely! I have The Brandons from a Litsy recommendation @Jess_Read_This Looking forward to it 3y
batsy These covers are so delightful! 3y
Andrew65 These look great. 3y
Andrew65 @CarolynM It has been great fun! Thanks for contributing. 3y
Jess_Read_This How lovely! I haven‘t seen the covers on those paperbacks before. You are so correct, those that have copies hold on to them. I rarely find her out in the wild at my local used bookshops either. 3y
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This book had been hanging out on my shelves for a few years, waiting patiently for my attention before I finally picked it up this past weekend. I purchased three other books by Thirkell in those years that still remain unread so it is lucky that I enjoyed this one! Slow in the beginning but overall a charming read.

CarolynM There are a few of us Angela Thirkell fans here🙂. I think my favourite of her books is 3y
LeahBergen I‘m at the beginning of my Thirkell obsession (I‘ve only read a couple but I‘m a big fan). 😄 (edited) 3y
BookNAround I love Thirkell! 3y
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Centique I have this one on hold and waiting for me! Looking forward to it 😊👍 3y
Sparklemn This is the first I‘ve heard of the series. Just purchased. It will be perfect for a cozy afternoon. (edited) 3y
Jas16 @Sparklemn I hope you end up enjoying it! 3y
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Enjoyable, funny story originally published in 1931. I plan to add more from this author to my TBR.

LeahBergen Wasn‘t it fun? ❤️ 4y
CogsOfEncouragement Yes 😃❤️📚 4y
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Well, Angela Thirkell may be a new addition to my favourite authors. What a heartwarming, charming book. A marvelous set of characters and a sparkling and sly sense of humour. An utter delight. And with covers like this I may need this series in hard copy

LeahBergen Right?? I immediately ordered a few more after finishing this one. 😍😍 4y
Moray_Reads @LeahBergen thank God for Virago! 4y
Melissa_J I totally want to try some of these books. Is there a series? Or is each book standalone? 4y
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Moray_Reads @Melissa_J add far as I know they're all related because they're set in the same place but I think they pretty much standalone, they seem to flow different characters. This is the first published but isn't the first story chronologically. Highly recommended! 4y
thebluestocking Looks like her Christmas one is a Kindle deal today! 4y
Sarah83 So great you reminded me of her... I just thought about an cosy read. 😍 4y
AlaMich She is a fun read! 4y
batsy Those covers 😍 4y
Moray_Reads @batsy they're gorgeous ❤️ 4y
Moray_Reads I think you'll really like this one @andrew61 4y
andrew61 @Moray_Reads Thanks, i have read 4 of the Alexander mcall Scotland street books and have according to bertie somewhere to read so his recommendation as well as yours has sold it to me ☺ 4y
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@leahbergen I love this book more with every page!

jillrhudy 💕 love 4y
LeahBergen Isn‘t pontificating George hilarious? And obnoxious? 😆😆 4y
Moray_Reads @LeahBergen they are all so funny and silky and lovable. I absolutely loved it. 4y
Moray_Reads @jillrhudy I loved it! 4y
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1. Reorganize my shelves, physical and virtual!
2. Christmas market tonight and cinema trip tomorrow
3. Lebkuchen 😋
4. High Rising by Angela Thirkell
#friyayintro @howjessreads

ravenlee Lebkuchen make Christmas real for me. 4y
vivastory What are you going to watch? 4y
Moray_Reads @vivastory Nae Pasaran, it's about Scottish factory workers protesting Pinochet's regime in the 1970s 4y
vivastory Sounds interesting! 4y
Moray_Reads @vivastory it was excellent. Very limited release but if you ever get the chance I highly recommend it 4y
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And I have officially started some cozy “seasonal reading”... High Rising is set during Christmas. 🌲❄️🌲❄️

rubyslippersreads 😍😍😍 4y
AlaMich I enjoyed High Rising a lot. 😊 4y
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CarolynM I love Angela Thirkell's books - I used to scour second hand bookshops for them. It's so nice to see some new editions in the shops lately. (edited) 4y
AmyG What a lovely picture. The book patterns....❤️ 4y
rabbitprincess I have a very similar teapot! 😄 4y
BookNAround I adore Thirkell‘s books. She‘s delightful but also sneaks in some entertaining snark here and there. 😁 4y
JennyM All the cozy feels from this pic 🍵 📚 4y
TrishB @JennyM it makes you want to settle down in Leah‘s library doesn‘t it 💕 4y
LeahBergen @AlaMich I‘m loving it so far! 4y
LeahBergen @CarolynM Yes! I have a few old editions and several of the recent pretty Virago paperbacks. 4y
LeahBergen @rabbitprincess It‘s such a nice size, isn‘t it? 😄 4y
LeahBergen @BookNAround I just snorted at a line where a mother is listening to her child natter on and on while she‘s driving and she was “stifling a desire to kill him” 😂😂 4y
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Lunch, with my very first Angela Thirkell.

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merelybookish Last one sounds fun! 5y
Melissa_J Do you have an ARC of Marilla? I can‘t wait to read it - wish publication wasn‘t so far away. 5y
rubyslippersreads Yes, I was lucky enough to get an ARC from Edelweiss. 5y
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jillrhudy Thirkell!!! 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Such a beautiful pic!! 💜💜 5y
vkois88 Sounds like a good plan! 5y
LeahBergen I was planning on reading High Rising soon, too. 👍🏻 5y
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen I'm reading it with the Retro Reads group on Goodreads (which you might find fun. 😊) 5y
BookNAround I love Angela Thirkell. I should get back to Barsetshire sometime soon! 5y
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While this is set during the Christmas holiday- when English schoolchildren came home for a month and families retired to their country homes- it doesn't have much to do with Christmas. It seems to be a bit of a mystery but mostly it's a cozy study of small town life. Full of amusing, and not so amusing, anachronisms for the modern reader. Enjoyable but slow.

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A book #setinwinter that has been #onmyshelfallyear with some cookies I am about to devour. #bookandtreat #jingleshelves #seasonsreadings2017 #decktheshelves

TorieStorieS Impressive multitasking!! 😊 5y
LeahBergen You‘ve just reminded me that I have this and should make it a December read. 👍🏻 5y
Jas16 @LeahBergen always happy to help!😉 5y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Those look yummy 😋 5y
RealLifeReading Oh what kind of cookie are those? 5y
Jas16 @RealLifeReading almond windmill cookies from Trader Joe‘s 5y
RealLifeReading Fancy that, I'm off to Trader Joe's later 😀 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Such a pretty cover!! 5y
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This was the most wonderful story by Angela Thirkell that I've listened to yet! I adored the calm, genteel heroine and her lively young son. I hated for it to end but will certainly listen to it many times in future.
#audiobook #fiction

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As I had a really bad headache since yesterday, I couldn't read for #litsypartyofone until now. Instead I went book shopping. They were all reduced, so I made a good deal. ☺️ By the way I found some cheap audiobooks, so I am going to try these ones. 🤗

Sarah83 @rubyslippersreads the tagged book is published by the same company, who published the diary of a provincial lady you liked. 😍 5y
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Look what I found today - this pretty little 1950s, slipcased set of Angela Thirkell's first two Barsetshire novels! I've been wanting to read these for ages. Any Thirkell fans?

LauraBrook I'm a fan as much as you can be one without having actually read anything! I've got several of her books here, and I would die to score this set like you did! You have the best used book luck! 💖 6y
daena These are gorgeous 6y
rubyslippersreads These are gorgeous—I think you are the used book whisperer. 😄 I haven't read any Thirkell, but want to. 6y
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Jess_Read_This 😍🙌🏼Yes! I bought a Thirkell today too! But it's not as pretty as the amazing editions you found! 6y
britt_brooke 😍 6y
AlaMich I discovered her about 2 years ago and have read three of her books. I did enjoy them quite a bit. They're a bit predictable but no less enjoyable for that. That Wild Strawberries cover is gorgeous! I like the Virago editions too. 6y
saresmoore I hadn't heard of her, but I'm certainly interested now! What a great find! 6y
SharonGoforth Haven't read her yet, but I have 2 or 3 of her books on my shelves. 6y
batsy I'm the same as @LauraBrook 😄 Own one or two books but haven't read her yet. This is a wonderful find! 6y
christineandbooks I've just learned of her in the past few months and am wanting to try her books. These editions are wonderful! 6y
LauraBeth These are so pretty 😍 6y
Simona Looks like you had a good hunting day 😍😍😍 6y
erzascarletbookgasm I've only heard of them recently but not read any. Are they cozy mysteries? 6y
Sarah83 they look pretty gorgeous, but I haven't heard of her until your post. 😉 6y
Jinjer Never heard of her but I love that beautiful set!!!! Lucky find!!! 6y
LeahBergen @LauraBrook It's more like an obsessive book shopping problem than luck. 😆 6y
LeahBergen @daena Thanks! 😀 6y
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads I should make up some business cards with that as my title. 😉 6y
LeahBergen @AlaMich I love the Virago covers! I'll be moving on to those if I like these two. 😄 6y
LeahBergen @saresmoore Thanks! You wouldn't believe how pleased I was. 😆 6y
LeahBergen @SharonGoforth That sounds like me with a LOT of authors. 😂 6y
LeahBergen @batsy I'll probably be owing these for a while before I get to them, too! 6y
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm They aren't mysteries but they are pretty cozy. They are more like English village comic novels. 😀 6y
Moray_Reads @LeahBergen I've read a couple. They're a little whimsical for me most of the time but they're perfect when I'm desperate for something lighter! 6y
LeahBergen @Moray_Reads I so know what you mean. I like to have books like this (or EF Benson) to turn to when I've read a bunch of grim ones in a row. 😆 6y
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I don't have a real night stand but this table is close enough to my bed. I had hoped to get to at least one of these books over the weekend but the library holds keep rolling in. There is always next weekend.#aprilbookshowers #onthenightstand

LeahBergen I want to read High Rising! 6y
Cinfhen I'm curious about 6y
Jess_Read_This @rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen High Rising has been on my TBR as well! 6y
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This fits both definitions of #holiday. I bought it on my trip to Glasgow and it takes place over Christmas. It is also a #blameitonlitsy purchase because I had never heard of Thirkell before seeing posts here. #lyricalapril

Cinfhen The beauty and hazard of Litsy 6y
DeborahSmall Glasgow is home for me, although I've lived in Ireland for 23 years 💕 I hope you had a good time 6y
Jas16 @DeborahSmall I was surprised by how much I loved Glasgow. I fully intend to return. 6y
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The weather here has been nuts, and although I'm not a winter person, our lack of winter weather here in Texas is making me wish for colder climates! #readjanuary #dreamingofacolderclimate #vmc #vintageinternational

RealLifeReading What beautiful wintry covers! 6y
EvieBee @RealLifeReading Thank you so much! 💜💛❤️ 6y
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Here's my collection of Angela Thirkell reissues from Virago. I'm comfort reading again. And over tired after nightshifts.