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#CallingAllMonsters #OctoberXFiles
The creature hospital scene from Satanic Verses came to mind for this, along with the fact that the manticore is rallying the patients to rise up and not stand for being defined by others.
I had much spooky fun this month @Robothugs and @Cinfhen - very well done!
Happy Halloween all 🎃💀👹👻

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A childhood favorite that I remember reading at our cottage in the summer. Both my kids enjoy this one, and my 6 yo really gets the humor. My favorite bit is the embarrassed Grover at the end. 😈🎃👹#callingallthemonsters #octoberxfiles

Crazeedi My child relived this book! Oooo there's a monster at the end of this book, I always read it in Grovers voice, 😉 4y
Robothugs I LOVE Grover!!! 4y
Jas16 💙💙💙 4y
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CouronneDhiver 💙👍🏽 4y
Cinfhen Best book of monsters💙💙💙 4y
LeahBergen Love! 4y
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Broken Monsters | Lauren Beukes
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Candy is ready. Porch light is on. Scary music playing. #callingallthemonsters

I had a lot of fun playing along with #Octoberxfiles! Thanks for putting it together @Cinfhen and @Robothugs!

Cinfhen Thanks for joining this month!!! You personally added a dozen books to my TBR 💟🙌🏻👻 4y
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Three Things About Elsie | Joanna Cannon
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We‘re going to call my reading theme for October #callingallthemonsters. With the exception of a few books at the beginning of the month, I stuck to horror/suspense/creepy for the month.

Standouts were Bird Box and Three Things About Elsie. In all, I read 18 books.

12 physical books
3 ebooks
3 audiobooks


LeahBergen Great month! 4y
BarbaraBB Great stats. Now back to reality and real people 😉 4y
LauraBeth Awesome month! 4y
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Emilymdxn What a great month! 4y
Robothugs Great reads in there! 4y
Cinfhen Impressive!!!! 4y
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#callingallthemonsters #octoberxfiles
Plenty of monsters in this- the worst being a human, of course.

Cinfhen How cool, it‘s signed by the scare master 🤩 4y
LeahBergen Cool! 4y
Soubhiville One of my favorite scary movies! 4y
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Caroline2 Awesome!!! 😀 4y
Oryx How cool. I never saw this film, but weirdly I had the video game (I think on Amiga 500) and it was terrifying! 4y
Robothugs Good pick!! 4y
eanderson So cool!!! 4y
SkeletonKey 😮😮😮 I want this book so badly. 4y
TrishB @Soubhiville it‘s great and creepy! 4y
TrishB @Oryx that‘s probably worth some money now from collector type people! 4y
TrishB @SkeletonKey I‘ve just seen how much a new copy goes for 😱 4y
Oryx @TrishB it's long gone unfortunately. I ended up watching a run through of it on YouTube last night. Ah sweet horrifying memories. 4y
TrishB @Oryx film is one of a kind! 4y
SkeletonKey @TrishB - I know, every time I look it up I cry, hah! 😭 4y
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A Monster Calls | Patrick Ness, Siobhan Dowd
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Cinfhen 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 4y
Robothugs Bahaha I love it!! 💙🍪🍪 4y
WhatThePuck 😂😂😂😂😂 the best. 4y
GripLitGrl @WhatThePuck 😄🙌💕 4y
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Birdman | Mo Hayder
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This #thriller might not be among the "classic" Halloween-y #spookybooks, but boy did this book spook me. I've read most of the other books in the Jack Caffery series. They are good but none of them is as good as this first one. Probably because I didn't yet know what to expect of a book by Mo Hayder.

#31bookpics @howjessreads - Thank you for hosting this photochallenge.

#OctoberXFiles @Robothugs @Cinfhen - I couldn't not use this to catch up

ladym30 Great cover!💕 4y
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#CallingAllTheMonsters #OctoberXFiles It‘s been so awesome co-hosting this month! I‘ve loved seeing all of the books or things you all have come up with for the prompts and have added to my TBR because of it! Thanks to everyone who played along, and Happy Halloween! 🖤👻

BarbaraBB Thank you for hosting! It has been fun again! 💕 4y
Robothugs @BarbaraBB I‘m so glad! 4y
JennyM Thanks for hosting 😘😘😘 4y
Robothugs @JennyM Thanks for playing along!! 🤗🤗 4y
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It | Stephen King
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When it comes to #CallingAllTheMonsters, no one can do it as menacingly good as an ancient shapeshifting cosmic being.
Thanks @Cinfhen and @Robothugs for an awesome month! 🎃 🙌🏽 I only wish I'd participated more often, but I enjoyed viewing all the creative posts.

Robothugs Thanks for playing when you did! 🖤🤗 4y
Karkar Pennywise is truly terrifying! 4y
Cathythoughts 😬📚😬😱 4y
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See What I Have Done | Sarah Schmidt
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Definitely not a book for everyone - it was creepy and grotesque in parts - but fitting for #CallingAllTheMonsters . Lizzie Borden took an ax...or did she? Schmidt interprets what she thinks happened that fateful day in Fall River.

Thanks for a fun #OctoberXFiles @Cinfhen and @Robothugs !

Cinfhen Always happy to have you 💕💕hope to see u in November 🦃 4y
Robothugs Thanks for playing along!! 4y
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